Posted on September 15, 2011

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I was on the Sean Hannity Show today. I called out Santorum on his foreign policy. 15:43:18
Ron Paul: Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect 9/15/11 15:04:20
Ron Paul Most Competitive Against Obama in Latest Poll 9/15/11 21:27:51
WSJ: Congress contemplates draconian punishment for Internet lies 09:55:17
Eight Amish Guys Jailed For Refusing To Attach Orange Safety Triangles To Their Buggies 09:50:17
Glenn Greenwald: Welcome to Orwell's America, Where it's Always 1984 08:10:37
The most interesting politician in the world 20:36:59
Tom Woods: How to make history for Dr. Paul 01:55:45
Fellow RON PAUL Patriots: Stand your ground. Be strong. Things are heating up! 12:00:08
Video Update: Ron Paul Interview on CNN - 9/14/11 01:13:22
CA Straw Poll: September 17 ~ Vote For Your Freedom 14:33:22
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An Answer to the 30-year old without Health Insurance Question 23:38:13
Ron Paul's scary vision for America: He'd be tyrants' best friend (New York Daily News) 23:22:12
Why Rick Santorum is Wrong on Foreign Policy 23:06:40
Has anyone ever been called by a national pollster? 23:06:24
Chocolate Ron Paul M&Ms for Halloween 23:00:02
The Worst Despots 22:59:30
Poll conspiracy or not enough sleep - you decide! 22:57:21
Barry Manilow: "I agree with just about everything he says." 22:53:00
The Real RP Answer to Wolf Blitzer’s “Gotcha” Question on Health Ins. in Debate 22:32:29
China to 'liquidate' US Treasuries, not dollars 22:18:58
I'm going to the LPAC Convention tomorrow! 21:39:05
Perry's transportation page goes down 21:25:51
Call to Action! How to boost Ron Paul from 9%-13% to 20%-25% on polling day 21:25:51
Barry Manilow on Ron Paul: "I agree with just about everything he says." 21:15:13
Keynesian Unemployment Economics: $19B error & 428,000 lost jobs last week 21:06:48
Call the Gold PO-LEECE! Trump Took Gold as Lease Payment- Video 21:01:02
Carl Bildt FEB 22 1992, Talks About New World Order 20:55:08
Ron Paul Video: The most interesting politician in the world. 20:49:23
Ron Paul Supporters. Domestic Terrorists!? 20:13:12
Trump Now Takes Gold as a Security Deposit 20:09:12
NFL wants pat downs from ankles up at all stadiums 20:09:12
Ron Paul trending #1 on Yahoo 19:55:59
Attention - Ron Paul Vote Map - Help Us Map Your Vote 19:27:59
Yahoo News - Ron Paul Wins the Barry Manilow Nod 19:08:51
Fox News - Barry Manilow a Ron Paul Fan 19:05:43
USA Today - Barry Manilow is a Ron Paul Fan 19:03:09
Obama "I'd like to work my way around Congress" 19:02:13
Question About The USPS 19:01:45
Maybe we need to write these guys to remind them WHO the Tea Party really is. 19:00:20
Personal Statement on Kent Snyder's Death 18:42:30
Old-Media Clutching at Straws to Try and Dampen Grassroots rEVOLution 18:40:48
Republicans and Foreign Policy: Should We Focus Outward Or Inward? 18:20:58
NYCPD forces WAC to leave the UN 17:57:47
The Colbert Report on Ron Paul 2012 17:47:19
We have to be realistic about what's happening. 17:44:49
Fed bales out Europe again 17:33:21
Manilow is a fan of Dr.Paul! 17:32:27
*MUST SEE*: What motivated the 9/11 hijackers? See testimony most didn't 17:18:36
"If it's not about terrorism, what IS it about?" 17:12:09
How do I become a delegate 17:09:30
Live Broadcast from LPAC 2011 In Reno, NV Friday 16, 2011 - Guests: Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Jack Hunter and more 17:06:50
test 17:05:29
Texans shifting to Ron Paul right now! 16:59:31
Barry Manilow on Ron Paul: ‘I agree with just about everything he says’ 16:53:37
Money Bomb Hacking 16:51:28
Ron Paul has gained six points among all Americans and 11 points among GOP voters. 16:40:36
The Federal Reserve to pump dollars into Europe's financial system 16:22:36
How dare you ignore the Constitution 16:13:40
A Declassified Jon Huntsman On China's Terror Of A Gold-Pegged Dollar 16:07:14
hr 2829/defund the UN 15:53:39
We got Barry Manilow! 15:30:42
WSJ's Bret Stephens on Ron's "fantasy empire" 15:20:44
American Free Press video 15:14:33
Torture: Dick Cheney's New Book of Fantasy 15:14:05
