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Ron Paul Interview On CNN / John King USA - 01/06/12 20:18:08
Ron Paul Hangar Campaign Rally with Rand Paul - Nashua Airport - Part 1 - 1/6/2012 18:15:01
New Ron Paul Campaign Ad Takes On Santorum — "Betrayal" 17:19:45
Awesome Entrance by Fighter Jared Downing 15:51:14
Preppy protester: The moment a 19-year-old Mitt Romney demonstrated in favour of Vietnam War draft 15:00:43
Front Page of - "Military Donors Prefer Ron Paul" 13:49:35
Slay a Dragon for Florida 12:49:30
Ron Paul Raises $13 Million, Has Long-Term Strategy 08:01:12
Video: Ron Paul Rally in Nashua, New Hampshire 01/06/2012 17:50:40
The Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten For Ron Paul! 10:23:46
Ron Paul Activist Assaulted by Police in Austin 07:09:55
CNN: Mitt has a bad day in New Hampshire. Ron Paul supporters turn it into a good day for Ron Paul. 00:38:38
Official Ron Paul Telemarketing Fundraiser - Happening Now 13:35:22
TWO Debates This Weekend in New Hampshire: Saturday, 9pm ET, Sunday, 9am ET 15:05:28
Kelly Clarkson: Saturday Night Love Musical Guest Jan. 7 - This Saturday! 00:32:49
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200,000 new jobs! 23:53:12
University Students Question Dr.Paul 23:52:37
Do you know how to document voter fraud/ election fraud? 23:44:48
UPDATED: A picture is worth more than a 1000 words 23:38:20
Best Limbaugh smear yet: "Ron Paul sounds like a Bond villain." LOL 23:36:47
Abby Huntsman thread admitting they made the video 23:28:15
Iowa Caucuses Were a Sham 23:25:34
Huntsman Said He Would Get Even 23:19:00
Discussion about Ron Paul having enough supporters ID'd to win Iowa is cut off [Jan 2nd 2012] 23:10:42
Looking for Volunteers For a Grassroots Video. 23:05:28
Re: We Can Do Better Than Ron Paul 22:42:22
Former Abramoff-Linked Lobbyist Helps Santorum in South Carolina‎ 22:41:17
Who is Michael Berry and why have I never heard of him until today? 22:40:10
New sign off for Ron Paul ads: I'm Ron Paul and thats the truth. 22:39:24
Washington Post - Mention Machine (Twitter): Ron Paul 22:32:12
National Inflation Association Video Destroys Romney... DONE! The Romney Con 22:30:24
Gold v the U.S. Dollar 22:19:42
Ron Paul will be on ABC This Week 22:17:59
Thumbs Down This Comment! 22:10:56
I've got an idea and I need some help and input... 22:04:46
I Would Really Love One Of These! 22:03:02
Huntsman Daughters' Video 21:59:22
Ben Swann Reality Check: Author of "Racist" Newsletter Revealed 21:59:16
Huntsman Complicit in “False Flag”-Style Dirty Trick Against Paul 21:58:45
US Navy rescues Iranian fishing boat from pirates 21:53:41
Fraud in Iowa: and how we must stop it in New Hampshire 21:52:10
Which States Do You Think Ron Paul Will Win in 2012? 21:49:49
Rebuttal To Gary Bauer's We Can Do Better Than Ron Paul Video 21:49:31
Video taken down: 'You like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy' 21:45:31
Be there! Take this place over! 21:43:49
Focus, people! 21:42:44
Ron Paul Compassion Ad, coming up on Freedom Watch 21:33:11
Quit Posting The Video AND Quit Blaming The Huntsman Camp 21:32:16
Is Newt Gingrich a hypocrite? 21:28:09
China will not hesitate to protect Iran, threatens World War 3 news video 21:24:58
Michael Scheuer perfect with Judge Nap a moment ago 21:21:06
Mother Jones Tries to Classify Ron Paul 21:14:46
Vote fraud in Iowa, and how we must stop it in New Hampshire 21:14:32
Robert Kennedy Truth about Vaccine Cover UP Thimerosol 21:07:33
Impostor making Huntsman's attack ad 21:07:08
Should New Users Be Restricted From Posting Links 20:59:00
Document Everything! 20:58:02
Ron Paul live on C-span in Durham, NH 20:53:13
How Paul can argue against Romneys/Santorums foreign policy 20:49:30
