Posted on September 14, 2011

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Michael Scheuer on Freedom Watch "The Tea Party Debate" 22:31:50
Must Read: Encouragement from Dubai! Great to hear this! 15:55:40
Bombshell: Saudi Arabia threatens to cut ties with US over Palestine UN Veto 10:51:42
Video Update: Ron Paul on Fox Responds to Cheney 14 Sept 19:38:55
Schiff knocks it outta the PARK!! Must see! (Video) 15:10:36
Ron Paul, now more electable than ever 08:53:02
Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart: Tea Party Debate Coverage 9/13 05:01:08
Freedom Watch Video: "Ron Paul Has The Deepest Support I've Seen In Decades!" 06:09:56
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Local gun show activity report from Sept 10 - fyi 23:59:22
acorn & seiu - September 17th "Day of Rage" 23:37:04
Why "They" attack us. 23:26:05
Michele Bachmann's new HPV (Gardasil) Ad About Rick Perry 23:18:20
Ranking GOP candidates on tech savvy, craziness, and electability 23:00:06
a video that needs to go viral 22:58:20
Michigan to begin tracking kids' body mass index 22:51:20
The Hill - Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann Should Call on Rick Perry to Drop Out 22:35:39
Drunk Ron Paul Supporter on Nat Geo channel 22:34:32
Netflix Subscribers.You won't believe this! 22:31:20
Robin Koerner on Freedom Watch: Blue Republicans for Ron Paul 22:30:03
Bodies hanging from bridge in Mexico are warning to social media users 22:27:31
2012: The Crossroads of Human History? 22:24:30
Rock band STAIND performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live wearing Oath Keepers cap! 22:19:44
FBI Teaches Agents: ‘Mainstream’ Muslims Are ‘Violent, Radical’ 22:17:33
Ron Paul in second place versus Obama 22:15:58
Ron Paul Takes Command of Debate Crowds 22:10:40
Paul is right on health insurance mandate - Great article 22:08:02
Winter Soldier:Iraq and Afghanistan 22:01:18
Ron Paul and All That Jazz "End the Fed" Music Video 22:00:55
Karen Kwiatkowski Announced She Will Run for Congress!! 21:58:05
Nationwide op-ed support bomb for Ron Paul 21:51:39
Help Us Promote The Louisiana Campaign HQs Grand Opening Party! 21:37:27
Obama's foreign policy adviser is? Zbigniew Brzezinski! 21:09:17
VIDEO: CNN Talks about Ron pauls healthcare issue and lost Friend and gets his thoughts! 21:07:59
BIll Hicks On Religion, Politics, and The Vision 20:57:18
Blitzer also brings up Snyder on Situation Room 20:54:10
My very first post 20:52:17
Ron Paul's Campaign Manager Died, Uninsured With Massive Medical Bill Debt 20:43:55
Best Ron Paul Video EVER! 20:20:54
Why Can't We Talk About All Our Wars? 19:50:41
VIDEO: Northern Arizona University(NAU) Administration Shuts Down 9/11 Event 19:27:47
Video: BBC - End of the Euro, A War Within a Decade 19:17:43
George W. Bush’s Toronto appearance cancelled 19:15:49
Paul is right on health insurance mandate 18:52:58
Military personnel allocations across the world 18:28:22
Is "Red Fist Revolution" something we could/should get behind? 18:25:55
Libya becoming a terrorist haven 18:13:45
I am very optimistic about Ron Paul's prospects 18:10:17
Two things Ron should bring up. 18:07:03
Clint Eastwood 17:57:42
Question about WW2 and Hitler 17:49:32
Palin "Snorted Coke" & "Banged NBA Star"! WOW! 17:48:43
WikiLeaks drops Bombshell on Gold Market; GATA right again! 17:13:23
SPOiLER - How a Third Political Party Could Win - World Premier Tomorrow! 17:12:59
Ron Paul Questioned About 9/11 17:04:03
Jerry Doyle Gives A Preview of His Speech At LPAC Thursday Night - "The Opt-out Revolution" 16:50:34
Richard Clarke points the finger at CIA's George Tenet for 9/11 16:38:31
Palin slams Perry on 'crony capitalism' 16:31:51
Video: CNN on Ron Paul and Former Campaign Manager Kent Snyder 9/14/2011 16:24:08
Chomsky: Ron Paul is right about al Qaeda 16:19:51
"Ron Paul Wasn't Joking About Letting Uninsured People Die" 16:13:18
Video Capture software? Tech Help 15:09:41
John Gibson show 15:08:34
The Field of Blackbirds and the Smoking Pillars 15:06:17
Old RP video 15:05:24
