Posted on July 29, 2011

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Senate Quickly Blocks Boehner Debt Ceiling Bill: 59/41; Rand Paul Votes With Majority 21:38:14
The 22 Republican Representatives who didn't cave to Boehner 19:55:47
Ron Paul on The Kudlow Report: "How Do You Solve The Debt Problem By Raising The Debt Limit?" 07/29/11 19:57:36
GOP House sells out Americans AGAIN, passes Boehner's bill 18:57:22
Revolution SUPERPAC Call to Action 17:13:26
Rand Paul to John McCain: "I'd rather be a hobbit than a troll" 17:09:45
House panel approves broadened ISP snooping bill 16:39:16
Ron Paul's Statement on the Budget Control Act 14:38:59
Ron Paul’s Challenge to the Left 11:30:59
The Corrupt Bargain 10:45:18
Ron Paul and the War on Drugs by Doug Wead 09:33:02
WorldNetDaily: Ron Paul's Remarkably Simple Debt Plan 07:44:31
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Dueling mailers in Iowa: 23:55:21
National Advertise Debt Plan 23:51:37
Sound Off On Ron Paul's Plan to Eliminate $1.6 Trillion in Debt to the Federal Reserve 23:44:52
(Video) TSA Footage: Must See TV! 23:23:39
Ron Paul vs. Abe Lincoln animated exchange 23:17:10
You bastards are responsible for this debt ceiling fight 23:10:05
Animated Argument about Ron Paul 22:56:47
Will Ron Paul speak at CPAC FL? 22:38:26
John Sauron McCain and Hobbits 22:20:36
My 5 year olds explain real money better than the bernank 21:09:52
House passes debt ceiling bill: 218/210 - RP: NO; DOA in Senate 19:31:34
Incomprehensible 19:12:14
The Campaign made me MAD and sad today. 18:55:22
Ron Paul Acceptance Speech! 18:38:54
Former Obama Supporter for Ron Paul -- Appeal to Dems and Independents 18:14:20
Barack Obama Twitter Spams The Nation, Loses 10,000 Followers And Counting 18:14:17
Carbon nanotubes could store solar energy cheaply 17:56:44
Send Robert Paul to Iowa! 17:50:15
RP 2012 Signs stolen ALREADY! 17:43:38
Look At The Email Obama Is Sending Out To His "Supporters" About Republicans 17:37:15
Moneybombs and the Spirit of '08 - how to recreate it? 17:22:32
Rep. Ron Paul vs. Gov. Rick Perry: Separating the Phony Texan from The Real Texan 17:19:37
Slaves No More! 17:17:20
Bachman vs Paul Voting Record Flyer 17:11:49
Nixon's secret Watergate testimony ordered released 16:55:31
Balanced Budget Amendment Appeases House Conservatives, Dismays Analysts 16:52:33
The Hill, attempted slam: Ron Paul calls for a crash 16:16:02
The Myth of the Voluntary Military 16:09:16
Poll 15:38:09
Scientists say we just need to get 10% of the public to support Ron Paul 15:36:05
Ron Paul vs. the Statists: The Debt Ceiling Dog and Pony Show. 15:35:56
What's NEW? No blimp, no Tea Party, no plans? 15:32:10
Myth that general interest rates would go up on a partial default and/or credit rating downgrade? 15:12:15
Dear Candidates.... 15:03:52
Chicago's Curfew Calamity 15:02:21
Ron Paul Campaign Announces `Catholics for Ron Paul` Coalition 14:58:36
Ron Paul and Weasel Removal 14:52:53
Rep. Ron Paul Slams Debt Ceiling Plan: This Won't Restrain Spending 14:51:11
Pass Ron Paul Cards Out at the Mall 14:49:15
Judicial Watch Educational Panel: “The Voter Fraud Threat to Free and Fair Elections” 14:45:42
A Real Brain Trust We Have in Congress... 14:44:42
Dutchsinse - 6 volcanic plumes erupt in CA. & NV. 14:22:22
Debt Limit Question?? 13:18:02
69 % Of The American People Do Not Want The Debt Ceiling Raised 13:03:10
Let Freedom Ring Phone Bomb! July 31st - Happening all day! 12:48:18
East Bakersfield police covering up death of unarmed former NFL player 12:45:29
The Republicans can balance the budget 12:24:21
Making signs that say “Ron Paul or Default” to put around town!! 12:17:22
Insiders Selling at Unusually Fast Pace 11:59:21
Why the Debate Over the 14th Amendment? 11:55:23
This Country Defaulted Long Ago 11:50:12
Who financed the Norwegian terrorist? 11:49:20
Tips For Living Below Your Means 11:45:31
Ideas Toward Freedom 11:22:45
House bill stalled!! 11:10:17
Is the Paul campaign prepared for Denver? 10:33:09
'Xe' Guns for Hire Above Law as US Hears & Sees No Evil 10:16:33
Defaulting on the FED taken one step further!! 10:14:33
Ten Years Ago Portugal Legalized All Drugs -- What Happened Next? 10:11:55
Romans 13: Setting It Straight 10:10:32
obama's speech 09:41:40
Bumped into CNN's Jeff Toobin last night... 09:30:20
The most important speech you may ever hear... 09:27:32
Paul Craig Roberts: Disastrous Outcomes From An Orchestrated Economic Crisis 09:18:28
offended by vicente fox on cnn last night 08:57:58
"Printing Money = Higher Prices at the Store!" Pound this Message into the Airwaves, Doctor! 08:41:27
"The tea party's terrorist tactics" Politico Opinion 08:37:48
Why the PTB Think Gaddafi Must Die- A Message to us from Libya 08:31:24
Well, at least Obama is dealing with the problem of illegal aliens. 08:26:55
Major Mortgage Lenders Offering $$ Perks on Short Sales 08:19:56
Why raising the debt ceiling is important to Obama and Democrats 07:59:12
Giant Banks Lobby to Raise the Debt Ceiling and Slash Public Benefits ... So They Can Keep Sucking at the Public Teat 07:47:48
ADL's Foxman: Be wary of anti-Muslim Israel lovers 07:41:27
US not to probe Israel data theft 07:18:45
TSA readying new behavior detection plan for airport checkpoints 07:07:36
Ron Paul Blasts top GOP Officials for lack of leadership in Email to Supporters 06:26:20
Censorship of war casualties in the US 04:53:23
Ron Paul’s Urgent Warning On The Inevitable Collapse Of The Dollar 03:48:01
October2007: I have another great idea for a PR stunt and a Ron Paul TV commercial 03:46:45
We didn't promote the last money bomb enough. Let's do better for August 2nd. 00:55:01
Colbert Super Pac asks what we stand for. Let's show him we stand for Ron Paul. 00:55:00
Lol at 8:50 : Max Keiser on Ben and Ron 00:30:31
Help convince Colbert's super PAC to back liberty & Ron Paul 09:09:16