Posted on September 13, 2011

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RT: Ron Paul Stands Tall at GOP Debate 18:17:17
Republican Rebel: Ron Paul's Life Reimagined by Taiwanese Animators 17:08:48
Perry's 'contributions' from Merck/Gardasil MUCH larger than $5,000 19:53:38
Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul's 9/11 Theories: "What He Said Is Completely Uncontroversial" 15:26:46
Ron Paul Booed for Suggesting 9/11 was Caused by American Foreign Policy 08:26:06
Ron Paul Snubbed on Federal Reserve Question at CNN Debate 07:09:36
CNN hides results of in person straw polls at their own debates: Ron Paul wins! - Breaking 19:29:27
Stats for CNN Teaparty Debate 9/12/2011 03:18:35
Video Update: Ron Paul Subcommittee - Restoring Sound Money Tuesday, September 13 20:47:44
Breathe or be jailed. 23:30:28
Ron Paul in the CNN / Tea Party Express Debate, Florida 9/12/11 20:00:36
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Day After "Debate", Two Liberal Heavyweights Defend Paul 23:57:08
Video - Attack on US Embassy compound - Afghanistan 23:52:34
Colbert Report is doing a Story on Ron Paul 23:48:13
The War of 2012: Ron Paul versus the media 23:47:30
The Great Ron Paul Blackout 23:46:56
Strategic Cooperation Agreement 23:44:48
Need some Reassurance? 23:43:31
Yahoo News Misleads Readers 23:38:57
My Ron Paul Painting Poster Prints 23:38:57
Ron Paul Rear Window Decal Edited: Both vehicles are now done! 23:20:41
Rear Window Decal 23:12:01
Buh-bye Bachmann! 23:01:43
Video: What if China had bases in America? 22:53:34
Voting Machines 22:52:04
Question about the Tea Party and Ron Paul 22:40:49
Game of Inches 22:27:55
Ron Paul Hulks Up on Rick Perry! 22:26:42
Rick Perry Corparatist for Sale 22:09:14
How do you remove your political contribution info from the web? 21:52:58
Let's get Ron Paul to Host Saturday Night Live! 21:52:32
Creepy Romney Meme 21:45:41
The seed is beginning to sprout. 21:39:26
Ron Paul supporters should never use the term liberal to defend our stances 21:38:31
The NY Sun - "Ron Paul’s Farewell Address?" 21:34:22 - Ron Paul America’s Hope for a future… 21:31:35
Healthy 30 year old. $65 per month, $5500 deductible, 0% Coinsurance 21:31:19
Us News - Ron Paul's Issue With Style Over Substance 21:26:57
CBS News - Ron Paul: Time To Stop Spending Trillions On War 21:18:50
Peter Schiff Testifies Before Congressional Jobs Committee 21:10:10
CNN and the "Tea Party": What's Going on Here? 21:09:55
Registering to vote for Ron Paul 21:09:14
humor 21:05:52
Delete please 21:05:40
sane proposals to replace ObamneyCare 21:01:09
Peter Schiff's Congressional Testiony 9-13-11 20:59:59
Is Ron Paul Wrong About 9/11? 20:53:09
Missed Poll, Lets beat Perry (freedomworks) 20:41:53
A poll we missed (North Carolina News 14) 20:35:32
Ron Paul on front page of Yahoo! 20:28:44 post-debate article 20:23:59
Ron Paul Interview W / Neil Cavuto - Fox Business September 14 - 4pm ET 20:10:03
Ron Paul's Stimulus Plan 20:08:45
Look Up—Predator Drones May Be Coming To Your Neighborhood. 20:02:39
Why The Media Should Stop Ignoring Ron Paul? 19:58:19
Ammo to fire back at the "Paul is an isolationist who blames America" crowd 19:56:07
Michigan Republican Gov Rick Snyder to require BMI reports on kids 19:51:44
Ron Paul Wins OH Straw Poll! 19:49:51
Real Americans!.. Rescue! 19:32:39
Why don't we buy some of our own local AM radio stations and give the people a choice? 19:19:38
Winning the Neocon Vote is POSSIBLE! 19:06:58
E-Verify flags Obama's Social Security number 18:58:46
Drunk Ron Paul Supporter ARRESTED on TV! 18:40:35
Presidential Sieve 18:31:52
The Way to Turn People Away from Perry and Romney 18:20:19
9/11 Why they attacked us. 18:06:51
New CNN Poll, another solid 3rd 18:06:39
Ron Paul's next straw poll speech should be on 911 and foreign policy. 18:03:23
The Health Insurance Question 17:55:53
