Posted on August 12, 2011

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Ron Paul on The Willis Report 8/12/11 21:49:37
Getting on the bus to Ames in the morning at 6:15 20:51:35
PBS Documentary Supports Ron Paul's Talk of Blowback from US Foreign Policy 20:29:39
FOX at it again... Juan Williams Defends Ron Paul On Fox's 'The Five,' "Has Changed American History" 18:08:28
San Francisco Chronicle: Ron Paul Wins Iowa GOP Debate; Is Right On Iran 16:48:40
Ron Paul Interview on WHO's Jan Mickelson's Iowa Show ~8/12/11 16:00:21
Seattle Times: I Cheer Ron Paul 15:58:23
Holy Smoke! National Review: How Ron Paul Could Win Iowa! 13:25:23
TOM WOODS - Some friendly post-debate advice for Ron Paul 13:20:39
LA Times - Did Ron Paul win the GOP debate in Ames? 13:18:33
Ron Paul on Fox News 8/12/11 12:58:38
Road to the White House: Ron Paul's Soapbox Speech 20:11:01
Amidst the chaos, Ron Paul shines through 09:36:49
A New Ron Paul Moment! 00:31:15
Video: Ron Paul Schools Santorum on Iran Diplomacy 01:57:20
The FOX Post-Debate Poll Map 03:41:44
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I posted this on my Facebook, I'm AD military and tired of ... 23:51:49
I Scared A Neo-Con Today....And It Felt Oh So Good......... 23:51:40
WND Poll 23:47:00
Ron Paul tents set up at Ames Straw Poll (Pictures!) 23:32:17
America First is Traditional America 23:32:13
WW III ~ Wall St. banks plunder! - Max Keiser 23:31:06
How will we secure Ron Paul the RNC nomination? 23:05:19
"PROGRAMMING THE NATION?" Official Theatrical Trailer 2011 22:51:56
National Review Online Poll: Who won the debate? 22:49:26
Rush,Beck.Levin expose themselves as shills 22:46:05
Prayers 4 RP's Ames Straw Poll Success! 22:38:12
The World's Money Is Draining Away...Where's It Going? 22:29:55
The Creature from Mark Levin 22:25:34
Drudge Report - Washington Post Politics : Ron Paul May Win Ames Straw Poll 22:20:43
Michele Bachmann Iowa Soap Box Speech - She is SCREAMING lol 21:50:20
Electronic Skin Patch. Identification is how it all begins. Just ask Magneto. 21:41:49
30 (or 60) sec. Closing Statement 21:38:57
Last Call to Iowans for Tickets!!! 21:23:39
Pictures: Ron Paul's Ames tents set up 21:22:25
Mother Nature is with Ron Paul 21:09:54
Top of Drudge! Ron paul win ames? 21:08:33
US Congressional Candidate in NYC (Chinatown) 20:50:20
US Congressional Candidate in NYC (Chinatown) 20:48:01
Real Sh*t: Felonious Munk Presents "Stop It B! OBAMA PAY YOUR F*ckin BILL" WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE 20:34:52
Don't Get It Twisted, We Are Already At War With Iran (SEE IMAGE) 20:21:05
LATIMES Nation : Ron Paul comes in from the fringe 20:20:44
This may seem minor, BUT, it's very important!!!! 20:12:59
Video: Ron Paul Wins Iowa Debate in a Landslide. 20:07:54
Ron Paul takes 54% in major poll (AdamvstheManRT) 20:06:50
A History Lesson For Ron Paul....ha..hahaha 19:36:07
Jews for Ron Paul on Facebook 19:34:44
Mark Levin at it again! 19:29:08
Ron Paul wins.... 19:08:15
Politifact rates 8/11/11 Debate w/1 false claim attributed to Dr. Paul 19:04:19
Rick Santorum: Anti-Constitutional Idiot 18:52:23
Sarah Palin Already Downplaying a Ron Paul Straw Poll Victory? 18:36:53
