Posted on August 8, 2011

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Ron and Rand Paul say downgrade is fault of Washington, not Tea Party (CBSNEWS) 18:11:05
Ron Paul on WKBW Local TV NY 18:08:40
Super Congress: "Easy Prey for the Military-Industrial Complex" - Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 11:48:32
Politico: Steve Deace predicts Ron Paul second at Ames only 3% behind Bachmann 10:57:02
Rasmussen: Only 17% Say U.S. Government Has Consent of the Governed 08:18:04
Ron Paul 16% in new Rasmussen Iowa polling 09:05:25
Greenspan: US Can Pay Any Debt It Has Because It Can Print Money To Pay It 09:38:15
Here we go again. SHTF time again. 10:19:01
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Markets Collapsing! 23:38:28
Revolution PAC Superbomb - September 19 23:24:39
VIVA LA RAZA.. says guy who thinks Norway bomber should be killed 23:08:09
An Honest Overview of Politics - G. Edward Griffin 4/20/11 23:04:23
Pollster: Americans Are “Pre-Revolutionary” 22:58:37
Jack Hunter: Downgrading Liberalism 22:41:11
MSNBC should lose it's news agency license 22:40:05
Ron Paul 'We Have Not Learned Our Lesson' 22:37:19
Real Clear Politics - Rick Santelli : "If Not For 'TEA PARTY' U.S. Would Be Rated BBB (Video)." 22:07:24
new star trek meets Dr. Ron Paul web ad 21:52:02
Ron Paul 2012 Trailer - Star Trek Theme 21:44:52
Scrubbed - Explosive London Riots BBC Interview: Violence Sparked By Police Beating 16 Year Old Girl 21:42:54
There is No Budget Crisis, Super-Rich Laughing All the Way to the Bank 21:16:43
Bankers Launch Next Leg Of Planned Economic Collapse 21:11:22
FYI: Apple has more cash than U.S. Treasury 21:06:43
U.S. Court Upholds Ban on Foreign Donations to U.S. campaigns 20:43:41
Did George Soros Win 10-1 Return On S&P Downgrade? 20:37:03
UK Resident Gives Account of the Riots and Perspective (Friend from UK) 20:32:16
Ron Paul On Bloomberg TV To Discuss S&P Downgrade, August 8th @ 9pm Eastern 20:12:28
Pawlenty Slights Ron Paul, says 3rd place at Ames not that important if winners aren’t seen as ‘credible’ 19:55:27
The Fed Expected To Try To Sooth Markets But Not Undertake New QE 19:52:06
Monsanto moves to take over food supply; take away food choice right to good health 19:42:49
Will Giuliani enter the race ? 19:39:38
What Should Ron Paul MAKE SURE And Get Across During This Weeks Debate? 19:39:25
Ron vs. Obama should be the campaign/superPAC strategy 19:29:05
Obama gave himself 3 years in 2008 interview with Matt Lauer to turn country around 19:09:45
Two words why Ron Paul will win in 2012 18:37:30
Inflation: Where Cronyism Meets Poverty 18:25:14
Report: 81 Congressmen Going to Israel on Break 18:20:42
Inflation: Where Cronyism Meets Poverty 18:18:03
Forewarned is forearmed: Rick Perry to Announce Saturday, the Day of the Iowa Straw Poll Results 18:05:27
It is easy to get Ron Paul supporters in Iowa to vote in the Straw Poll 17:31:26
Go After Obama! 17:30:54
Freddie Mac reports 2Q loss, asks gov't for $1.5B (Houston Chronicle) 17:25:42
Is Britain Being Prepared For Martial Law? 17:05:42
Philadelphia curfews 16:42:22
S&P500 Index ended today at -6,66%... 16:35:54
U.S. to give 100 MILLION dollars in aid to Somalia - Absolutely criminal 16:33:02
Gardasil Rick Wants to Spoil the Party 16:25:00
Credit downgrade is an intentional move by the bankers 16:09:20
Fewer Voters Than Ever Believe U.S. Elections are Fair 16:01:52
The Ron Paul Surge 15:57:17
The white House ... 15:51:53
Iowa Debate: Excitement or Fizzle? 15:36:14