"Something Fishy" 20:48:56
Wise words 20:37:52
A Discussion on Foreign Policy 20:36:01
NIA: Ron Paul can defeat Mitt Romney and become our next President! 20:30:01
NBC NH Poll: Willard 42%, RP 22% 20:29:10
We have enough support! 20:24:28
Phil Donahue -Champion's Ron Paul's Foreign Policy *Video Piers Morgan's Show 20:23:11
Ron Paul is awesome! 20:17:34
USA Today: Paul vows to contrast his record with GOP rivals 20:17:33
Gary Bauer contact info due to his inaccurate ad 20:14:44
Unreal! CNN's Just Tried to TRASH Ron Paul! 20:12:21
Las Vegas Strip Sign Bomb! 20:06:24
Ron Paul is Keith Olbermann's Worst Person of the day. 20:04:18
It Ain't Over Until It's Over - delegate count! 20:03:22
LIVE: Ron Paul UNH Town Hall Meeting in Durham, New Hampshire 20:00:44
We can't win. We won't win. UNLESS 20:00:13
Be on the lookout for the "Huntsman Chinese baby ad" 19:57:15
Ron Paul on CSPAN in 5 min! 4pm PT 19:57:10
billboard in SLC and then Nevada 19:56:02
Grassroots Get Out The Vote effort tomorrow in Manchester NH 19:52:45
An anti-war song inspired by Ron Paul 19:41:56
I AM an ambassador for Ron Paul! 19:41:23
Ron Paul Metal Cards! 19:39:08
Mitt Romney's family in Mexico reveals candidate's heritage south of border 19:32:23
Did anyone else receive a Revolution PAC email the other day asking for help booting Romney from Va. ballot? 19:29:30
Dealing with questionable links 19:28:50
Pat Buchanan: Romney’s Almost Got it Locked Up 19:28:17
Santorum - even the people working for him support Ron Paul 19:27:23
Rasmussen: Ron Paul 4th in South Carolina, after Romney, Gingrich, Santorum 19:25:58
NAACP Criticizes Gingrich's Food Stamps Comments 19:24:49
Idaho Voters 19:24:48
I am not your RP ambassador. 19:21:23
Did Santorum Pay For Iowa Conservative Endorsement? 19:20:50
Ron Paul Racial Writings Exposed 19:12:11
U of NH Durham Town Hall Live on CSPAN 19:11:29
Ron Paul Nevada Team Announces Two-Week Campaign Charge 19:07:57
Ron Paul Metal Cards! 19:04:47
Ron Paul on CNN John King show 6pm eastern 19:04:43
Jon Huntsman SAID his daughters were going to release a video attacking Paul 19:03:57
Poppy Bush “Endorses” Jeb Bush for 2016 – Er… Mitt-Rom 2012 18:59:44
Educating Neoconservatives about Drug Wars? 18:51:13
Internet stats shows Paul is crashing Romney in NH 18:50:08
*ATTN Campaign! You Need Money? Here it is. 18:48:58
O'Lielly is a lying liar who lies 18:41:25
when asked about Ron Paul's elect-ability it should be stated likes this 18:39:24
Battle Plan being Readied for NH, if you want an accurate RP vote count! 18:38:21
Politico: NBC Sunday Debate Seating, Paul and Romney Front and Center (NBC Poll Releases 6:30et Tonight) 18:37:53
SC Attack Ad - RP Hostile to Troops, Reagan; Condemns Israel for Defending Itself 18:34:22
Is Wikipedia reporting the Delegate count correctly? 18:34:17
Is the Huntsman 'Manchurian' ad a deliberate attack on Paul? 18:29:14
Article - Ron Paul Most Conservative Congressman in Modern History 18:26:10
MLK Moneybomb 18:25:23
Using 'The Arm of Flesh': The Fallacy of Attacking Ron Paul on Abortion 18:23:09
WMUR New Hampshire Poll: Romney 44%, Paul 20%, Santorum 8%, Gingrich 8%, Huntsman 7% 18:19:19
Penny Pinching 4 Paul? 18:19:14
107.7 WTOP reported that Paul supporters paid for that stupid/fake Huntsman video on youtube 18:07:51
2pac for Ron Paul 18:07:39
Beck takes off the gloves 17:59:17
♥ Kelly Clarkson Musicbomb Thank You and Followup ♥ 17:57:27
Yahoo: Give the Gift of World Peace-Vote for Ron Paul 17:53:56
Why Ron Paul Is Right And Barack Obama Is Wrong About Iran 17:48:55
Paul campaign pulls in cash from military donors 17:46:01
855.886.9779 17:45:48
Rove disputes Hannity; says Paul WILL get 2nd in NH 17:44:47
