Posted on August 10, 2011

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Ron Paul is Churchill - Doug Wead 23:41:52
Donations: Romney gets $1 million from single business partner, Ron Paul gets $1 million from thousands of Americans 23:32:02
Ron Paul on What Sets Him Apart 23:29:24
NYT: Ron Paul Declines to Gloat About His Prescient Warnings on Debt 16:26:29
Ron Paul busing 30 family members in to Iowa 15:00:48
Video: Ron Paul Rips Fellow Texan Rick Perry 13:35:18
Federal Reserve is Just as Paralyzed as Congress 08:46:49
Ron Paul on CNBC's Squawk Box - August 10, 2011 08:05:42
FOX: Ron Paul Winning Ames Could Scare The Establishment 02:04:16
I gave a Ron Paul speech at the Tea Party meeting... 09:57:34
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Romney: Don’t repeat mistake of picking charm over experience 23:57:24
Ron Paul's Donations from Military Double all GOP Candidates Combined, Exceed Acting Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama's 23:51:45
bill o'reilly always bashing Paul...How can we stop this? 23:32:26
Man from Tottenham shares his views 23:28:56
Ron Paul for getting rid of income taxes, bringing troops home 23:23:29
The Awakening... Do you see it happening??? 23:16:45
Businesswoman's epic rant against Obama 22:55:52
ERIK THORMAEHLEN: Don't be quick to dismiss Ron Paul as a contender for U.S. president 22:52:55
Ron Paul spreading same message as always, resonating finally 22:50:46
Weekly Standard : Sony Studio Distributed Bin Laden Movie Before Election, Hosted Obama Fundraiser 22:35:44
Debate Advice: Remember the Constitution 22:11:55
Bill O'Reilly Bashes Ron Paul Again, Dennis Miller Defends Paul (Kinda) 21:54:51
True News: The Real Source of the British Riots 21:52:03
Politico almost mentioned Ron Paul 21:43:40
Someome said something true the other day 21:39:35
Mitt Romney Dropped Out of The Iowa Straw Poll Back in June, But Will He Be On The Ballot In Iowa? 21:26:57
Dylan Ratigan freaks-out with some TRUTH 21:08:32
Levin Poll 8-10-11 - Let's bring Ron to the Top! 20:48:40
Is it Time for a Second Formal Declaration of Independence? 20:39:22
Just saw O'Reilly 's interview with Morris. 20:34:52
8/10/11 -Cavuto - Ron Paul is Churchill - Doug Wead 20:23:18
Rick Perry for President of the North American Union? 19:50:43
If dailypaul is dedicated to restoring constitutional government why is 9/11 irrelevant? 19:50:29
Gold Hits Record $1800, Tops Platinum 19:47:41
FREE For Liberty RECUT DVD's (you pay shipping only) 19:43:13
Ron Paul's Republican Nomination Will Not Come with Help from the Main Stream Media 19:41:35
How Would a Return to Sound Money Affect Manufacturing? 19:40:40
KWN w/Nigel Farage; London on Fire & gold: 8-10-11 19:32:16
mich republican state committee 18:28:49
Ron Paul busing 30 family members in to Iowa 18:20:32
Flyers to Promote Ron Paul 18:17:20
Ron Paul is consistent with his word 18:15:18
Under an hour away till Q&A marathon w/Tom Woods, Sheriff Mack, Adam Kokes & more - 18:07:57 Smears Ron Paul 18:05:15
Guess who owns Standard & Poor's? 18:01:31
RON PAUL 2012? Consider The Champion Of The Constitution. 17:48:55
Aims Strawpoll downplay has begun 17:46:55
Stephen Colbert’s Super-PAC Iowa TV Ad 17:40:28
Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters! 17:24:25
♠ NY banks are starting to charge negative interest for deposits 17:21:26
Ding Dong.... Please answer the door! 17:11:35
(Video) McCain: You are "Hobbits" and I'm not sorry 16:38:31
Bachmann: 'If We Reject Israel, Then There Is A Curse That Comes Into Play' 16:36:45
Wisconsin Recall Results, Tuesday, August 9, 2011 16:31:32
Behind the Ames speaking lineup 16:30:52
LOL Rick Perry slammed by Libertarian Director 16:29:21
Iowa debate suggestions 16:16:52
Ron Paul Campaign Announces ‘Small Businesses for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition 16:16:10
My Predictions for the 2012 Presidential Election 16:12:38
Does AIPAC Have Only Two Major Donors? 16:12:21
SF Chronicle: Ron Paul, Herman Cain on Rick Perry: Bring IT ON! 16:11:22
An Orthodox view on the "Chosen People" for President 15:45:13
UN wants new global currency to replace dollar (London Telegraph) 15:45:09
Ron Paul Moving Closer to GOP Nomination 15:39:01
Consumers Now Required To Seek Treasury Department Approval On All Purchases Over $50 15:19:27
Liberty Candidates LOGO and Book Cover Contest 15:16:07
