Posted on September 18, 2011

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Revolution PAC Superbomb 22:20:47
Video: The Industry Plugs Ron Paul in Front of 8,000 People at Verizon Wireless Ampitheater, Atlanta 22:01:51
CPAC-Florida : We Need Liberty Activists to Attend this weekend Sept. 23 21:00:30
Great Feedback from People! Buffalo Bills Football Game 17:28:57
The next 4 months are crucial. Are YOU doing everything you can? 11:54:33
NEXT: Florida Presidential 5 GOP Straw Poll Sept. 22-24. Are YOU gonna be there? 11:16:19
Huge Crowd of Ron Paul Supporters at the California Republican Party Convention! 21:13:58
Ron Paul Constitution Day Money Bomb 2011 Raises Over $1M 18:11:31
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State Column - Ron Paul Defeats Rick Perry, Mitt Romney in California Poll, "raised 1.03 million in twenty-four hour money bomb" 23:56:12
You Got Some Input? 23:56:08
Who you callin loco? 23:44:52
Mudslinging for the good doctor! 23:26:08
The Rothschild’s and the American Economy 23:24:13
I Met Ron Paul! 23:17:32
Ron Paul: The Leader! 23:03:02
10% match of SuperPac Money bomb for the campaign. 23:02:47
The Road Map to Sound Money and Restoring the Dollar – Ron Paul’s Proposal 22:48:20
Recruiting begins for The GSFT (Grassroots Special Forces Team) 22:18:31
Air Force General Blows Whistle On Obama, But Media Deaf 22:14:22
Water operator with Hot Springs County suffered life-debilitating health effects in a fluoride accident 21:35:41
Ron Paul Revolution Banner Giveaway 20:59:49
U.S. Defends Unilateral Capture or Kill Doctrine 20:55:10
TX billed $294,000 for Perrys’ security on out-of-state trips 20:36:12
My First Donation. Let's go Dr. Paul. Gametime. 20:29:14
We Buried Sean Hannity's Ratings Online Last Week - Let's Keep It Going 20:25:11
Ron Paul - 9/11, vaccines (vid): 9/18 20:24:46
A wonderful video on the impact of Economic Freedom 20:23:44
Ayn Rand a Welfare Leech? 20:17:56
Spoiler Movie! How A Third Political Party Could Win 20:06:07
Any DPers in Honolulu? 19:52:40
New movie "SPOiLER" featuring Ron Paul! 19:45:56
Perry and Bachman and Romney LIE more than any other presidential candidates! Ron Paul scored best! 19:43:45
Police Brutality. This one needs some action for Jordan Miles video rap 19:41:35
True Inflation Levels, Calculated the Old Fashioned Way! 19:09:24
If you haven't gone to yet - GO NOW 19:03:41
Wikipedia has deleted Cumulative Republican Straw Poll results from it's website 18:47:20
Ron Paul / Libertarian Related YouTube Channels 18:36:45
Ron Paul - The New GOP Frontrunner 18:36:34
A Campaign Idea for out of state activists 18:35:04
Superbomb at midnight tonight 18:22:01
Nuclear Weapons: A Visual Timeline 18:11:02
Cost to Fix Flood Defenses Far Exceeds Funding 18:07:04
Houston Police Are Reckless! (Video) 17:57:37
The official beginning of "Operation 50 States" on the Daily Paul! 17:54:13
Ron Paul can't win unless you sort out election fraud. 17:50:27
Peace March October 8 in Chicago - Out of Afghanistan 17:46:43
The Washington Post: Perry and ex-aide Mike Toomey have deep, mutually beneficial ties. 17:29:14
Ron Paul Interest Surpasses Heavily Media Promoted Rick Perry This Week - Google Trends 17:29:05
Awesome New Board Game: The Constitution Quest (Check it out!) 17:04:27
Finally! My First Post 16:47:18
Ron Paul at LSU and Grand opening of Baton Rouge, LA headquarters! Who is going to be there? 16:33:20
