Posted on September 7, 2011

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Video: Ron Paul Demolishes O'Reilly's Proxy Jesse Watters 18:54:24
NEW VIDEO - Jerry Doyle Slams Perry and Defends Ron Paul - Amazing Radio Segment 17:51:50
Campaign Responds to Perry's Attack and Fake Rhetoric 12:35:13
New Ron Paul Ad Running Nationally During the Debate 11:29:49
Numerous Ron Paul Media Articles Since Ad 10:45:47
Veterans for Ron Paul - A Grassroots Video 13:11:53
Who Profits from Incandescent Light Bulb Bans? 05:39:39
Ron Paul in the NBC / Politico GOP Debate - 9/7/11 09:31:06
New Ron Paul 2012 Ad: Trust 11:59:05
Video Update: Ron Paul at SC Palmetto Freedom Forum 00:58:54
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Another Great Animated Ron Paul Short 23:53:21
With total respect for Ron Paul, he needs to point people to his website on his stances 23:52:27
Political Wire Post-Debate POLL 23:44:53
Debate MadLibs.(insert words to complete Ron Paul's debate questions) 23:44:17
Conversation with my Neo-Con Mother 23:35:10
Ron Paul’s chances for presidency are only 3%. Ron Paul is dead in the water unless this InTrade contract starts perking up. 23:31:12
A GUARANTEE: Ron Paul or Obama 23:27:16
Yet another poll 23:19:55
My debate résumé 23:16:19
Campaign Are You Listening? Stop doing these fake debates!! 23:09:54
Missed the debate? here it is 23:09:19
Here are the Debate Questions 23:00:30
This is the MSNBC Poll to vote in 22:59:21
The Gardasil Saga continues 22:56:09
Post Debate Polls 22:53:35
Gasoline On The Fire! 22:46:18
Be sure to vote in this debate poll! 22:44:18
Msnbc Poll - Vote! 22:40:18
Ron Paul delivers a body blow on perry on the gardasil shots ! 22:39:06
520 online on the DP right now 22:36:51
MSNBC Debate Poll 22:36:29
Ron Paul wins debate 22:32:42
Generic response to "gotcha" questions 22:32:14
Change The Debates : Request Uniform, Professional Debates 22:26:24
Debt Collapse - Twenty Thousand $ gold - this is excellent, a must see!! 22:24:05
Perry cut Weather Modification program In Texas that Helped Fight Wild Fires 22:23:53
After Debate Money Bomb 22:16:37
stopped watching the debate 21:25:33
Paul on Yahoo frontpage now- need ++ comments 20:31:47
Debate Thread 20:30:29
Campaign Responds to Fake Rhetoric : we have Ron's back, Wikipedia Next: 20:11:56
Ron Paul: 'Stepping Up to the Fight!' Spontaneous Money Bomb 19:53:22
vote FOR peace - A Ron Paul Supporter Video 19:42:47
DRUDGE: Paul: Rick Perry Isn't a Conservative 19:39:01
Demint praises Romney 19:34:28
Coverage of Ron Paul by the BBC 19:27:36
Proof the REPUBs don't get it. Trade bill passes "House" today>jobs for all (except us) 19:22:12
Ha ha fox news front page pic of obm with what looks like smoke comming from his mouth 19:02:55
Secret leaked video of Rick Santorum. 19:02:50
G. Edward Griffin on Coast-to-Coast Tonight 10-11 PM PST (Sept. 7) 18:57:14
Matt Welch @ reason on ron paul's reagan 18:33:02
Cop caught misrepresenting Biden incident (Nashua, NH) 18:29:18
What good is a job if it doesn't buy you much? 18:28:13
RP on the Factor Tonight! 18:22:29
Any Ron Paul Speech Ringtones? 18:05:27
Media and the Asch Experiment 17:24:07
The Daily Campus : Ron Paul Finds Support Among College Crowd 17:19:25
Let's all pray for Ron Paul who is fighting for all of us tonight 16:41:18
New Ron Paul song I wrote 16:37:46
Ron Paul to skip President Obama's jobs speech 16:33:00
Solar Company Obama guaranteed loans for 535 million dollars files bankruptsy! 16:03:55
Hitler Wins Again! 15:58:19
Debate line: "In 1975, Ronald Reagan stated, . 15:30:36
Another radio show in favor of Ron Paul 15:28:55
Competing Currencies 15:27:30
Ron Paul versus Rick Perry: Who is Ronald Reagan's true heir? 15:25:56
"Tea Party" Rick Perry Killed the Anti-TSA Groping bill in Texas this year. 15:17:16
Debate line: "I knew Ron Reagan. Ron Reagan was a friend of mine. And-- 15:13:10
Whether You Want to Admit it or Not, 9/11 Truthers are Some of the Greatest Activists 14:52:54
The Tea Party Wants to Know. 14:50:41
Oboma Jobs Plan Leaks - Not Pretty 14:13:59
Question for meetup groups 14:13:33
we all need to smile--this one is good 13:57:42
