Posted on August 26, 2011

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Yes, Ron Paul Is "Top Tier" 19:59:08
Great Idea Video: Ron Paul T-Shirt Day (Every Monday!) 20:39:33
Video: CEO Responds to Raid on Gibson Guitars in Nashville 17:57:55
The Hill: Ron Paul should take Rick Perry to the woodshed 19:54:06
Daily Paul Hurricane Irene Backup Location: 11:52:14
Al Sharpton (and Others) Discuss the “Prophet” Ron Paul on MSNBC 11:14:28
Tom Woods smashes American Spectator hit piece 04:11:08
Wow, Ron Paul's message crosses language and cultural boundaries 08:36:09
Tonight is Very Special! Thank You Daily Paul! 07:00:38
Bill O'Reilly Slams Ron Paul; Cenk Responds 09:44:22
Rock The R3VOLUTION Tour! - October 11th Update! 05:49:44
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MA State Patrol Shut Down 12 Year Old's Green Tea Stand 23:56:49
"We the People" Video, amazing, must go viral. 23:52:50
Great "Why I Support Ron Paul" Essay 23:48:36
"Jericho": A Show EVERY Ron Paul Supporter Needs to Watch 23:43:10
Court says state law used to ban recording of police officers in public is unconstitutional 23:32:40
Ron Paul Followers Hold The Balance Of Power 23:29:35
Lew Rockwell And Alex Jones Discuss Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign 23:26:03
'We The People' Part 2: Why are people afraid of Ron Paul? 23:16:21
Debate in Simi Valley 22:51:08
Ron Paul Charlie Rose show 22:47:26
Oak Hill liquidates local police force 22:46:45
How about we contact Gibson guitars and get a preorder ready for some Ron Paul painted guitars? 22:46:38
If we don't reverse the current trend in food prices, we've got until August 2013 before social unrest sweeps the planet 22:32:31
Questions 22:27:15
Is Ron Paul most like Martin Luther King Jr.? 22:25:25
Inside Addition : Bill O'Reilly Goes Berserk 22:24:33
QL Exchange gold and silver 22:18:25
Quotes by Thomas Jefferson 22:13:49
Ron Paul Interview with Jon Stewart-Daily Show 21:57:56
Ron Paul attending Madison County GOP Meet & Greet in Winterset, IA 8-27-11 21:41:44
The New American : Lame, Lamer Media Excuses For Ignoring A Surging Ron Paul 21:12:47
Illinois college adds sexual preference to application 21:08:32
Garet Garrett: the Great Old Rightist 21:06:24
New video on the Constitution's "General Welfare" clause 20:00:53
Western "Soldiers" on Ground in Libya 19:59:12
Yes, Ron Paul Is "Top Tier" 19:55:06
FBI organizes almost all terror plots in the US 19:48:35
BREAKING: President Speaks About The Virginia Earthquake 19:15:19
Vintage Ron Paul! 19:13:19
The line in the sand is in Nashville! 18:55:12
Do You FACEBOOK? The Terrifying CIA Connection! 18:33:44
I never thought i would be living in hitler's dream country 18:26:03
Thank You Mark Levin and Jeffrey Lord! 18:19:36
Does Anyone Really Believe Ron Paul Is Afraid Of Bill O'Reilly? Send This Vid To Bill O'Reilly (Video) 18:18:29
YAHOO: In new poll, Ron Paul rates with front-runners Romney and Perry 17:54:41
Lew Rockwell talks Ron Paul on Alex Jones' Info Wars 17:50:49
Destroying the Right/Left Paradigm 17:43:21
Hurricane Season Not Over for GOP & Democrats - Hurricane Paul is coming. 17:41:46
Low-Key Ron Paul Keeps It Brief 17:37:02
Email Blitzkrieg forces Ombudsman for Washington Post to Respond to Complaints of the Lack of Coverage of Ron Paul. 17:16:55
Head of Gibson Guitars Responds To Fish and Wildlife Raid On Factory. Armed Agents - Video of Response. 17:15:21
Does anyone know how to get the recording of Michael Medved show today? I was on and did well.8/26/11 17:01:31
Cavuto thank you email bomb: Neil Cavuto is right. We should give him more credit. 16:37:12
Lew Rockwell discusses Ron Paul on Alex Jones 16:22:08
FLASH!! Obama Issues Preemptive Emergency Declaration For North Carolina, NYC Transit To Shut Down Saturday 16:21:31
College Students Interview Ron Paul (August 18th 2011) 16:05:51
Gaming the Media: Giving the Media a New narrative for Ron Paul: "the Godfather" 16:05:14
Ron Paul will appear on Fox News with Chris Wallace this Sunday 16:03:39
Rumsfeld "No Immunity" Court Decision Deals Blow to Obama Assassination Policy 15:57:27
FLASHBACK : De Gaulle and The Gold Standard (Video) 15:51:08
Ron Paul hit piece on msnbc. check out the comments.oh boy 15:50:24
(Video) Gay Flash Mob for the Bachmanns 15:50:16
Ron Paul: No FEMA response necessary 15:47:03
Ron Paul Interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News 4pm Eastern 15:38:39
September 17th Constitution Day Promo (and T-shirts!) - Please discuss 15:32:09
+ Dear Jesse Benton + 15:26:40
