Posted on September 26, 2011

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Dr. Ron Paul's 11-Point Plan That Could Save America 23:12:34
The Judge Explains the Difference between Capitalism and Free Markets 20:12:07
Video Update: Ron Paul on Freedom Watch Before Daily Show - 9/26 17:39:28
Ron Paul Receives Endorsement from NJ State Senator Michael J. Doherty. 16:43:19
The Federal Reserve Plans To Identify “Key Bloggers” 13:36:33
The Hill: When Rick Perry drops out: Ron Paul could be 2nd Place 12:20:35
Gallup: Half of Americans think federal government is a threat to ordinary citizens 09:52:44
Moved to larger stage Webster Hall! 07:54:24
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 9/26/11: Time to De-Recognize the United Nations 06:01:21
Military newspaper front page: "YOU WANT HIM - Ron Paul leads in donations for military personnel" 08:56:06
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Need To Spend Your Cash Before It's Worthless?! - Sponsor Rock The R3VOLUTION Tour! 23:21:56
Possible Government file on internet? 23:13:02
a little comic relief - excerpts from debate 7 or 8 22:31:27
Goldman Sachs Wins Dismissal of Lawsuits Contesting Bonuses 21:59:48
For those who want to actually listen to what people say rather than take the propoganda media's word for it 21:50:19
Technocracy, Sustainable Development and the SMART Grid 21:37:45
BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: "The Collapse Is Coming. And Goldman Rules The World 21:27:02
$250,000 in the 401K. What to do? 21:26:41
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch Pt 1/2 9/26/2011 21:11:11
Why did Obama give bunker-buster bombs to Israel? 21:07:36
Ron Paul On the Jon Stewart Show Tonight! 20:40:05
BBC: Independent Trader-" Goldman Sachs Rules the World" 20:37:22
Did anyone see Neil Cavuto tonight 9/26/11? 19:56:52
Rick Perry has courted the Jewish vote for awhile - watch him dance! 19:55:00
RP RCP Average numbers - second after Romney 19:44:12
Search Bar 19:41:39
It's Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney for the nomination! 19:30:20
an Oldie but Goodie. 19:25:56
Campaign Ad Ideas 19:18:49
Do Not Protest On Wall Street 19:04:44
China's 50 cent party 18:55:26
This is really such BS! 18:46:56
Politics Nation - Ron Paul Blackout 18:44:19
9-25-11 Max Keiser Report has some bone chilling financial information. 18:23:33
More media diversionary tactics. 18:18:17
Federal reserve question 18:04:30
Let them eat cake moment, Wall Street 18:01:31
President Paul! California GOP Straw Poll Victory for Freedom 17:56:07
Freedom! 17:53:16
Webster Hall event for "the Vaccines" cancelled due to "illness". 17:51:05
Any Kansas Paulers here? Tom Woods might like to meet you 17:45:21
The Federal Reserve, should it end, or become regulated? 17:45:13
Do you know this Jim Rogers video? 17:42:44
IDEA: November 6th Moneybomb 17:34:56
Wyoming Sheriffs Told Federal BATF & IRS Agents To Abide By The Constitution Or Face Arrest 17:20:57
IL Straw Poll 17:19:57
Peace of Preparedness 16:55:09
Great Tool To Capture the Older Voters Attention (Works for Everyone Though). 16:40:34
The I agree with Ron Paul on everything except Israel argument 16:01:22
Trader on BBC says "Goldman Sachs Rules the World" 16:00:12
a Peak at How things Run at Fox News and Why 15:48:38
Why are Rick Perry and Mitt Romney Getting Twice as Much Talking Time? 15:44:42
New Ron Paul video! 15:38:25
Ron Paul is Half a Step from First Place 15:36:40
Constitution Week Free Speech Wall 14:29:52
The Pundits Will be Looking for Signs 14:28:20
Jon Stewart on Ron Paul by Jack Hunter 14:27:47
Ron Paul & Rick Perry Perry welcome a Christie run, but his No. 2 says it won't happen 13:54:14
The Great Rick Perry Flub on Mitt's Flip Flops. A Howard Dean Scream moment if I ever saw one. 13:42:04
Time to Harpoon Christie before he announces 13:40:34
Welfare = Homeless Man with Gun Demanding Your Money 13:30:52
Trader on BBC says Eurozone Market will crash 13:20:51
Map of a Single Israeli-Palestinian State 13:14:03
Here's an idea 13:11:03
Help Me with an Email Campaign 13:04:12
NPR: The Greedy Battle For Iraq's 'Hearts And Minds' 13:00:16
When Rick Perry drops out: Ron Paul could be second place, Republicans enter the Wild West 12:51:23
The Hill: Predicts Perry will dropout and Paul move to 2nd! 12:49:24
Gold and CNN 12:43:44
Ron Paul is Half a Step from First Place 12:29:08
5 Reasons Why The Establishment Media Fears Ron Paul Like The Plague 12:17:42
Ron Paul: Great Coverage on Russia TV, Alyona Show 12:08:08
Forecasting human behaviour with Game Theory 11:48:58
Video : Bored with Media Lies? Get this into Ya and get Revenge 11:42:21
A Lesson on Winning from 1992 - I Was There 11:25:43
Penn & Teller Defend Ron Paul vs. Fox News & Luntz 11:25:11
Police Violence at NYC Union Square Protest with video 11:22:05
China 'launches gold vending machine' 11:19:10
In case anyone wants to get psyched for tonight. 11:18:30
Obama says billionaires should pay same tax rates as a JEW! 10:55:53
Fox News Poll 10:44:41
WSJ post positive Ron Paul piece 10:34:10
London gold exchange is 'permanently closed for business'! 10:29:08
Will someone do a video about beating the odds? 10:09:03
Banner that Compares each candidates' views 10:00:39
Catholic Bishops on Obamacare Reg: 'Unprecedented Attack on Religious Liberty,' Even Jesus Wouldn't Qualify as 'Religious' 09:58:52
12" x 48" Ron Paul Banners to Print out 09:53:08
Gold: Independent Money 09:43:12
Riff on Carlin--foreign policy 09:15:10
Ron Paul is #1 in the Cumulative Straw Poll Tally from all the 2011 Straw Polls 09:00:57
Members of Ron Paul Forums Discuss New Look of the Daily Paul 08:17:21
Cheney and justice for torture victims 08:14:50
Saturday Night Live and Ayn Rand 07:32:42
America and Europe: Saving the Rich and Losing the Economy by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 07:21:32
The London Gold Exchange is Permanently Closed for Business. 05:53:44
Solyndra and brother Biden 05:45:34
Perry another Bush? 02:55:10
Why Is Ron Paul Appealing To You? 02:29:56
Can Someone Edit or Create a Wikipedia Page Stating Who Won the Debates according to the online polls? 02:12:08
"lady liberty! ron paul revolution" photo. 01:27:15
Advertising on Heroes of Newwerth game. Need help! 01:22:23
Mamo - Revolution SuperPAC rap music video 01:04:41
ECB Inflation Cartoon 00:51:31
Gold? ¿No el oro del Banco Central de México? 00:44:35
Ron Paul to receive New Jersey endorsement 00:21:24
Q3 Fundraising. We can get to these numbers! 00:00:33