How a third party can win. Vid 16:23:13
Cong'l Black Caucus Chair: If Obama wasn't president, we would be ‘marching on the White House’ 16:17:14
A Birthday Present 15:50:26
Superbomb Starts at Midnight! 15:47:27
a little lost here on the straw poll schedule 15:30:14
Open Carry Gun control bill in California Gov. Brown's hands! 15:10:46
CBS/NY Times Poll: Really bad numbers 14:56:10
New Twist On Rick Perry Photo Pointing At Ron Paul 14:45:14
Michelle Obama "disses" the American flag 14:27:15
NC Staw Poll 11-19-11 to be held at NCGOP Hall of Fame Dinner 14:23:11
Romney wins CA Straw Poll 14:04:51
"The Ron Paul Revolution is one of peace and liberty for all!" - Beatles Revolution Youtube 14:04:14
One answer to those who say: "They hate us for our freedoms." 13:17:14
Gardasil is a complete scam! Not effective when most girls becomes sexually active. Merck CEO controls CDC. 13:10:35
The Military Supports Ron Paul (Video) 12:59:44
Dr. Paul introduction @ CA GOP convention 12:52:25
Michele Bachmann's Plan to Become President: Become Ron Paul (video) 12:49:26
President Paul. All we need to do to make this happen is.. 12:15:09
Schuyler County, NY - Ron Paul supporters wanted 11:52:45
Nj - "Reaction to Ron Paul Shows Some Americans are Exceptionally Stupid" 11:51:15
Reaction to Ron Paul shows some Americans are exceptionally stupid 11:38:35
Alex Jones and Gerald Celente ~ The 2011 "Winter of Discontent" 11:07:24
R3VOLUTION MARCH - Washington, D.C. - Oct 15th 11:07:23
Why they Hate Us 10:47:22
People I've converted to support Ron Paul 10:43:16
Rick Perry as Barabbas 10:14:50
Great Vids found on Youtube 10:01:13
Where can I get past campaign contribution data 09:07:19
Wall Street oil games 09:00:41
Glenn Greenwald: The mainstreaming of Walt and Mearsheimer 08:54:49
Help! Chicago Trib author needs some education - inane article about RP 08:32:30
LA Times Article: Top of the Ticket 08:22:23
Clarence Page: Ron Paul's harsh definition of 'freedom' 07:50:43
Ron Paul says Campaign Growing, trashes US policy 07:46:25
Video Evidence:Media Blackout - Thousands peacefully protest Wall Street 07:13:34
Julia Bacha: Pay attention to nonviolence 06:56:52
is ron starting to catch on? 06:03:56
I Did the Mini Bomb Again 05:31:26
Who Watches the Watchers? 05:10:45
Great new site! 04:35:29
Last night at the LPAC Convention 04:34:54
Google Ron Paul wins California Straw Poll! 04:28:26
RP support discovered @ IGN 04:00:38
Potential Evidence the Establishment is Scared S*less 03:51:23
"Ron Paul the unlikely star of the state GOP convention" Page A-1 on Saturday's SF Chronicle 03:13:44
BlackThisOut Money Bomb - October 19 - Let's prepare NOW!! 09:48:51
RevolutionPAC Super Money Bomb - September 19 02:40:03
A good look at the new embassy in Iraq 02:39:12
[Video] Where do Ron Paul's ideas come from? 02:25:58
A Daily Pauler's View on U.S. Currency - We all need a Laugh! 01:57:42
Fox News : Congressman Ron Paul Wins 2011 GOP Straw Poll 01:46:52
Video Update : Paul Drops the Ron Bomb & Rick Rolls Santorum 44.9% to 0.8% CA Straw Poll 01:41:44
Are Evangelical Christians Warmongers? -Chuck Baldwin 01:15:02
The Youth, War, and Why Progressive Women Should Support Ron Paul 00:56:59
Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, LA Times, The Sacramento Bee, NewsMax, Ron Paul Wins California GOP Straw Poll! 00:42:43
LA Times: Bachmann and Paul speak at state GOP convention 00:34:31
Open carry gun ban CA on Governor's desk 00:04:51