Posted on January 7, 2012

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Resource Shortage on the Daily Paul - (Potential Nuclear Option) 21:59:20
Public Policy Poll Analysis: Only Ron Paul as the GOP Nominee Can Beat Obama 19:47:40
Santa Rita Super PAC Buys Pro Ron Paul Ads in South Carolina 16:36:55
Ron Paul is where all of the cool people are at - Don't forget to let the uncool people know:) 14:28:04
Doug Wead on MSNBC 1/7/12 14:10:22
Ron Paul Wins Idaho GOP Straw Poll! 01:59:36
Jerry Doyle: Rick Santorum Doesn't Understand Liberty 01:38:27
Florida & Nevada and an update on the Super Brochure mailings 11:20:10
Judge Napolitano: What if they're lying to you about Ron Paul? 00:14:50
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HA! They are all Paul Parrots! 23:51:32
I must say I am very pleased with Ron's exposure 23:40:37
RED ALERT* Urgent action required: RevPac JingleBOMB 23:35:51
Campaign handlers 23:04:34
Ron Paul and Newt fight about Vietnam draft 23:00:03
(Totally BOGUS) Poll on 22:47:43
Romney: "lets ask our constitutionalist here..." 22:43:27
Dr. Paul is a BOSS tonight... 22:36:40
After Ron Paul's last five minutes in the debate the GOP establishment realizes it has a very BIG problem! 22:33:44
[Video] Phil Donahue likes Ron Paul the only viable candidate and he explains why on Piers Morgan 22:29:13
Donate to Ron Paul during the NH debate 22:26:27
What if Ron Paul just came out and said "Let's just blow Iran off the map." 22:24:25
New Hampshire Debate Observations 22:19:35
Supposedly Huntsman's daughter admits to making fake video 22:07:21
And We're ON! The Debate has now begun! 22:06:23
Vote for Ron Paul-I am 21:59:55
RED ALERT Urgent action required : RevPac JingleBOMB 21:47:09
Vote on an ABC poll 21:44:20
Rick Santorum is on the attack against video games, with Hillary Clinton! 21:40:36
Nice Blue Republican visual: The Real Divide in US Politics 21:38:46
Our long-term challenge 21:36:18
The Mental Derangement of Ron Paul’s Campaign | RedState 21:33:10
Turning The Tables On Foreign Policy 21:27:56
Kelly Clarkson on NPR Discusses Ron Paul Bump 21:27:09
Can we think about resurrecting the Ron Paul Revolution Blimp after the first win? 21:23:29
Why isnt there an anti-Romney ad out for the campaign or Revolution Pac? 21:20:46
Freedom Watch 1/7/2011 21:19:54
Remember. 21:09:04
To get you excited... From the 2008 Campaign 21:08:07
Issue addressed : so they call you crazy, as RP supporter with dangerous ideas? 21:06:08
Now Read Why FORBES Magazine Says Ron Paul Has a Real Chance! 21:05:58
Pat Buchanan Denies MSNBC suspension, cites Health problems 21:05:35
So, I'm a troll... 21:02:04
The Real Divide in U.S. Politics 20:50:52
Are Free Markets Always the Right Solution? My Response. 20:48:08
Ron Needs 10+ Million - Here Is How We Are Going To Get It 20:29:38
Local Governments Working With Businesses to Help People 20:24:43
The Romney Con. Must Watch 20:12:48
Santa Rita Super PAC - All 7 Ads 20:08:53
Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida endorses Ron Paul for President! 19:59:11
"Everyone's talking about Iran's strength; the real story is it's weak and getting weaker" -CNN 19:57:00
Excellent new Ron Paul post: Greatest lie of 2011 and Santorum 19:56:59
Spreading the Love in R(evol)ution followup to The Night I Felt Jesus Cry. 19:54:45
University of NH Townhall w/ Q&A full video and cspan Caller comments 19:51:59
Doug Wead on Fox News 1/7/12 19:44:53
Ron Paul Campaign Names New ‘Homeschoolers for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition Members 19:41:41
Campaigning For Father, Rand Paul Asked About Future White House Bid -CBS News 19:34:27
Michael Scheuer on Freedom Watch 19:28:16
Huntsman Complicit in “False Flag”-Style Dirty Trick Against Paul 19:26:21
Let's get Paul's message out! RE: SuperBrochure 19:24:15
