Posted on August 14, 2011

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AP: Once A Fringe Candidate, Paul Shaping 2012 Race! 18:35:35
Red Alert! - We Need Ron Paul Delegates! 15:18:34
CNN And Politico: "We're going to ignore [Ron Paul]" 11:56:30
Ron and Rand Paul speak to Ames supporters 06:00:17
Tim Pawlenty QUITS Presidential Race 08:50:52
The 3 Truths that Will Elect Ron Paul President of the United States 05:40:47
Politico: Organization, evangelical appeal power Paul to 2nd 03:11:09
All Of Ron Paul's Questions & Answers at Iowa GOP Debate 8/11/11 06:24:17
Iowa Straw Poll: Ron Paul Statistical Tie for First 19:28:17
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Glenn Beck is no Ron Paul 23:56:42
Rick Perry Exposed! Great Article About Perry's corruption 23:45:49
Rick Perry Spambots on YT. 23:40:04
Colbert Super Pac- Rick Parry 23:36:09
Two new videos by Alex Jones on Ron Paul & Rieck Perry 23:12:22
Ron Paul Media Bomb 22:56:35
WE DO NOT need A majority- Just an unshakeable conviction 22:54:27
ThyBlackMan: Ron Paul is like your favorite uncle... 22:50:28
It's good to laugh every once in a while 22:47:53
Should Perry be Investigated for a Criminal Violation of the Logan Act? 22:47:14
Should The Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Team Consult with Vote Fraud Investigator Bev Harris? 22:38:47
2007: The Ron Paul Pandemic 22:34:34
RON Paul scores close second! 3 page article 22:21:15
Ron Paul's Finish gives campaign traction! 22:18:58
NEWS FLASH: Ron Paul Dog! 22:07:21
Ron Paul Dog Mascot = Brilliant 22:05:02
WSJ/Marketwatch Video Report on Ames Results 22:02:32
Old cheer of "Run, Ron, Run" must now become "Win, Ron, Win" The more MSM says RP cannot win the more we know he absolutely can! 22:02:10
SHOCKING TRUTH! Patrick J. Buchanan Robbed In Iowa, Louisiana and Arizona in 1992? 21:37:41
The Case for PA TX CA FL 21:28:31
An open letter to Rick Santorum 21:18:39
Don't like the media bias?? 21:15:24
Revisiting the Audit the Fed bill HR456 21:14:47
Rick Perry Hurt Little Girls! - and a Ron Paul endorsement 21:14:32
Apology From Matt Strawn, Chairman to Iowa GOP (Video) 21:12:13
Changing the Way the Media Report the News 21:08:07
Bikers for Ron Paul! 21:07:28
Media Blackout Equals FEAR From TPTB 21:06:10
What can I do? 21:01:14
Foxnews Replaces & Removes Two (2) Polls Showing Ron Paul As The Winner of Iowa Debate 20:58:12
If Ron Paul Campaign does not begin suing or publicly demand FOX CNN MSNBC retract their lies, RP does not deserve to win. 20:34:06
Most votes ever at the Iowa Straw Poll (RON PAUL 4th) 20:28:37
CBS analyzes Ames Straw Poll results 20:17:57
Will no one rid the GOP of this troublesome congressman? 20:16:07
Note to Ron Paul, re. "debates" 19:58:11
Where is this great grassroots Ron Paul organization? 19:54:06
Hitler Lives 19:53:52
218 votes not counted? Why? 19:50:52
After this discussion of Iran and Foreign Policy, Ron really needs those commercials with MILITARY VETERANS' ENDORSEMENTS 19:49:48
Ron Paul Should Not Attack Rick Perry, WE Should Do The Dirty Work 19:46:10
Read the last paragraph slowly 19:42:37
Bachmann for Prez!! 19:37:46
Conan the Libertarian 19:33:28
Email Candy @ CNN SOTU to refute "Paul does the worst, in the polls, when pitted against Obama" 19:25:31
Father of Lockerbie victim fears Megrahi 'could be targeted by Osama Bin Laden Navy Seals' 19:18:56