MoveOverAIPAC Blasts 81 Congressmen Going on AIPAC Junket to Israel During Recess 15:15:05
Rhetoric of "human rights" co-opted by war machine. (Video) 15:10:29
GOP Announces Their Appointments To The Unconstitutional “Super Congress” 15:02:34
Ron Paul on the Campaign Trail: Fairfield, Iowa also addresses Perry 14:43:37
Gov't Abuses 'Emergency' ISP Rule 14:37:26
The British Riots: liberals, hand-out lovers need to watch this 14:00:14
what does tacoma and S.S. have in common? 13:51:48
Comments section of article needs help 13:33:39
International Hearings On 911 To Begin TODAY (9-8-11) 13:27:31
"Socialist scum?" Really? 13:23:11
The "Tea Party" Downgrade 13:21:37
Bachmann's Spending in Her District 13:08:44
A Federal Reserve Without A Plan 13:04:44
Missouri Woman sends airborne message to Washington and Wall Street 13:02:31
Campaign like Dr. Paul is 20 points behind, but what an improvement! Now, first things first: Ames, Iowa 13:00:04
Ron Paul on Local TV IA -- VIDEO! 12:58:50
GA GOP Straw Poll and Fish Fry- Sat. Aug. 27th 12:56:01
Bank of England Governor Issues Inflation Warning As GDP Sinks 12:54:42 Rep. Paul slams Fed for steps risking US dollar's reserve status 12:54:25
Will Perry help the doctor win? 12:37:14
RP piece on KTVO Heartland of Iowa 12:30:09
Chicago Patriots Take to Streets, Demand Arrest of Bankers 12:28:59
Obama Ties Record Low Approval - - - 40% - - - 12:27:15
First they came for the raw milk, and I didn't speak out because I drank no raw milk 12:21:22
Hawaii Official Subpoenaed 4 noShow Obama Birth Certificate 12:20:39
Obama admin under attack: Rand Paul files for key resignation 12:19:16
Poll suggests 2012 change in power in Washington 12:16:21
Ron Paul: "I think what we're dealing with is the end of the dollar reserve standard" 12:09:11
Jack Hunter 'Was the U.S. Bombing of Nagasaki an Act of Terrorism?' 12:03:28
Republican Super Committee Appointees 12:03:05
Online Q&A Marathon Tonight 7:00pm - Tom Woods, Sheriff Mack & More - 11:39:50
Remember, Remember the 5th of November 11:32:45
Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance 11:19:26
Good news! They found and killed the Taliban member who shot down Seal team 6! (say what?) 11:08:23
Write and Vote for Debate Questions! 11:02:59
Who wanted the 1776.00 Gold Screen Capture? 11:00:16
Tea Party Fraud Rick Perry is Political Herpes...LOL 10:38:33
Connecticut And Maryland Act To Restrict Employers' Use Of Credit Reports 10:38:25
Max Keiser in New York City @ Ron Paul meetup Aug 2011 (Silver Circle) 10:24:28
Fox... 8/10/11 about 10am ... Ron Paul front runner at Ames... am I dreaming? 10:23:03
People from Chicago took to the Streets after S&P Downgrade 10:21:49
Winners win 10:01:16
Funny video 09:42:17
Centralization Is Insane 09:27:37
Im so tired 09:18:01
AMC Show-Breaking Bad-Associates Ron Paul supporters as Meth Dealers. 09:08:10
The Higher-Education Bubble Has Popped 08:47:51
BIZPAC: Ron Paul is Right! 08:45:05
BofA Sells Part of Mortgage Portfolio to Fannie Mae as the US Taxpayer Bailout of Banks Continues 08:06:22
Cartoon from 50 years ago warning us about our freedoms 08:05:30
Jim Rogers: Bernanke, Geithner Leading Us Into Fiscal Armageddon 07:47:10
Can I get this video updated to 2012 and put on disk 07:01:11
Ratigan Calls Out The Corrupt US Political-Banking Ties Federal Reserve (Must Watch) 06:44:28
A mom sends a banner flying over NY 06:09:51
The Music Industry Exposed (illuminati?) and satanic symbols 04:33:01
Governments LIE! 03:52:00
Ron Paul vs The Fed Great Video 03:46:48
Rand Paul: "I'm Gonna Introduce Legislation Tomorrow That Calls For The Resignation Of Tim Geithner" 03:13:32
Document Expert Offers Proof that he Created the Obama Certificate of Live Birth 02:36:16
'The End of Right-Wing Progressivism?' - Southern Avenger 02:33:53
Super Congress A Gift to K Street by Ron Paul 02:00:01
My Idea For Funding The Daily Paul And The Super Pac At The Same Time 01:56:22
Bernanke Signals Fed Dissenters Won’t Impede Additional Asset Purchases 01:54:33
6,189,988 Views ~ Ron Paul Ad - "Awesome!" 01:16:27
Video - 'Take me to your mothership'... 00:50:47
Pledge of allegiance 00:42:32
Mark Duggan's death is very suspicious. The London cops are covering something up 00:31:10
Chinese Aircraft Carriers 00:28:42
RINOs going NUTS! 00:15:40
How coming in 1st in the Iowa Straw Poll can buy us time 00:04:47