Posted on August 9, 2011

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Stossel Reminds O'Reilly Who Started the Tea Party 23:17:46
Washington Post: Can Ron Paul win it all in Iowa? 22:12:22
Harry Reid Super Committee Picks in Place 19:34:13
Ron Paul Moving Closer to GOP Nomination 17:00:17
Paul Predicted Straw Poll Winner at Iowa Republican 12:04:29
Pat Buchanan: What if 3 Pauls led America? 07:57:59
Two Veterans Share Their Support For Ron Paul 09:35:32
Ron Paul Discussing the "Inevitable Default" on Bloomberg TV 8/8/11 08:30:43
NATIONAL GALLUP POLL: Ron Paul in 3rd place with 14% 09:16:28
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Dylan Ratigan video railing against the bought congress and 2 party charade 23:58:27
Yikes 23:15:53
A Tour of the Ron Paul Revolution Online 23:13:13
Dylan Ratigan goes off! 23:11:54
Animism-The Roots of all Religions- A recent Study of Theology 23:07:06
Dylan Ratigan lets it all GO!! 23:03:13
Benzinga: Ron Paul Moving Closer to GOP Nomination 22:55:15
War with Syria - Start the Countdown 22:45:08
Riots Break Out Around Globe Amid Economic Anxiety 22:03:41
Ratigan "Loses it" on Live Television- The Emperor Wears No Clothes 21:50:11
BBC London Riots Video: Amazing Interview You Won't See On MSM! 21:49:18
This song's lyrics remind me of Ron Paul's struggle to educate the American people 21:33:43
Honorable James David Manning PhD rips neocon followers a new one 21:01:53
Ron Paul guy gets a radio show 20:56:22
Too Many in tea party still in love with Bachmann 20:43:29
JP Morgan : Inflation to Trigger $2500 Gold Price 20:32:50
Decent Video on Future Collapse of the Dollar 20:29:06
Pentagon Tries to Cover-up Names of those that killed Osama Bin Laden 20:17:57
Fox news Iowa debate poll now! Vote and Comment. 20:01:25
King County Ron Paul 2012 Kick-off Birthday Event 19:52:20
Question to Sen. Lindsey Graham "When Ron Paul is elected President......" 19:44:01
The Execution Of SEAL Team Six 19:34:52
A Paul win in Ames could wake up America 19:13:16
Lemonade Freedom Day! - August 20th 19:04:30
Lindsey Graham "South Carolinians NOT bigots" (anymore) 09 AUG 2011 18:50:41
Iowa Republican to Rick Perry: You’ve insulted Iowans with the timing of your announcement 18:49:47
DP Admin = Thank You 18:42:46
Rick Perry jumping in! 17:38:55
Ron Paul Convo - How did I do? 17:37:40
Anyone else find this absurd? 17:37:20
Riots break out around the world. 17:26:40
2012 candidate comparison chart, tool to inform voters on issues 17:17:23
Warren Buffett's Drum Banging a Repeated Warning on Inflation 17:12:25
Promising Fed vs State/Individual Rights Case Ruling 16:34:19
Reasons To Suspect Rigging Of Todays Market 16:26:31
Gold vs Silver question 15:48:49
Mexico-Bound Immigrants Face Scrutiny at the Border 15:46:52
Does the drug dealer yell from the rooftops? 15:38:28
Mortgage Servicers to Face New State Laws, Calls for Moratoria 15:38:14
Gold Tops Platinum ! 15:12:49
Newsweek cover makes Bachmann look like a cockeyed psycho 15:12:40
FED opens its big mouth - DOW drops 200 points 15:06:44
Ron Paul closing in on GOP nomination 15:00:59
Thom Hartmann: Guess who's building a car factory in China? 14:57:58
Beware Before Bashing Baby Boomers 14:54:48
AIG-Bank 0f America, Fifth Third, Truck Emissions: Compliance 14:51:11
AMC Show-Breaking Bad-Associates Ron Paul supporters as Meth Cookers. 14:46:48
Need help again! Seeking top-notch RP Videographer for project. 14:13:13
RT Live Feed: London is Locked Down 14:08:39
CLEVER Ron Paul slogans 14:05:34
The Forecloser 13:58:57
GOP Debate Viewing Party at the NJ Ron Paul Liberty HQ 13:49:13
"What can one man do alone?" 13:27:15
China Rating Agency: Dollar to be "Discarded" by World 13:09:02
U.S. Government Monitoring Facebook for Federal Reserve Protests 13:08:56
"NO MEDIA COVERAGE" Allowed As Remains of Elite Return To U.S. on Tuesday 13:03:56
A National Response To Two FDA Armed Raids on Rawsome 12:58:03
Tinderbox Britain 12:40:03
British riot, but why? 12:38:42
Paul vs. Perry! 12:23:05
S&P Cuts AAA Rating On Thousands of Municipal Bonds 12:01:20
ObamaCare Opponents Deeply Divided Over Strategy at ALEC Conference 11:56:17
Why I'm Voting for Ron Paul & Why You Should Too! 11:49:47
Gerald Celente on RT America - 09 August 2011 (On Ron Paul, Economic Crisis) 11:35:58
A Preacher Spreads The Word 10:14:36
Goldman Sachs Says AIG, Fannie, Freddie Threatened to Sue Over Mortgages 10:07:29
Just in time! 09:57:35
Iowa Straw Poll August 13! 09:57:04
Urgent: Iowans needed to help w/transportation of Ron Paul grassroots photographer 09:34:41
Mortgage insurer PMI Group warns it may shut down 08:34:28
Servicers' Policies on Foreclosures in Bankruptcy Courts Being Examined 08:20:03
Rogoff Says The Fed Will Embark on QE3 07:58:58
A case for libertarianism 07:09:55
London is Burning Down 13:17:10
Role players will portray Korean villagers for cultural awareness training 04:45:07
Video ad idea 04:24:17
Ron Paul Campaign Fundraising - Who is organizing it and what is the plan? 04:07:16
What in the World Are They Spraying? - Full Film 03:14:24
Ron Paul Shout Out 02:09:34
Gold is officially more expansive then Platinum 01:47:25
How winning the Iowa Straw Poll can buy us time 01:35:48
9/11 CLEAR bomb going off in WTC BEFORE first plane EVER hit!! 00:42:31
An easy way for Dr. Paul to take out Rick Perry 08:26:34
(Unaware) 01:11:59