Now on Yahoo News: Once a fringe candidate, Paul shaping 2012 race 19:14:07
NEW POLITICO Story on Media BIAS against Ron Paul -- Great NEW story!! 19:01:32
SHILLS 18:55:26
Please Help our Meetup Group 18:45:41
Compare how Ames Poll winner is announced: 2007 vs 2011 18:44:38
#StopIgnoringRonPaul Twitter Bomb and/or Money Bomb 18:25:42
Ron Paul is the only Republican who can beat Obama 18:19:18
Max Blumenthal's latest interview. AWESOME 18:13:06
Electability Site Shows Ron Paul in 1st Place 17:55:28
Video: BBC News Covers Iowa Straw Poll 17:45:50
Total Money Spent by Candidates for Iowa Straw Poll 17:33:38
AP: Once a fringe candidate, Paul shaping 2012 race 17:22:18
After Ames it looks like we have a real chance of nominating Dr. Ron Paul: What needs to be done next? 16:59:26
The American Conservative: Ron Paul Gained the Most From Ames, Perry Is Already Overrated 16:56:32
Rick Perry: Enemy of National Sovereignty 16:54:13
Encourage 16:49:11
Groundwork Laid for Controlled Third Party 16:46:34
Bachmann vs. Paul debate 16:29:11
Ideas to start winning Christian Conservatives over to Ron Paul 16:23:00
CNN on Ron Paul "We are in the Business of Kicking Candidates out of the Race!" 16:18:01
Two minutes given to R.P. on ABC's This Week 16:16:13
Sales of gold up on eBay amid stock market turmoil 16:10:03
Gallup : Obama Job Approval Rating Sinks Blow 40% 15:56:38
Ahmadinejad on RT News: Europe & US need freedom most of all 15:56:14
Al Gore: I Endorse Rick Perry For President 15:53:49
Time to get our hands dirty 15:53:30
CNN admits to ignoring Ron Paul. Ron Paul has NO Chance? 15:51:36
Did you register Republican? 15:44:53
Bachmann: Foreigners Have No Rights 15:39:02
Ron Paul Revolution Radio (My Podcast) Episode 96 Obama Praises Muslims While Killing Them in Lybia 15:28:57
Michele Bachmann Really Glad To See George Bush 15:23:00
Ron Paul must go all out anti-war 23:16:36
God bless America? 14:57:04
Poll on the Iowa Straw Poll Results 14:47:14
Texas Unemployment Has Almost Doubled Since Perry Took Office! 14:46:34
Registering Delegates Please Help. 14:43:54
Debate Strategy I hope Ron Paul Puts Into Action 14:43:14
New campain slogan 14:40:02
Explaining the Dollar to the Working Man 14:32:18
How Long Do You Guess Until Michele Bachmann Drops Out? 14:31:49
I personally take responsibility for not working hard enough to get the 152 extra votes at Ames! 14:28:37
The Illusion Of Choice 14:00:40
What will our 2012 BLIMP be? (a Helicopter??) 13:59:54
Counterfeit Groups??? 13:52:03
Texans with info on Rick Perry 13:51:12
Girls going to LibertyFest in NYC Sept. 10th? 13:48:17
Eliminating the "Isolationism" label in 30 seconds 13:30:04
"The American Dream" : 14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be a Really, Really Bad President 13:28:12
REUTERS : Court Allows Torture Lawsuit Against Donald Rumsfeld 13:25:01
Thomas M Hoenig: Sec of Treasury for Paul Administration? 13:22:36
Ron Paul's near tie at Ames Straw Poll ignored by Sky News UK 13:21:42
Is it now just a 4 person race: Bachmann, Paul, Romney and Perry? Is there any other real possibility other than Palin? 13:21:36
Ron Paul Birthday Bomb.... August 20th... Are we still on??? 13:21:23
Meet The Press: Whadda Bunch of Knuckleheads 13:11:29
Chairman RNC Ames apologises to us 13:10:51