Santorum Booed off Stage in New Hampshire 17:42:11
OUCH! Ron Paul Just Slammed Rick Santorum After a Rally in New Hampshire! 17:39:49
Huntsman campaign made Racist Video to Slander Ron Paul! 17:35:28
New grassroots video 17:24:16
Author of Ron Paul Newsletter Racist Articles Uncovered - You gonna like this :) 17:23:44
BREAKING: Ron Paul -The Gay and Lesbian Anti-Discrimination Encyclopedia 17:22:26
BREAKING: Ron Paul -The Gay and Lesbian Anti-Discrimination Encyclopedia 17:21:44
CNN - Ron Paul on John King 6ET 1/5/12 17:20:58
New Paul S.C. ad hits Santorum on 'betrayal' 17:19:59
ATTN Video Makers - An Idea! 17:19:37
Ron Paul Blimp-Fly at the Superbowl? 17:19:27
Tenth Amendment Alive and Well in Montana 17:17:54
Idaho needs some help! 17:09:57
It's happening, people are waking up. 16:58:09
What voted Gingrich in 1981 after Israel bombed Iraq? 16:57:30
A "New" constitution 16:51:50
Why Ron Paul Is Right And Barack Obama Is Wrong About Iran 16:50:05
Feel like voting in some polls? There's a FOX one that needs our help! 16:48:43
My Email to the National Organization for Marriage on their "Pledge" 16:47:29
Karl Rove on NH: "Romney, first place, Paul, second, Santorum, third, Gingrich, fourth." 16:39:59
How to defend Paul/libertarianism against argument for laws that address human nature flaws? 16:36:15
Why Christians should vote for Ron Paul... 16:36:08
"The Free State" How and Why is N.Hampshire Not 100% Behind Dr. Paul? 16:35:49
Rick Santorum brags about censoring video games 16:26:45
King Santorum 16:26:39
Did Huntsman camp create the anti-Huntsman ad? 16:25:56
Hard Hitting ad Idea 16:22:49
Report says Romney, Gingrich and Perry tax plans add billions to deficit, favor the rich 16:16:16
Message from the Campaign: Minnesota needs callers this week and next 16:15:44
Crackdown on domestic "terrorists": Beware vegetarian buffet organizers! NDAA 16:11:00
Why Ron Paul Is Right And Barack Obama Is Wrong About Iran 16:09:04
R any DPers going to the UNH Rally 2 nite? 16:07:57
Pro Israel Group In SC takes aim at Dr. Paul 16:05:23
Ron Paul Could Pull Off Upset in NH! 16:05:05
John Huntsman's entire campaign is a PsyOp. 16:05:00
Stopping Ron Paul In Iowa—How They Did It 16:03:21
Polls Show Paul Closing in on Romney FAST! 16:03:17
Paul campaign denounces 'disgusting' anti-Huntsman YouTube video 15:58:57
Great piece Greenwald on corrupt war journalists 15:58:57
Thoughts of the dark side 15:54:14
Jon Huntsman attacks...himself? 15:49:12
Is it time for Ron Paul to ratchet up his Anti-War position to bring in like minded Independents and Democrats in New Hampshire? 15:48:42
petition to recall us senators 15:40:50
Michael Nystrom - You Need More Bandwidth 15:39:23
You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy video taken down!? 15:36:38
Santorum defines elements of conservatism and disagrees with them. 15:35:10
What has one thumb and is AWESOME? 15:34:59
Mitt Romney Fights With Reporter After Being Exposed As A Liar 15:23:32
Paul finds Iowa niche 15:23:05
"FLASH" The Occupy Movement In My Area Is Being Taken Over By Democrats ! 15:20:53
Article: Ron Paul is a disaster for Republicans and Democrats, but not for America's freedoms 15:10:02
Got The Telemarketing Call Today... 15:09:44
Santorum & Sandusky 15:08:01
Iran Mounts New Web Crackdown 15:05:50
Back in the 60's, Romney Protested FOR the Draft Before He Evaded It For 6 Years By Doing "Missionary Work" at a French Chateau 15:02:06
What if Iowa voter fraud kept Ron from winning & next they do it in New Hampshire. How long can the MSM suppress the Revolution? 15:01:10
Thomas Paine 'Common Sense' Money Bomb January 10th to 17th 14:59:20
Excellent interview with Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers 14:39:20
