Posted on August 21, 2011

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LA Times - Top of The Ticket: "Ron Paul Money Bomb Nets Over 1.6 Million In One Day" 23:43:46
Drudge & Bloomberg: Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion in Fed’s Secret Loans 19:31:59
Liz Trotta & Fox News Give A Fair Critique Of Ron Paul Media Coverage 16:26:27
Guess who's on the Sunday news shows today!!? 01:08:51
Walter Jones cites media ‘arrogance’ for lack of coverage of Ron Paul 16:40:33
Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! From all your friends at the Daily Paul. 08:48:55
Ron Paul Wins New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll 18:04:24
Ron Paul Free - My New Song for Ron Paul 00:48:25
Concord Monitor (NH) Declares: Ron Paul Galore! Includes 1hr Video Interview 00:44:37
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Funny Libertarian Stories Needed 23:53:05
Question about how this site works 23:45:13
Precincts 4 Paul Organize Collaborate Locally Help Elect Delegates in your Precinct, District, County, and State to Nominate RP! 23:35:25
Becoming a delegate 23:30:25
Air Force`Raids Gun Shop - In Vegas? 23:10:30
Musical Birthday Gift for Dr. Paul & Supporters 23:05:43
Focusing on the difference between a Republic and a Democracy. 22:26:33
Poll: Would you vote to make Ron Paul President? 22:21:31
NPR confirms: reporters hold Ron Paul in contempt, therefore refuse to report 22:14:52
Locked Up Abroad—for the FBI 22:11:41
The Mainstream Media Mountain Is A Mirage - The Oldstream Media Is Nothing But A Ron Paul Road Bump 22:08:13
MoneyBombs 22:02:32
Chickens and the Gulag made for a really good day. 22:00:58
GOP rivals say Obama faltered on Assad 21:41:38
This Video Will Scare The Hell Out of "Mainstream American," Voters - Rick Perry's TX Prayer Event 21:32:36
Superbowl Commercial 21:20:36
Will “Libyian rebels victory” validate UN / Super Congress oligarchy's as supreme? 21:19:07
MSNBC - Ron Paul Finishes Second at Ames, Gets Ignored - Why? 21:04:43
Cyber Attack Doesn’t Stop Ron Paul Money Bomb from Raising $1.7 Million 21:00:30
Colombia Spent U.S. Anti-Drug Aid on Hiding Government Ties to Drug Rings 20:17:27
Ron Paul's Platform Too Complex For Media - Gawker 20:14:03
WAPO is afraid. Very afraid. 20:13:33
Undeclared War against Syria 20:05:52
$1.75 Million REACHED! With a twist. 20:04:55
Contact Bomb Continues for "Celebrities for Ron Paul"! (Formerly known as The Revolution Super Concert) 19:48:42
Ron Paul: Florida Liberty Summit Speech CSPAN (full speech) 8/20/2011 19:44:42
Fox News : "Congressman Paul Continues To Pop Up In All These Polls" 19:33:04
Ron Paul Getting a $1 Million Birthday Present by Chad Peace 19:23:45
You know, this is war! 19:22:11
Iranium--Hannity Special on Nuclear Iran 19:18:39
Puppet change imminent in Libya 19:14:17
Syria mobilizing troops for conflict with U.S., NATO 19:02:22
Israeli Stock Market Tanking Again 18:49:04
The U.S. Air Force led a rare raid against a Las Vegas gun shop Friday afternoon. 18:44:57
End the Fed --Bring Back Gold by Ellis Washington 18:41:28
Obama Elementary School 18:15:04
Breaking: Libya falling. May be scorched Earth Disaster. Live feed. 18:10:24
Stratfor disputes OBL killing in Abbottabad 17:54:27
CNN's Evil Poll of 8/11 17:39:08
Central Bankers annual meeting in Jackson Hole 17:37:06
Should Dr. Paul pull a "Cato the Elder?" If so what should be the phrase? 17:36:59
Obama and Status Quo GOP Candidates Support Al Qaeda, Only Ron Paul Would End this Madness! 17:29:42
QE3 is being primed 17:22:39
Houston Chron. - Ron Paul: The other Texan running for president; RP Poll 17:14:48
Social Security disability on verge of insolvency 16:43:29
Libya fake Twitter ID explosion part of 'cyber war for democracy'? 16:41:21
Fox Defends Dominionism 16:40:41
2 Million. 16:33:46
The United States is a Corporation, not a country 16:28:50
Today On The Alex Jones Show : Ron Paul In This Sunday Edition 2pm CT 16:03:11
Investigation of new IMF Chief 15:52:52
Kos Poll: Who is the favorite to win the Republican nomination? 15:28:58
Ron Paul Excluded From US News Straw Poll – Hilarity Ensues 15:24:14
Lemonade Liberation Gone Bad 15:12:15
Constitution Day Moneybomb, Sep 17th 15:10:26
BBC finally admits role in 1953 Iranian coup 15:08:51
