Posted on August 29, 2011

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"War Is Better Than Ron Paul", Say (Many) Progressives | TomWoodsTV 20:42:51
RP Now on First Page of Jon Stewart's Most Viewed Videos 12:45:45
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - Obama's UnConstitutional Misadventures: Libya Now, Syria Next - August 29, 2011 03:07:05
Santorum, Paul spar over Sept. 11 01:36:10
Video Update: Ron Paul on FOX News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace 23:01:55
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Birthday card and letter from Carol 23:57:42
Direct Deposit 23:47:20
The car in front of me had a bumper sticker on it. It read: "Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8." 23:37:18
Justin Raimondo On Neocon Smears 22:58:36
People are still Mis-Informed 22:49:55
Tom Mullen explains the Difference Between Non-Interventionism and "Isolationist" 22:32:26
bob beckel calls ron paul supporters nuts 22:28:51
Stupid is now illegal 22:24:54
Ron Paul is walloping the market. 22:16:12
Unbelievable !! 22:12:07
Ron Paul has pushed the ideal of liberty past the tipping point. 22:03:57
Nat'l Review article: The Pro-Life Ron Paul 21:55:19
Ron Reagan Jr: Dick Cheney Is a 'War Criminal' 21:49:39
Watching the RP-ing 21:40:44
The American Dream 21:39:46
Louisiana HQ Grand Opening Party September 23rd! 21:32:02 continues to distort ron paul's views 21:29:24
Sounds Like a Great Strategy 21:21:45
Bush-Era Memos, Obama-Era Secret 21:20:08
Need Advice, Juicing. 21:19:21
Just had a great idea! - Blue and Red Mitt Romney cookies?? 21:06:57
We're From the Gubberment and We're Here To Help! 21:05:18
Video on what Libya was like before NATO attack 21:02:36
Libyan Truth. Why we are in Libya. Please spread this. 20:56:36
O'Reiley just commented on Ron Paul 20:56:31
Two arrested for pursuit of happiness in Philidelphia 20:52:18
Benjamin Fulford's latest newletter on Aug. 30th.I just received it today from an email contact.. 20:52:08
Benjamin Fulford's newsletter on Aug. 23rd.just received from one of my contacts today.I will also post the new one. 20:48:34
Broken Window Fallacy rears its ugly head yet agian 20:38:59
Ron Paul: I don't accept the theory of evolution 20:30:16
Need Advice, Juicing. 20:15:24
Iran Air Force? 19:53:50
CNN Questions Whether Paul and Bachmann Are Even Ready for Presidency 19:38:31
cnn / orc ? poll 19:34:53
Ron Paul Can Win: Another amazing Robin Koerner article 19:33:34
What are they doing up there anyway? 19:31:56
Ron Paul shifts to town hall strategy 19:25:21
Huffington Post: 'Ron Paul Can Win' by Robin Koerner 19:24:44
Get A Free Car Wash By Ron Paul Supporters Day 19:18:42
Ron Paul "can't win" 18:58:11
What I Learned About Libya: 18:36:49
Why the Establishment MUST be pro-war 18:30:51
Delete please 18:22:39
Is Alex Jones for Real? 18:19:33
US News Story on Ron Paul & fema - huge majority of poll favors disbanding fema 18:14:09
Main Street Fairness Act 18:13:51
Great quote to use for non-intervention 18:06:57
Defeating the Tyranny of the ‘Conventional Wisdom’ 18:06:16
Fox's The Five Show Trashes Ron Paul 08/29/11 17:39:50
Ron Paul, Master Investor? 17:36:54
Red Cross vs FEMA 17:33:31
Three Reasons Liberals (And Everyone Else) Should Vote for Ron Paul 17:29:00
CNN Poll? 17:25:12
Republican Party Dream Candidate. 17:15:38
Ron Paul will win 17:12:27
The Press, Ron Paul, and Political Theater, by Andrew Schiff 16:53:15
Glenn Greenwald: The Decade's Biggest Scam 16:51:34
Forbes: Ron Paul Thinks FEMA is the Real Disaster 16:33:58