video wont embed on my posts 14:38:32
5$ MoxNews Bomb? 14:37:39
Wake Up New Hampshre ! you are no longer living free ! 14:37:05
THE answer to the age question/issue! 14:36:35
funny GOP candidate nicknames 14:35:58
Romney gets called out by a news reporter...A hint of real journalism? 14:32:39
A good article to share-covers some good info-positive on Dr Paul 14:27:40
What Does the GOP really want in ? 14:26:55
Ron Paul Slams "Counterfeit Conservative" Newt Gingrich In S.C. Mailing 14:24:35
Ron Paul Slams ‘Counterfeit Conservative’ Gingrich 14:15:50
Suffolk University Poll 1/6: Ron Paul 17%, Romney 40%, Santorum 11% 14:08:42
Ron Paul v Sean Hannity - A Debate on Foreign Policy 14:08:26
America: Where the government can literally rob you and there's nothing you can do about it 14:05:38
Matt Taibbi: Montana decision ‘just the start’ of fight against ‘Citizens United’ 14:05:26
Massachusetts May Limit Access to Romney Records 14:04:35
Pledging $1,000 for Ron Paul Campaign, Who will match me? 14:03:19
Why the Military-Industrial-Media Complex Fears Ron Paul 14:00:58
3 in 5 Republicans Polled Want To Vote For Ron Paul, But Just Can’t 13:57:04
Iowa vote count error? Public information matches witness reports from precinct 13:56:54
National Journal thinks GOP Should Adopt Ron Paul's "Anti-Interventionist" Policies 13:54:40
God Help Us: Big Brother in St.Louis Schools 13:49:09
Does Romney Need McCain Endorsement or McCain's Service Record? 13:45:39
Need South Carolina Super Voter List for a mailing. 13:43:23
Eisenhower's Farewell 13:41:19
Please think *before* you post 13:39:41
Recent smear video 13:39:31
SC Poll: Mitt 27%, Santo 24%, Newt 18%, Paul 11%? 13:30:10
Christians for Ron Paul Website 13:28:39
CNN polls are such a joke 13:25:53
Ron Paul sees the future VIDEO 13:24:50
And so it begins... 13:17:00
Another Tyrannical Success for Lieberman: Enemy Expatriation Act Now Law Under NDAA 13:16:20
Is Romney a Hypocritical Crony Capitalist? You Decide 13:09:53
Rick Santorum's Paid HOT Media Girl Supports Ron Paul, Not the Man Who Pays Her 13:03:46
Confirmed: Americans Have Lost Their Rights 12:58:25
The people who say Ron Paul isn't electable are the same ones who said Bachmann, Perry and Cain were. 12:57:56
Unite and void MSM smears 12:54:17
AWFUL! Ten Years of Failure - Video 12:48:36
Ron Paul's war plan 12:47:51
Need help with Ron Paul South Carolina Site just put up. 12:46:15
Iran documentaries that can be sent around to promote Peace 12:42:26
Gun Rights 12:41:19
Social Security position help... 12:40:53
Ron Paul Talking points & Chants 12:35:54
Man is it me, can you feel the vibe 12:35:52
Lmao Newt Wants To Speak To The NAACP 12:29:58
RP Hawkish Debate Performance? 12:25:39
Obama gives Federal employees a pay raise. 12:23:05
Phil Donahue on Ron Paul 12:22:00
Michael Savage Lays Into 'CRACKPOT" Ron Paul (Audio) 12:08:08
A simple analogy to distinguish "Isolationist" from "Non-intervention" 12:06:52
Flowchart to determine which GOP candidate to vote for - This is great! 12:06:31
8th grader shot by cops in Texas 12:04:31
Did a typo. throw the win to Romney. A RP supporter believes so... 12:01:20
OOPS! Boston Globe Just Helped Ron Paul Win N.H.! 11:57:42
RT: New Hampshire newspapers endorse Ron Paul 11:54:47
Need to focus on Romney - yes Santorum is weird 11:52:43
Pocket Constitutions make good campaign literature 11:52:12
"We Won’t Know Who Really Won Iowa Until June" (ABC) 11:50:52
Paul rising in RCP Average in New Hampshire - Sitting strongly in SECOND! 11:50:52
Reality check on the "RACIST" Ron Paul newsletters! 11:50:03
Santorum's Liberal Record On Gun Rights & SuperVoter Brochures for SC 11:48:50
MSNBC - Distorting Delegate Distribution? 11:47:13