Ad: The ABCs of HPV and Rick Perry 15:03:29
"Ron Paul Was Right" 15:01:37
A little reading for Rick "No-Facts" Santorum 15:01:24
Trevor Lyman: Did Rand Paul just argue for a TSA citizen database? 14:57:57
Ron Paul does not need Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O'Reilly 14:48:16
Daily Show video of Ron Paul #16 14:44:05
Ron Paul Clip on Democracy Now! 9/14 14:39:04
The American Debt Crisis - YouTube Clip 14:38:30
Gerald Celente who can get us out of this mess? 14:36:24
Will gold go down in 2012 if Republicans gain control of all 3 branches of govt? 14:32:18
Im from India, and if I could, I'd vote for Dr. Ron Paul. its not just America, the world needs him too. 14:31:04
The Rick Perry Gardasil Scandal - We've Only Seen the Tip of the Iceberg 14:11:48
My newest Ron Paul video 13:56:49
So It Begins: Socgen Debt, Deposit Ratings Cut By One Notch To Aa3 By Moody's 13:25:35
NIST Reality Check 13:22:14
Glen Beck Says Ron Paul the Biggest Loser 13:12:20
No long faces, we can do it. 13:07:15
Ron Paul CNN Interview 12:53:14
We're on Obama's radar 12:49:13
Police and TSA agents assisted and took bribes in oxycodone drug smuggling ring! 12:32:00
Another 2% national poll for Santorum; RP comes in 3rd with 11% 12:31:59
Is the United States a True Ally of Israel? 12:29:52
Ron Paul's advantage 12:23:02
Feds Fining American Truckers to pay for Free Mexican Truck Upgrades 12:18:43
Yahoo snubs Ron Paul 12:18:17
Ron Paul interview 9/14 Boston Talk 1200 AM - Listen 12:11:35
Refuting "China Is Better Because They're Building 100 Airports." 12:08:01
Lol @ CNN "Government aid keeps millions out of poverty" 12:07:19
"Why Tricky Rick Scares Republicans". 12:04:45
You’re Going to Jail. The Criminalization of Everything.” 12:01:51
Pentagon Study Proposes Sacrificing Military Pension Compensation (but not foreign empire spending) 11:58:51
U.S. Taxpayers Now Footing the Bill for Mexican Truck Upgrades 11:48:14
I gave a speech at the Tea Party meeting last night.. 11:40:31
Kent Snyder death without insurance. 11:37:38
What did we do to make Muslims hate us? 11:32:03
Video of Drunk Ron Paul Supporter on Fox News Blog 11:19:42
Ignorant Journalist Claims that Ron Paul is a "tyrant's' best friend" 11:18:42
Ron Paul CONTINUES to get under Perry's skin 11:11:33
Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann should call on Rick Perry to drop out 11:10:22
Get Ron Paul on Saturday Night Live! 10:52:10
Bachmann no Stranger to Big Pharma Donations 10:37:01
Chris Matthews lies, "Ron Paul would let someone die if they did not have health insurance." 10:06:56
S.E. Cupp says Ron Paul's scary vision for America: He'd be tyrants' best friend 09:45:45
Ralph Nader on 9/11 08:48:36
53% See Third-Party Candidate As Likely President in Next 10 to 12 Years. 08:41:31
Why 2012 Republicans Hate the Fed 08:03:39
TSA-Morning Express 07:30:55
Howard Stern Discovers Ron Paul 04:30:41
I have an Idea to Improve the Readability of the Daily Paul! 03:50:27
Census: About 1 in 6 are poor in U.S. 03:21:43
Glenn Beck attacks Ron Paul and then restates Ron Pauls exact position on the Middle East as his own. 03:11:42
Bill Clinton caused 9/11 02:40:37
Rush Limbaugh's ridiculous hypocrisy 02:26:59
How to Hang A Neo-Con.Ask Them How They Can Send Other People's Kids To Die, Knowing They Chose Not To Fight Themselves! 02:14:00
LPAC 2011 in Nev. 9/15 01:55:06
RT: Ron Paul on the FED, Obama, and Iran 01:22:28
Should the Liberty movement walk a different path from the Tea Party? 01:17:02
Campaign manager death, how we can prove the left wrong. 01:16:57
Sarah Palin calls out Rick Perry's Crony Capitalism. 01:14:23
Why Not Mitt Romney (In 60 Seconds) 00:42:19
NY election: Why weren't the Dems allowed to just appoint somebody to Weiner's seat? 00:41:26
Amazing Blue Republican Outreach Video: Ted Kennedy Agreed with Ron Paul 00:35:59
Russia Today defends Ron Paul foreign policy: "most logical thing anyone said all night" 00:22:07
Freedom watch clip 00:13:01
Ron Paul Can't Win? Video Showing People Spontaneously Picking up a Burning Car 09:41:46