Campaign Ideas - What Would You Do? 17:54:15
Hey, anybody out there coming to Reno for LPAC? 17:51:19
Yahoo "whats RP's take on unions?" 17:44:49
When People tell you we need government to do good things, show em this.. 17:32:10
Awesome educational video - inflation mathematics 17:29:54
Ed Koch: An Attack on Israel Is an Attack on US 17:22:50
Republican Rebel: Ron Paul's Life Reimagined by Taiwanese Animators! 17:15:01
Golden Rule Foreign Policy 17:14:26
Russia, China, America, terrorism, and freedom 17:08:10
Col. Wilkerson (Powell's ex-Chief of Staff): libertarians are right about bankrupting militarism 17:06:35
Ron Paul slandered by ABC 16:58:13
The media is trying to depict Ron Paul as inhumane. This is good. 16:27:52
Are you sick of the MSM treatment of Dr. Paul? Let's DO something about it. 16:27:28
Ron Paul Predictions Prove He's Right about 9-11 16:22:22
Another great article on ron attacking perry!! Stay positive guys :) 16:21:48
Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out at H.E.L.P. Subcommittee Hearing - 09/13/11 16:18:10
Please Donate NOW to boost Ron Paul in the California straw poll! 16:08:49
Neocon Poll of desperation has Paul at 8 percent Cain at 22.. 16:01:47
Are you being sued for credit? Ever hear of Jerome Daly? 15:59:03
Banksters Beware: Elizabeth Warren To Announce Senate Run 15:57:14
Please Sign Up For Huffington Post And Favorite Ron Paul Democrats 15:54:59
Don't comment re FAKE Palin endorsement. Bump this until it falls off the topics list. 15:28:40
Yahoo: Audience cheers leaving uninsured to die (picture of Ron Paul) 15:19:22
I think I just heard one of the greatest songs ever, this guy blew me away and actually sparked a new fire in me, revolutiontime 15:18:09
Is it me or did Romney & Bachmann seem a little too friendly last night? 15:08:44
"Israel's belligerent foreign poilicy creating Isolationism" 15:08:06
Limbaugh said he would vote for Obama over Ron Paul 15:03:12
Perry Pontifications To Dr. Paul. 14:59:04
Urgent - Obama coming to NC State - Need Ideas 14:58:14
The Cato Institute on Bin Laden 14:52:45
Possible reason Ron Paul and Rick Santorum don't see eye to eye 14:50:02
Ohio Leaders and Activists Endorse Ron Paul for President 14:49:09
Ron Paul "Taken Aback" by Callousness of Tea Party Crowd 14:24:50
An anthropologist discovers the root of our being. Aliens must read article 14:24:02
No insurace? On life support? You die? Hip Hip Hooray! 14:20:25
Ron Paul Revolution Documentary 14:17:07
Celebrities for Ron Paul 14:03:50
A Good Way DailyPaul Users Can Help Ron Paul Win 13:56:12
Guilt, Blame, and Truth; Blog Post against Santorum 13:53:36
The Money bomb has started . 13:50:03
A firsthand account of "not learning the lessons of 9/11" 13:43:30
Drones Evolve Into Weapon in Age of Terror 13:42:44
Delete please 13:38:34
Need help! attn North Carolina Gay Rights 13:34:32
LA Times Article about Ron being boo'ed by Teapartiers 13:33:10
2007 Polling Time Machine, Get in and Feel Better! 13:28:23
Is it True 13:21:25
They keep tryin' but it ain't workin' too well. 13:17:31
Ron Paul DOUBLES His National Support In Just 2 Weeks 13:16:37
Ron Paul’s View On Foreign Occupations Supported By US Troops 13:12:46
09/13/11 Democracy Now! discuss Ron Paul boos 12:59:52
Wepolls 12:49:16
Paul needs some votes at this poll. 12:42:42
Noam Chomsky gives mention and agreement with Ron Paul 12:39:43
Fair MSNBC Article on Ron vs. Santorum! 12:39:26
Santorum Meme (and add your own text!) 12:38:10
What Would Ron Paul Say. 12:34:57
Jefferson and Palin talk Foreign Policy 12:30:18
Glen Beck slams Ron Paul today 12:26:31
Looking at the polls!Go Ron! 12:14:00
When is the next debate? 12:09:11
Ron Paul Needs to Assign Santorum A Reading List 12:07:47
Mitt romney job plan on wmd. Blame china. 11:35:33
Ron Paul dog disappointed with CNN debate 11:34:52
The only candidate that speaks the truth 11:33:31
