Posted on January 5, 2012

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Urgent - Just Signed NDAA is Bringing Drones to My Hometown! I am furious. Read this news article from Syracuse NY! 20:06:29
Daily Paul Radio Interviews Jack Hunter: 'Inside the Ron Paul Campaign' 23:32:22
Vote Fraud, Power, and Privilege in Small Town Iowa 18:31:36
New Suffolk University Poll Shows Ron Paul 2nd @ 18% in NH; Jumped 4% in one day! 23:03:55
Video: C-SPAN Caught On Tape: “See this room? Two-thirds of us laid-off when Ron Paul is president.” 14:42:03
Ron Paul Surging in New Hampshire Following Top-Tier Finish in Iowa 16:34:00
Stunning! Judge Nap and guest stunned by Santorum remarks 13:48:02
Disturbing Images From Iran You Rarely See 16:00:57
Ron up to 24% in latest New Hampshire Poll 09:29:41
On Iowa, Romney, Santorum, and Paul 09:39:02
Ron Paul on TV Wed. Jan 4: CNBC / Kudlow Report & Freedom Watch / Judge Napolitano 13:31:39
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Could Typo Rewrite Caucus History? KCCI - Moulton, Appanoose County 23:58:43
Adam Curry accurately predicted the top three finishers in Iowa 23:58:26
[VIDEO] Debt Limit? 23:54:32
Israeli Media at Iowa Caucuses 23:50:56
The most awesome Ron Paul video/ad ever! 23:43:33
McCain Endorses Romney...but What Did He Say in 2008? 23:39:44
Phil Donahue interviewing Milton Friedman on free markets: 1979 23:38:38
Please Help Critique this Article 23:37:31
santorum surge 23:30:30
Romney didn't win Iowa - RECOUNT 23:27:01
Michael Berry Telling It Like It Is 01/05/12 23:26:51
Jack hunter article slams santorum 23:23:15
Jon Stewart on the Iowa Caucus 23:18:27
Columbia SC 23:17:43
Donate to run "The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul" ad in South Carolina - donate now! 23:14:01
10 reasons to suspect Rick Santorum's ethics. Great article. 23:13:18
Rick Santorum Responds To His Ron Paul-Supporting Nephew: ‘It’s A Phase’ 23:12:43
Caucus Error Announced? 23:11:23
Mitt vs. Mitt 23:06:01
Politico: Romney Goes To Heck; Great ending! 23:05:52
Help please!...honest question about the troops 23:03:38
10 reasons to suspect Rick Santorum's ethics. Great article. 23:03:14
Black Box Voting Warning for NH 23:03:10
Thousands of US soldiers will be deployed in Israel. 23:03:02
Ben Swann To Announce Newsletter Author! (Maybe @ 11:30 p.m. est) 23:01:57
The Press. What is evil? 23:00:04
Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, Huntsman & Romney are working very hard to either self destruct or take each other out for Ron Paul! 22:49:51
Ron Paul Vindicated on Iran (Unfortunately) 22:49:17
Push, Push and PUSH in NEW hampshire 22:44:56
To Facebook, To Email, To Tweet, To Forums and comment sections we should go 22:42:32
PublicPolicyPolls - Ron Paul in Single Digits (LET'S turn this UP) 22:39:45
Endorse Liberty has launched the Fake Politicians Network 22:34:58
Public Policy Polling tweets that in a month, it'll be Ron Paul v. Romney 22:34:17
Santorum Busted Again 22:33:48
Obama's New Vice President 22:33:35
34 Shocking Facts About U.S. Debt That Should Set America On Fire With Anger 22:29:55
Kelly Clarkson's 'Ron Paul Sales Bump' Debunked: 'Stronger' Sales Actually Dropped Last Week 22:28:09
The Second American Revolution: A Black Comedy 22:24:50
After Senate, Santorum Earned From Some He Aided 22:22:46
Ron Paul is the most dangerous Presidential Candidate 22:19:58
FOX19's 'Reality Check' covers the newsletter story of Dr. Ron Paul 22:19:37
Congressman Mulvaney Town Hall on NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act of 2012) 22:19:37
The largest South Carolina Political News site really bashes Santorum! 22:13:10
