Posted on August 5, 2011

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Via Drudge: S&P Downgrades U.S. for First Time in History! 21:41:27
Top Story at Newsmax: Ron Paul: Debt Deal is a 'Fraud' 14:07:13
Free Tickets to Iowa Straw Poll Available from Ron Paul Supporter 14:01:52
Why Ron Paul Matters 21:23:49
I am running for Congress. 12:55:36
"Federal Reserve intimidated by Ron Paul Types" - PAUL KRUGMAN 08:51:44
Ron Paul Expects Top Three Finish In Ames Straw Poll [NBC Video] 08:45:56
Montel Williams on Freedom Watch: "For 36 Years Federal Govt Has Been Growing Marijuana & Dispensing It As Medicine" 03:38:24
Ron Paul calls in to The Savage Nation: 8/4/11 09:05:57
National Review: Ron Paul, Ames Contender 21:17:40
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G. Will says: RP wins Ames, Political community will shrug" There he goes again, the Babe Ruth of Straw Polls 23:45:32
Dr. Paul's Hour Speech + Q&A in Davenport, Iowa 8/2/11 23:22:33
BBC/NPR: Tea Party supports cuts to military (you'd swear everyone interviewed was a Pauler) 23:21:24
WND: Ron Paul defies PC culture to stand for 2nd Amendment 23:21:02
Ron Paul Radio Interview With Michael Savage.8/4/11 23:16:27
1912 Cartoons Speak Truth Today! 23:12:32
Should Poor People Get Free Cell Phones? 22:59:42
We need to take action against states with unreasonable candidate filing fees. 22:56:20
Money Bomb for Texas State Rep. David Simpson 22:50:27
Im trying to post an aricle about something important and keep getting errors 22:47:34
Facebook Facial Recognition Technology Funded by U.S. military 22:32:59
"Pointy Boots" is comin' to the dance. 21:52:42
gold money? has anyone heard of or used this? 21:47:49
Bachmann's bus pumps fluffy puppy gas into crowd of 100 20:58:28
Who will pay for the mess we have made? 20:14:18
Ron Paul's Vices 19:49:14
America's cheapest labor force, making missile parts 19:33:36
WIVB Channel 4 covers Ron Paul 19:32:03
Liberty 'vs.' Security : The False Dilemma that Sold Us Up The River 19:12:24
Trial By Jury Fast Approaching For KopBusters 18:31:28
CNN-Five New Orleans Cops Convicted in Post-Katrina Fatal Shootings Case. Cops Planted Gun and Falsified Witnesses. 18:27:25
40 "No Tax on Tips" cards for just $4 18:25:33
I was in a conversation about the world markets collapsing and religion came up 17:35:59
After bloodbath, Ron Paul warns of 'next bubble burst' 17:21:11
Ron Paul defies PC culture to stand for 2nd Amendment 17:18:52
Who do you think will get the first Presidential Pardon from president Paul?? 16:47:50
Joe Crummy . . . 16:45:28
Government to Monitor Social Networks for Extremist Propoganda 16:42:13
What do Al Gore, the Koches and ALEC have in common? 16:32:24
John Kerry says: Media should ignore the Tea Party 16:10:57
Screenprinter Needed - Ron Paul Tees as Meetup Fundraiser 15:05:53
Ron Paul: Debt Deal is a 'Fraud' 14:53:10
Press Release: Ron Paul on Jobs Report 14:13:18
Mad as Hell! 14:13:07
Police officers convicted of shooting unarmed people post-Katrina 13:58:22
Gary Johnson: High Time to End War on Drugs 13:54:32
BLOCKBUSTER : Planetary Temperature Controls CO2 Levels Not Humans 13:48:21
Righthaven Fails To Pay Sanctions; Complains A Day Late 13:47:21
Great discussion about Jobless Growth and the Economy 13:41:48
EndlessRoots Unveils CampRoots Platform, Launches Ron Paul App on Facebook 13:41:17
Obama Blames Arab Springs And Tsunami in Japan for Slower Growth 13:40:45
Fannie Mae asks for 5.1 Billion more 13:33:17
Chris Christie Slams Fearmongering over Sharia law 13:31:07
Finding Pooling and Servicing Agreements is Key to Killing Your Foreclosure Case! 13:28:55
Funny Business at Ames? 13:15:27
Debt Deal Is a Fraud! - Ron Paul front page of 13:02:51
Raw Foods Activist Protest in L.A. 8-4-11 12:43:38
Vote for Bailouts Could Hurt Potential GOP Presidential Candidates 12:42:54
Did RP ever comment on Terry Jones's freedom of speech being violated? 12:29:43
Russian Envoy : NATO is planning attacks on Syria and Iran 12:20:22
Cartoonist targeted by police for cartoon mockery, forgetting the whole first amendment thingy... 12:03:22
NASA's Juno probe to Jupiter scheduled for 12:25 PM launch. LIVE FEED 11:46:45
Restating the Argument for the 11:32:57
Gingrich tell Maddow Ron Paul's into the Global Market 11:31:22
EndlessRoots Launches Ron Paul App on Facebook 10:35:05
White House staff raises. Ridiculous! 10:33:30
President Ron Paul on CNBC 10:22:45
Tennessee Awaits Tons Of German Nuclear Waste 10:10:54
"Online Iowa Straw Poll" 09:45:04
Ron Paul vs. Rick Perry 09:43:35
Corporate Gov't - Disgusting! 09:40:02
Bank of America Death Watched Started by Blog 09:01:30
Senior AP Reporter in Iowa: “Ron Paul is a serious candidate.” 08:41:45
Major Solar Storm Warned To Hit Earth 5 August 10:00 UT 07:50:29
Public Guardian to Expand Powers to Seize Assets. For your own good! 07:49:37
War and Debt: The Debt Ceiling Debate That Didn't Happen 07:04:56
US borrowing tops 100% of GDP: Treasury 07:02:31
Fiscal Hawks vs. Security Hawks in the GOP by Pat Buchanan 07:00:34
Ron Paul: The Preservation of Liberty 06:55:49
"Afghanistan's Innocent Victims" 06:50:37
Obama, Bernanke Out of Ammo to Boost Jobs, Growth 06:48:35
The Decline and Fall of the American Empire by Paul Craig Roberts 06:33:26
The American Corporatocracy 05:02:14
more short web infomercials 04:37:25
ISU Student Flash Mob for Ron Paul at Ames Straw Poll? 03:03:21
Jack Hunter: SA@TAC - The End of Right-Wing Progressivism? 02:16:28
.Net Programmer Job Opening 02:15:50
Gold & Silver Rigged 100x beyond belief! 02:10:06
Are people REALLY waking up? Seriously? 09:02:54
Every Child Killed Is My Child 01:03:29
The Curse of Dave Ramsey's Bad Advice 00:15:37