*Herman Cain used words from the movie 'Pokemon 2000' at Republican Debate 18:29:05
Mark Levin just dissed RonBIG TIME. 18:26:10
On Drudge: Ron Paul could be surprise victor in Ames straw poll... 18:18:36
Rating Agencies Like S&P Not Great At Predicting Sovereign Defaults 18:07:22
Juan Williams Defends Ron Paul On Fox's 'The Five', "Has Changed American History" 17:58:08
Ron Paul's message hits America (2 RTAmerica Videos 8-12-11) 17:53:35
Freedom Works Facebook poll - Bachmann winning! 17:49:29
Army suicides 17:38:40
Justin Raimondo: Rick Perry, ‘Hawk Internationalist’ 17:30:59
Fed. Court: Notifying Credit Bureaus is a Prerequsite to FCRA Case 17:25:01
Is Libertarianism incompatible with Christianity? 17:23:04
Zero Hedge is going crazy over Dr. Paul. 17:18:08
Fox News Ignores and Pulls Post Debate Poll That Ron Paul Wins 17:17:13
C-SPAN Cuts Off Ron Paul As He Explains "You Don't Start Wars!" Because Of "Technical Difficulties" 17:09:17
"We're optimistic...about the Straw Poll", Ron Paul interview on KTRH Houston w/Matt Patrick ~8/12/11 16:48:28
Ron Paul will be Interviewed on Fox News ("On The Brink") August 13, 10am Eastern 16:47:00
Surprising fairness from CNN's Blitzer today 16:40:53
Surprising fairness from CNN's Blitzer today 16:39:16
Poll on Canadian site 16:33:52
Ron Paul wins first on-line Iowa Straw Poll! 16:28:42
Ron Paul Interview with Gerri Willis (Willis Report) Fox Business Aug. 12, 4:40pm CT 16:11:47
ABC NEWS IOWA - Ron Paul Wins poll sponsored by Iowa Congressman Tom Latham's campaign! 16:10:04
Radio Interview with Ron Paul and Brian Doherty this morning 15:40:10
AIR STRIKE on IOWA today! 19:39:18
Mitt Romney loses the election? 15:38:16
Mitt Romney Pays For "Supporter" to post. From Ukraine! 15:36:14
U.S. Appeals Court in Georgia is Latest To Rule Against Obama Care Mandate 15:34:38
When Foodstamps End in Atlanta, GA - Chaos in the Street! FOX 5 15:34:37
Poll: National Review Online 15:31:58
Some unions to skip 2012 Democratic convention 15:15:31
Star Wars silver coins. Investing like a Jedi 15:15:26
Ron Paul's Isolationism, Appeasement... 15:10:55
POST DEBATE: Rush loses it about Paul, thinks he's a "real problem" 15:10:15
The "Tea Strainer" Pledge. 14:56:11
DP Performance During the Iowa Debate 14:54:45
Ron did well in debate, Tom Woods offers suggestions to make it even better 14:47:04
Ron wins first ever Iowa online straw poll! 14:46:55
The verdict is in - Ron Paul won last night's GOP Presidential debate in Ames, Iowa 14:42:29
House Dem offers $2 trillion deficit cutting plan 14:42:21
Ron Paul's 76th Birthday 14:30:11
National Review Post Debate Poll 14:29:10
Who won the debate? - Neocon poll 14:20:38
DP helping to shape the National debate?? 14:15:22
Federal Appeals Court: Individual Mandate is Unconstitutional 14:00:28
Ron Paul & Debates - My Opinion 13:58:49
What was Gary Johnson doing last night? LMAO 13:57:53
Interview with Cavuto - Fox News Special, August 13 at 10:30am Central 13:53:42
AIPAC sends Congress on vacation ... 81 Reps Magically Disappear From Mainstream Media Found In Isreal 13:50:42
Another Poll 13:48:35
FLASH !! Politico Breaking News : The 11th Circuit Rules Individual Mandate Unconstitutional 13:47:03
