Posted on August 27, 2011

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Time Video: 10 Questions with Ron Paul 18:08:55
I went to my local state GOP grassroots recruiting/training event today. 17:04:55
Monsanto GM Corn in Peril: Beetle develops Bt-resistance 08:27:26
Ron Paul: No FEMA response necessary; States can decide for themselves 00:26:19
Ron Paul's Speech at Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention 09:17:30
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Jim Rogers endorses RP again! 23:23:27
Ron Paul Addresses Hurricane Irene, Says 'There's No Magic About' FEMA 23:07:35
Idaho Is a Constitution Free Zone: U.S. Government Uses Criminal Defendant’s Communications With Defense Team to Prosecute Him 22:41:29
Ron Paul on some very important issues with Stossel. 22:27:21
Weeds 22:18:03
Ron Paul Articles/Videos coming out of Polk County, IA GOP Picnic ~8/27/11 22:14:08
Candidates should get free TV time, expert says 22:13:40
Places online to spread the message 22:11:31
Breaking! Letter from Rick Perry asking Nancy Pelosi to pass the TARP Bailouts 21:59:29
Weekend watching. Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space 20:06:24
Betting on Ron Paul 19:52:40
Reason Survey results of 1200 people in August 25, 2011 19:52:31
Ron Paul T-shirt days (OFFICIAL) Mondays/ Saturdays 19:30:28
Some very simple strategy we can each do. 19:18:30
Mainstream Media Hiding Iceland's Extraordinary REVOLUTION 19:17:57
Ron Paul Dictionary 19:15:31
Billionaire investor Jim Rogers throws his support behind Ron Paul 19:05:18
Huffington Post 18:41:33
MOXNEWS Creator and Plea 18:32:18
Oh the flattery: Mitt Romney Central copies the Daily Paul 18:26:29
School Reading List Features Controversial Texts 17:48:14
Igniting the Grassroots Fire of Liberty: Ron Paul 2012 17:44:40
Ron Paul vs Ben Stein & Israel 17:39:38
Is it time for an "End the Wars" campaign like the 1960s and 1970s? 17:35:50
Jim Rogers Endorses Ron Paul 17:14:55
New video by a Democrat promoting RP 17:10:44
Promoting Paul in the media 16:57:15
GOLD Confiscation! ? 16:43:52
Paul: Presidents don’t create jobs 16:38:15
Paul says U.S. intervention motivated 9/11 attacks 16:32:11
Nuisance Abatement Teams (NATs) More Government pushing people off their land 15:58:58
British military writes off 6.5 billion pounds 15:32:12
Jim Rogers supports Ron Paul. 15:31:27
Time Magazine Article missing? 15:28:55
EASTERNERS just heard you are about to get your corn creamed. Late advice. 15:22:02
*Having Two Money Bombs Back-to-Back (Sept. 17th & 19th) Will Not Double The Total Earnings* 15:14:25
Elko Free Press : TSA Employee Charged w "Lewdness with a Child' 15:11:55
Market Crash Could Hit Within Weeks, Warn Bankers 15:00:14
Ron Paul Issues Statement on Libya on House Floor (Video) 14:57:57
Propaganda Mill keeps Churning 14:56:50
Awesome Video! Paul supporters using sign language to explain media blackout 14:55:46
Historical Proof for Free Market? 14:45:24
Ex-Doobie Brother, Danny Hull, performs Ron Paul Jingle 14:36:56
george mcgovern..remove all troops from arab countries now.. 14:36:31
Why Ron Paul isn't top-tier 14:25:45
Breakfast with Dr.Paul - Sept 8th, post debate in SoCal 14:18:34
Vintage Dr Ron Paul for Congress Political Infomercial 13:37:47
Penn Jillette: personal responsibility, not government 13:05:53
Kansas City Star - Commentary: Rick Perry, Ron Paul and a Tea Party. Paul's Supporters Organized the First Tea Party 12:18:56
Independent Voter: O'Reilly's Political "Spin Zone" 12:12:46
Short video relating to Ron Paul's Message 11:52:52
Where's the blimp? And other things from the 2008 campaign 11:25:43
Three main questions Ron Paul will be asked by Chris Wallace on Sunday and how to answer them. 11:13:48
The FEMA Alternative 11:05:26
In new poll, Ron Paul rates with front-runners Romney and Perry 10:43:21
Estonia rejects Keynes, grows at 8% - does NPR understand the subject at hand? 10:37:07
"LIKE" Every youtube video 10:35:25
About America's War on Terror - From an Iraqi family's point of view 10:23:02
2008 and 2012 - BIG difference! 08:37:23
5 Reasons Progressives Should Treat Ron Paul with Extreme Caution 08:35:21
Disgusting VIDEO -- Cops arrest girls for selling lemonade 07:11:21
Rick Perry, Ron Paul and a Tea Party 06:50:48
LA Times Op-Ed disses Ron Paul: Why Ron Paul isn't top-tier 06:05:22
Commentary: Rick Perry, Ron Paul and a tea party 05:45:22
The Most Creative Campaign Idea Ever 05:07:04
MSNBC: "Ron Paul Truly Is The Last Honest Man!" 03:43:21
Mexico president likens cartel gangs to terrorists 02:46:22
State Department Moves Forward On Construction Of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline 01:57:33
Ron Paul Meets Thomas Jefferson in This Animated Video 01:42:49
"There They Go Again:" Peter Schiff Reviews Ron Paul's Investments; 600% Returns! 01:41:40
Freedom And Responsibility 01:33:10
We Need More Positive Comments on This Message Board re: Ron Paul's Stance Against FEMA 01:08:47
I need help, Please help! 00:52:53
Michael Krueger posting photoshopped pics of RonPaul as "Kkk" on Facebook 00:42:29
Ron Paul Truly Is The Last Honest Man! 00:39:04
A guy at RPF just put up a new video.. 00:38:15
Ron Paul's Profitable Portfolio Which We All Should Emulate 00:25:15