Posted on September 6, 2011

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Video: Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 9/06/11 21:13:20
Rick Perry takes the bait! Let the games begin. 16:56:11
WOW! Wait until you get to 3 minutes and 20 seconds! FOX VIDEO 13:44:03
Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV: Who's Going To Believe The Government? 12:20:59
Ron Paul Rally - Post Debate Speech - Columbia, SC 090511 01:42:26
Al Jazeera: US Security Measures Eroding Civil Liberties 02:30:56
Why Ron Paul (In 60 Seconds) 02:02:26
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Infowars Nightly News: Alex Jones And Gary Franchi Discuss The Ron Paul Revolution 2012 23:32:58
Funny RP 2012 Picture 23:17:43
Not toxic assets.Fraudulent assets! 22:49:55
Ron Paul: No Army Can Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come 22:47:09
If you don't know about Liberty, how can you talk about Liberty? 22:39:30
Need some help with a letter to Senator Demint folks. 22:27:20
Ron Paul and his (1987) RESIGNATION letter to the GOP- A Tea Party Document 22:17:48
Ron Paul ignored again 22:11:27
Obama's Economy Speech 9/8/11 22:10:53
Ron Paul Revolution Ad - In 2012 22:08:39
Rand Paul op-ed in Washington Times: EPA regulations violate constitutional rights 22:00:35
FEMA Forces Texas Firefighters To Stand Down 21:38:57
Your newest member is on the NO FLY LIST 21:27:58
Unable to post. 21:22:42
How Will Ron Combat Inevitable "Reagan Was A Democrat" 21:21:05
Tom Woods taking your questions LIVE right now 21:16:06
This is awesome and needs to be spread 21:10:00
Video: Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs Tonight 9/06/11 21:09:17
Reagan, Perry, Paul, Scandle 21:04:04
1, 2, . . ., 4 reporting 20:55:50
Timely Rick Perry item 20:53:23
Ron Paul ad attacks rick perry for being Al Gore cheerleader : Herman Cain forums 20:52:48
Why Republicans Should Dump Rick Perry 20:42:19
Ron Paul: "It's time to take the fight to the Establishment." 20:01:53
Comprehensive List of All Meetups- What Works? What Doesn't Work? 19:50:09
What a disgracefull speech from our Vice President. 19:49:37
Tea Party Zombies Must Die Video Game 19:47:47
Question: Did Paul ever endorse Bush? 19:43:35
School Obama at Dinner! 19:36:58
Ron Paul in third place in two new national polls 19:35:29
S. 306 contact your Senator immediately 19:34:53
John King - Graphic shows Bachmann's name for Ron Paul's 9%. 19:15:55
Ron Paul - Drug War Stance 19:14:40
Do you really believe Rick Perry will be at the GOP debate to face Ron Paul at the Reagan Library? 19:14:19
New Original Music video - "Ghost Squid - The Many Deaths of Bin Laden" - satire/commentary 18:42:09
Doug Casey on the Continuance of the Greater Depression and the Brighter Prospects for Gold 18:28:52
Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 17:50:33
Chris Matthews calls RP ad "pathetic" 17:41:38
Urgent Ron Paul Needs Help New Poll Word Talk Radio - Greenville ,sc 17:31:51
Bastrop County Fire Update 17:16:41
Dr. Paul on Bloomberg 09/06 17:15:19
Daniel Hannan schooling Hannity on foreign intervention - Part 1 17:10:08
Awesome analysis of media coverage, social media coverage and polling numbers for Ron Paul 17:06:46
For those that wanna see what Lindsey Williams said 1986 17:04:13
Important: Articulating the "Mirage of Inflation" 17:02:15
Vote up this question for the fox/google debate 17:00:14
Ron Paul on Economic Platform, U.S. Budget, Obama - Bloomberg Sept. 6th 16:54:31
It's a Liability to Be So Stable 16:49:56
