Posted on September 17, 2011

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Congressman Ron Paul Wins 2011 California Straw Poll 22:36:35
Video: Ron Paul Arrives at the CA GOP Convention 19:11:13
Got a New Ron Paul Supporter! 17:24:34
Military Donations: A visual aid. 14:58:15
My Letter to the Editor was Published 07:39:03
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Tea Party Candidate To Challenge Boehner In 2012 23:50:52
FL Straw Poll Must-Win According to Governor 23:47:26
Here's The Deal. 23:34:39
Progressive Naomi Klein Nails Predictions About Obama in 2008. 23:30:56
Great explanation of the FED and the great depression by Milton Friedman. 23:28:09
#Occupywallstreet! The media is not showing this! This is a revolution! 23:17:02
Religion weakens the State 23:07:51
Norml, Vote Hemp, Mpp, LEAP 23:01:18
Ron Paul wins California GOP Straw Poll 22:34:00
Ron Paul Supporters 22:10:11
Michigan Congressman Justin Amash Endorses Ron Paul 2012 21:41:15
Exclusive : Forced Injection of Children Without Parents Consent - Dr. Andrew Wakefield 21:29:23
Herman Cain's 999 Plan 21:17:24
article: Ron Paul can Win 20:58:51
Ron Paul's speech at CA GOP Convention, 9/17/2011 20:56:02
Marxism in America 20:35:45
Rick Perry in 1st Place Among Rick Perry Supporters 20:35:01
George Harper for Congress,TEXAS District 14 20:25:41
H.Chronicle: Ron Paul Looks to Buck Fringe Candidate Status [Awesome Pics] 18:19:20
Internet Poll on California straw poll 20:03:26
Comment Bomb idea. 19:57:22
SFGate - Rep. Ron Paul Sparks Sensation at CA GOP Convention, Says Media Misreported Tea Party Cheering on Uninsured (VIDEO) 19:46:06
CNN - Ron Paul Kicks Off Another 'Money Bomb' - Great Article! 19:42:00
Fall of the Tea Party 19:40:27
Hand-delivered "love note" to Santorum 19:21:27
Oregon and Ku Klux Klan's unconstitutional attempt to outlaw private schools 19:10:37
David Ricardo: why the boom & bust business cycle occurs. And updated theory by Austrian economists 19:09:30
How government thwarted interracial non-profit hospital - Dr. Murray Rothbard 19:08:13
Here is mine. where is yours? 18:41:41
Ron Paul bashing on Disinfo 18:32:55
This is the best educational caller for Ron Paul on radio! 18:28:40
Live Streaming! Demonstration Thousands on Wall Street NOW! 18:26:05
Help - New Money Bomb Video on RP Campaign Site 17:51:07
Bail out for Kabul Bank Rejected ! 17:34:07
What is Smile Trek? Inspired by the Ron Paul movement 17:04:01
Constitution Day Comment Bomb! Make up for empty wallets with citizen advertising! 16:57:25
The Hegelian Dialectic. 16:55:00
What it's like to read a Ron Paul article 16:51:53
American Idol Mainstream Media Style 16:48:09
Ron Paul would reduce the government to nothing 16:38:19
I Got An Idea for the Ticker 16:16:05
CA Bill Strips Informed Consent Rights from Parents 15:49:52
Watch protest on Wall Street Live 15:46:14
Postal Service faces grim ‘new reality’ 15:27:37
☂ Fukushima Children Question Japanese Government ☂ 15:27:21
america today: Heartbreaking Pictures From New Jersey's Homeless 'Tent City' 15:23:32
Paul Krugman vs. Ron Paul and Friedrich Hayek 14:51:22
Ron Paul kicks off another 'money bomb' 14:44:09
MWC News: "We have met the enemy, and he is us." 14:43:34
Ron Paul Graphics 14:43:16
Where's the Blimp? Bring back the blimp. Money bomb for the blimp! 14:36:22
Constitution Day Video Message from Ron Paul 14:32:00
Looking for suggestions about using emotions to spread the message of Ron Paul. 14:20:33
Tea Partier challenges Boehner for House seat 14:20:31
A quote from a former president 14:17:28
Is Rick Perry 'BIG PHARMS' Poster Child for Mercks Gardasil? 14:12:34
Headlines Another innocent man is due to be executed by the corrupt and insane fascists in Georgia (the home of 'justice', of co 13:25:29
Speak Up USA 13:19:29
CNN: Ron Paul kicks off another money bomb 13:11:00
Jack Hunter on The Jerry Doyle Show - LPAC 2011 in Reno NV 12:57:32
Where is the Vince Vaughn/Ron Paul VIDEO? 12:23:29
Just Finished Fan Site 12:20:30
Ron Paul's most important bill yet! HR 1098 12:20:30
Doctor suggests that vaccine denialist propaganda does a public disservice, and recommends legislating vaccinations 12:13:11
China Looks to Liquidate US Treasuries 12:11:29
"Stop Military Aid to Israel" billboard in New York subways. 12:05:20
any video from lpac ? 11:27:06
Facebook friend Douglas Carswell 11:26:44
The View from Marrs 11:18:36
Want a good laugh - like this will EVER happen. 10:54:43
The BIG Medical bill SCAM: How its done over and over again. 10:53:24
For those who care. Richard Gage has a new 2.25 hr Documentary on 9-11 10:42:05
Ron Paul Through the Years - Some "Antique" Pictures of Ron Paul 10:37:57
*Active Poll* - Will GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul become a spoiler for Rick Perry? Go Vote! 10:34:09
The Hill - Paul Plans Constitution Day 'Money Bomb' Fundraiser 10:31:25
Tea Parties: absurd, naive, selective trusting of the government 10:25:18
Best 911 Video ever made 10:15:22
New Video! Ron Paul, Big Brother, and American Exceptionalism 10:06:47
Anderson Cooper Lies About Bachmann 09:44:04
I am not seeing enough bumper stickers. 09:30:12
A Miracle of Faith for the Next Generation 08:09:30
Dick Cheney misremembers the Iraq war 07:06:17
YouTube Video Bomb 06:57:06
Can Ron Paul Win? Lew Rockwell Talks with Alex Jones 06:53:15
Authority Zero The Band 06:19:58
Rick Perry, Liar Liar Flip Flopper 04:12:35
Rand Paul on The Jerry Doyle Show at LPAC 2011 - 9/16/11 00:19:31
Let´s Flood Youtube With The Moneybomb videos! 03:09:31
Vince Vaughn pics! 03:06:23
Ron Paul The Focus Of Jokes - From The Lamestream 02:48:41
The Case for Ron Paul - A Database of Resources 08:44:13
REMINDER: How To Invite ALL Of Your Facebook Friends For Todays Moneybomb! 01:47:49
Is Food and Gas including the Government inflation report? 01:36:10
Krit Motor Car Company Michigan 01:28:53
Fear, Courage, Morality and Patriotism 01:19:19
THE dead pelican - Louisiana version of "Drudge Report" promotes Daily Paul, Ron Paul and his LA office Grand Opening! 00:49:06
Southern CA grocery strike 00:46:08
Ron Paul -The Awakening of America - MUST see video!! 00:19:18
An Update on Quartzite.. 00:15:37
Ron Paul will be speaking at Constitution Day celebration in Freeport TX (but on Sunday) so will Debra Medina 00:07:25