Criminal Complaint to US Attorney and SEC: Buyers of Inverse ETFs (SKF,FAZ,DRV,SRS etc) Defrauded of Billions By Federal Reserve 15:24:38
Gibson USA chief defies federal government, resumes business 15:18:55
Dawn of Liberty 15:13:18
Gibson Guitar CEO interview about Homeland Security raid (Video) 15:12:46
Concrete Data on Media Bias 15:04:29
Stupidity of building on beach fronts. 2 more points scored by Dr. Paul. 15:02:11
Regional UCC filing 14:57:51
Ron Doesn't Get It w.r.t. Seniors 14:37:25
Cool "crazy Uncle Ron" Ron Paul T-shirt ! 14:36:55
Lets Make Chris Wallace Show The Largest He Has Ever Had 14:24:53
9-11 10th Anniversary Campaign 14:23:20
J.P. Morgan is foreclosing on the U.S. Treasury 14:19:32
Video: Mark Steyn on BBC, The Fall of America Will Not Be Pretty. 14:16:22
How the Irish Learned to Dance 14:08:48
Brent Budowsky - Paul versus Polyester Perry. Paul will take him to the woodshed 13:54:45
The Iowa Republican - Disappointed in Iowa Campaign Staff for Dr. Paul 13:48:01
Greece 'forced' to tap emergency fund 13:22:28
TIME Magazine Pens Five Page Spread To Convince America Ron Paul Can’t Win 13:21:36
Who were the "Seven?" 13:21:29
Hurricane coverage 13:11:07
POLITICO - Ron Paul scores success in media assault 13:04:35
Russell Kirk on the Iraq War and America's Empire. Very Much Like Ron Paul 12:53:53
Delete please 12:49:33
Considering voting for Ron Paul but also worried. 12:48:17
Peter Schiff Show will air on 59 stations 12:33:32
Two Punchy Slogans for Campaigning 12:31:58
Has Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano been "disapeared" from fox buisness? 12:31:54
Help needed in comments 12:28:06
The tide begins to turn 12:23:45
Dick Morris is a Monetary Moron 12:18:59
Anyone - please give some feedback how to respond this email to who does not support Dr. Paul 12:12:54
New FEC Ruling permits Ron Paul to speak and fund raise for Super PAC 12:10:28
Ron Paul says 'ObamaCare' as bad as 'Medicare' 11:51:56
Bernanke proposes no new steps to boost economy 11:49:27
New FEC Ruling permits Ron Paul to speak/fund raise at RevPAC events! 11:47:18
The Search for Cincinnatus 11:45:31
Ron Paul on Libya: Yet another unconstitutional and costly adventure 11:41:00
I Hope Ron Paul Raises the Following Question in Chris Wallace's Fox News Sunday on 8/28/11 11:32:41
Vote at Speak-Up USA for Dr. Paul Time's Man of the Year 11:22:29
"Constitutionally, there is a lot of power given to the Federal Reserve." -- Senator Saxby Chambliss 11:11:29
Ron Paul: Libyan Intervention is Victory For Empire but Loss for American Republic 11:02:36
US Government Asset Seizures On The Rise 10:37:24
What Came First? The Chicken or the Price Fixing? 10:08:51
*Drafting John Mayer* 09:46:38
Rick Perry's NAFTA Superhighway Problem 09:46:02
Fukushima caesium leaks 'equal 168 Hiroshimas' 09:29:46
The only deal that wins 09:10:51
Ron Paul 2012: The Dark Knight (Updated) Subtitles 08:59:36
Paul supporters picket Las Vegas Fox 5 (video) 08:57:25
Icelanders take back their country. 08:37:59
MERS Case Filed with Supreme Court 08:21:06
Don't be fooled by the Rick Perry political machine, or the Bachman, Palin, or Christie one. 08:10:06
Peter Schiff: The Case for Ron Paul 08:00:15
I don't know if it has been suggested. 07:34:56
Tea Party Founder Ron Paul Surging Ahead in Polls 07:25:32
Adam Vs the MAn cancelled by the FEC for endorsing Ron Paul 07:15:38
Sneak Peek - Rx For Liberty Site - Need Critique. 06:23:02
An oldie from the 2008 Campaign Re-Discovered w/link 05:05:11
Ron Paul supporters protest outside FOX5 studio ( video ) 04:00:10
Ron Paul on New Hampshire's News Radio AM 610 with Paul Westcott - August 25, 2011 03:27:43
Big Sis Gives Green Light For Drone That Tazes Suspects From Above 02:59:49
Help Us Become "Proud To Be An American Again" Ron Paul for President 2012 02:53:32
The "attack phase" has started: Mark Levin smears Ron Paul and supporters! Strong words. Your blood will boil! 02:50:39
I am Ron Paul 02:36:05
NEW Jerry Doyle Poll About Ron Paul 02:29:48
Ron Paul should stick to 1-Gun and only 1-Gun (Free-Market Currency) 02:05:01
Members of Military Donate More to Paul than Obama 02:03:40
Ron Paul: 'I'd Be a Good Whistleblower' [VIDEO] 02:01:04
Some geniuses say "Ron Paul is unelectable", so why was he elected 12 times to Congress? 01:57:51
Paul Craig Roberts : Greenspan is right America cannot default 01:49:55
Ron Paul Activism Wall of Shame 01:21:20
New Hampshire: Early Strong-Arming Against RP Supporters? 00:57:05
Food for Thought: Iran Supports Libyan Rebels 00:55:49
Ron Paul and the Christian “Just War” Concept 00:34:35