Breaking News!!!! Appeals Court Strikes Down ObamaCare!!!! 13:41:38
Santorum and Obama : Two Peas in a Pod 13:23:35
Debate Suggestions from Tom Woods 13:22:59
Preemptive strike 13:14:17
you have got to be kidding me 13:10:46
Fox News: Wow they used a Ron Paul soundbite 13:09:23
Ron Paul on Radio KTRH News RE: Repubblican Debate 13:07:59
Ron Paul Vs GOP Warmongers: Congressman Romps To Victory In Iowa Debate 13:05:21
Video distribution 13:03:28
Rep. Steve King ( R- IA ) Tells Chris Matthews : DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE RON PAUL!! 12:57:03
Ron Paul Wins Online Straw Poll: 44% 12:53:24
The press ignores Ron Paul because he wants people to be free 12:53:19
FOX Post-Debate Article Gives Paul a Fair Shake 12:51:22
Ron Paul wins IOWA online poll (DRUDGE) 12:47:07
WND polls coming down to Bachmann v. Paul, please vote both 12:40:27
Ron Paul vs. GOP Warmongers, Congresssman Romps To Victory in Iowa Debate 12:38:26
Ron Paul wins online Iowa Straw Poll 12:37:05
Rick Santorum Should Be Ashamed of Himself 12:36:55
Help! How did the "Debate" look and sound on TV? 12:27:28
Rush Opens Bashing The Good Dr. Paul 12:25:23
Message board 12:24:38
Insurance Giants Will Use Taxpayers to Bailout Cost from UK Riots 12:07:11
Jan Helfeld - Ally of liberty who needs our help to make it to the mainstream 12:04:27
Drudge Report : Ron Paul Wins Online Straw Poll 12:02:15
2012 Iowa Caucuses : Ron Paul Spars with Other Candidates Over Foreign Policy 11:58:49
Shocker: Major bias revealed in number of questions to candidates in debate 11:58:10
MSNBC's dishonest graph 11:58:07
Ron Paul Wins Another Straw Poll 11:55:05
The Blackberry Riots 11:53:07
BREAKING NEWS : Fox News Reports... 11:51:52
Can we make it happen? 11:47:19
Ron Paul on Happening Now, 8/12/11 [Video Update] 11:47:15
Ron Paul spars with other candidates over foreign policy 11:41:44
Drudge listens! So does Zerohedge, we need to keep emailing them 11:23:42
11:20am est Fri; Ron on Fox News shortly 11:18:37
Ron Paul Wins Online Straw Poll 11:14:34
What Happened to Freedom - Letter to my local newspaper 11:06:29
Who Won the Iowa Debate..Vote for Ron Paul HERE! Please vote then bump so everyone knows where to vote 11:01:04
For Beck Lovers Never Forget....... Bashing Paul Today Again Video 11:00:18
Drudge: RP Spars with Other Candidates over Foreign Policy | Wins Iowa Online Staw Poll 10:59:01
Increasing Respect Shown 10:53:29
Ron Paul #3 on google trends (10am 8/12) 10:51:17
Foxnews & Frank Luntz for Laughs! - Iowa 2012 Debate Propaganda 10:49:31
Reporting Fox News to the FCC for Committing Election Fraud, Using Fraudulent Data, False Polling Reports to Sway Voter Opinion 10:49:20
Huffington Post even says that Paul will be ignored if wins in Ames 10:48:48
plz read 10:39:23
Ron Paul wins IOWA online straw poll 10:33:41
Problems of the debate. 10:22:59
Ron Paul needs our FERVOR! 10:18:54
fox just attacked time to fight back! 10:14:08
GOOGLE BOMB!!! Ron Paul is #3 (google ron paul!) 10:14:08
How can Ron Paul reach the masses??? 10:13:55
VOTE NOW-FOX fabricating Paul loss 10:09:14
Newt Killing Us In Fox's New Poll 09:44:06
