Posted on September 8, 2011

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Fmr. Bush / McCain Advisor: "Ron Paul can win this nomination!" 21:33:38
Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz Boehner’s guest at speech tonight. 15:19:27
Video: Ron Paul on Piers Morgan - CNN 9/8/2011 19:35:22
Rick Perry vs Ron Paul Confrontation Photo - Ron Paul Explains 18:20:20
Perry's Merck Link Probed Over Gardasil Vaccine Order 18:11:28
Reality check - what did some of you guys expect? 21:34:31
Greenwald: "Creepy and disgusting" cheering for death penalties/ Perry 12:28:11
A brief thank you to the daily paul community 10:50:38
With Ron Paul after the Simi Valley Debate 9/7/11 02:29:00
Front Page Of Drudge: Ron Paul Wins After Show Poll. 00:40:53
And the Award for Most Deceptive Graph Goes to: NBC! 00:02:41
Post Debate Photo of Rick Perry Glowering at Ron Paul 18:13:21
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Any rules in the next debate about treating candidates in an unbiased way ? 23:59:47
Ron Paul Gains Endorsement of Two More New Hampshire State Representatives 23:55:52
Michael Scheuer on "Inside 9/11" 23:22:55
Jack Hunter: Ron Paul's Reaganesque Foreign Policy 23:20:56
The skinny on the post-debate Perry/Paul flap 23:17:03
In New Poll, Ron Paul Rates With Front-Runners Romney And Perry 23:16:18
Daily Show 9/8/11 - "Romney and Perry were pre-determined frontrunners." 23:14:26
Georgia Guidestones Vandalized - The Real Story! 23:03:04
Video: Rand Paul on Hannity 9/08/11; Addresses Obama Speech & Debate 22:58:07
SA@The DC - Ron Paul's Reaganesque Foreign Policy 22:48:04
Rand Paul responds to Obama on Jobs 22:46:21
Ron Paul Needs An Injection of Alpha-Male 22:28:26
Ronald Reagan on Foreign Policy 21:33:10
New homepage poll 21:30:54
Ammo against Rick Perry on term limits 21:30:07
Rick Perry's George Bush Moment 21:24:53
Rick Perry and Mitt Romney Lost Millions of Republican Votes Last Night 21:24:40
Obama "Jobs" Speech Word Cloud 21:20:47
Is Social Security a Ponzi scheme? 21:15:58
What do you guys think of Mark Sanfords return? 21:13:46
Washington Times: Ron Paul brings substance to a poorly moderated debate 21:12:32
Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul: A Comparison *an oldie* 20:51:36
Jon Stewart on Perry, Romney 9/7/11 (Very Funny) 20:45:32
Ron Paul will not attend President Obama’s speech 20:45:23
Faux News Leaves Dr Paul off their Poll 20:41:45
Shallow Obama Haters. I just don't get them. 20:09:43
Okay I know this is bad but it is kinda funny, no? 20:01:26
Updated Msnbc Poll.look At Ron Paul! 19:52:22
Obama is worried about Ron Paul 19:48:52
Washington Times article 19:35:27
Excellent "Beetle Bailey" strip (Sep. 6th) 19:29:06
Promote the Sept. 17th Money Bomb NOW! 19:26:30
Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods discuss Rothbard and the Koch Brothers 19:09:26
Everyone Vote This Up! 19:08:32
No More government regulation - New Florida Gun Law Could Fine and remove Elected Officials from office. 18:50:46
The Campaign Is Asking For $150k Or More From Us To Keep The Ad Attacking Perry Going On 18:49:12
US to breach Debt Limit on - Monday?? 18:40:37
MSN POLL Ron Paul included and losing 18:39:01
Debate Moderators and Parrots 18:37:36
Ars Technica: "Newspaper chain fires copyright troll Righthaven" 18:36:13
Who are the Ron Paul supporters in the GOP 18:35:07