Help Needed! Ron Paul Campaigning App for door to door 15:08:10
Interesting Napalitano on now: Gary Johnson debates Rangel, and that horrible lady from Reason. 15:02:33
Keep Money Bomb until midnight and raise well over $2 million plus! 14:54:06
Its Perry, Romney and Bachman in New Hampshire according to Reuters. 14:52:33
Will the iPhone 5 be some sort of revolutionary device that will change human behavior faster than the election of Ron Paul? 14:45:58
Max Keiser : "Gold Is Not Just A Hedge Against Inflation Its Substitute Currency." 14:41:06
Architects and Engineers Challenge Official Story of WTC-7 Collapse 14:37:43
BBC Admits Role In 1953 Iranian Coup 14:32:28
Conservation And Property Rights (by Murray N. Rothbard) 14:30:36
2012 Presidential Campaign Finance From the FEC 14:28:39
It's simple: If Ron Paul wins the gop nomination, he becomes potus because he's the most electable. Now how do we win it? 14:15:13
Ron Paul-The Most Elected Candidate in the Race 14:09:02
Walter Jones sticks up for Ron Paul! 14:08:57
Electability Site Improvement: Polls and Prediction Markets 14:00:42
Keeping Land in the Family & away from the Legal Vultures, Anyone got ideas? 14:00:17
If someone questions "who" started the Tea Party movement, link them here. 13:49:51
Juan Williams on Mainstream Media Bias, the Entitlement Culture and American Foreign Policy 13:40:48
Take the Tea Party back December 16th 13:34:18
New Ron Paul song by the band "Rothbard" 13:30:48
The GOP wants to Raise your Payroll Tax on Jan 1, 2012; Obama does Not 13:26:35
Regarding the Cyber Attack 13:12:29
The Age of Paine 13:09:51
Dr. Paul 21st Century Thomas Paine 12:56:36
Of Liberty of Conscience in a Democratic Society 12:41:30
CNN Analyst- 'We (the Media) Built Ron Paul Up Back In 2008'. Conversation about 'Ron Paul Media Blackout'. 12:41:26
What If? 12:15:37
Iphone App for door-to-door campaigning needs volunteers 12:02:34
10:51CST turn on fox right now 11:52:39
One of the best Ron Paul videos 11:49:31
The Last Of The Two Party States 11:41:24
Ron Paul on Reliable Sources 11:30:59
New GOP Poll @ Texas on the Potomac ( 11:29:04
Walter Jones cites media 'arrogance' for lack of coverage of Ron Paul campaign 11:01:40
need answers for this article 10:54:58
The CFR and their Pernicious Influence 10:53:48
You wanted real dirt on Rick Perry? Here is just a small taste. Rick Perry grants tax breaks contracts and appointees to donors 10:51:36
Lemonade Freedom Day - viva la lemonista'S 10:38:49
Tivo thumbs up/thumbs down for news programs 10:36:50
What Are They Afraid Of? 10:32:04
Vintage RP 10:25:18
Why isn’t the campaign video recording all of Ron Paul’s public speeches and Q&A sessions? 09:58:18
John Huntsman Plays Ball w/ Establishment 09:24:44
Freedom Song 09:23:39
Developing Respect for the Office of the President of the United States 09:04:21
Help! Petition for Congressman from CA to Endorse Paul 08:58:34
Busted 08:38:33
US News & World Report Poll 08:33:00
The Ron Paul Generation 07:46:41
Happy Birthday Ron Paul 05:17:12
Anyone with info on Robert Manard and the Think Free Movement? 04:06:08
Those two American "hikers" were sentenced to 8 years in Iranian prison today. 03:49:49
Rally for the Republic: the Sequel 09:40:47
Reward: $100 for contact with Aravoth! 03:25:52
In His Own Words The death penalty? 'I think it's uncivilized' 03:22:09
We are DOOMED! Check this out 03:19:08
Open Secrets about donors from 2008 03:02:13
Something to think about 02:23:50
Cyber Attack Tries To Slow Liberty Train - Campaign extends MB for 15 Hours - Let's donate $1 more for each hour extended! 01:54:52
Poll: Which candidate is the Republican front-runner? 01:38:18
The Absurdity of It All: Ron Paul lends enhanced meaning to "fringe" candidate 01:36:04
Is Ron Paul a Freemason? 01:28:03
The Stamp Act "I approve your message" 01:12:56
I am grateful for TX Congressional District 14 00:49:50
The campaign should contact the F.B.I. 00:27:29
Ron Paul’s birthday ‘moneybomb’ raises $1.5 million 00:22:15
1.5 Million and counting! 00:22:06
Vote for Dr Paul vote yes! 00:15:15
MSM Snubs Paul Again! Santorum and Huntsman Get Sunday Shows. Ron Paul None. 00:10:30 Cyber Attack Hacked! Moneybomb Extended Through Noon (Pacific) Sunday! 00:05:48