RevPac's 'Compassion' Ad to hit NH! 22:09:35
Mitt Romney avoids U.S tax by using Offshore bank accounts 22:06:54
Apparently someone figured out who really wrote the newsletters. 22:02:10
Looking for a place to stay in WYOMING 22:01:11
Ron Paulkamania Vs. Andre The Giant Obama - Inspiring Video 21:58:47
The World of Daily Paul (at bottom of this page) 21:57:27
BEN SWANN 21:45:44
Money Bomb for "IMAGINE" Ron Paul Ad! At Super Bowl 2012! 21:45:27
Anyone Know Jon Stewart's Email? 21:45:20
On the ground information about Santorum's sudden win in Iowa 21:45:01
Vile NBC news hit piece 21:39:18
Ron Paul right on Iran 21:38:20
Boston Globe snubs Romney - Endorses Huntsman 21:37:50
USDA poisoning thousands of birds 21:35:34
Obama To Cut Military Big Time - Trying to Out-Paul The Doctor? . 21:33:25
National Inflation Association Endorses Ron Paul 21:31:40
A strong 2nd VITAL in NH 21:30:46
This is what happened in Iowa 21:29:56
Defending Isaac while arming Ishmael 21:28:16
Ron Paul's Anti War rhetoric Fueling his GOP Support 21:27:28
Targeting Voters on the Left 21:24:39
People are starting to notice. Support Ron Paul publicly, and you could get rich. 21:22:34
No regrets. 21:19:54
NAACP and a Ron Paul invite 21:19:51
If only the Ron Paul campaign could air this message 21:11:56
So if I post something concerning chemtrails am I going to be blacklisted ? 21:09:52
Man Is Accidentally Shot In Drug Raid, Police Say 20:57:02
Suggestiing that an INFO text box replace a removed post. 20:56:29
Help Rand Fight International Tyranny: UN Small Arms Treaty 20:54:59
BREAKING: journalist exonerates RP on newsletters 20:50:19
Is Obama getting ready to campaign against Ron Paul? 20:43:48
Do You Own Yourself ? 20:41:16
"Just a few mother's sons will never really be enough." 20:40:51
Raw Milk Will Kill You! (according to the government, again) 20:34:16
guys... the campaign needs to get on this now... 20:30:58
Colbert Destroys Mitt, Newt and Ricky *Must See* 20:30:06
Wash Times/JZ New Hampshire Poll: Paul 47%, Romney 31%, Santorum 0% - (Ages 18-34) Paul is dominating the young vote! 20:27:42
Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney sing "I got you babe!" 20:24:12
I need a country band to record a song for Ron Pauls campaign! 20:23:18
Shiffography or How We're Really Going to Handle the Chinese 20:19:16
To the Dr. Paul supporter that made it on the Hannity show today ... 20:13:22
Ron Paul vindicated on Iran from The Atlantic Magazine 20:11:00
"Santorum Mania"! Say Whut? 20:09:56
Ron Paul Surging in New Hampshire 20:09:53
Tired of Drudge - Started My Own Thing 20:09:29
What is your interpretation of the 1st Amendment regarding religion? 20:07:21
Ron Paul Vindicated on Iran 20:05:50
Seattle Sues Attorney That Is Suing To Get Police Dashcam Videos 20:03:25
Senator Rand Paul: Your services are needed in New Hampshire, sir. 19:50:19
American Military forced to import bullets from Israel 19:49:29
We The People: Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Election 19:45:23
The Truth behind Ron Paul's Newsletters & Who Wrote Them 19:43:53
This war is not simply between Liberty and the GOP... 19:41:57
The 1 Minute Video That Just Lost Santorum The Election 19:32:18
Sore losers at The Atlantic: Ron Paul Vindicated on Iran (Unfortunately) 19:29:24
Do you think the Super Brochure has helped or hurt us? 19:28:41
What kind of turnout can I expect at the Nashua, NH meeting tomorrow? 19:26:26
Romney Holding Big Fundraiser in NYC 19:23:55
This video needs to be shared 19:20:36
Jon Stewart vows to stop making 'Santorum' jokes 19:19:58
Marine faces 15 years behind bars for unknowingly violating NY gun law 19:18:33
Using technology 19:17:59