Texas Gallop Straw Poll, January 2012 13:53:04
Ron Paul vs. Perry Tonight - Live Blogging and Updates 13:46:59
Live in Tennessee? Wanna Be A Delegate? Here's the quick & easy steps! #OP50! 13:44:32
Law professor says rights come from the Constitution 13:41:27
Haberman at Politico turns on Ron Paul 13:40:02
EU: More good news 13:35:05
MSNBC Poll for tonights debate! 13:30:46
Lets flood this forum 13:14:40
LA Times: Tonight's Debate Between Two Texans: RP vs. RP 13:10:57
Ron Paul Campaign Presses Perry on Big Government Record and Fake Rhetoric Issues open letter knocking Perry’s liberal record 13:05:43
Best Political Ad of 2012? 12:56:54
$300 Billion More? Are you kidding me? 12:52:51
FOX News Video : DHS loses explosives during terror drill in Phoenix! 12:52:18
Are we going to let Politico and CNBC get away with it again? 12:47:45
“There’s also a sense that people aren’t scared of him. That’s very dangerous.” 12:45:10
Paul leads polls among young voters; most polls fail to report. 12:36:03
Intrade has Paul trading higher than Bachmann to win GOP Nomination 12:20:40
Gunman kills 3 guardsmen in Nevada IHOP.Case for concealed carry? 12:19:00
Tell them Perry sucks in this Newsmax poll 12:18:47
Huffington Post analyzes Candidates' (including Ron Paul's) debate attire. 12:17:50
Rasmussen: Iowa Republicans: Romney Seen As Most Mainstream Candidate, Paul Most Extreme 12:15:37
If Ron Paul Wins the GOP Nomination, They've Got One More Nuke to Lob at Him 11:56:40
Let's make sure ALL Ron Paul supporters really get it? 11:56:06
Jerry Doyle is covering the Ron Paul / Rick Perry Situation Today - Guest is Jack Hunter 11:50:25
Breaking: FEMA Lets Texas Burn by Turning Away Thousands 11:35:18
US falls to 5th survey shows in global competitiveness! 11:13:57
60 second Ron Paul Video Contest ~~Cash prizes!~~ 10:56:25
Criminal Complaint, Violation Of The Patriot Act Naming James Hoffa - Obama - And Biden 10:47:18
Capital Region NY Ron Paul 2012 Looking for Supporters 10:40:35
9/11, Ten Years On 10:23:35
I am no longer going to moderate the delegate training website : 10:20:28
Contact bomb for 9/7 - Willie Nelson, Felonious Munk, and Johnny Rotten! 10:19:48
Ron Paul new ad discussed on Howard Stern Show. 10:18:25
The Ron Paul Solution: New Article By Brian Wilson From Lew Rockwell 10:12:58
Alex Jones Hacks Dallas Cowboys jumbotron 10:06:40
Sen. Rand Paul on Obama’s Economic 10:03:11
Ron Paul on the Long Haul - Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano 09:53:48
Big Sis calls out Matt Drudge 09:46:48
Ron Paul Uss Liberty Rising Ncc-1776 (ron Paul Ad) 09:40:02
Tom Brokaw on Why Debates Suck 09:32:32
The Texas Supreme Court and Legislature help Rick Perry cloak travel security expenses 09:21:26
Paul Ad Article On Examiner Links to Daily Paul 09:21:13
The Anthem for Ron Paul 2012 09:08:43
JOB WARS: Ron Paul and How Hemp Could Be a New Hope 09:02:22
Rally for Your Republic Now or Lose It Forever 09:01:45
Google Bomb This; Ron Paul's Reagan Revisionism 08:53:54
Bruce Fein 08:45:12
Ron Paul Rivals Fall in Line on Fed Crackdown 08:00:31
Obama passes secret message to air force general 07:39:38
Remember.awesome 07:30:17
The Ron Paul Solution 07:00:56
Obama Signs Executive Order for Sanctions and Regime Change in Syria Without Congress 06:15:37
Ford building $1bn manufacturing complex in India 06:09:54
FEMA Camp and Football Stadiums 06:08:05
A reminder 05:55:52
Max Keiser sends us a message! 05:23:18
We may be on the very brink! 04:54:50
Video: UK Parliament Proposes Bill to Legalize Competing Currencies 04:09:50
God Bless America 04:06:52
"Big banks only exist for the crooks to keep score." 02:47:37
Great Response on LRC to Salon/Michael Lind Attack on Liberty Movement 02:16:38
T-Shirt Design: Let me know what you think 01:38:05
Need help: Things Ron would realistically be able to do as president? 01:35:56
What does real grassroots support look like? Ron Paul - Hope is on its Way 00:53:19
Campaign Slogan not inviting to Independents or Unhappy Democrats. 00:28:45
Bachmann worked for Jimmy Carter. Perry worked for Gore. Liberal Agenda? 00:21:45
VA AG Ken Cuccinelli Reports From SC 00:17:13