New Video of WTC Building 7 - Bombs visibly going off 14:55:35
The best Ron Paul video ever! 14:53:09
California Straw Poll in 2 days 14:44:05
RP Nation, We are winning! Now we must FOCUS! Jobs Jobs Jobs . 1-2 punch 14:41:52
LIVE Broadcast from lpac 2011 In Reno, NV Friday 16, 2011 - Guests: Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Jack Hunter and more 14:39:39
Video - Nigel Farage drops the hammer on Barroso ! 14:34:43
House OKs Curbs on NLRB, Undercutting Gov't’s Dispute With Boeing 14:19:16
Big picture, how do we see this campaign ending up? 14:15:10
NY Daily News hit piece on Ron Paul dubunked by The Daily Bell 14:14:50
my letter to America 14:10:17
Go Paleo! 14:06:14
Daily Kos Turns On The Anointed One (And It Isn't Pretty) 13:38:48
Minority Voters and Other Questions 13:31:53
Question to Newt Gingrich on the Fed - Fox News/Google Republican Debate 13:29:39
Woman Strip-Searched AFTER Plane Lands Safely 13:14:32
More on Merck, Gardasil and Perry 13:03:38
Is Ron Paul Right: Did Al Qaeda Attack Us Because of Our Policies? 12:53:02
The last time Iran started a war. 12:26:00
Matt Collins says: Possible coming attack on the campaign! 12:23:09
Eastwood kinda sounding like Ron Paul 12:19:10
Ron Paul Plays Hardball With National Review 12:16:08
Tom Woods: How to Make History for Ron Paul 12:13:29
The Health Insurance Question 12:07:19
So. Fla. Cop: "We Can Videotape You, But You Don’t Have The Right To Videotape Us" 12:07:14
"Joel Salatin: A Radical for Freedom" 11:49:12
New Video "Change History - Ron Paul 2012" 11:45:48
Astonished University Professor's reaction to Paul's statements on 9/11 11:45:18
Very good quote 11:42:54
Debunking Rachel Maddow by Justin Raimondo 11:42:40
This is what Dr. Paul is talking about 11:40:55
Tom Woods fills in for Peter Schiff on the radio and interviews Robert Murphy 11:35:44
Ron should meet with Trump 11:28:30
H.R. 1098, Free Competition in Currency Act, is Immediate, Achievable Solution 10:46:56
Health Care Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional! 10:43:52
Freedom? US Ranked 9th, 15th and 16 10:43:45
Do we have an answer to this bizarre accusation? 10:35:16
Congressman: Student Loans used to Fund For-Profit Colleges should be Dischargeable 10:21:54
Update: Gibson CEO to Face FEDS 10:14:57
Raw Story attacks Dr. Paul full force on health care. 09:57:35
We’re Headed For A Crash, Says Gerald Celente : Keep Buying Gold 09:20:53
Trump troll starting up again - and a POLL 09:18:31
Is CNN's agenda clear enough? 09:14:20
*VIDEO* Ron Paul Staffer Dies Uninsured-CNN 09:13:53
Understanding Iraq,Iran,oil and blowback 09:05:18
Remember, remember the 17th of September? 09:00:40
Do You Know What the Constitution Really Says? 08:36:21
The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911 07:28:29
NATO Weary of Nation-Building, Occupation in Libya 05:42:20
Ron Paul: A Texas Thorn in Rick Perry's Side ( Real Clear Politics) 05:33:52
Mitt Romney praises Dick Cheney 05:10:05
Perry Comes As An Angel of Light: Know The Enemy 05:03:50
David Icke - Charlie Sheen - Payday Monsanto - Everybody Knows! 04:26:09
Video Update : 1 hour of Ron Paul! Ron Paul Hearing on Restoring Sound Money 03:50:53
VIDEO - Ron Paul Is Different 03:41:55
Please respond to this letter to the editor 02:59:38
First video for the Black This Out - Moneybomb! 02:55:29
AWESOME Ron Paul Video - This Need to Go Viral! 02:46:55
Bombshell Pt2: Obama Ordered To Denver Bunker By US Military 02:32:48
Michael Scheuer Continues to VIndicate Ron Paul's Views on Foreign Policy 02:14:08
"Gimme Mitt" - Bahahahaha 02:11:48
any NJ tax attorneys or enrolled agents out there? 01:56:32
Rick Perry: Poking little girls since 2007 01:54:40
Voters extremely unhappy with Republicans too - BIG opportunity! 01:51:47
This From Disinfo 01:44:06
President Obama Launches Attack Watch Website 01:26:45
Ron Paul Documentary 'For Liberty' Full Video Just Uploaded Onto You Tube 01:09:51
Paul's ratings in a general election poll 00:52:55
The GOP War on Voting 00:30:39
Justice in the courts is a core critical principle of liberty and Ron Paul's message 00:08:14