Posted on September 3, 2011

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Ron Paul on Fox News - 9/3/11 11:56:18
Ron Paul Interview on NPR's Weekend Edition 9/3/11 11:42:28
Ron Paul on NECN 9/1/11 - Great Interview 22:25:10
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FOX Candidate Tracker- RP in Lead 23:53:04
Blackwater spy infiltrated Ron Paul 2008 campaign? 23:31:23
This site frustrates the crap out of me 23:23:23
Consistency 23:16:37
HULU has 'Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup'. 23:04:37
How to get rid of flouridation 23:03:21
IMPORTANT:Keep a list of RP supporters you meet so that we can win the nomination. 22:45:34
See Ron Paul Picture at top of; 9/3 22:23:48
Tacos are now a deadly weapon! 22:16:34
I Choose Freedom: A Call to Non-voting Anarchists 21:20:10
*50 Richest Members of Congress* 20:38:21
Suggestion for best approach to reddit "conversation" 20:28:48
50 year old cartoon tried to warn us 19:43:39
In defense of the Iranian Bomb 19:42:41
AH Blog : Feds Charge Man Enemy Combatant, Supporting Terrorism For Uploading You Tube Videos 19:15:52
Learning to Walk Again: Reining in the Empire (Video) 19:15:00
Kris : Police Severely Beat Man For Riding Bicycle W / Out a Light (Video) 19:05:48
One more in the race? 19:00:55
Matrix of Evil Film - Full Version 18:51:37
Ron Paul Video Contest! 18:48:36
It's all lies- excellent article on what is going on in Libya 18:42:28
Chron : Ron Paul Leads in Another Presidential Poll 18:41:45
My response to that Will Wilkinson hit piece 18:22:33
Bikers and other freedom lovers. 18:10:59
U.S. wants confident Canada as closer ally 17:17:05
The Peace Candidate 17:14:48
Pat Buchanan interview on 17:11:03
Fukushima Now Radiating Everyone: 'Unspeakable' Reality 'Will Impact All Of Humanity' 17:07:16
Hilarious Huntsman Article with Ron Paul Supporter Pic 17:02:04
The Fed 16 trillion in secret loans, a new major talking point for the Ron Paul Campaign? 16:54:38
Who Does America Really Support? 16:49:31
Who is Peter Thiel? Why is he Bilderberg establishment? Why does he Support Ron Paul? 16:21:39
Happy Labor Day! 16:15:30
wow! cant believe what i read! 15:58:14
Questions NOT in the Fox News-Google debate – Ryan Dawson 15:50:31
Tupac "Changes" for Ron Paul 2012 15:45:47
George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice 15:20:34
Phyllis Schlafly ignores Ron Paul, suggests establishment candidates 15:13:31
Little Boxes 15:10:38
Contact-bomb for 9/3/2011 - Barry Manilow, Zack de la Rocha, and Eminem! 14:52:15
Sarah Palin Speech 14:32:25
Why on earth is a constitutional amendment required to pass a Balanced Budget requirement? 14:01:13
Defending Ron Paul: Christianity and Endorsements 13:52:13
Will Gary Johnson run for Libertarian Party leadership? 13:44:13
Warning about WordPress 13:41:55
Liberty Thought for the Day 12:32:26
HUNTSMAN the opposite of Paul regarding MSM 12:17:43
Pawnshop Cant Keep Bullion On The Shelf 11:55:14
Ron Paul Video Contest With PRIZES 11:42:59
It is NOT enough for Ron Paul to Win the Presidency and what we can do about it! 11:34:43
Fraternity Men for Ron Paul, Sprinkle Some Freedome On It 11:28:50
Sean Paul Ron Paul 11:24:57
"Paid Programing: Is that the best way to get the word out?" 11:16:58
Katrina Timeline 10:55:37
Governor Malloy is an idiot according to Wiki 10:51:03
A Brief History Of: FEMA 10:42:49
How Dave Ramsey Made $55 Million by Being Good on Personal Debt, Naive on Business Debt, Lousy on Investing, & a Loudmouth Bully 10:33:15
Help! Getting attacked defending Paul on FEMA 09:57:24
How to become a delegate for Ron Paul in your state 09:56:24
First Time Posting 09:55:47
Portugal drug use down 10%+ after decriminalization 09:35:33
Detailing Ron Paul's vision for defense. 09:18:13
Mackinac Bridge "RonPaul" Walk 08:56:13
Starbucks CEO to host Town Hall 07:58:37
Ron Paul: World Worse Off 10 Years After September 11 07:52:59
Towards a North American Union by Justin Raimondo 07:09:55
Actual Unemployment 23% 07:09:05
This is the reason why Ron Paul should be in office 07:02:03
Ron Paul and 'the Troops' 04:59:23
Calling All Ron Paul Supporters! We Need Your Help Asap! 04:27:51
Smackdown of Huffington Post: Ron Paul & FEMA 03:23:43
Sing 'em, everyone! TWO Songs Groovin' the Spirits Overcoming & Freedom! 03:21:58
Ron Paul on National Review Cover 03:13:55
Crimes of the UN 02:56:01
“Gold, unlike all other commodities, is a currency,” Alan Greespan said. 02:55:30
Would it make sense to hire Walter E. Williams? 02:14:05
New Documentary Frontline: Top Secret America (video) 01:39:25
RT Reports: Rick Perry the Pornographer 01:23:20
∞ My friendly wager to Obama lovers and others 00:36:45
Smart Meters - Wiretapping without your consent. 00:30:13
Ron Paul churns in the Mention Machine 00:22:39