Seven Days in Utopia 18:34:41
Funniest Video of the Day 18:29:56
Who is the author "Ron Paul Jones"? 18:22:13
Every time I see Mitt Romney next to Rick Perry. 18:21:19
How does a "Patriot Act"? Bachman should receive many copies of this article. 18:19:47
How to get a link from 18:17:00
Youth for Ron Paul 2012 18:14:42
DailyPaul Statistics 17:55:16
Analysis of the 09/07 Debate 17:54:13
The Five 17:47:06
New Rule: People who have not been DP members for 2 years may not post any more! 17:34:09
Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery 17:33:07
Jesse Waters and Ron Paul Followup 17:27:16
Lone Wolf Perry makes terroristic threats at Ron Paul 17:22:51
Video: Jerry Doyle On The TSA and FEMA - "Rick Perry Needs to Listen To Ron Paul " 17:22:37
Hey Perry. "Keep your hands off Ron Paul Money Bomb" 17:19:01
Ron Paul Responds To Perry Attack exclusive audio! 17:14:58
Rick Perry threatens Ron Paul, Huntsman steps in - pics of the entire episode 17:07:06
Go vote in this Houston poll - Ron must win! 17:04:16
Awesome Video! Santelli OWNS Friedman On Social Security! 16:40:35
CATO on FAA Privatization 16:30:25
We're getting close to the Tipping Point where the campaign takes off like a rocket; MSM can disguise the truth for only so long 16:29:41
**Important** Get this message to Ron Paul's campaign! 15:31:16
The Debate Sucked 15:16:16
Ron Paul Debate: Rick Perry Physically Grabs Him, Points at His Face 15:10:29
Rick Perry's Ties With Merck Run Deep 15:05:47
Fact Check: Perry, Romney Twist Records in Debate 14:59:51
Neocon poll on Who Won Debate Needs your Vote! 14:58:15
Ron Paul Takes First in Debate Poll, Despite Debate’s Perry vs. Romney Focus 14:58:13
Ron Paul on CNN with Piers Morgan after Obama's speech 14:56:28
SEC suspends destruction of enforcement records 14:21:02
BREAKING: Port violence in Washington spreads throughout West coast 14:04:08
Come post on jon stewarts website! 14:01:33
Ron Paul Wins!?!?! 13:52:46
new poll by msn ..Sir Paul lagging.please vote 13:52:07
Red State Post-"Why Ronald Reagan Would Strongly Oppose the Candidacy of Ron Paul" 13:51:08
fact check: Perry, Romney twist records in debate. There is a poll in this article 13:34:18
Bachmann worked on Jimmy Carters campaign too! 13:29:46
MSNBC still manipulating poll! 13:28:28
Ron Paul Has Become the Right's Ralph Nader 13:25:45
What the M.S.N.B.C. Post-Debate Poll Should *Really* Look Like 13:20:02
MSN Poll - Needs more Dr. Paul votes! 13:19:26
Ron Paul Missing From Fox News GOP Poll (only 3 candidates listed) 13:15:51
Wsj Poll: Vote Someone Else 13:02:09
Skewed graph in MSNBC debate poll 12:43:50
Matt Drudge goes all out - Debate Photographs 12:41:58
Someone is paying attention 12:40:20
Rick Perry Wins! 12:37:28
Rick Perry Wins! 12:37:13
GOP leader Dave Bitner passes away from ALS 12:27:10
Anti-war voters are Disenfranchised! What can we do to end the Neocon rule! 12:27:02
Solyndra raided by FBI 12:22:10
Question Tally by Candidate 12:17:05
The Irony.. Ron Paul the only candidate endorsed by Reagan 12:04:58
Hey the Campaign should use that Perry attack picture on everything they do 12:00:55
Ron Paul Attacked (Again) by Conservative Gary Bauer 11:57:15
Hire Marc Carey! 11:54:43
"Google Ron Paul" on Money 11:52:45
Legislative Hearing on H.R. 1098 and Restoring the Dollar 11:49:47
Moon to have no-fly zones by month end 11:46:50