Taking Obama's Check to the Bank 16:46:19
Ron Paul Coming Home For Constitution Day Celebration September 18 16:34:36
Update -National Review Poll - Ron Currently In First Place - Vote Now! 16:19:34
Caught on tape: Biden collaborators misrepresent reporter's expulsion 16:13:06
Ron Paul coming to Baton Rouge! 16:10:15
Legalize Discrimination 16:06:19
BREAKING: Obama Administration to Reduce Troops in Iraq to 3K 15:58:37
Rick Perry Proposed Bi-National Health Insurance with Mexico 15:55:28
Ron HAS to win Iowa. 15:45:51
Jerry Doyle today 15:33:27
Urgent! Ron Paul Needs Help Poll in South Carolina Word Talk Radio - 1st in the South State 15:29:13
Two down Seven to go! 15:17:54
PBS Travel Guru Rick Steves: Smoking Pot is "My Civil Liberty" 15:12:23
AWESOME summary of World War II and the NWO 14:53:54
Zimbabwe - gold for bread 14:38:37
Politico Wants Assange Committed To Insane Asylum 14:32:50
War by Thomas Jefferson 14:29:33
Amazing water filter-no electricity osmosis 14:05:13
Gawker Smack Talking Ron Paul 14:03:44
Via Drudge - Janet Napolitano : "No! Drudge Is Just Wrong on Privacy" 13:01:33
Liberal Rick Perry website 12:55:16
Flash! Chuck Norris Warns of DHS War on White Americans 12:55:01
Paul Slams Perry As “Al Gore’s Texas Cheerleader” 12:48:40
Ron Paul Interview W / Bloomberg TV - Tuesday, September 6 12:30pm ET (Video) 12:48:22
Rick Perry might skip debate now, too scared of Ron Paul 12:30:47
The State Column--Poll : Ron Paul Trailing Romney, Bachmann by 4% in Iowa 12:04:55
Recent poll shows we are in an uphill battle 11:32:23
Did anyone notice a correlation between the Texas wildfires and the proposed TTC route? 11:11:39
Sept. 6, 2011 - Contact-bomb Continues with Tom Morello, David Letterman, and the Foo Fighters! 11:06:18
Ron Paul - the beginning of a groundswell 11:06:10
The Tale of the Slave 10:59:56
Meet The Press: Alternate Nominating Convention In All 50 States For 2012 (s)Election. 10:56:54
Sarah Palin Jumping In? Chris Christie? How about Rand Paul? 10:42:29
Great time at the Calumet County Fair promoting Ron Paul! 10:07:49
Do your thing! 10:07:13
Anita Moorjani's Near Death Experience clears in 4 days, grade 4B lymphoma cancer 09:43:32
"Labor Day" should be renamed "Corporation Day" or "War Day" Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 09:41:55
Ron Paul Ad on Foxnews - needs comments 09:39:56
This man warmed the crowd up for our current POTUS? 09:34:11
US Sends Billions in Equipment to Afghanistan 09:31:54
Ron Paul: You think Hurricane Irene was bad? Wait till you experience FEMA (Doug Wead) 08:27:53
New American Article - highly favorable of Ron Paul at SC Palmetto Freedom Forum 08:19:10
Poll: OK to trade some freedoms to fight terrorism 08:07:16
Tea Party calls on Obama to Rebuke Fiery Comments 07:18:59
Politico: Ron Paul to attack Rick Perry in new ad 07:18:39
How Globalism Killed American Labor by Pat Buchanan 06:59:10
Here is the big surprise! 06:54:42
New Ron Paul TV Ad: Trust - Reagan Republican or Gore Cheerleader 06:21:17
Stubborn Parents of Ron Paul Supporters 04:04:09
Top Ten Reasons to vote for Dr. Paul 03:56:33
Bachmann's Campaign Manager Steps Down 03:28:34
Aggregate polls at Real Clear Politics 03:25:42
New poll on 2012 candidates. 02:57:46
Who Runs the World? Researchers discover economic super entity 02:38:59
The Big One? 02:36:40
Presidency 5 Agenda 01:14:13
New Flynndidy Ron Paul Spray Painting 01:01:05
I made "Intro to Paul" website, for noobs and new supporters to learn Paul. 00:36:21