Posted on August 7, 2011

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Ontario County Tea Party NY endorses Ron Paul for President 23:23:41
Ron Paul's Clarity on Economy Often Misunderstood or Distorted 21:10:18
Monroe County Tea Party NY Announces Our Full Support of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. 20:19:16
Switching it up at The Lew Rockwell Show, Tom Woods Interviews Lew Rockwell 17:02:28
Ron Paul speaks in East Aurora, NY ~8/5/11 (Video+Audio) 16:52:51
Stunning Ron Paul Video That Will Wake Up America - Please Share With Friends and Family 13:24:07
Rand Paul Calls for Geithner to Resign 00:35:18
Tom Woods: How to Market the Greatest Congressman in History 02:35:18
Ron Paul - Buffalo NY - Post Event TV interviews 09:57:45
Edwin Vieira on Constitutional Money 09:29:36
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Ames Iowa Straw Poll LIVE Aug. 13th! 23:52:53
Glenn Beck's Minion on Marriage. 23:43:16
Gun shows/expo's, a hot-bed of 22:57:03
Another Good Way to Get Some Ames Votes?? - What do you guys think 22:49:25
2012 Candidate Cheat Sheet: Ron Paul 22:35:41
To Reassure Markets, Europe Needs Bigger Bailout Fund, Says Geithner 22:27:31
Too big to bail 22:08:03
Ron Paul is NOT an Austrian economist 22:05:41
Burzynski movie on Direct TV 267 Channel at 10:00 P.M.! 21:32:23
Place to go spread the word 21:06:51
Iowa Straw Poll tickets 21:02:54
The Global Revolution! 20:54:32
The Not-So-Free Market 20:02:47
Angels Job Will Become Harder Now! 19:29:38
Germany says Italy is not too big to fail, and they are not going to do it.... 19:16:23
Proof that Ron Paul can win the Iowa Caucus 19:11:12
Tell the kids! 16 Year olds CAN VOTE in Iowa STRAW POLL!!! 19:01:40
Aug 7 - Futures are red 18:42:16
At church today . . 18:28:01
Mortar Fire Control Software 17:54:53
Wall Street’s Tax on Main Street 17:51:50
The Market Has Spoken: Austerity Is Bad for Business 17:50:11
New Iowa Poll Released By Rasmussen, Ron Paul in 3rd place with 16%! 17:31:07
Ron Paul Film Screenings 17:26:19
**Flashback**2007 Ames Straw Poll Results**Flashback** 17:10:41
Is anyone going to Iowa for the Straw Poll? How is the recruiting going? 16:58:04
Veterans for Ron Paul : Brian Frank 16:57:37
Mini-bomb idea.... 16:44:19
Giant RP rally in 16:39:14
Mike Huckabee: "Liberal media" hiding truth of Sept. 11 attacks 16:03:33
US spends $12.5 billion a year on air condition in Iraq and Afghanistan!! 15:58:23
Iowa Straw Poll Article Rebuttal 15:45:09
Trees Are Green And Waiting 15:15:16
Navy (FINALLY) Says Drone Lost in Libya Likely Shot Down 14:44:25
Then and Now... 14:33:47
Ron Paul on S&P Downgrade - Bloomberg [Video] 14:30:16
Rick Perry's Prayer Meeting Causes Stir in Texas 14:19:30
WAR against the NWO !! What a STRANGE CONTRADICTION ??? 14:15:55
Greenspan: US Can Pay Any Debt It Has Because It Can Print Money To Pay It 13:49:52
Tom Woods: How to Market the Greatest Congressman in History 13:17:33
Steel from World Trade Center being used in two 9/11 memorials in Denver 13:13:43
Ron Paul's Supporters Are a Fanatical Few -- NOT 12:49:28
Iraq Afghan Libya wars etc directly linked to S&P downgrade 12:42:06
Washington (AP) - S&P Executive : "1 in 3 Chance of Future Downgrade." 12:33:37
China Calls for International Oversight of the U.S. Dollar Suggests Global Currency Replace it 12:19:52
Obama administration official: S&P move 'a facts-be-damned decision' 12:11:02
Steven Rattner Caught Lying About Comparing Tea Party To Suicide Bombers 11:47:14
Economy Debased by Lies, Fraud, and Bogus Statistics 11:37:39
It's the tea party's fault 11:29:33
Everything Must Run Its Course. Let's Plant a Tree...Shall We? 11:26:02
Ron Paul - SYRIA & IRAN 11:23:44
Power companies prepare as solar storms set to hit Earth 10:50:49
Fox News Sunday Ignoring Ron Paul in Iowa Straw Poll. Is the Outcome Already Fixed? 10:38:45
Monetary and Political Wisdom From a Nine-Year-Old Boy 09:07:20
Constitution Lobby in NY & CT 08:43:21
Stock Markets are plunging! Starting with Israeli Stock Markets today! Will it spread? G20 holds emergency conference call. 08:39:15
A Less Than 5 Minute Video to Spread Everywhere! 07:46:34
Pakistan TV Report Contradicts US Claim of Bin Laden’s Death 06:16:36
'4 Old Cartoons Explain the World' (from Don't Tread On Me) 05:42:43
Russia upgrading military - 2 Trillion 04:38:05
Terminations, Reductions, Savings 03:07:29
3' X 3' Free Speech Zone 02:41:33
The big picture - the plan has been to destroy the USA for a long, long time 02:33:10
TV ads? 02:19:45
We need to infiltrate the sports forums. 02:06:15