Posted on July 8, 2011

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Today I joined the California Grand Old Party 14:58:53
C4L Site Upgrade! 14:46:52
Tom Mullen on Adam vs. the Man: Disband the Army 14:38:45
"Dinner and a Grope Show:" An Afternoon at JFK Airport 11:50:06
Repudiate the Debt? To the Federal Reserve, yes. 09:26:05
Ron Paul beats Gov. Rick Perry and all others in Texas GOP poll 09:25:20
US government openly admits arming Mexican drug gangs w/30,000 firearms - but why? 03:03:33
John Dennis: Donate Now to ID Ron Paul Supporters in Iowa!!! 13:43:58
Dr. Mercola Interviews Ron Paul (Liberty, the Economy and Raw Milk) 08:41:25
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Ron Paul's lead over Obama in Texas omitted from Fox News article 23:40:23
Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana - Opposed by Big Pharma 23:26:13
To Slow Piracy, Internet Providers Ready Penalties 23:15:59
Obama 2012 Briefing Strategy all about grass root efforts 22:45:35
Tim Sanders on leadership, confidence and creating the future 22:19:29
Daily Paul Community Ads - In Transition 22:09:30
Three Cheers for Default! 21:33:11
Why did Ron Paul Cosponsor Legislation to Ban Gambling? 21:30:59
The Debt Ceiling: More Money, More Problems ~ Ron Paul Mentioned on Freedomwatch 21:30:27
Ultimate Combo: The Secret Debt Fix & Ending the Fed 21:15:12
Billions From You to Greece, with Love - Queen Christine, IMF 21:12:40
Ron Paul Calls On Republicans To Reject Debt-Ceiling Deal 21:05:18
Obama Would Rather Cut Social Security Than The Warfare State! 20:54:50
Obama issues Dream Act by executive order 20:45:23
D.C. Revolution March 20:18:00
Woman Faces 93-Days in Jail For Planting Vegetable Garden 19:47:56
Where Are All The Riders At? 19:39:51
Why Ron Paul Is the Only Candidate Proven to Reduce Spending and Support Economic Sanity 19:33:18
Bachmann pledges to ban ‘all forms of pornography’ 19:10:16
Will NATO Resurrect Operation Gladio To Frame Gaddafi? 19:10:09
Gold: From Russia, with Love. NY Times Gets it wrong. 19:05:40
Important! Last chance to get Iowa de*ate tix and support Ron! Call Monday! 18:34:27
Racketering going on at the NAACP 18:31:20
I just wanted to expess my feelings with all sides 18:31:00
♠ Dave Meslin: The antidote to apathy 18:10:34
Speaking of websites...have you checked out Obama's? 17:52:27
Joke of the day 16:54:18
Section 1034 removed from H.R. 1540!! GREAT NEWS! 16:39:01
Democratic Underground Censored Ron Paul Video 16:32:32
Newscaster Says Republican Party is… 16:26:27
Global Warming is Really all about World Government 16:10:10
Paul or Perry in Texas : Two different polls and two different outcomes 15:54:06
How many people do you personally know are voting for Paul in your primary? 15:50:49
An Open Letter to Ron Paul Campaign: A Recipe for Revolution 15:16:59
Comprehensive Video Collage of all media bias against Ron Paul 15:10:45
Michele Bachmann’s Signature is Absent from the Debt Ceiling Pledge 15:08:21
Take a look at this FEC Guide regarding contributions to candidates, including... 14:53:40
Breaking! S. 1287 Sound Money Promotion Act - Sen. Demint, Paul, Lee 14:49:28
TIME.COM is watching you and me!!! 14:22:45
Is "Caylee's Law" a bad idea? 14:14:32
Ron Paul on House Vote for Mideast Negotiations 14:09:33
The EricHoffer Plan to Reducing Idiocy In Government. 14:05:16
The Ratification Debate Part Two 13:51:38
Unemployment at 9.2%...Thanks Stimulus! 13:48:33
2012 Dream Ticket poll 13:42:51
Paper Audit of Gold Ain't worth Paper! 13:10:44
Ron Paul speech 7/6/11 at Cedar Falls, IA 12:22:26
Let's WIN in Iowa! The Time Is NOW To Make It Happen! 11:56:05
GOP Senators sell out 11:51:19
Fed News Friday: More Secret Fed Loans Exposed!!! 11:37:18
VIDEO:Morning Joe Censors Ron Paul from obvious 2nd place (Actual video) 11:35:31
LIVE: from the space shuttle launch! 11:13:57
In Defense of Ron Paul 11:12:36
Face reality, legalize pot 11:07:12
30 Reasons To Get Out Of Real Estate And Into REAL Assets 11:01:53
UPDATE:Crackdown in California On Herd-Share Farms Over Certification Of Raw Goat Milk !! 10:12:15
Obama Supporter from my work to vote Ron Paul in Primary in N.H. 09:51:07
Big brother wants a new internet 09:48:45
Wanna' drive a few neo-cons nuttier? 09:45:27
TIME Poll: The results are in.... 09:13:23
Economics of the insane: Obama's stimulus cost $278,000 for each new job created 09:10:06
$10 Iowa Straw Poll Discounted Tickets Continued. 08:55:08
More Evidence Ron Paul's Audit Efforts are Worthy 07:45:53
White House Rules Out 14th Amendment Option On Debt Ceiling 07:31:43
CIA: U.S. finances at bottom of planet 07:21:04
Super Sad Subject - Fan dies at Texas Rangers game while son watches 04:48:42
How to prepare to be a Ron Paul delegate 03:49:30
Ron Paul Vid - This or That? 03:24:34
Jack Hunter: SA@TAC - Constitutional Conservatives? 02:27:26
Associated Press: Colorado Legalization campaign starts Thursday 01:47:37
Another awesome Santelli Rant - but RP is hurting in the comments. 01:24:52
What do YOU think is the most cost-effective method for reaching Ron Paul voters? 00:53:13
What Ron Needs To Do To Win 00:35:20
MSNBC Screws the people again 00:25:28
Bloomberg: Prescription Drugs Cause More Overdoses in U.S. Than Heroin and Cocaine 00:04:39