Posted on August 1, 2011

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"I have never voted to raise the debt ceiling, and I never will." -- Ron Paul 19:09:14
Forbes - Paul Krugman And Ron Paul Agree: Debt Ceiling Deal Sucks 14:34:45
Rasmussen: Ron Paul at 10% 10:31:57
Bush 2.0: 100 Ways Barack Obama Is Just Like George W. Bush 15:41:26
The New Republic: Ron Paul's Fix for the Debt Ceiling That No One Is Talking About 05:41:08
Question for Daily Paulers 10:59:42
Pete Eyre & Adam Mueller Found Not Guilty for "Felony Cop Filming" - 09:37:29
Ron Paul: Freeze the Budget and Stop Plundering the American People! 06:37:58
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New Video: Cameraman Arrested by Suffolk County Police 23:42:14
audio book 'The Law' Frederic Bastiat 22:30:28
Sean Hannity allowed Rand to promote Ron today 22:24:58
Liberty farms? 21:55:18
Vice President Inserts Extreme Rhetoric Into ‘Civil Debate’, Rand's Response 21:23:29
Support a Greater Good 2.0 – Why Christians Should Support Ron Paul for President 21:20:55
Who is Ben Bernanke's Boss? 20:53:49
A big thank you. 20:45:28
$1.6 Trillion Opportunity for RP Nation 20:00:39
Dr. Paul's Security 19:54:38
Filibuster Tuesday. 19:29:57
A message from Ron Paul 19:19:00
How great leaders inspire action 18:56:08
To all my supporters, I need a favor from you by Barry Cooper 18:52:00
Ron Paul Radio Bomb -- Glenn Beck Edition 18:05:00
Washington's Amazing Diet Cure! Lose Weight By Eating! -Peter Schiff 18:01:08
Goldman's new money machine: warehouses 17:46:23
Biden: Tea partiers like 'terrorists' 16:30:46
Abraham Lincoln: Tyrant [The Real Story of the Civil War] VIDEO 16:14:54
Stall 4 Paul **Great Advertising Potential** 15:58:33
TED Talks: British Conservative MP Rory Stewart: Time to end the war in Afghanistan. 15:57:12
Rand Paul will be on Hannity radio at 4:05 pm ET 15:52:41
Just in from Fox News. Tea Party favorite Michelle Bachman will vote no 15:33:59
H.R. 1981 15:32:47
I Would Support This Guy As Ron Paul's Vice President 15:25:54
Becoming Ron Paul -- Article in NH's Concord Monitor Sunday Issue 15:18:25
Debt Ceiling Live: 8/1 15:04:54
Libertarian Girls! We are out there somewhere! 14:58:01
Smart Meters 14:29:29
What Debt Crsis? Pay the National Debt with Coins‏ 14:25:48
Super popular podcast gives some love to Dr. Paul and calls the system fake 14:23:48
Open letter to Mike Huckabee 14:19:04
A Message to Barack Obama from the R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ution! 14:08:55
Ron Paul: When a Cut is Not a Cut 13:56:42
Will Rand Paul Filibuster the "Debt Deal"? 13:54:03
Rep Ron Paul On KTRH Talking About Debt Deal [audio] 13:28:41
Jack Hunter releases his first blog for the Ron Paul Campaign. "Is America Ready for Ron Paul"? 13:20:16
Conyers: Obama Proposed Social Security Cuts In Debt Talks, Not Republicans 13:14:58
Lots of rumble'n going on lately 12:56:47
Ron Paul Needs Our Support: Ames Final Push! 12:52:26
I had a strange dream last night . . . 12:24:24
I am confused on the maximum donation limit!! 12:17:34
Consumers Rule! Fixing AP Bias and How to Set Higher Standards for Journalists 12:09:08
Marc Emery's Blog 11:27:15
Washington -- The Two Car Race 10:50:23
Track the SuperPAC, and Make Donations! 10:28:19
How the Tea Party Won the Deal 09:58:36
National Night Out is a great opportunity! 09:49:10
Romney, Perry, Bachmann Run Close Among GOP Primary Voters 09:40:22
[Artwork] Liberty for Iowa: Revolution 2012 09:35:46
Gerald Celente & Paul Roberts on debt ceiling theatrics 07:58:50
Senator Mike Lee threatens to filibuster debt ceiling vote today 06:53:56
Student Loan Debt Slaves trade Sex for Freedom 06:22:58
Gold & Silver Beyond the Limit by Peter Schiff 05:56:37
FNS 7/31/11 B. Kristol says "Repub. candidates have been leading from behind" WHAT?! 04:17:13
Aug. 2... an interesting day in history (Debt Ceiling Deadline) 03:59:05
Dear Dr. Ron Paul, 00:25:36
Is it legal to create a website showing name, photo and badge number, dept of abusive Police? 11:29:24