Rules Restrict Political Activity by DOD Personnel 11:47:09
Ron Paul Campaign requesting donations - Now is the time. 11:45:38
McCain calls Romney Obama 11:44:33
Santorum: Pursuit of Happiness Is Harming America 11:42:17
Ron Paul's appeal among young people 11:30:24
Just Defended Paul on Glenn Beck Radio Show Regarding Newsletters! 11:28:43
Ron Paul Campaign needs $9-10 Million in 45 DAYS... 11:27:13
1988 Space Policy Paper 11:23:36
Salon: Ron Paul’s long game 11:20:28
Prostitutes endorse Ron Paul for President in 2012 11:13:28
Drudge Report SC Rasmussen Report Poll 11:09:56
A parody of Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs And Ham 11:02:36
Exposed! Disgusting False Flag Huntsman Video Aims at Ron Paul*Update* 10:52:57
Jobless Rate Falls To 8.5 Percent 10:51:55
Dollar Hegemony 10:51:05
Sarah Palin is right 10:51:01
Rick Santorum and his big money ties to companies he funded with tax payer money 10:46:17
Iowa Vote Count Observer Claims Fraud Helped Romney Win 10:40:05
Santorum's Strange "Family Values" 10:39:42
T-mont for Ron Paul - videos 10:39:21
Rasmussen Poll- south carolina 10:31:13
Armed Chinese Troops in Texas 10:26:25
Letter: The case for Ron Paul 10:24:15
Joseph Farah/WND: Ron Paul is right 10:16:35
Justin Raimondo/ The Ron Paul Precedent 10:11:43
Sex sells and now it supports Ron Paul 10:09:58
My Catholic Blog In Support of Ron Paul 10:08:25
‘Bunny Ranch’ sex workers endorse Ron Paul 10:06:53 Founder will Update Today on How to defeat NH Diebold Fraud! 10:05:32
Can we get DeMint's endorsement ? 10:00:43
Water Rights and Fracking 09:52:08
CBS Early Morning Show Host Nancy Cordes slanders Doctor Paul 09:32:17
VIDEO : CNN Piers Morgan and Phil Donahue discuss Ron Paul and WAR! 09:28:27
Ron Paul will be interviewed by CNN's John King TODAY 1/6 @ 6:00 PM! 09:18:52
Harry Reid leads 'DSCC' in petitioning against Ron Paul 2012 Campaign 09:06:47
Ron Paul: The Greatest Master of Political Rhetoric Since Reagan 09:06:23
Ben Swan Fair Reporter 09:03:24
They're going after Cpl. Jesse Thorsen 08:47:56
Grand Junction Free Press columnist might just like RP 08:46:59
Ron Paul Yard Sign Advice 08:21:46 "Ron Paul’s Soros Defense Plan" 08:17:18
What would YOU tell Dr. Paul to SAY at the debate tomorrow night? 08:15:12
Ron Paul Super Brochures for Florida. Target Hillsborough & Duval counties 1st. 08:12:35
*Poll* - And how it could benefit the campaign 07:56:20
Ron Paul Likens Obama to “Dictator” Over ‘Recess Appointments’ 07:53:53
Is Ron Paul left of Obama, or a throwback to Ike? 07:53:12
So what would really happen if Ron Paul were as elected President? 07:48:49
MSNBC says Ron Paul has 3 Delegates out of 1,143 Needed to Win 07:46:00
Google Trends 07:44:22
Paul Craig Roberts, “Ron Paul has his hands full trying to restore the Constitution” 07:41:30
Another RON PAUL voter in the Commonwealth of Virginia! 07:26:18
Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire? 07:08:52
Chelsea MANdler - 07:05:29
How's This For a Winning Campaign Strategy 06:56:14
Reframing the debate 06:46:33
Rand Paul on Freedom Watch 06:45:19
Ron Paul Vindicated on Iran (Unfortunately) Great Article Guys! 06:44:50
Breaking Ron Paul Robbed at Iowa? 06:34:47
Kelly Clarkson's "Paul Bump" Debunked? 06:24:13
Is Ron Paul on the Ropes? YAHOO Article (Crazy MSM) 06:10:22
Let's email Netanyahu and ask him to endorse Ron Paul! 05:54:58
Awesome video (smilar to "Texas" video) - Will USA and allies face the truth? 05:47:53
My first post here on the Daily Paul 05:36:05
Gingrich/Huntsman Camp Makes Racist Ad 05:28:08
Rick Santorum On Small Government 05:26:47
New Florida Primary Poll: Lets get Ron to the top! 05:15:23
This is how you stop the Huntsman surge dead in its tracks 05:10:49
