Posted on September 4, 2011

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Rick Perry's Crony Capitalism Problem 22:43:15
Ron Paul on Cover of National Review 07:51:18 Top Ten: Ron Paul leads in another presidential poll 09:00:06
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Need some help voting for Fox/Google debate questions 23:49:55
Please Thumbs-up POWERHOUSE 1 Minute Ron Paul Video! 23:41:09
Over three years later, I wonder whatever happened to the laser chasing 23:23:13
Gallup Poll Sheds Light on New Grassroots Strategy 21:41:49
Iceland says it was "bullied" over bank debt. 21:14:56
I just created another Ron Paul supporter 21:03:00
Clarity vs. Hyperbole 21:02:34
rEVOLution March on Washington - Oct 8th - peaceful gathering 20:58:31
Financial Derivatives : What are They? (Video) 20:49:44
These people look like RON PAUL supporters! 20:40:45
Why the US was downgraded. 20:18:50
Who is, "Mitchell Perrymann?" 20:15:33
End the DRUG WAR and we kill the North American Union? 20:11:26
Doug Stanhope 19:45:34
Five Reasons Why Ron Paul Should Never Become President - Huff Po 19:42:53
Romney's Flavor of the Week 19:39:41
*UPDATE* A video on how to talk to people about Ron Paul 19:11:15 Facebook September Straw Poll 18:27:12
What if Ron Paul asked more questions during a debate? 18:11:49
Allen West thinks Ron Paul is not the kind of guy you need sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! 17:50:13
"Ron Paul is just as rotten as any of them. He just knows how to spin his words to sound appealing." 17:06:22
The Ron Paul rEVOLtion : Alex Jones Interviews Gary Franchi (Video) 17:00:14
RT - Gerald Celente : "The Economy is Going to Get Much Worse" (Video) 16:25:44
Question of the Day? (for the pot users) 16:10:43
Reuters : Wall Street Cash Shifts from Obama to Romney 16:08:18
Awesome JEEP Plastered with Ron Paul 2012. Made my day! 16:06:19
New York Times : Palin Rails Against Crony Capitalism and Career Politicians 15:56:02
Dr. Stan Monteith on the Barry Chamish show: Larry McDonald was still alive in a Russian Jail 15:53:57
Positively Republican facebook forum 15:50:11
Did Ron Change His Mind on FEMA? 15:30:52
Ron Paul Takes On ‘Candidate of the Week’ Rick Perry 15:26:03
..and as we TANK, we send aid to Communists.. 14:57:10
Can you guess who has the world's largest army? 14:35:22
Everyone read: The Grand Info Bomb this Nov. 5th 14:27:51
Great new Ron Paul Video from 14:21:55
I just found this GREAT music video w/ Ron Paul in it! 14:11:42
I'm in Love with Friedrich Hayek * Video* 13:24:10
Having trouble loading DP? 13:22:20
Why Ron Paul Supported Chuck Baldwin in 2008 12:54:28
CNN, SRLC To Host Republican Presidential Townhall Debate - September 12 - 8pm ET 12:47:45
Daily Mail - Parents of seven are told : "Your children are too fat, so you will never see them again." 12:16:32
Paul Craig Roberts : Labor Day Should Be Renamed 'Corporation Day or War Day' 12:09:13
Sanctions vs. Central Bank.Iran 12:07:40
Gallup Poll Sheds Light on New Ron Paul Grassroots Strategy 12:02:48
WikiLeaks : "China Buying Gold To Destroy The Dollars Worlds Reserve Status" 12:00:14
His age is his strength not weakness 11:46:06
Urban Farming Can Change the World! - Spread this Around! 11:41:52
Questions censored by Fox 11:05:25
Jay Leno / Dick Cheney 11:05:21
Paul Craig Roberts - Conspiracies are not uncommon 10:29:25
The True Story behind the Death of Osama bin Laden 10:17:53
Billions for the Bankers , Debts for the People 10:06:14
Looking Forward to Gold: New York Sun and CNBC 09:25:13
Obama Nation - LowKey, Awesome anti-obama/anti-war rap video. 08:50:27
Woke up this morning and saw this commercial on TV and could believe it! 08:43:47
Ron Paul Hits the Bike Trail 08:36:36
More Blowback to come! 08:17:07
Doug Casey on the Continuance of the Greater Depression and the Brighter Prospects for Gold 08:15:16
Border fence: Perry tells N.H. he opposes it 08:02:11
Ron Paul churns in the Mention Machine 07:04:26
Major primary poll being sponsored by neocon Brent Bozell, flood it for Ron 06:32:52
CHRON.COM Top Ten: Ron Paul leads in another presidential poll 04:55:37
Robert Nisbet on What would the Framers be most struck by in America today? 02:00:27
BlowBack -Defined 01:51:24
(R) Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Endorses Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Initiative 01:00:52
Is the Social Security Number a Privacy Violation? 00:27:39
Calling All Ron Paul Supporters! We Need Your Help! Labor Day Columbia, SC 09:15:39