How to get more voters checking RP's name on the ballot 19:17:35
New Hampshire to Get a Dose of Ron Paul’s “Compassion” 19:13:59
RP's Platform Has Some Cracks 19:13:27
On the ground information about Santorum's sudden win in Iowa 19:11:56
How's That Martin Luther King Moneybomb Coming Along? 19:09:00
Ron Paul Is An Electable Conservative Unless You Listen To the Media - Video Proof 19:05:23
NH Campaign HQ Info 19:03:30
NDAA Conservative Talking Point (Be Prepared Ron) 18:59:12
This guy nails it...and a few shoutouts to Dr. Paul 18:58:27
First Dutch poll 18:53:30
WSJ Poll... Ron in 2nd... GO VOTE! 18:47:40
my latest article: "If Ron Paul isn't Electable, Just Who the Hell is?" 18:45:10
If the globalists had the elections all under their control, they wouldn't feel the need to slander Paul 18:44:43
Fw: Kim Jung Un 18:44:24
Incredible Joe Rogan/Ron Paul video rant 18:42:01
Is Rush Limbaugh a Convicted felon who can't vote or own firearms? 18:41:49
Santorum the Collectivist vs. Ron Paul the Individualist 18:39:14
A new neuropsychiatric disorder? 18:30:19
Proposal: Veterans and Active Duty March for Ron Paul 18:26:55
Not Hyperbole: Santorum wants US to conform to Judeo-Christian law 18:26:51
Romney edges Santorum in tight race for Iowa delegates; Paul shut out...? 18:26:20
GOP Fear is GROWING! - Atlantic Wire 18:22:01
Republicans think Ron Paul... 18:18:24
Where Are the Missing Iowa Votes? - Fox News Insider 18:17:40
breaking news: The Pentagon to Send US Troops to Israel. Iran is the Unspoken Target 18:13:18
Keep up the fire! 18:11:16
Bill O - Feb 3, DPAC Durham, NC 18:09:45
Santorum just got booed in NH 18:09:35
SC Straw Poll..And a couple other things 18:06:23
Obama taking a page from Dr. Paul's foreign policy book?! 17:55:22
Help change Obama supporters by Sharing these Links 17:54:22
Ex-CIA agent tells truth. 17:51:15 17:50:44
Mike Krieger (of KAM LP) On Why He Supports Ron Paul 17:48:35
Ron Paul super PAC lampoons opponents with impersonators 17:48:11
Video experts, We need a collage of Hannity, Levin, Beck, O'Reilly, Limbaugh getting caught outright lying. Also, WHY they lie! 17:45:13
Soldier in trouble for appearance with Dr. Paul? 17:43:08
How to win over the average republican MSM fear voter 17:42:25
Santorum quotes 17:37:32
A poll that needs some Ron Paul votes 17:33:45
Shouldn't DPers unite on one debate question? 17:33:44
Michelle Fields Tweets that "Paultards" is Offensive 17:31:17
Audio: Ron Paul supporter owns Michael Savage - Great Job! 17:29:37
I sent this letter to ALL the newspapers in NH. Here's the link, you can send letters, too! 17:28:58
just come home! Epic anti-war song featuring Dr.Paul's speeches! 17:23:47
Has Ron Paul said he would shut down Gitmo? 17:21:43
Money: Is the life blood of campaigns. You want to move forward? Then Give, 17:18:21
Romney Sinking, Ron Paul Surging in New Hampshire 17:17:09
Newt will now selfishly destroy GOP and take out most candidates, except for Ron Paul who will benefit from Newt's vendetta! 17:16:24
The Doubtful Republican May Just Stay Home 17:14:18
Perfect Answer for Ron Paul 17:11:19
This will soon be "The clip that ended Santorum" 17:10:42
TRUTH: Ron Paul and the Newsletters. 17:07:33
Very Interesting Graph: Washington Post! UPDATE: Send this to your local Occupy movements' webpages! 17:06:12
Obama - Give credit where credit is due 17:01:39
2 Polls: Ron Needs Help With. Middle Right Of Page 16:57:36
Call the White House About the NDAA 16:53:21
Beck Declares Paul has ties to Soros 16:51:30
MSM & GOP - They Hate Us for Our Freedoms. 16:45:50
999 is back as 'Cain's Solutions Revolution' 16:45:43
Ron Paul Woodstock 16:41:56
Seriously, does Ron actually WANT to even win? 16:37:48
