Posted on July 30, 2011

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Rand Paul completely disrespected by Don Lemon on CNN 17:33:06
Texas Tribune Video: Rick Perry vs. Ron Paul 17:57:32
Inspire Celebs for Ron Paul: Rd 1-Comedian D.L. Hughley=Was Total Success+ 15:02:38
New Ron Paul Video: Imminent Revolution 09:24:02
Ron & Rand React to the Boehner Plan Passage 11:40:58
Dr. Ron Paul on Bloomberg 7/28/11: The Aug 2 "Deadline" is Just For Show 01:07:46
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Rand Paul media appearances 7/29/11-7/30/11 23:51:30
Congress a bunch of crackheads? 23:48:01
Who are the Extremists? 22:41:15
Gary Johnson: GOP candidates are focused on 'fluff' 22:03:31
As much as I love Dr. Paul, I disagree with non intervention in certain instances 21:34:50
Daily Bell: As America Continues to Tank, What Will You Do?...Honorably Mentions Ron Paul for POTUS! 21:29:22
Iraq less safe than a year ago: U.S. official 21:27:20
Help Spread: August 3rd Moneybomb + week-long PUSH 21:19:42
Chicago CBS Affiliate Misrepresents Child on the News 20:29:00
Great two sided RP T-shirts! 19:10:11
When Ron Paul Wins Iowa Contest, Donate to Iowa GOP? 18:59:14
101 things you can do to promote RON PAUL 18:55:36
Online Q&A marathon August 10th - Tom Woods, Sheriff Mack, Jordan Page, Stefan Molyneux & Adam Kokesh 17:59:35
Bill Still: Pay the debt in quarters? 17:52:22
Where's the blimp money bomb? 17:29:38
Black Swan of Politics Article on Lew Rockwell 17:24:28
Immigration Chaos 17:20:25
Congressional Gridlock 7/30/11: House Rejects Reid Bill 246/173 16:35:05
Using the 14th Amendment for the debt ceiling is not constitutional 16:16:42
Patrick J.Buchanan Predicts Ron Paul Will Win Ames Iowa "Straw Poll" 16:10:53
Why is Rand Paul not fully against the "Debt Ceiling" power grab? 15:30:57
CNBC: Washington Is Annoyed at Wall Street's Failure to Panic 15:18:31
How Drone Strikes, Assassinations, and Eye Scans are Uniting the Middle East--Against the U.S. 15:11:28
One of my Facebook friends who voted for Obama just posted a pro Ron Paul comment on her wall 15:02:37
The Week: Ron Paul, the Outsider 14:42:35
"Ron Paul For President" on Dollar Bills 14:33:49
CNN Live! The House Debates Debt Ceiling Increase 14:22:44
Bachmann's tricks 13:19:10
New show: Wake up America 13:13:39
New show: Wake up America 13:09:51
Gerald Celente on Debt Deal: "It's like carrying on the Three Stooges and waiting for an intelligent answer to come..." 13:02:41
Black Swans of Politics: Tricks the Media Use Against Ron Paul 12:38:39
Paul hits Bachmann, who hits Obama and Pelosi 12:08:38
Sell Federal Lands to Raise Money and Make Land Productive 12:03:38
Ron Paul Campaign Announces ‘Catholics for Ron Paul’ Coalition 11:48:30
Tricks the Media Use Against Ron Paul 11:40:02
State of Arizona breaks silence on madness in 'Nazi'-cop town 11:17:43
All charges dropped against Julie Bass gardener threatened with jail time for growing vegetables in her own yard 10:53:26
A Must Watch: Ron Paul's Urgent Warning! 10:32:56
"There could be restrictions on the community and social activities in which unvaccinated people can participate" 10:20:51
The Business Cycle Theory Explained Simply 10:13:32
The Essential Rules of Tyranny 09:52:00
The Essential Rules of Tyranny 08:44:27
VIDEO:The Truth About War - Who Are The Real Terrorists? 08:06:41
Ron Paul: The Black Swans of Politics 07:32:06
Ron needs to have a 1-yr balanced budget plan now! 07:10:55
Video: The *REAL* reasons why we are at war in Libya 07:05:43
The FEMA list of Presidential Executive Orders 06:38:02
Rep. Chaffetz on GOP disagreement 05:12:42
Obama to add 20,000 troops to US streets in the event of Civil unrest 05:02:17
ATF Intimidates Gun Owners With Home Visits 03:45:15
Is Something Headed Our Way?: 14th Amend. Invoked, Martial Law Declared, or Other 03:19:16
Ron Paul Rap. Oldie but Goodie! Worth spreading! 02:34:45
Ever been in line behind someone with a foodstamp card, and they buy 5 mini Dorito bags, 2 Slim Jims, and 5 bottled drinks? 02:08:52
Idea for Ron Paul's Birthday 01:56:48
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