Posted on July 31, 2011

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"Yes He Can" - Putting the Last Doubt to Rest 15:51:17
More Power Eyed for "Super Congress" 08:49:13
Becoming Ron Paul 09:33:58
Urgent Huge Opportunity To ... 09:17:51
Ron Paul’s Nevada camp in a more collaborative mood 06:15:08
New Video hot off the press... 21:16:59
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What Elected Officials Should We be Voting Out and Who Should Stay? 23:40:09
"America Needs a Healer" 23:24:01
Does anyone listen to Rick Trader? 23:05:17
Blue Republican Revolution for Ron Paul - the "MOVIE"! 22:51:09
We're back! 22:34:27
Action Alert!! Man convicted of practicing free speech 22:25:41
Real History You Won't Learn In School -Must Watch! 21:44:40
Are You a Three Percenter? 21:25:26
President Obama: Deal reached on debt crisis 21:24:47
Texas Millionaires and Billionaires Help Perry's Rise 21:05:31
The Fugs: Nothing. Their 1965 nihilistic song featuring Obama, Frank, Kerry, Pelosi, Romney et al. 20:54:41
Watch, as Rand Paul exercises ultimate patience in dealing with a moron! 19:29:08
Superbowl 2012 ad - $3M for 30 seconds - special money bomb? Revolutionpac? 17:09:28
Herman Cain wins Denver Straw Poll, Perry Second 16:44:40
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk - Freeze the Budget and Stop Plundering the American People! - August 1, 2011 16:19:15
America -- Stand Tall For Freedom! 16:16:03
Online Iowa Straw Poll 16:15:31
The War on Drugs circus pays a visit to suburban Detroit. No facts just rumors....raids home. 16:08:55
Because of Love Doctor Ron Paul Will Become President 15:03:06
This Is Why We Need Ron Paul 2012 14:55:26
Coolidge “moneybomb” fundraiser for Ron Paul 14:42:21
Talk negatively about Israel, go to jail! 14:31:49
*Must Watch* Superb interview: "The Bigger Picture" w/Max Keiser 13:52:41
U.S. Unfunded Liabilities are Greater than the Economic Output of the Entire Planet! 13:44:34
U.S. Government is civilly dead 13:42:43
The Great Seal of the State of Iowa 2012 13:30:58
Revolution PAC Needs more FB likes. 13:24:08
Lew Rockwell wants grassroots videos 13:11:57
Why voting in the Primaries is so vital. 12:54:51
NIA Exposes Debt Ceiling Truth (7/30) 12:44:05
The Latest Hobo (former Obama Supporter) in Massachusetts 12:01:22
Interesting I.R.S statements 12:00:16
"Wear Your Ron Paul Stuff Saturdays" Event 11:58:21
The Great Seal of the State of Iowa 2012 11:48:41
Our Next President 11:43:50
Economy 11:43:39
Exclusive: Police beating of Las Vegas man caught on tape!! 11:07:50
Click It Or Ticket, Unless Your The Ruling Class 10:35:32
Hashtag #F**kYouWashington 10:22:36
Grappling with the Banality of Evil 09:59:32
Health Freedom: A huge issue which could put Ron Paul over the top 08:23:58
The Return of The Ron Paul Meetup 06:37:06
Woody Guthrie, Ron Paul, and the Debt 05:08:59
Remember That Crazy Police Officer Who Said He Was Going to Execute a Man For Having a Gun? 04:48:02
What We Saw at the Save Our Schools Rally in Washington D.C. 04:17:29
Dear Dr. Ron Paul, 03:13:21
Lest WE Forget 03:00:23
Most violent city in America...Flint? 02:36:45
CIA collected DNA samples while giving free vaccines 00:22:28