How Corrupt is Santorum? 16:34:19
Romney Sinking, Ron Paul Surging In New Hampshire (2 New Polls) 16:32:46
Thousands of US troops deploying to Israel 16:31:23
A Request from Ron Paul 16:28:28
Santorum Becomes Millionaire in Six Years (post Senate) 16:26:50
Ron Paul Surging in New Hampshire Following Top-Tier Finish in Iowa 16:26:45
A first: someone in the media say Ron Paul might get the nom 16:25:40
Having fun with Santorum email 16:24:17
Moneybomb! 16:11:31
NEW Zogby poll: first "real" question is about support for an attack on Iran if it closes the Straight of Hormuz... 16:08:21
Lets tax the Rich! I like this video 16:04:20
Coming out of the woodwork 16:01:20
Best Quote! Maybe, Best All-Time quote for the Good Doctor unless you are 15:58:04
Fight Against Foreign Policy Fallacies 15:56:25
Liberty Rocks Concert! 15:51:21
Steve Forbes Skewers Romney & Santorum 15:48:37
The Campaign Needs an Official Theme Song -UPDATE- 15:47:08
NH Primary Poll - Which candidate will win the N.H. primary? VOTE NOW! 15:44:22
7 Reasons Why Ron Paul Supporters should still Feel Optimistic 15:42:10
★ TOP PICK ★ On the Ground with Ron Paul in Iowa - Reason Mag 15:36:52
Funny Pic For Everyone's Viewing Pleasure 15:34:03
Ron Paul Dominates the Mention Machine 15:30:52
Tom Woods: Ron Paul and Iowa 15:30:00
RP NH staff frustrated!? 15:29:24
Drudge w/ Photo: "2/3rds Of Us Out Of Work WHEN Ron Paul Wins" 15:29:16
RNC Chairman says ABSOLUTELY back Paul if nominee 15:25:57
Getting Senator Jim Demint's Endorsement 15:24:41
If Ron Paul isn't Electable, Just Who the Hell is? 15:21:04
Meet Romney's Non Military Sons 15:07:53
The ONLY pro-life 15:06:35
fix wiki regarding projected delegates for RP 14:56:17
On Phone Banking and NH 14:53:16
Ben Swann to announce Newsletter Writer Soon! 14:52:50
Looking for wild graphic designers. Wild style, comic book style, futurist style, etc. 14:51:37
Jon Stewart does it again 14:51:25
Super Brochures on the Homepage! 14:51:14
Pentagon Press Room "See This Room? Two-Thirds Of Us Laid-Off When Ron Paul Is President" 14:50:40
Army investigating Jesse Thorsen for speaking out for Paul 14:49:15
I Like Rick Santorum, Except His Racist Remarks 14:44:36
I Like Jesus, Except His Foreign Policy 14:39:37
Pentagon Press Room "See This Room? Two-Thirds Of Us Laid-Off When Ron Paul Is President" 14:38:19
Like sheep, neocons now flocking to Santorum (Rasmussen Poll) - Pathetic 14:34:06
Ron Paul Comments on Obama's Recess Appointments 14:31:54
If Ron Paul isn't Electable, Just Who the Hell is? 14:27:22
History of Rick Santorum's money making 14:26:52
In 1976, Ronald Reagan named Senator Richard Schweiker his VP before 14:21:27
Glenn Greenwald DESTROYS Obamabots! 14:19:47
Ron Paul and the Banks 14:16:38
Iowa Reaction-The Sweet and Sour 14:15:55
_ 14:15:52
Perfect Answer for Ron's Newsletters 14:13:50
Obama: Less Military Through New Plan - Bad for RP? 14:13:03
Losing a Boeing Military Plant vs Spending Money Overseas protecting Japan and Germany 14:07:24
Glenn Greenwald: Democratic Party priorities (Obama/Paul part 2) 14:05:25
9 out of Mitt Romney's top 20 donors receive over $8.6 TRILLION from the Fed 14:04:12
Rick Santorum...Not all it's cracked up to be 14:01:58
Pentagon chief: Smaller military means extra risk 14:01:53
Mitt's Billionaire Club 14:00:28
Judge Napolitano Endorses Ron Paul; Slams Obama, Romney & Santorum 13:59:36
Why Dr.Paul not in NH 13:55:39
Remember Tom Woods' advice for next debate 13:52:08
Key Points that need to be Stated 13:49:35
DIZZY? GOP Heads Spinning on How To Handle Ron Paul! - NY Times 13:45:43
Progressive blog endorses Ron Paul 13:45:06
Santorum responds to Paul-supporting nephew: ‘It’s a phase’ 13:41:31
