Posted on August 25, 2011

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The Sidewalk to Serfdom - Austrian Economics is now considered "cool" 15:45:22
WSJ on Ron Paul's popularity among European economists 14:20:51
Time Magazine: Ron Paul "The Prophet" 17:42:56
Ron Paul on Fox Business 8/25/11 16:57:43
The Atlantic: Rasmussen Has Ron Paul Leading GOP Pack Against Obama 13:24:24
Ron Paul interview on the Don & Roma Show (WLS Chicago) ~8/25/11 12:01:04
Ron Paul soars to 10-point lead over Obama among fastest growing voter segments 10:44:47
Paul Supporters: Let's create positive relations with the media, instead of complaining if he is ignored 08:30:02
'We the People' Ron Paul Video 09:32:32
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New Poll: Looks like the Republicans better nominate Ron Paul 23:58:00
Ahmadinejad: Iran is determined to eradicate Israel 23:57:36
Al Sharpton "Ron Paul is more of a Prophet than a Power Broker" 23:50:52
Drudge: Ron Paul warns of street mobs 23:42:29
My Crazy Letter to Grandma Idea 23:40:21
Infowars - Special Report: Ron Paul w/Alex Jones & Lew Rockwell; 8/25/11 23:25:52
Graph of Daily Paul members? 23:18:38
UN Treaty Banning Privately Owned Firearms - NOW! 23:15:00
Intense footage of guy chasing tornado 23:05:10
Thank you, Dr. Paul, for the wake up call! 22:25:19
"Seemingly alone in the woods is Ron Paul" 21:58:25
Any babies delivered by Dr Paul that support him? 21:53:19
Ron Paul interview on the Paul Westcott Show (WGIR - Manchester, New Hampshire) ~8/25/11 21:53:17
Do Conservatives Hate Their Own Founder? 21:30:31
Child Constitutionists 21:30:19
Bud Kennedy: Perry, Paul compete for Tea Party vote 21:12:19
Why not respond, "and how have those 'electable' candidates worked out so far?" 20:56:17
Supporter Fear of Ron Paul's Victory & His Being Scapegoated 20:31:22
Money Masters 19:49:47
America is not a Democracy It is a Constitutional Republic 19:26:57
Perry leading nationally, Romney second, Paul third 19:16:56
Politico: Ron Paul scores success in media assault 19:16:14
Tony Perkins: Evangelicals Can Accept any of GOP Frontrunners--Including Ron Paul 19:15:46
How to Approach Military & Police: Ron Paul is the Champion of Our Constitution 19:09:41
Let's not become divided 18:40:21
Rick Perry wants the government to profit from your death. 17:50:03
Epic Video- Ron Paul 2012: The Dark Knight 17:37:48
Marine offended by my support for Paul 17:15:32
Gold Standard with a Groove! 17:05:45
Ron Paul scores success in media assault 16:53:05
Ron Paul could end this.sad 16:52:47
Official Aug. 25 Gibson Guitar Press Release 16:51:17
Patrick Wood & Martin Erdmann PhD on Technocracy’s Endgame: The Global Smart Grid 16:49:35
VIDEO - Jerry Doyle Takes Apart Byron York's Hit Piece on Ron Paul Being Too Old 16:47:07
Where are the best places to swing independent voters to our side? 16:28:31
Ron Paul Song Sung to the Tune of Yankee Doodle 16:25:28
WLS Radio Chicago 16:23:19
Ron Paul Song Sung to the Tune of Dixieland 16:23:04
Focusing Ron Paul's Message on Solutions 16:14:47
"I Support Ron Paul" Youtube Videos 16:14:33
Mark Davis goes nuts on Paul Supporter 16:04:10
Ron Paul Warns of Riots in the Streets 15:53:38 rigs polling archive! 15:46:26
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Predictive Programming? 15:44:54
Ron Pau the subject of debate on local radio program 15:30:38
TIME: Ron Paul, The Prophet 15:29:34
Get 'em, guys! 15:28:52
Democrat says "America NEEDS Crazy" 15:28:12
FDA Wages War on Raw Milk Farmers Using KGB Style Spying And Infiltration Techniques 15:18:46
Ron Paul could gain more supporters by K.I.S.S.- Keeping It Super Simple 15:11:13
Delete please 15:08:45
Why does this website take so long to load? 15:06:12
Volunteers are needed for RP Delegate Training 15:01:45
VOTE NOW Online Poll - Is Ron Paul Too Old To Run For President? 14:58:45
Ant and the Grasshopper (2 versions) 14:56:58
The Donkey Whisperer: Too funny! 14:55:03
Hello to my fellow "Nuts On Parade." 14:49:41
Deradicalization of the Koolaid Kult Kook Kandidate and his Paultard Spammers! 14:48:02
Meet Cliff Kincaid, The Guy Who Shutdown Adam vs. The Man 14:35:17
Fire in the Hole!: O’Reilly says Ron Paul won’t come on his show 14:31:20
