Posted on August 2, 2011

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BBC News Keynes v Hayek interesting 22:38:15
Rand Paul on AC360 talking about the vote on the Debt Plan - August 2, 2011 21:54:10
Ron Paul in Davenport, Iowa (Videos) 23:24:50
Huff Po: "America's Not Faring Well on Welfare" - in support of a Paul-ian position 19:18:55
Low Hanging Fruit for Ron Paul Ames, IA Straw Poll Right Now: 18:13:35
Ron Paul Receives Warm Welcome in Iowa City, Asks Crowd for Help at Straw Poll 14:37:23
Ron Paul Super PAC Aims at Iowa Straw Poll 14:06:56
Ron Paul & Judge Nap on the 'Super Congress' 12:22:26
Timeline of Government Growth 04:58:47
Why a Debt Default Would Be Wonderful 23:15:25
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Ron Paul: Crazy old man, or analytical clairvoyant? 23:44:36
even toddlers like ron paul 23:28:13
Glen Beck .... Rand Paul interview today 23:01:49
Aug. 2 in world history 22:49:11
Why doesn't the campaign use these statistics? 22:40:56
Poll only includes 'top' candidates, excludes Ron Paul 22:16:20
Delegate Tally/Iowa Straw Poll Tally! Please help by participating!! 22:05:00
Dirty bomb attack on north america 22:00:50
Raising Money for Ames Tickets on 21:54:01
Get Rand on the Daily Show 21:49:35
Backlash Blues (Blowback) by Nina Simone 21:49:08
Got my letter in the mail today 21:33:24
Drawing up a Ron Paul chain email to send to (mostly older) family members... Please read and offer suggestions! 21:30:12
You're going to pay -anti government spending rock video 21:12:02
this is one of the best sites for real info on fukushima and the implications on us all 21:10:20
The DOW is really under 3000 20:59:08
Should a MB ticker be put up for the PUBLIC to view? I ask you? 20:35:27
Huh? Obama's father served in WWII? What BS!!! 20:31:49
The Ron Paul horse race and theory of good cop vs. bad cop! 20:21:29
For Those Of You Who Are Holding Off On Donating Until Ron Paul Starts Attacking His Opponents Record.....Please Read..... 19:51:57
Anders Breivik - Is he really who they say he is? 19:32:35
Paul: Fourth or fifth in Iowa straw poll would be sad 19:14:11
Pressuring Garrison by Squeezing Paul 18:44:53
Obama Approval Drops to only 40% says new gallup poll! 18:32:10
Super Congress: The Final Nail In The Coffin Of Representative Democracy And Freedom As We Know It 18:21:20
ACORN Group, NAACP Push "Motor Voter" in La. as Obama DOJ Files New Charges 17:48:46
Skeletor and the Spanish Conquistador become Romney advisors 17:22:52
Ron Paul Speaks in Buffalo, NY -- THIS Friday -- at our Ron Paul Retro Rock and Rally Party 17:18:12
"It's About the Debt Stupid" 17:01:22
US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive 17:01:13
"EACH of us has a ROLE to play..." -Tom Woods Speech 16:51:03
Any reduction in America's credit rating will affect every person on the planet 16:48:59
Huff Po: "America's Not Faring Well on Welfare" - in support of a Paul-ian position 16:41:37
Mark Zuckerberg (facebook founder) attended the Bilderberg conference. 16:38:07
Ron Paul, NRA say they're not behind anti-library calls 16:32:02
This Song Should Play 24/7 on CNN 16:20:19
UPDATED: IT'S OFFICIAL- Ron Does Need 1.4Million MONEYBOMBING TIME! 16:16:45
Afghan Tractors 15:26:13
The Truth About War 15:06:56
DOW Has Reaction to Satan Sandwich 11,866.62 -265.87 (-2.19%) 8/2/11 Major Reaction Today 11,693.53 -202.91 (-1.71%) 14:43:39
Rand Paul takes on Romney in N.H. mailer 14:31:29
Ron Paul Wins Town Hall Poll Two Months In A Row!!!!! 14:13:06
Obama: We’ll All Share Cost of Birth Control 13:39:12
Our Biggest Budget Issue: Payments to Individuals 13:32:06
Excellent New Video-Ron Paul VS Barack Obama 2012 13:21:31
Ron Paul denounces debt deal in Iowa City (Today) 13:20:27
Help Wanted 13:15:47
"Super Committee or Politburo" 13:03:28
Satan Sandwich Passes Senate 74-26 13:01:56
Michael Savage Quotes Ron Paul 08/01/2011 12:50:04
Wanted: "Reality-based" GOP Candidates 12:36:06
Debt Ceiling Bill - Did they read the bill? Where can I find the bill? 12:24:29
Chuck Baldwin on Alex Jones Today 12:03:48
The "Super Congress" is pure hype. AND IT'S WORKING! 11:44:33
SA@TAC - Extreme Tea? 11:44:19
Pat Buchanan credits Ron Paul 11:22:30
Debt Ceiling Crisis Averted. Debt Crisis Remains. 11:21:02
Oak Hill Fl. Eliminates Police Dept. 11:01:16
Washington Could Learn A Lot From A Drug Addict 11:00:45
BREAKING NEWS---Rand won't fillibuster...but MIKE LEE will !!!! 10:28:37
Filibuster Tea party. 08:41:02
Thomas Sowell: White Liberals Lay Waste to Black Wealth 08:02:29
VIDEO: 1 + 1 = RON PAUL 07:53:40
TNA cover story on Obama's Broken Promises on the Constitution 07:46:28
Time For Candidate Comparison Charts 07:30:47
Majority of Colonial Americans supported American Revolution (correct history lesson) 05:40:37
Blast a politician? It could mean jail Obama judge's ruling says defamation claim lurks for those criticizing ballot candidates 05:31:04
When you hear people say we need more taxes! 03:47:54
DP loading and running really slow. Some features not working. 03:38:06
Ron Paul 2012 Site having issues 00:58:16
I heard the guy at Subway today after he made a sandwich say, he hated the first day of the month because of all the people... 00:17:02
I am a Human Being 09:12:42
Rand Paul has no excuse if he doesn't filibuster Debt Ceiling bills 00:04:12