Funny this will make you laugh! POLITICO- Roger Simon- "Romney Goes To Heck" 13:41:10
Does the Future Belong to Ron Paul? 13:41:01
No Billionaire Oligarchs for Ron Paul 13:37:41
Jimmy Carter agrees with Ron Paul on Iran 13:36:16
Does Newt remind anyone else of Bobby Hill? 13:35:45
VOTE NOW, Live on Fox news "Happening now" show 13:34:38
Last Day to Register Republican in New York March 30, 2012 13:32:32
John McCain endorses Mitt Romney 13:30:17
Banned SNL TV Funhouse Media Conspiracy Cartoon 1998 13:29:17
Who is Ron Paul T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers 13:26:55
What's happening? NO appearance in NH til the end of the week? 13:16:35
Our Biggest Problem 13:14:50
Bono - Santorum defender of the most vulnerable 13:13:46
Why Conservatives Should Vote for Ron Paul: the Constitution! 13:12:29
Romney’s ties to the Stanford 8.5 billion dollar ponzi scheme 13:05:39
Ron Paul is not running against Rommey. He is running against FOX news. 13:03:05
Blackout Ad - Big Media, Big Interests, Big Government 13:02:20
Rick Santorum's WEIRD Wrestling Video 13:00:13
Ron Paul raises $13M in final months of 2011 12:57:33
DHS Officers Armed With Semiautomatics Set Up Unannounced ID Checkpoint 12:54:31
Please sign this! 12:51:26
Obama Bypasses the Congress Once Again!? 12:48:26
Dr. Ron Paul endorsed by three NH newspapers 12:47:35 newshour has 2 powerful must listen to interviews 12:44:55
Fair Article : Paul's Foreign Policy Views Not So 'Dangerous' 12:41:22
Suffolk Poll 1/5/12: Romney 41%, Paul 18%, Santorum 8% 12:40:48
Austrian Econ vs. Interest-Free Money 12:40:14
All Voters! Electability 12:36:34
Three New Hampshire Newspapers Endorse Ron Paul 12:31:28
Romney's achilles heel 12:26:59
Ron Paul is the most electable - my letter to the editor 12:23:52
Terminology 12:22:58
Ron Paul vs. Rick Santorum Rachel Maddow Show 12:20:17
Rabbi Ron the Modern Moses 12:19:58
Ron Paul is too Old? 12:19:52
CNN Money Article "GOP 2012: What they (wouldn't) cut" 12:17:56
Khan Academy - Primaries and Caucuses 12:16:57
Just got off the phone with a coworker from Iowa 12:14:16
Homeland Security Checkpoint at Social Security Center in Fla? 12:08:04
RP's "Joe the plummer" 11:58:12
only 1 candidate doesnt take money from the 1% 11:57:17
I am a decent American 11:55:39
Video: Santorum asked about Nephew Ron Paul endorsement 11:54:28
National Journal Surrenders To Ron Paul Revolution 11:50:15
Video: False flags, the media, and why you SHOULD watch MSM citizen, or else... 11:48:43
Greenspan: ‘True Revolution’ to End Welfare State Impasse 11:47:18
Former McCain New Hampshire campaign organizers say Ron Paul probably has strongest organization in NH 11:43:45
Everyone wins Iowa. Even Ron Paul 11:38:35
Billboard idea 11:38:33
New MSM storyline: Romney nomination is inevitable. How do we defeat this? 11:36:00
NOW LISTEN to Santorum tell Bill O'Reilly how he wants to take away more of our Liberties! 11:35:36
A plea to aid a US political prisoner in immediate danger 11:31:25
The Debt Put Into Perspective 11:31:03
Does anyone here know about Liberty Guard? 11:29:14
Former Chief Economist for IMF says people should start listening to Dr. Paul 11:24:04
New Ad Idea 11:23:56
Hand this out with your super brochures for the neocons... 11:22:35
An Analysis of Iowa 2012 - A Victory For Some... 11:20:55
This is grave 11:19:18
[video 2:48] TYT - Santorum Scandal Cover For John Ensign 11:16:12
Help - Romney helped bilk $270 Million from investor 11:15:24
Lt. Col Schaffer: RP right on Iran 11:13:33
Google: Ron Paul, Kim Kardashian more popular in New Hampshire than Romney 11:07:16
"GOP 2012: What they (wouldn't) cut" 11:04:42