Number of direct questions posed to each candidate at debate? 09:31:38
Ron Paul Wins 49 of 50 States: Iowa 2012 Presidential Debate Poll - Foxnews 09:27:07
People need to stop pushing these "family values" laws 09:15:19
Hurry up and vote, fox to show results this hour 09:14:14
New Fox Poll - Newt currently winning 09:12:48
The Failure of Keynesianism 08:55:23
Why I support Ron Paul - (An email I sent to friends and family) 08:54:58
Fiat Money and the British Riots 08:53:12
Ron Paul Ames High in Iowa (new article) 08:42:03
Ron Paul Slides into Top Tier, Wins Debate By Telling Iowans and America the Truth 08:37:11
How can we make this an issue 08:35:00
Pat Buchanan on Flash Mob Attacks 08:24:41
LOL Dick Morris: "Ron Paul is a total flake" 08:22:38
Glenn Beck Endorses Bachmann for President 08:16:02
Planet of Slums, Age of Riots 08:06:17
Feral Capitalism Hits the Streets 08:05:17
How America Turned Poverty into a Crime 08:01:27
French General: NATO Attack On Syria “Feasible” 07:50:03
Video evidence: Ron Paul winning Iowa online and national poll! But Fox doesn't even want to interview him! 07:09:21
Michele Bachmann Stumped By Submissive Wife Question (funny) 06:55:26
Fox news Iowa press talk - Ron Paul Strong To Win! 06:44:21
The next election of americas new king debate... was tonight and these Neocon (voters too) people want a dictator! 06:06:16
Romney and Huntsman have the same great great grandfather! 04:59:49
TheRightScoop: UPDATE: Newt Gingrich is winning this poll. The Paulbots put up a post... 04:58:25
Analogy for Keynsian vs Austrian economics 04:37:20
The r3VOlution 2.0 Begins! 03:41:39
Herman Cain's mystery poet revealed (absolutely hilarious) 03:03:39
Fox News Ignores and Pulls Post Debate Poll That Ron Paul Wins 02:43:41
Pledge to support the SUPER MONEYBOMB! 02:30:21
Ron Paul was right 02:28:28
"Fox News - Who won the presidential debate?" - Worth a 1,000 words 02:06:27
Rep. tells Chris Mathews To Not Underestimate Ron Paul 01:50:33
The Ron Paul Revolution: Neo Learns the Truth 01:43:02
Factchecking the Debate 8/11/11 01:37:19
Chris Wallace & the RomneyCare exchange on the Constitutionality 01:19:37
Does anyone know if Ron Paul received the 1.4 million he was hoping for? 01:17:40
Dont Tread On Me - 5 Stages of Awakening 01:12:03
Perry's Follies--The Real Rick Perry 01:07:31
Mp3 download for 8/11/2011 GOP debate 01:03:20
Old Fox Poll Down ,New Poll Up 01:00:15
US Postal Service To Cut 120,000 Jobs To Avoid Bankruptcy 00:58:16
The constitution already has a balanced budget amendment 00:54:21
The Debate: Ron Paul is a Hero 00:35:27
Ron Paul schooling Santorum after the debate! 00:32:37
Took down the polls on Fox News already 00:32:27
Iowans Rip Romney! 00:29:02
Fox Pulls Poll with Ron Winning 00:27:29
Fox news poll 00:23:48
Iowa debate. Ron Paul is the only person with a different stratedgy for the FED gov't. 00:14:29
Ron Paul Speaks in East Aurora: Presidential Candidate Visits Tea Party Rally at Legion Post 00:14:02
Right Scoop - Ames debate winner poll. Hit it! Newt Gingrich [WAS!] winning for some reason. 00:09:05
Why doesn't the Daily Paul have a Facebook fan page!? 00:08:10
Santorum: What justifies fed. gov. trumping the constitution? 00:00:45