Posted on August 11, 2011

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"It's Time We Quit This! It's Trillions Of Dollars We're Spending On Wars!" Iowa Debate Videos 23:25:08
Ron Paul On Stossel After Debate 23:20:16
Ron Paul Stops Traffic in New York 20:08:23
Ron Paul's Speech in Mason City, Iowa - August 10, 2011 17:46:25
Straw Poll: Paul wives talk about campaign, family life 17:36:31
WaPo: Ron Paul Will Hew to His Tea Party Roots 14:25:22
Wow! The Age Of Ron Paul! 13:51:12
Ames: Ron Paul earns three Story County endorsements 12:50:56
Ron Paul Film “For Liberty” is being shown at Pella Opera House Friday evening (Free Entry) 23:02:28
The rebuttal letter I wrote is now a guest article! 10:43:07
New CNN Poll - Paul 3rd! Ahead of Bachmann 07:59:23
Spreading the same message as always, Ron Paul finally resonating 07:48:26
Wikipedia: The Political Positions of Ron Paul 01:53:13
GOP Debate - August 11 - Ames, Iowa / Fox News 9pm ET 23:00:42
This is getting good! ***And Now Even Better!!!*** 09:12:52
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Problematic @ronpaul tweet 23:55:14
Who sicked Rick Santorum on Ron Paul? 23:50:52
Why is Paul not on Hannity? 23:47:44
Well I think he hit a huge grand slam !! 23:39:12
FOX - Just In Case the #'s change... 23:37:30
"Who Won The Debate" Polls To Vote In 23:31:25
Online Polls 23:30:05
Ron Paul kicks Santorums's rear-end 23:26:25
Debate answers 23:25:55
Vote In Fox News' Who Won The Iowa Presidential Debate Poll 23:25:18
They boo'd ron tonight? 23:21:57
VOTING BOMB 23:19:20
Anyone wanna crawl over crushed glass for RP? 23:19:07
Debate Question Tally 23:17:56
Debate Poll at 23:12:19
4th Amendment violations by TSA 22:35:55
Any links to fox's or any other online polls for the straw poll? 22:12:08
I am turning this debate off... 21:58:13
Why Ron Paul could be the man of the moment 20:59:55
Please tell me this video is already posted! 20:55:01
The Campaign Fixed the Website!!!!! 20:34:32
The Riot Generation 20:06:20
Credit card is suing me 20:03:30
Rick Perry Is Running For President 20:02:17
Gold, Sin, and the Bible 19:48:43
Desperate Swiss eye euro peg to repel safe-haven flood 19:45:21
Jerrold Nadler D-NY is Right For the Wrong Reasons - Idiot or Traitor? 19:42:21
Dumb question: How do I volunteer for the Ron Paul Campaign? 19:34:26
Mitt Romney, the Corporations Candidate, says Corporations are People 19:33:41
Felonious Monk Presents "Obama! Pay you f*ing bill!" 19:31:43
Ron Paul begins the slow, steady increase of support needed to become the POTUS and it begins tonight! 19:29:56
It's Debate Night! 19:18:06
Illinois Shutting Down Artisan Ice Cream Makers For Crime of Using Fresh Fruit 19:13:02
Debate tonight 9pm Eastern. Join us at for our live chat to discuss it live. 19:09:27
HEY VETS! Listen up 19:07:20
Huckabee to Perry: "You don't get to start at mile 6" 19:02:02
Ron Paul web ads are up! (where have you seen them?) 18:52:41
Juan Williams and the Judge give favorable mention of Ron Paul on The Five. 18:52:35
Post S&P Downgrade, Chicagoans Take to Streets, Demand Arrest of Bankers 18:37:37
Another huge Global Warming lie exposed! 18:25:13
Paul Banks on His Fiscal Record to Win Votes 18:23:21
Planning to be in Iowa October-November (or longer) - Who/How Can I Help? 18:12:15
Neat trick from Fox a few minutes ago 18:11:10
Steve King Tells Matthews To Not Underestimate Ron Paul 17:49:45
Beck Endorses Bachmann 17:30:36
Everyone...Dont Forget About the Fox News "Focus Group" After the Debate...So that We All Know Exactly What to Believe 17:26:23
Coming November 2012 - The wait is over. 17:24:56
Veterans' Tent at our Straw Poll Area 17:23:48
C'MON!... Where is the "Ron Paul - A New Hope" video of 2011? 17:19:01
Rick Perry will announce 17:10:52
Time For My Pre FU FRANK Poll 17:06:18
Decent article on Ron Paul... from a left-leaning paper 17:05:49
I'm donating $10,000 to purchase tickets for the Ames Straw Poll 16:51:53
$20.12 Donation Thread - Donate $20.12 Then bump with your receipt 16:48:20
Paul campaign announces straw poll activities 16:44:32
Paul campaign announces straw poll activities 16:40:27
Simply voting out Obama is not the solution (we must have Ron Paul) 16:18:40
Latest NH liberty news 8/11/2011 (Podcast) 16:09:40
Pre-Approved Transactions 16:08:58
Ron Paul has new Iowa endorsements 16:06:00
Ron Paul's vulnerability or is it ours? 16:05:47
Is the Federal Reserve Making Things Worse? 16:04:48
Video: This is why people in the UK are MAD!!! 16:00:54
Iowa Voters Focus on Economy 15:56:42
WorldNetDaily Iowa Republican Candidate Poll 15:54:26
Another great analysis on the UK riot by stefbot 15:53:39
CNN : Perry Enters Race In Virtual Tie with Romney 15:51:58