We got a personal endorsement from a New Hampshire Tea Party leader. 10:52:02
The Plain Truth About Mitt Romney - Judge Nap & his endorsement of RP 10:52:01
Looking for college students from Kansas. 10:50:06
Feedback Please - Great TWITTER bomb idea? 10:48:11
Boots on the Ground NH Jan 7th w/e - Tom Woods 10:46:32
Ron Paul campaign should make an ad with Michael Scheuer and or Col. Macgregor explaining that Ron is Right on foreign policy! 10:45:26
Support Ron Paul Petition on 10:43:53
Former Democrat, and Fighter Pilot who ran against Lindsey Graham SC in 2008, big RP supporter has a huge voter database. VIDEO 10:40:33
Support Ron Paul Petition on 10:39:36
Battle lines being drawn in GOP 10:33:52
Progressives' Lament: Government Sucks Because We Are Lazy 10:29:25
►Whole World is Watching? Not Anymore. NYPD Invades/Terminates/Arrests LiveStream 10:17:28
NH Polls say they want a candidate that can WIN, please push RP's strength among Independent voters with following info. 10:13:29
Dave Frum on CNN OUTFRONT with Erin Burnett Slander Jan 4th 10:09:23
Ron Paul May Play Kingmaker: Perfect Storm for Brokered Republican Convention 09:55:33
What Foreign Policy Experts Agree With Ron Paul? 09:50:44
SuperPAC spent big bucks on ads for Santorum 09:50:21
Rick Santorum's People... Calling for a Pre-Emptive Strike 09:47:42
LETTER: NH Tea Party Leader Endorses Ron Paul 09:46:19
Debt Limit Satire 09:45:39
Secretary of Defense Retired Col. Douglas Macgregor sounds like Ron Paul. 09:35:07
A whole bunch of polls - Have at 'em 09:30:35
Paul only one with a plan 09:26:27
Kentucky and the nation loses a GIANT! 09:26:03
You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy 09:10:25
Where can you submit campaign slogans/ideas 09:07:18
Will there be an election this year? 09:01:03
How Our Foreign Policy Makes Us Less Free | THE plain truth by Judge Napolitano 09:00:52
Drudge: Ron Paul Leads Political Merchandise Sale 08:54:39
Ron Paul, the anti-Romney, Better Choice than Santorum 08:54:31
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Views Not So 'Dangerous' 08:50:12
Some will smile, some will be very nervous... Update: Release The Poll Hounds! 08:46:39
NEW YORKERS, anyone who watches "NY1" ...I need your help 08:45:26
Why Perry didn't drop out 08:43:21
Ron [Paul] Swanson - Very Funny! 08:27:14
Government by and for which people 08:18:07
FYI Update: O'Reilly fesses up: the Iowa Caucus was an inside job! 08:15:45
The Importance of Ron Paul by Larry Elder 08:08:52
Ron Paul and the Banks (by former IMF Chief Economist) 07:59:19
Paul Campaign Raises Over $13 Million in Q4 07:55:32
Ron Paul raised $13 million in Q4- 07:51:29
Morning Joe admits it's all just a "Show" 07:38:30
Tucker Carlson on Ron Paul 2012 07:31:57
The Daily Caller: But what about Ron Paul? 07:29:38
Limbaugh on Ron Paul’s 3rd-place Iowa finish: ‘It’s Over’ 07:26:43
Google: Ron Paul, Kim Kardashian more popular in NH than Romney 07:24:12
RP two pronged attack 07:20:37
Infomercial NOW! 07:09:32
Help Ron Paul on Intrade! 07:09:08
From 2008 to 2012, Ron Paul did much better than Romney in Iowa this year. 07:05:51
Eric Michael & The Ron Paul Super Brochure 07:05:46
Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Young people are crying out, should we listen? 06:22:42
WaPo: Palin: Don't marginalize Paul's supporters 06:13:39
New Polls 05:38:08
Suspicious Iowa: Professional Election Monitor Says IA GOP Caucus Procedures Raise Multiple Red Flags 05:37:30
The Ron Paul "Affair" 05:30:52
Running Mate 05:30:40
Hacking Democracy - Full Documentary 05:18:04
If We want to WIN...its go on the attack over foreign policy ! 05:12:30