Saturday, October 1, 2011 - A Ron Paul/Rock the Revolution Tour poster on every freeway overpass in America! 11:27:37
Washington Post refers to Ron as Rand 11:23:38
Unelected ObamaCare Board Is Unconstitutional, Lawsuit Claims 11:08:38
Gov. Jindal To Challenge Anti-Reform School Board Candidates 11:00:58
IBF: Ron Paul Debate: Rick Perry Physically Grabs Him (on Drudge Report) 10:41:58
Vote In This Biased Poll 10:41:10
Paul is more important that Reagan 10:38:42
Fox News: "Ron Paul: Border Fence Will Be Used To 'Keep Us In'"; Has Post-Debate Poll 10:35:42
Please vote in this poll 10:33:47
# of times each candidate got to speak 10:22:59
Ron Paul Wants to Pull Plug on AC-The Blaze 10:06:35
Ron Paul should propose GIVING Iran nuclear reactors. 09:59:36
Ron Paul is losing in new Fox News poll! 09:57:40
9/8/2011 - Contacting AC/DC, Yoko Ono, and Chuck Norris! and Ryanwin bags another big score, this time from Rosanne Barr! 09:52:39
Daily Show Fodder - debate questions 09:50:21
GOP Parrots 09:48:01
Jack Hunter on The Jerry Doyle Show Yesterday 09:46:11
Daily Telegraph: Republican debate. Ron Paul springs a surprise 09:43:38
Ron Paul Won The Reagan Library Debate Hands Down 09:38:06
View the Full Republican Debate Below, You Decide Who Won! 09:24:33
VIDEO: One World, One People: Where Is The Love? 09:13:51
Copyright Troll Righthaven Goes on Life Support 09:08:27
Anybody from Nashville? 09:08:08
Debate Factcheck for Perry, Romney, Bachman + a Poll ! 08:58:33
MSNBC Poll show RP won the debate with 49% of the vote 08:52:58
Newsmax - Ron Paul Big Debate Loser 08:46:29
MSNBC distorts post-debate poll results to falsely depict Ron Paul as just barely winning 08:09:47
Telegraph (UK): Ron Paul is right. Military adventurism is a luxury we can no longer afford 08:04:01
Paul Wins Post Debate MSNBC Poll With 47% 07:38:48
Rally For Your Republic Now, Or Lose It Forever. From 07:16:53
Database Of U.S. Internet Pirates Will Be Decentralized 07:13:42
Rand Paul on Freedom Watch (9/7/11) 06:17:53
MSNBC Debate Panel: "Ron Paul Didn't Take The Extra Punch That He Had On Rick Perry" (video) 06:01:16
Rick Perry Assaults Ron Paul Youtube video 05:42:20
Advice for Dr. Paul 04:39:19
O'Reilly's Response to Ron Paul's Slam: "He's Not Really A Journalist" Comedy Gold! 09:06:49
Ron Paul Chats with Supporters after the Debate (video) 03:51:45
Here is what I wish: Ron let them see your smile! 03:51:43
Conan Fan Corrections 03:06:19
Ron Paul 60 sec Video Contest: 02:55:08
Who is Rick Perry? Some Good Rick Perry Research 02:49:02
MSNBC post-debate poll deception 02:33:11
"Banned" Commercial: Ron Paul 2012 Video 09:25:37
Restore America 02:04:26
Debate After Event 01:58:22
JFK quote in parallel with Ron Paul 01:55:47
MSNBC/Politico 9/7 Debate: Statistics on Talking Time 01:52:14
On An Alternative To Lamestream Debates 01:46:08
LA TIMES Story On The Debate 01:34:26
2012 Dream Ticket, Paul not doing so well here 01:15:32
Help get this pic on the Daily Show! Rick Perry threatens Dr. Paul after debate. 01:12:39
We need to do this poll. 01:11:41
A Millennial's Confession 01:10:26
Top Ten List of Things Rick Perry Could Have Said To Ron Paul but didn't 00:57:01
who's on top of all the polls? 00:55:30
How did I get so far off the reservation? 00:47:06
Dear John Stewart, they did it again! 00:45:38
Ron Paul blog in the Boston Globe - Debate 00:21:45
VIDEO - My Thoughts On The Debate 00:08:24