Posted on September 29, 2011

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Video: Ron Paul's Message to Occupy Wall Street - END THE FED! 20:44:43
Jon Stewart's Liberal Challenge to Ron Paul 19:19:57
Debating Sean Hannity and giving a plug for Ron Paul -Wed Sept 28 16:59:43
The Campaign's Strategy over the next 30 days 09:15:24
ThyBlackMan: Ron Paul & Herman Cain’s Different Philosophies…. 10:05:11
Reason: Ralph Nader Hearts Ron Paul, Hails Potential Left-Libertarian Alliance 10:10:02
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Disclosure 23:37:53
Support Ron Paul in Video Contest! Ends Tomorrow! 23:31:20
Chris Krispy 23:14:31
The Point of Government Is to Give People a Livelihood 23:13:57
The Ron Paul Mandate 23:02:03
Hillsdale Collegian opinion piece endorsing Ron Paul - "A strategic compromise" 22:58:55
FOX news has a different flavor every week 22:55:10
The Myth of Science as a Public Good - YOUTUBE 22:46:09
Study: Most new Texas jobs (81%) went to immigrants! 22:20:36
How can we win? 22:19:58
C-Span video - Financial Crisis: Causes & Consequences John Allison, former BB&T Chairman & CEO 22:08:53
Free Censors Ron Paul supporters 21:55:17
Bank of America will Charge $5/month to Use Debit Cards 21:44:23
A fence on the Canadian border? Was Ron Paul right again? 21:23:06
Anti-War Liberal Democrats & Independents are now starting to register Republican so they can vote for Ron Paul to end the wars! 21:20:38
MSNBC Lies about Paul [video] 21:19:31
Quick summary: Ron Paul will win primary in November 2011 21:05:09
Southern Strategy For Ron Paul To Win The GOP Nomination - It's Working 20:58:42
I think I have Good news For Ron Paul in 2012 20:57:13
Juan Williams calls Herman Cain a 'simpleton;' On Ron Paul: 'Competent, experienced & a proven record' 20:53:54
Ron Paul should make the UN an issue 20:45:27
The Real Risk of Terrorism 20:28:36
Targeting Specific Audiences - Gun owners 20:27:08
Drudge: Ron Paul and Barack Obama in dead heat! 20:16:29
Is Protesting Only Reserved For the "Crazies"? 20:14:07
Memphis for Ron Paul - Our Local Group 20:07:10
Ron Paul in dead heat against Obama 19:52:31
MSNBC: Ron Paul Gets More Donations From US Soldiers Than ALL Other Candidates Combined Including Obama! 9/29/11 19:49:13
CNN Broadcast 19:45:30
New Book: Understand the Constitution like Ron Paul 19:44:12
Help Please 19:40:15
RP Campaign Donation Letters: Can I opt out and save them some cash? 19:32:38
Jon Stewart's Liberal Challenge to Ron Paul 19:30:22
Open Primary State Stategy: Democrats and Independents for Ron Paul 19:27:49
"Banned" Commercial - Ron Paul 2012 Unofficial 19:16:18
14 hours left to reach the fundrasing goal for Paul! 19:15:36
WSJ: Ron Paul’s Campaign Raises At Least $5 Million in 3rd Quarter 19:15:32
14 hours left to reach the fundrasing goal for paul! 19:14:20
14 hours left to reach the fundrasing goal for paul! 19:13:06
".Goldman Sachs rules the world" 19:13:04
14 hours left to reach the fundrasing goal for paul! 19:11:40
Why Rick Perry is #1 18:50:14
Herman Cain's Foreign Policy Details 18:48:45
Fox News Blocking Ron Paul Supporters Emails ?? 18:46:01
Video: BBC Panel Respond to City Traders Comments About End of Eurozone in 12 Months 18:41:22
Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law is given $737 million dollars of taxpayers' money 18:38:17
The Liars at ABC News are at it again: "Is the Ron Paul Campaign Stuck in Second Gear?" 18:31:53
What Value You Place On Freedom? 18:23:53
More Gibson Guitar Misery Plus RALLY on Oct. 8 info 18:18:03
Precious Metals no Longer a Safe Haven 18:10:40
Ron Paul should speak to the Occupy Wall Street protestors 17:56:10
WTF! Peter Schiff stumping for Herman Cain? 17:54:15
Google Ngram: Liberty vs. Security 17:34:00
Restoring the republic at the local level 17:29:49
Holy Cow! Did You See This Rick Perry video? He's gone mad! 17:29:21