Bachmann over-saturating Iowa 15:31:15
Legendary investor Jim Rogers- “Ron Paul is the only politician that has a clue” 15:22:22
Ron Paul on Bloomberg 08-08-11: "Downgrade is ‘theatre to build up the fear’" 15:20:04
Wake-Up Call - 08/08/11 15:09:10
Prominent Democrats had claimed, warnings about US going broke were just "A BIG LIE" 15:07:08
Animated Clip:Obama's Libya War discussed by teddy baers with a promotion of "Liberty Defined" 15:05:18
CNN searching for non-statist among the statists 14:57:37
Rick Perry to make 2012 intentions clear Saturday -- (Politico) 14:53:13
Emailed a Question to Dave Ramsey 14:52:13
Why Does Ron Paul’s Internet Support Not Translate? 14:07:27
Wall Street Heat Map 13:59:43
Before Ron Paul, there was the late Harry Browne 13:58:02
CNBC - Obama Has Dictatorial Power To Confiscate Europe's Gold 13:32:07
Video - Obama and Democrates before and after the downgrade ;D 13:25:25
Italy's Solution 13:17:34
Iowa governor warns of Democratic caucus crashers; calls straw poll an ‘expectation game’ 13:06:49
Events Ron Paul must mention in Iowa 13:06:41
Rick Perry's College Transcript 12:47:21
RP IOWA Ads: Please send a copy of every one you see, hear, or read 12:45:11
Ron Paul: Iowa Straw Poll Outreach Bomb‏ 12:33:20
Price of a U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade - Cato Institute (video) 12:17:42
Macondo oil spill and microbes -- new study out 12:14:15
Ron Paul on Cavuto : "If You Follow Free Market Economics, Interests Rates Will Go Up." 12:08:55
Pollster : Americans Are Pre - Revolutionary! 12:01:36
CNBC : Moody's Backs US's AAA Rating, S&P Cut Fannie, Others 11:55:32
Mysterious $1 million donor to pro-Romney PAC comes forward 11:51:22
FLASH!! Former First Lady Jackie Fingers Johnson and Texas Tycoons in JFK Assassination 11:50:07
New article detailing Bachmann history 11:45:57
Legendary investor Jim Rogers- "Ron Paul is the only politician that has a clue" 11:11:28
Barney Frank: Military spending to blame for U.S. credit downgrade 11:11:03
S&P downgrades Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, home-loan debt 11:02:48
My letter to Buffalo's WGRZ TV anchor concerning her remark of Ron Paul's message being anti-government 10:49:40
Barney Frank: Military spending to blame for U.S. credit downgrade 10:29:22
Iowa Debate Strategy: Paul vs. Bachmann 10:22:13
Fight breaks out in 1st class: AIG sues BofA for "massive fraud" 10:19:12
DP Broken - Will Not Load 09:49:39
An Evening with Tom Woods- 09:22:14
Why is the Stock Market Plunging? 09:11:29
What have we Become ?? 08:29:18
Some Post S&P Downgrade Democrat Spin (video) 08:16:22
Chi-Town Rally 08:07:10
Bloomberg says: S&P Seen Yielding to Tea Party in U.S. 07:58:54
BREAKING BAD Attempts to Marginalize Ron Paul, August 7, 2011 07:33:56
JOHN KERRY - On the job for 27 years but blames Tea Party for debt crisis! 07:12:44
GOP voters ask: ‘Johnson who?’ 07:00:26
Candidate’s looks matter for less-informed voters 06:55:18
Geithner: Standard & Poor's Showed 'Terrible Judgment' 06:54:01
Karl Marx Had it Right 06:43:29
Breaking: '33 Americans killed in Afghan crash' 06:05:33
Should Ron Paul wear his glasses on stage? 02:02:34
AMC's Breaking Bad has Easter Egg for Ron Paul supporters! 01:49:23
tv show Breaking Bad tries to connect Dr. Paul supporters with meth cooks? 10:55:35
Must see anti war video 01:45:39
Timothy Geithner Was Wrong on S&P Downgrade (video) 01:44:15
You must stay out of the rain!! Please. Radiation is very Bad! 00:58:56
Revolution PAC Superbomb 9/19 00:21:45