Posted on September 5, 2011

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Breaking: Bachmann Campaign Manager Ed Rollins Steps Back, Deputy Campaign Manager Quits 20:46:31
Paul Takes Third in New LA Times Poll; Dominates Non-White Vote 21:19:03
Rasmussen Iowa Caucus 9/5/11: Ron Paul at 14% 11:00:38
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk: Show True Compassion by Abolishing FEMA (9/5/11) 07:13:22
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Update: dutchsinse youtube and blog shut down. 23:07:07
HELP - Free Yard Signs? 22:48:45
Ron Paul 3rd in LA Poll, not measured against Obama like others, non-whites move to Paul 22:17:10
Neocon examples - High Treason and Treachery 21:59:13
My First Ron Paul video 21:44:02
Losing my best friend over Ron Paul 21:35:13
Video: Who is Ron Paul at the Chapin, SC Labor Day Parade 9/5/11 20:40:12
Proof that Neocons, CFR, and bildebergers still run the country, Party not important. 20:38:32
So what was the big announcement? 20:31:02
Update on Down Websites 20:25:23
Human error created HIV ? Maybe so.. 20:25:22
Former CIA and 911 Insider Tells the Truth 20:21:36
Lindsey Graham Holds a Who is Ron Paul? Blimp Ballon 19:48:29
When the apocalypse comes will you be ready? 19:29:42
Anyone here in central NJ down for making some signs? 19:24:03
Libyan Rebels Listed by US State Department as Terrorists 19:08:07
OMG.. Remote Control Ron Paul Blimps for Everybody! 18:53:21
Florida Presidency 5 Schedule 18:51:36
Kennedy Half Dollars - Keep them, or exchange for finer silver? 17:45:36
Fmr. Bush Aide Says Chris Christe Actively Considering Getting In The Race 17:41:07
"History of Gold" US National Mining Assoc. 4K BC - 2K AD 17:22:26
Peace by Thomas Jefferson 16:57:54
9/11 Building 7 - Martin Noakes - told in a song 16:52:47
40 "No Tax on Tips" cards for just $2. Labor Day Only! 16:30:44
FEMA Disaster Grants Open to Corruption 16:19:52
Help Support Ron Paul YouTube Honors for Nonprofits & Activism 16:13:11
Hope the campaign is making a chart comparing candidates! 16:04:05
Former German chancellor calls for "United States of Europe" 15:33:40
1954 Cartoon - Capitalism and Tax 15:20:35
It's clear to see who are the criminals in Arizona. 14:56:45
Activist Post : Obama Orders Sweeping Sanctions and Regime Change in Syria Without Congress 14:01:29
Latest Lusitania expedition was 'very useful' 13:49:06
Ah, The Fresh Smell of Sulphur in the Morning 13:40:14
Angry Guy: "What's Next, What's Next, What's NEXT!??" 13:36:29
Ron Paul and Military donations - Need your help 13:25:05
WTC 7 footage comparison 13:22:27
CEO Gibson Guitars full interview on Infowars 13:16:40
Mayor of London Makes Bizarre 9-11 Comments 13:16:30
7 Lies in Less Than 2 Minutes 13:05:50
Is America a Force for Good in the World? NO, says Justin Raimondo 13:02:23
Ron Paul Versus the Enemies of Reason 12:46:52
Fox News Puts Paul at Top of Republican Field! 12:38:57
Ron Paul Voting Record 12:33:22
The Republican 2012 Field, In Order: New Article from Fox News 12:22:53
Rick Perry to "Not Attend" Jim DeMint Forum due to Wildfires in Texas 12:20:30
Ron Paul 3rd, 11%, in California "The USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Poll" 12:10:16
A must watch video with Milton Friedman and Phil Donahue 11:39:49
FEMA uses Waffle Houses to Check Storm Severity 11:30:22
Waffle Street: Confessions and Rehabilitation of a Financier 11:11:32
Civil War Erupts On Wall Street 10:52:53
Excellent Comment Regarding Ron Paul From New Article By Jonathan Emord 09:32:22
Former CIA Counter-Terrorism Analyst blows the lid off the fraudulent Wars, live on CNN (reporters shocked) 09:18:00
Need Ron Paul Comments on this article 08:54:43
Thought I would share this article I wrote on the FED 08:48:17
To the "establishment", Ron Paul is leading an "alien" attack 07:51:59
FBI arrests prominent Democratic campaign treasurer 06:51:37
Start Saying 'Electable' 06:46:55
Richard Simon PWNS Stoic Patriot 05:47:04
Powerful message from former (C.I.A. Agent) to all Americans! 02:12:37
Why are there "Doomsday" murals on the walls of the Denver airport?? People are shocked! 01:50:37
The Ron Paul Hit Piece: A Twitter Conversation with the Author 01:20:39
Can I get some advice for arguing with a liberal? 00:52:59
Is a right to a trial a natural right? 00:03:43