National Journal: Officials lied about Seal Team Deaths 15:50:08
Ron Paul defies PC culture to stand for 2nd Amendment 15:34:00
Video; Analysis Say Ron Paul to Garner Protest Votes at Ames 15:22:18
I Called a Radio Station in Iowa to Promote Ron Paul 15:21:27
Liberalism finally reaches its absurd conclusion: Illinois can't afford to bury the poor. 15:21:00
Dick Morris Poll 15:14:56
New Habit - How to refer to other candidates 15:05:26
FBI Lists Purchase of Preparedness Items as “Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities” 14:57:52
Hosting organization still disregarding Paul 14:57:05
Homeland Security Chairman Seeks Probe Into Admin Sanctioned Bin Laden Movie 14:53:02
August 27 Georgia GOP Fish Fry in Perry noon 'til 2 14:52:35
IOWA - Paul earns three Story County endorsements 14:48:54
Since We Can't Get Our Government To Lable GMO Foods How About..... 14:40:55
Law School Grads File Class Actions Accusing Schools of Scamming Students 14:35:13
Ben Stein Ron Paul debate 14:35:08
Revolution PAC Pledge 14:25:31
Gold ETF question 13:54:47
Is There a Racial Double Standard for Hate Crimes? 13:53:04
Ron Paul's warnings on Super Congress 13:38:33
Ames newspaper chat 13:37:22
Mark Levin Poll - Please Go Vote for Ron Paul 13:33:34
Yahoo Video on Iowa 13:22:58
New poll and World Net Daily 13:10:43
Hosting organization still disregarding Paul 12:55:11
Us Still On Track To Become World Police 12:43:49
UK May Block Twitter, Blackberry in Riots 12:43:40
Romney Heckled in Iowa 12:35:43
Inspiration for Ames and Beyond: Ron Paul Rockin' the Paradise 12:25:30
Sean Hannity Pre-Debate Poll - Bachmann winning 12:19:51
Prayers for Dr. Paul's Debate Tonight 12:07:49
Ron's debate answer?! About Perry 12:04:37
Need the Poop on Perry 12:02:57
"If you love me, you'll donate to Ron Paul." Form letter idea. 11:58:04
Surprisingly fair coverage in this Politico article 11:54:00
Quote 11:49:19
CBSNEWS.COM (8-11): Omits Paul in article, yet Paul dominates their own POLL 11:44:08
Obama on the Far Right (Of the Brain) 11:41:32
Glenn Beck Picked His Favorite Republican Nominees This Morning on the Radio 11:26:59
Keiser Report: Reverse Nixon Golden Dream (Schiff interview) 11:19:15
New Front on the battle for freedom 11:18:05
"We Now Have More Soldiers Killed By Suicide Than By Combat!" 10:55:41
10.8 Million Foreclosures Await: Fannie Mae Wants To Become Slumlord 10:32:13
video: Veterans for Ron Paul 2012 : Chris Lawton 10:24:27
It is time to stop using RP2012 everyone!!!! 10:20:19
Vote AGAINST RON in Poll!! Needs help! READ the poll!! 09:51:24
U.S. Asks China to Explain Need for Carrier 09:47:22
Yahoo Ames Article Excludes RP, but ALL of the Comments are Pro-Paul 09:39:57
Central Bankers' Race Toward Global Currency Solution 09:35:44
Why The US Economy Is, All Else Equal, Doomed 09:31:22
Fed Chairman Bernanke rides to the rescue of the Dow... 09:25:34
Adam Vs The Man (RT) -- Gerald Celente 09:21:42
U.K. to Shut Down Social Networks During Riots & Times of Unrest 09:14:01
Have you guys seen 08:50:21
My Final Three-Day Battle Plan for the Ames Straw Poll 07:59:34
Bank of America CEO Discusses Letting Countrywide Financial Go Bankrupt as Separate Legal Entity 07:38:21
Politifact Rules Paul Ad Claim False 06:55:26
Anyone Here Subscribe to/Pay for to Gary North's Site? 06:51:00
Bernanke Stirs Most Dissent Since 1992 on Low Rate Period 06:49:57
UPDATE!!!! Paul featured on Fox and Friends 06:44:34
Riding my bike with Dr. Paul 06:42:52
Oh For Crying Out Loud! Farah Does It Again: See This Morning's Column 06:39:15
An Oldie But Goodie For Your Liberal Friends - Ron Paul with Bill Maher 05:22:16
CME gold margin raised 05:18:04
The New American magazine's Profile of Ron Paul 04:33:40
Judge Napolitano: Chaos Coming To America! 09:20:09
Ron Paul Receives 2nd Amendment Award 8/10/11 02:54:07
rothschild NWO 02:37:27
Walter Williams for Vice President 02:17:10
Orwellian State Promoting Fear: "Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere" - The Cell Counter-terrorism Education Learning Lab 02:13:47
Romney's 'Play It Safe' Strategy Has Run Its Course 01:54:23
Big Brother Has Arrived 01:33:33
I've updated this 2008 video to 2012 01:19:05
Stand Up for Freedom 01:17:26
Ron Paul's Position on Nuclear Energy 00:46:50
Moms for Ron Paul Dissed in Online Community 00:19:27
Rick Perry seems to have been a college flunky, C and D's it seems, including in economics 00:11:53
Perry overtaking Romney as California frontrunner 00:11:04
In Your Face, Rick Perry -- LP Director, Wes Benedict, Doesn't Mince Words (video) 00:10:25
I would love to see each candidate's personal credit score. Is there a way? 00:08:34
Poll 00:02:41