Starbucks CEO says 100+ businesses to withhold campaign donations 14:25:42
Why the Fed – and the feds – bailed out the banks 14:25:18
Grandfather and Modern Day Forefather 14:03:49
Ron Paul Discussion on KPCC's Air Talk 13:54:04
The Atlantic: Followup article - Worst that can happen with Prez Ron Paul. 13:51:14
New Ron Paul Meetup Group Formed in Berkshire County MA 13:50:57
Ron Paul on Drudge Report NOW 13:43:57
Idea for Ron Paul Commercial about the Fed 13:21:55
Rick Perry Sought State Profits From Teacher Life Insurance Scheme 13:17:58
Slimy is as slimy does 13:11:00
Harry Browne: The president's first day in office 13:02:03 showing wrong number for Ron Paul for latest Gallup Poll 13:00:39
Operation Mail New Hampshire is up and running! 12:49:39
operation mail NEW hampshire! Mail these awesome postcards to New hampshire voters! 12:45:49
The taxpayer, for whom ignorance is no excuse, has a fundamental right to free and timely access of the laws he must follow 12:39:46
DC Earthquake Devastation 12:30:33
Obama Administration May Back 4% Mortgages for Milliions 12:28:15
The London Telegraph : Libya is The New Afghanistan 12:19:40
Need a review of my explanation of the economy 12:16:59
WikiLeaks : Homeland Security Invokes Patriot Act on Assange, Seeks Server Data 12:12:59
Who Is John Galt? 12:02:56
Real Clear Politics - Ron Paul : "Mobs In Europe, A Sign Of Things To Come." 12:02:49
TIME: The Prophet 12:00:12
Matt Taibbi: Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal 11:48:31
MSM upgrades RP's status to "Heavyweght Spoiler" 11:48:29
Ron Paul: Current Policy Encourages Iran Nukes 11:41:19
Go FORTH and multiply!! 11:24:59
Huffington Post Links to Daily Paul Post (Fantastic!) 11:24:00
IDEA! Please View :) 11:15:07
Comedy about government spending 11:03:50
HuffPo - Bill O'Reilly: "Ron Paul is scared of me" 11:01:21
How did we get here? (Social Safety Net) 10:57:22
Business Insider: Ron Paul Investing Genius 10:43:37
Someone Always Rises 10:41:17
The New Libya looking more and more like a Disaster 10:34:15
good perspective on Jesse Benton 10:27:01
Prepare for Heckling 10:18:46
Ron Paul needs to write a book on kindness 10:03:09
The r3VOlution transcends. 10:02:41
10 Things Citizen Spies Should Report to DHS 09:50:03
He Can't Win : Forget It! 09:28:38
Ron Paul: The Dollar - Video Narrated By Tom Woods! 09:11:19
Proof That We Will Never Get Rid Of Poverty 08:37:41
Ron Paul is going to be on WLS radio 08:18:39
Ron Paul vs. CNN The Worldwide Leader In News 08:10:03
White-Hot GOP Race Down To Two Mentally Ill People, Person Who Lost Nomination Last Time 08:05:53
Austrian Economics: Why It Matters (Video) 08:03:53
Gibson Guitars HQ Raided by the Feds. So much for manufacturing anything nice. Or anything at all. 08:03:52
The Street Op Piece: Ron Paul as Treasury Secretary 07:57:49
What gives with "Freedom Watch" and Judge Napolitano? 07:27:24
TIME: Ron Paul Can’t Get Any Respect 07:19:15
Dick Morris says Ron Paul can't handle tough questions 05:02:26
Vote in this O'Reilly Factor Poll! 04:51:15
As his numbers continue to improve, Ron Paul presents challenge to Obama, other GOP candidates 04:34:51
Video: Dr. Paul Endorsement ~ "It's NOT a Race Thing, It's a Liberty Thing" 03:21:47
Ron Paul Song Sung to the Tune of Dixieland 03:05:59
Catchy phrase for Ron Paul 2012 03:02:22
Ron Paul Song Sung to the Tune of Yankee Doodle 02:55:01
New gallop poll shows Dr. Paul in 3rd just 4 points behind Romney! 02:52:17
Obama Campaign posting Craigslist add paying well above average for 'volunteers' to cold call potential voters 02:46:06
Gatewood Galbraith: Running for KY Governor Against A "Culture of Corruption" 02:42:47
Revolution PAC Super Products! 02:24:10
Afghanistan - 1.3 billion US aid for power system 02:22:25
Neo-con "conservative" Byron York "The perplexing and somewhat frightening Ron Paul " 01:37:27
Best Comment Ever 01:29:40
Red Eye Panel On Ron Paul’s High Poll Numbers: ‘Polls Suck’ 00:58:31
The way to come together 00:30:05
New P.P.P. Poll -4 way tie in IOWA! :) 00:26:32's Alex Pareene distorting Ron Paul's stance on the issues 00:21:16
Major East Texas Newspaper Presidential Poll 00:04:35
Justin Amash is being targeted by anti-liberty activists on all fronts. Let's show him some support! 00:02:54