Two Articles Concluding Paul Can Win 16:14:17
Politico: Ron Pauls Town Hall Tour 16:11:15
Poll: Perry's Support Tops Among GOP Candidates 15:57:12
MN State Fair silences Ron Paul drummer 15:31:34
Ron Paul asks if Libya indeed 'Mission Accomplished' 15:20:34
MSN asking about Ron Paul's investing strategy on Facebook 14:59:22
Do you believe in evolution? 14:57:06
Other venue to get exposure for Dr Paul 14:45:22
smear article on why RP can't win.ever. 14:37:25
Ron Paul, Master Investor? 14:34:17
The attacks continue, this time in The Atlantic 14:23:34
YAL to host 10 Campaign Boot Camps across country 14:12:22
Rick Perry: The Keynesian Disciple 14:04:39
Vintage Commercials with Nolan Ryan 14:00:29
Another foxnews poll we could make our presence felt on! 13:53:06
Next Moneybomb? September 17th or 19th? 13:46:45 : Perry Calls Social Security 'A Monstrous Lie' 13:46:27
Ron Paul ESPN sign bomb 13:44:39
Domestic Espionage, Cia training nypd to map (PROFILE) ethnic communities. changed title 13:39:40
New video by alexaforronpaul! 12:56:27
Intellectually Lazy AlterNet hit piece on Ron Paul (he hates the gays, blacks, women, seniors- yadayadayada) 12:52:28
Tea Party Express 12:40:44
Ron Paul Thinks FEMA is the Real Disaster 12:40:21
Spreading liberty in Europe! 12:38:25
Qr Codes = Better Organizing! 12:28:30
Recession Has Lit the Fuse on Explosive Student Debt 12:13:08
Ron Paul Spray Art 12:11:14
Most agree that ron paul is the only honest politician 11:55:13
The Pentagon's Strengthening Grip on Hollywood 11:48:03
A Huge Housing Bargain -- for Goldman Sachs but Not for You 11:36:25
My Advice to Ron Paul: “Address it and Move on.” 11:34:08
Ron Paul Revolution Radio M/W/F 3-5pm CEN on AFR! 11:05:02
It was a great interview. It was also mostly UNAIRED. 10:47:54
Fox Poll: Do you think FEMA should be eliminated? 10:41:24
Big Brother is Coming: NSA's $1.9 Billion Cyber Spy Center "to Determine Who Among Us May Be, or May One Day Become a Terrorist" 10:39:04
New Song "Ron's Wave" 10:34:26
HuffPo: Israel Without Rupert Murdoch 10:31:31
Poll: Which Candidate or Would-Be Candidate Would You Most Like to See Debate Obama? 10:29:05
Who is Rick Perry? 10:22:07
Ron Paul books at Borders book store 10:12:38
Tennessee Football Coach Fired for Obama Song 10:05:18
Federal Reserve Fedwire - Hacker's Holy Grail 09:27:54
Who Are Paul's Enemies? - A List. 08:52:19
Homeland Absurdity: U.S. Government Doling Out $75 Billion Per Year On Domestic Security 08:29:04
Can Ron Paul Win? Fabulous Must Watch Interview With Lew Rockwell & Alex Jones 08:17:11
A banking system built on lies and deception – Hiding commercial real estate losses by laundering bad loans through the Fed 08:11:13
Candian Newspaper on Ron Paul: Tea Party founder surging ahead in polls 08:02:13
Come on, Irene. no, really. Was that all you had? 07:43:11
Silver Bomb. We said we were going to do this. Lets do it !! 06:58:48
Three Ron Paul stories on Fox News homepage 06:44:38
National Review: The Pro-Life Ron Paul 04:57:47
Neocons Take aim at Dr. Paul and miss! 04:22:03
Primary Dates - this election will be won in the primaries 03:39:19
Senate and House Galleries ban photographers and video filmers 02:58:09
Fox News Irene PSYOP Fail 02:39:42
The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions :-) So to, the Road to Serfdom. 02:27:01
John Bush speaks about Sustainability at Austin City Council (Agenda 21) 01:08:52
Can people vet this about Rick Perry with links 01:02:40
Future voter snubs Obama 00:22:32