Ron Paul DOUBLES His National Support In Just 2 Weeks 11:24:43
"A 30 year old gets into an accident with no insurance.." 11:24:16
China LOVES Rick Perry ! Must Read !! 11:23:21
Debate Strategy : Ron Paul IS The Leader and Here Is Why 11:23:20
After Last Night, Ron Paul Needs A Military/Veterans Support Ad Running Nationwide 11:18:38
Guess who is the worlds largest employer? 11:18:29
They don't hate us cause we're free! Comic David Cross on terrorists 11:11:18
Health care: Give me liberty or give me death 11:05:34
Loaded Question: "Congressman Paul, would you let this man die?" 10:57:33
TeaParty Debate # of times spoken 10:37:28
Ron Paul DOUBLES His National Support In Just 2 Weeks 10:32:58
Tom Woods hosts Peter Schiff Show 9/13/11! Audio Link 10:13:19
2 Big Money Bombs This Weekend. 9/17 and 9/19 09:41:43
I got a call from Rick Perry's campaign last night. 09:32:20
Need Grassroots/Beginner Advice-Wiregrass Area/Alabama 09:28:55
Troops for Ron Paul 09:12:32
Ron Paul Video - Should go Viral Today 09:12:02
New Spectator Article- "Ron Paul is a hypocrite" 09:10:00
Everywhere Should Be Like Cincinnati 08:53:10
Conservative vs NeoConservative 08:38:37
Police State Perry - 10% of Texans Have Active Arrest Warrants 08:33:24
Let Ron Paul Speak! 08:31:36
Ex pro-wrestler John Collado killed by NYPD plainclothes officer - another innocent vicim of the war on drugs 08:31:29
Ron Paul DOUBLES His National Support In Just 2 Weeks 08:13:05
Scandal? Wolf Blitzer caught on mike kissing up to Perry after debate. 07:53:54
Facebook Commissar Warns Infowars Reporter About Political Posts 06:51:10
Message to Rick Santorum, the war-mongering, Arab-hating, ANTI-American traitor. 05:35:04
CNN debate poll.Come on folks cast your vote! Romney is beating Ron Paul :( 03:15:54
Post-debate polls for CNN/Tea Party Debate 03:13:11
How to WIN this thing ! 03:09:25
Judge Napolitano Interviews Robin Koerner about Blue Republicans 03:05:42
Homemade "Slim Jim" 02:51:06
Ron Paul's New Campaign Strategy: "You Can Only TRUST ME." 02:49:17
the Military-Industrial Complex - a Great Many Companies Have a Vested Interest in Wars 02:34:32
Sir Ken Robinson on Education - excellent video 02:28:30
How Many Presidential Candidates are Invested in The Military Industrial Complex Companies? 02:24:08
Time for a Reality Check Ron Paul Yes Men. 02:09:57
Message to Ron Paul Campaign: How to win the Warmonger Neocons, especially after the CNN/Teaparty Debate! 02:05:07
Unfortunately 01:48:18
At some point, during every debate, Ron Paul needs to say. 01:41:45
Rick Perry: The New Manchurian Candidate 01:40:06
How Do You Deliver Bread to Poor People? 01:39:27
hi folks, new guy here in need of merchandise advice 01:34:55
A record of bin Laden & al Qaeda's stated reasons for attacking America from 1996 - 2004 01:33:04
How to silence all Ron Paul's opponents on stage concerning foreign policy 01:32:34
Glenn Beck on O'Reilly earlier this year: they hate us for our foreign policies, not our freedoms 01:24:51
Best Video Yet of Why Ron Paul.. 01:21:25
Who's the Tea Party? 01:11:32
How I converted Neo-Cons to Ron Paul 01:06:33
More sites to go leave comments or vote in polls on the debate! 01:04:45
New Super Pac - Plastic men is so like the debates 01:04:24
Ron Paul - "You either love him, or you don't understand him!" 00:55:00
Next Debate ORLANDO, FL 09/22/2011 00:51:48
Interview With Jon Stewart-daily Show 09/26/2011 00:46:37
Some feedback on Jon Huntsman, please. 00:39:49
Extremely Interesting DIGG! link [must see] 00:36:15
Perry comes under fire at the CNN/Tea Party Debate 00:27:06
Wow Ron Paul is REALLY winning. 00:17:36
Google Trends don't Lie 00:12:23
The Secret Money Bombs Don't Stop. 00:11:35
Delete please 00:08:04
It would be nice if Genesis Communications Network . 00:00:13
"I'd Bring A Bushel Basket Full of Common Sense" 07:45:46
Reject The TEA PARTY! 06:32:26