Posted on August 20, 2011

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Ron Paul's Speech at the Florida Liberty Summit: Oddballs have been in control of this country for way too long - 08/19/2011 18:04:51
RP challenges Status Quo to Bike Race in Houston Heat!! 11:03:29
McLaughlin Group Video: Is Ron Paul's Revolution Now At Hand? 12:00:14
Ron Paul: The Most Important Thing 00:08:26
Chicago Tribune: Why the media likely ignores presidential hopeful Ron Paul 06:17:01
3rd Annual Florida Liberty Summit Featuring Ron Paul Aug. 19-21! 00:04:08
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The Non-Aggression Principle 23:59:00
♖All the Kings Horses v Golden Humpty Dumpty ♖ 23:37:27
Adam Kokesh announces a Veterans for Ron Paul Logo Contest 22:40:52
Breaking News: RonPaul2012 under cyber attack! 22:39:38
CSPAN Ron Paul On Now! 22:25:45 has crashed? too many donations? 22:17:55
is something fishy going on with the donate to RP money bomb? 22:17:37
Vietnam Vet says he's free after being patted down entering the Statue of Liberty 22:08:43
Is this a newer video, or am I just behind the curve? 22:06:03
2011 Florida Liberty Summit 22:01:44
Rick Perry: Polyester Ron Paul, amateur Dick Cheney 21:48:03
An Idea For EVERY Bachmann Rally 21:39:03
Ron Paul supporters blast back with over $1 million and counting 21:20:32
Obama accuses Congress of holding back U.S. recovery 21:19:55
Debate Money Bomb Game! 21:06:34
Scientists Are Asking Obama to Block the Proposed Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline 21:00:14
Ron Paul Imitators Take Center Stage 20:57:00
A New Ron Paul Video I just put up. 20:48:56
Mitt Romney's Infamous Whisper at 2008 Debate- "Raise Taxes"- See if you can hear it. 20:40:32
Ron Paul will be on the Daily Show September 26, 2011 20:32:42
FoxNews-Front Page Politics Video- " Iowa Straw Poll Runner-up Ron Paul Continues Campaign" 20:31:36
Happy Birthday, Ron Paul! 20:19:42
Happy Birthday, Ron Paul! 20:19:37
I've been a DP member for 3 years, 28 weeks 20:17:11
Music vid featuring Obama, Frank, Pelosi, Romney, et al. 19:45:55
Get Ron Paul on "60 Minutes" MediaBomb! 19:32:35
Ron Paul’s first term, four year plan. Does Ron have one? 19:17:40
Textbook Example Of How To Be Used By The Media Against Ron Paul's Campaign 19:13:28
10 Reasons why not to vote for Ron Paul article needs to be countered. 19:07:42
People soon to be on loan at B.C. library 19:00:35
Ron Paul - in Laymans' terms - 18:52:41
The Pentagon's Fake Jihadists 18:28:54
Send this clip to every Neocon you know 18:21:41
Ron Paul : "They're Setting The Stage For Violence In This Country." (Video) 18:16:30
My Rick Perry videos from today in Gaffney, SC 20 Aug 11 18:14:46
Stop the Ron Paul Disclaimer!! 18:13:26
Michelle Blockhead bought her Iowa votes Powered By YouTube 18:10:10
Article from HNN "The Ron Paul Generation" about Ron Paul's win at New Hampshire yr Straw Poll 18:03:50
Seven ways Rick Perry wants to change the Constitution 17:58:07
PERRY, Early Attempt at Damage Control: "Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry" 17:50:34
Secret Service Protection for Ron Paul 17:40:57
Jane Hamsher, firedoglake editor, just arrested at White House 17:39:06
Dr Paul wins NH straw poll with 45%! 17:37:17
Ron Paul wins NH Young Republicans Straw pol! 16:57:11
1st Annual Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty Triathlon Fund Raiser 16:53:09
Promoting Ron on Chicago Radio 16:41:17
Everyone should tell Drudge that Ron Paul has raised over $1.5 million on his B-day! 16:21:26
Smart Video Activism for Ron Paul 16:01:41
NPR: For Supporters, Ron Paul's Message Strikes A Chord - Aug 19 2011 15:44:49
Get Word Out On Perry, He would be a Presidential Disaster. 15:41:55
Globalists Plan To Stay In Afghanistan Forever 15:19:32
What does our presidient read on his Vacation? 14:59:57
Song Suggestion for a Ron Paul Anti-war Video 14:56:13
Secret Service Agent Busted For DUI While Touring With President Obama Last Week In Iowa! 14:35:42
Anti Obama signs on I-5 near Chehalis, WA 14:13:24
Another preemptive military war is being suggested! 14:12:26
Video: When Banks Aren't Safe & Governments are Bankrupt. 13:49:16
Facebook fails fake candidates 13:39:07
Let's Buy Fox News 13:22:33
Challenge: Are You a Good Videographer? 13:16:50
Ron Paul B-Day Money Bomb Predicitons - Could Reach $2M with Everyone's Help 12:58:33
The New Swiss Gold Franc 12:40:02
Ron Paul, the Economic Jedi 12:35:21
When someone says this, how do you respond? 12:27:06
Paul is losing in this poll! 12:24:01
Happy Birthday Dr. Paul 12:22:42
Ron's Birthday song. 12:06:35
Fox News vs Amsterdam 12:06:31
Ron Paul Interview on WKXL with Chris Ryan - August 19, 2011 11:54:00
US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024 11:51:19
I Was On Free Talk Live Radio Show - Talking Up The MoneyBomb! 11:23:30
Michelle Bachmann lies about her past, falsely claimed to be Dr. Bachmann and more 11:08:44
US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024 10:52:22
Is Ron Paul a Voluntaryist? 09:55:12
Barron's Attacks Ron Paul as the "Candidate of Doom and Gloom" 09:42:43
Happy Birthday Dr. Paul 09:36:59
Ron Paul statement of faith . Great news . new convert . 09:16:32
How embarrassing, Rick Perry Tries to Get Out of Ticket - Texas State Trooper Dashcam 08:40:29
Cleveland::It's official, citizens allowed to tape Police until their hearts content! 08:31:29
Jack Hunter on Freedom Watch: "Dept Of Homeland Security Attempt To Induce A Permanent State Of Fear & Paranoia!" 07:24:22
Voter registry for primary election. 06:59:51
NH Video Essay 06:30:40
VIDEO: Ron Paul 2012: Why the media ignores Ron Paul 05:14:38
Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann 03:30:26
Chavez calls back Venezuelan Gold 03:15:17
"Crazy" United Nations report warns of dollar collapse 02:51:07
Video: NH business Coalition 8/19/2011 02:50:54
Video: Ron Paul Concord, New Hampshire Associated Press 8/19/2011 02:48:39
Fox News Ron Paul Like button needs more help. 01:56:48
There is more Ron Paul Support! 01:27:18
Texas jobless rate highest since 1987 01:23:44
We Rule the Internet Right? 00:47:09
Here's a birthday present for Ron - my promised article and our endorsement 00:45:18
It's Clear Why Software Patents Need to Disappear 00:22:51
Iraq: To 2012. and BEYOND 00:14:11
Anti-Obama rhetoric 00:12:39
Chavez wants his stuff back 00:06:06
EEC - 1942 00:02:17