Obama blows out Perry in FL, tied with Romney and. Paul(?!) 17:00:01
Ron Paul Is The Military's Choice For President - The Excavator 16:49:36
Four US states may leapfrog Florida primary date 16:13:33
Ralph Nader and Robin Koerner of the Blue Republicans need to meet for tea. 16:05:56
Big Ticket Dinner Parties 15:46:49
Rick Santorum made $239K from Fox News 15:37:31
Egyptian Nazi Party Comming Soon. 15:34:31
Why We Need $3 Million for the Q3 Push Moneybomb 15:22:32
Nationwide Sign Bomb Oct 10 15:18:58
Rick Perry Is Asked About His Tea Party At Bilderberg After GOP Fundraiser in Knoxville - 9/29/2011 15:08:48
New York Sun Proposes Romney-Paul Ticket 15:00:18
Any good critique articles against Cain's 999 plan? 14:59:31
Cain indicted in ENRONesque retirement mishandling 14:51:10
Dick Morris Presidential Poll 13:50:46
Poll: The Onion’s Breaking Congress Hostage News Story, Funny or Not? 13:48:46
Ron Paul's Republican Problem 13:43:41
Human Leadership Criteria. .Its in our DNA 13:29:48
The Bank War Part II 13:28:51
Poll: Obama leads Romney and Paul by only a point in Florida 13:21:43
Obama is hurting 13:11:15
26 Trillion Dollars 13:06:12
Donate to Romney? 12:45:50
Perry attacks Bernanke again, but gets attacked himself 12:40:11
Videos of Ron Paul at California Republican Convention 12:25:18
Dick Morris Poll on Orlando Debate - Paul in 3rd behind Cain, Romney - Vote! 12:22:44
We Need To Protest At Fox News Headquarters! 12:18:40
999 looks too much like 666 to me. 12:12:53
The Idea Sparks A Flame 12:11:26
Ron Paul's Presidential Run Should be Taken Seriously 12:05:55
Halloween Bumber Sticker Bomb 11:44:41
No Excuse why Ron is Not on TV!! 11:31:56
Canada's version of Ron Paul - Paul Hellyer 11:05:16
Calling All Polite, Rational Cain Supporters 10:52:53
Barry Manilow shows his true colors. Prefers Obama over Paul. :( 10:50:51
This song is BEGGING for an RP video! Any takers out there? 10:45:47
Ron Paul’s running mate: Jesse Ventura? 10:44:31
Debating Paul's Platform with Informed and Value-Driven Liberals 10:44:21
Freedom-loving Physician Mentions Dr. Paul in interview 10:43:02
What a great article! Worth a read 10:40:35
QE3 is Coming!! 10:38:51
I just saw Ron Paul's commercial on Fox News 1023 AM est 10:26:14
Phone calls from 855-886-9779 10:13:31
Herman Cain Supported TARP 10:09:16
Florida Primary Info and Delegate Count 09:46:22
New Fox Poll - not good at all 09:46:06
Chris Christe Is In - Will Announce on Monday, October 3, 2011 09:35:10
If Ron Paul Does Not Speak Out at the Next Debate I Will Be Very Disappointed - Enough of the "Underdog" Stuff 09:18:15
Righthaven's Losing Streak Continues in Colorado 09:04:33
5 Reasons Why Ron Paul Is The Military's Choice For President 09:01:24
Awesome campaign strategy! GET behind this! 08:02:53
Petition for RonPaul. 07:36:39
Petition to get the good doctor equal coverage. 07:33:49
Ron Paul Supporters At Wall Street Protest Mentioned On TV!! 06:17:01
*Sigh*. 05:51:36
"The Fed's" First Response To Bob Wenzel 05:14:15
Save your Ron Paul Campaign donations for Oct. 19 04:10:05
Rethinking Education 03:48:15
Petition on Whitehouse site to. 03:41:38
My FIRST Ron Paul Video. 03:28:13
Why "black this OUT" is culturally significant. 03:20:23
Ron Paul Explains The Great Depression, Market Crisis and the Blame on Bush 20 years ago 03:18:56
BLACKOUT The Mainstream Media Day 03:08:46
Sibel Edmonds Supports Ron Paul, Interview with Trunews Rick Wiles 9/28 02:23:22
Push: Ron Paul 2012 [Video] 01:22:27
Kremlin castled. Putin is still king ♚♜ 01:21:36
I am starting to dislike my college TA. 01:10:28
Faux News - Your Best Source for Official Government News! 00:33:05
Judge Andrew Napolitano will not be intimidated. 00:31:15
Corporate Pollsters 00:18:50
"I don't want to see the daily Paul humiliated down the road." 00:13:54
Euro Crisis Makes Fed Lender of Only Resort! No reserve. No resort. 00:10:14