North Korea and Pakistan have nukes...china prepares FOR WAR with US ! 05:05:58
Be Cautious About Newsletter Author Posts! 04:55:21
ABC News NH - "Ron Paul Surging" Video 04:49:38
Why is it 04:44:25
RP is the perfect Anti-Romney. 04:37:21
Tabloid Media Future Headline News about Ron 04:33:41
Is Ron Paul left of Obama, or a throwback to Ike? 04:28:50
Caucus Candidate Editorial Cartoons 04:11:00
If the globalists had the elections all under their control, they wouldn't feel the need to slander Paul 04:10:31
How Ron Paul Won Iowa 03:46:40
We Are Change - Best of 2012 03:33:33
How Rick Santorum is Making his "Google Problem" Worse. 03:31:39
Ron Paul and Occupy ,Iowa, N.H. 03:26:55
Lionel on Iowa Caucus Post-Mortem 03:24:13
When will we start playing the Mitt game? 03:06:54
Ron Paul on the rise at 24% in NH 03:04:18
The next attempted smear against Dr. Paul has arrived. 03:00:09
Progress Over Party: Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts should vote for Ron Paul 02:55:33
R3VOL Musical Love from a Kiwi! 02:54:38
The Key To Neoconservatism 02:54:23
Thoughts on this article? Regarding nullification and the 10th amendment 02:53:30
Ron Paul Was Right - 2002 Predictions (AMAZING NEW VID) 02:47:24
Consistency, Paul v. Santorum.War, Catholic Church ... with Jack Hunter. 02:45:00
ATTN: Everyone in New Hampshire: Invite all of your Facebook friends to this event! We need under-40 turnout! 02:35:17
Zero-Sum Logic and its Perils - A different perspective on conflict 02:34:49
How to beat down the Establishment Candidates Questions that blow them away! 02:34:16
Des Moines TV Reports on Detailed Ballot Counting Irregularities by Iowa Repub. Party 02:20:59
Iowa Relevance - 2008 vs. 2012 02:17:27
It all boils down to where people get their news 02:01:32
The George Bush They Don't Want You To Remember 01:49:16
CBS Does it again... Lies about results - disgusting 01:49:01
Presidential Candidates Anxiously Await Ron Paul's Arrival to NH 01:46:41
Santorum Compares Marriage Equality to Polygamy 01:45:45
Mike Krieger on ZeroHedge supports Ron Paul 01:45:09
Grading Ballot Access 01:43:02
Ron Paul's antiwar stance splits Republicans 01:42:39
Romney 38%-Ron Paul 24% 01:42:21
Glenn Beck: "Rodeo Clown" 01:32:58
Grading Ballot Access. Romney and Paul Make Honor Roll While Gingrich is Failing. 01:29:56
Just a suggestion for the next elections 01:18:07
Iranian from University of Tehran Quotes Paul on RT 01:09:53
A solution to the "age question" 01:07:35
Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions All Come True - Incredible Video! 01:07:26
Voter Fraud in Iowa - Another Story - 20 Votes for Mittens 01:06:19
An idea for the campaign 01:02:10
Rick Santorum's Donors Revealed! 00:59:07
[VIDEO] THE reason WHY WE need TO CUT A Trillion Dollars 00:56:33
Poll: 78% Say Rick Santorum is Lying About His 'Black People' Comment 00:53:46
Help Ron Paul Win Puerto Rico (23 Delegates) & Also other Territories 00:48:33
HUNTSMAN is going to boom. Get the extinguishers ready! What do we know 00:40:55
SNL - Kelly Clarkson 00:33:59
Ron Paul is CRAZY! 00:19:54
Fake "Mitt Romney" Endorses Ron Paul 00:19:34
Romney's horrible event in Manchester NH link 00:19:27
EyeWitness: It was STOLEN. Cockeyed Hawkeyes? Romney wins in Paul-friendly "super caucus?" 00:18:56
Reality Check NEW! 1/5/2012 Here it is. 00:18:02
Was this the moment when Ron Paul decided to run? 00:14:33
MLK Money Bomb! 00:13:49
Reality Check: The name of a 'Mystery Writer' of one of Ron Paul's 'Racist' newsletters 00:13:07
Kelly Clarkson on SNL..perhaps we can get her to... 00:08:56
Nolan Ryan's previous support 00:06:32
Mitt Romney Shows His True Colors with Foreclosures Response 00:05:54
Phil Donahue Praises Ron Paul on CNN / Piers Morgan 08:29:10