Illinois for Ron Paul Registering Republican Voters 13:10:19
Ron Paul and the foreign policy argument 12:54:43
Demise: It's the dollar, not S&P 12:53:23
Iowa straw poll 2007: Not only the winner, but ALL contenders were announced! In 2011 they purposely kept Ron Paul out! 12:51:38
Ron Paul's Republican Nomination Will Not Come with Help from Main Stream the Media 12:42:43
Jim Rogers backs Ron Paul for President 12:33:20
Candy Crowley just said.... 12:32:05
I need a Big Sign Donated HELP! 12:30:32
Anybody see Steve King's speech at the Straw? 12:22:07
How Ron Paul should Cover his isolationist stance 12:04:16
Rick Perry is The Bankers Answer To Ron Paul 11:59:13
The Iowa Straw Poll Mystery 11:56:24
OK... What's next? 11:40:11
My message to Dr. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council 11:38:34
Jake Tapper says Ron Paul wants Iran to have nuclear weapons! 11:30:37
It's DEEPER than our positive momentum; my Sunday perspective... 11:28:27
Allen West attacks Ron Paul 11:26:56
"Ron Paul is a Crazy Isolationist Loon!" 11:19:03
Ron Paul "Thank You Iowa" Campaign 10:57:24
Thomas Dilorenzo 10:52:08
Pawlenty leaving presidential race! 10:45:24
A big thank you to RUPERT MURDOCH for exposing Dr. Paul and his views to the mainstream and helping him in the straw poll! 10:44:30
As expected, Faux News disrespects Paul, and pumps Sanitarium 10:37:20
Fox Panel's Live Reaction to the Ames Straw Poll Results 10:32:22
Lets all do opposition research on Perry 10:27:43
Anybody have video??? 10:23:22
Why is Bachmann more Electable than Ron Paul 10:18:13
We Need OUR Obama Girl 10:05:00
I added a "Support Ron Paul Button" to my site 09:39:46
Rick Perry: Bush 2.0 09:34:39
Fox News-- CNN and the Aftermath of Ames Straw Poll 08:19:16
The Iowa Straw Poll Mystery 08:02:20
World Revolution Not Seen on TV, Rallies Around the World 07:39:38
Get this out there folks.....Perry is a PHONY and a FRAUD 07:31:42
Ron Paul Poll 07:22:34
Starting the process to become a Delegate for the RNC. 07:21:16
Assessment of the situation after Ames - what do we need to win the nomination? 06:53:11
Media coverage of Ron Paul's strong finish in Ames 06:00:25
Any of you in arranged marriages? 05:07:19
We owe so much to this one man... 04:53:51
Now, more then ever, we need a Ron Paul Infomercial - Our 2012 version of the Blimp 04:52:18
Two Free Downloads for your local Ron Paul Activism Events 04:22:55
My Take On The Straw Poll? 04:06:24
"Put Up The Darn Ticker" bomb 03:07:27
Get Paid to Hand Out Ron Paul Card? 03:01:00
Wild Idea 02:46:43
In 2008 they did not listen......In 2012 the game has changed. We can do this! 02:46:27
The Revolution with a Groove 02:32:21
Portrait of the The Forgotten Man aka We the People 01:49:46
The Republican primary IS the general election. 01:41:03
Only Anti-War Candidate in 2012 election! (Video) 01:28:29
Jack Hunter: Ron Paul Wins 01:24:37
Vote! Houston Chronicle online poll going on! 01:19:52
Ron Paul's Historic Numbers - 4th Highest in Iowa Straw Poll History 01:12:12
Ron Paul Chant Disrupts Fox News: Ames Straw Poll 01:09:46
Rick Perry: Enemy of National Sovereignty 00:49:05
Iran and nukes 00:33:28
Meanwhile, Vacant seats on the Federal Reserve's powerful seven-member board 00:27:04
Your Freedom is not Contained in the Law 00:22:52
Check out this headline--politico 00:14:43