Paul, Romney, and everybody else. Is the top spot so important right now? 05:09:32
How Many Paul Supporters Change Their Vote? 05:02:42
Chickenhawk Hall of Shame 04:59:08
Rachel Maddow - Ron Paul vs Santorum 04:30:50
Santorum didn't even submit 1 damn signature to get on ballot in his own state of VA 04:25:46
Music VIDEO I Made On Ron's Foreign Policy! 04:22:02
How Ron Paul Should Approach his Foreign Policy 04:02:53
Help Ron Paul in New Hampshire, with the Compassion of Dr. Paul Ad! 03:59:01
http:/ 03:54:28
The Magic Words which are going to get Ron Paul elected President 03:48:00
Great investigative report on "racist" newsletters by Ben Swann of Reality Check 03:47:36
Joe Perry of Aerosmith Endorses Ron Paul 03:45:02
West Point Grad Arrested For Defending Woman Abused By Austin Police 03:34:39
Reason: Iowa caucus results met or exceeded Paul campaign's expectations 03:33:40
Creative redirect to foreign policy misinformation 03:27:57
From Israel: Vote Ron Paul & Let My People Go! 03:24:42
The 2012 US Gold Certificate 03:22:51
So You Think I'm "Dangerous?" I'll show You "Dangerous!" Say Hello to MY Delegates! 03:08:42
"Santorum" on Black People 03:06:52
Strategy - off topic and probably irrelevant but... 02:52:42
Only Delegates Count in The End..."We Need Delegates, and More Delegates"...Get Informed! 02:51:46
If the globalists had the elections all under their control, they wouldn't feel the need to slander paul 02:50:48
Ron Paul even beats Obama here: 02:49:54
Was Huntsman Involved in His Family Firm's Price-Fixing Case? 02:46:46
#YouMightBeARonPaulSupporterIf 02:44:13
Ron Paul on.. the Japanese news? Oh? And Britain? 02:43:40
Boots on the Ground Weekend!. 1-7-12 New Hampshire 02:34:40
Ron Paul Will WIN New Hampshire! 02:33:52
Ron Paul leads politicial merchandise sales 02:30:54
New Videos @ the Fake Politicians Network 02:27:32
What's on RP's bookshelf? 02:15:41
Huntsman 2012 Contributions and Expenditures through 9/30/2011 02:13:47
Ron Paul Song - This is awesome! 02:05:32
Ron Paul can't get legislation through? 02:04:34
NH Tea Party Pioneer Endorses Ron Paul! 02:01:45
Awesome video of Joe Rogan talking about why he supports Ron Paul 02:00:43
Santorum Warned Ensign About Impending Sex Scandal 01:43:00
The "Surging with Santorum" Quagmire. 01:40:28
Drugs, Guns and Madness in the Ron Paul Revolution 01:32:41
Was the Iowa Campaign Hijacked by Estblishment Infiltrators? Updated 01:32:06
An oldie but a goodie! 01:29:33
We Really need to reach out to Occupy! 01:23:31
MSNBC already lying about Iowa Results. 01:18:18
Frothy the Snowman- Poetry contest! 01:14:35
Calling all Pennsylvania residents 01:13:44
Jim Condit Jr. on Rense talking about Iowa and New Hampshire Vote Watching 01:11:36
Ron Paul's 2002 speech where all predictions come true. SHOCKING 01:07:43
What is Bill O'reilly talking about? 01:07:25
Onion News - 600-pound Butter Cow Sculpture Wins Iowa Caucus [SATIRE] 01:04:02
The Judge Live From New Hampshire 00:58:45
Rivals Set to Pounce on Santorum's Questionable Past 00:48:48
Tocqueville on the “New Despotism” (1837) 00:46:44
Check this out you guys! Classic Willard Romney 00:41:34
Media tries to silence liberty movement 00:40:00
Why does Ron not point out certain things? 00:39:57
RP timeline for withdrawl? 00:37:22
Glenn Beck demonizes Paul for 'alignment' with "progressives and communists" 00:34:28
Ben Swann does it again! 00:32:42
Orrin Woodward...Right or Left Equals Lost Freedoms 00:27:47
Arguing Against Fear, For Victory 00:25:39
Suspicious Iowa 00:24:48
McCain: The ghost from Christmas past. 00:22:20
Stunning: 'Angry' Newt on the Attack on Ron Paul 00:19:17
World Poll ! 00:14:17
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