Whats up with the Rick Santorum add on Daily Paul? 19:23:59
Media Bias 19:20:46
MLK Money Bomb! 19:10:26
Ron Paul Town Hall - U of NH 19:06:03
How Ron should win every open primary state. 19:00:24
Washington Times: Grinch, TOO FAT to be the President! 18:57:57
Neocon dialogue, a complete transcript 18:35:22
Santorum logo plagiarizes U.S. coin 18:35:20
An interesting review of Ron Paul and a Video Interview about the Republican Campaign 18:30:18
Rick Santorum 2006 Wrestling Ad on Compromising With Democrats. 18:27:19
My letter to Glenn Beck 18:27:06
Once a Doctor, Always a Doctor. I'm both deeply 18:20:35
I Spent All Day on this for Ron Paul - Please Comment 18:19:16
Making friends just walking with Ron 18:16:11
Mitt Romney flagship Bain Capital received a $10 million government bailout 18:13:49
Ron Paul Family Photos 18:12:00
Polls not inclued in MSM for RP 18:03:17
Election Fraud in IOWA 17:56:23
Will Real Evangelicals please stand up? Evangelicals turning from Perry to Paul! 17:45:12
BREAKING! Lead Singer 0f Major Punk Band - Face to Face - Endorses Ron Paul for President! 17:38:15
Reality Check: The name of a 'Mystery Writer' of one of Ron Paul's 'Racist' newsletters 17:36:08
Protecting Liberty For All (including non-US citizens) 17:35:01
Doug Wead shows MSM how it's done! Shutting Down Ridiculous Assertions & False Flag Ads. 17:34:32
Sig Heil to Rick Santorum 17:33:40
Romney's Family 17:31:07
New Sons of Liberty 17:27:36
Santorum , speaks against the Tea party 17:24:30
Dr. Paul should, in the debate, CALL OUT Neoconservatism for the fraud it is! Please see the enclosed. 17:19:41
"CBS doesn't know Ron Paul is running for president?" 17:19:33
fellow DPers . . . how to debunk . . . 17:13:35
Homeowners, you just got snookered into paying for the payroll tax cut 17:13:21
Freedom of Speech not embraced by MSNBC? 17:11:33
there IS NO excuse TO NOT BE A delegate! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 17:10:23
Romney Ineligible because his dad was a MEXICAN? 17:06:04
Mitt Romney argues when press say lobbyists involved (Video) 17:04:32
Will anti-fat bias affect the 2012 election? 17:01:46
Gingrich brags: I'm better at running "a very large government" 16:59:13
Ron Paul is about as addictive as the SEC 16:48:45
The Real Dirt on Slick Rick Santorum 16:46:35
The Real Dirt on Slick Rick Santorum 16:46:00
Total cost of foreign military bases over time? 16:38:26
Lighthearted: NH Poll conducted at NH Bars (with Beers)! 16:36:26
What Ron Paul Should Say on Foreign Policy 16:35:22
* 16:33:10
Great Endorsement 16:30:19
Rick Santorum Tea Party Hypocrite; He publicly opposed the Tea Party on video. This finishes his campaign if viral. 16:27:23
Declare it - Win it - Get Out 16:26:45
A warning about an anti-Romney NIA Scam from Peter Schiff 16:23:53
Newsmax interview: This is how he needs to respond to foreign policy attacks 16:21:19
HELP! I need a direct link to the 'Chip in' 16:17:02
Analysis indicates video likely came from a source tied to Huntsman's own Campaign 16:09:48 states Huntsman Manchurian youtube video possibly created by Huntsman campaign not Paul supporter 16:06:51
Sources For New Ron Paul Supprters 16:02:35
FOX news forums help needed 15:57:55
The McKinny issue 15:49:27
Serial Hypocrite's Protege 15:47:36
Please pray for Dr. Paul before the debate begins. 15:38:14
Mitt Romney and his offshore bank accounts 15:36:43
FCC complaint , if you have any 15:36:23
from the moderators about war 15:30:42
Join the petition...for a Pogo RP remix video! 15:29:56
Ron Paul’s Portfolio: Unusual, Yes…But "Weird"? 15:26:58
Redemption!, hired analyst by Paul Campaign to look into the Huntsman vid 15:26:42
Encouraging! 15:17:25
Paul Craig Roberts: The Dismal Economic Outlook For The New Year 15:16:53
The Huntsman Manchurian Candidate Ad EXPOSED 15:15:36
Ron Paul: Santorum 'a counterfeit conservative' 14:59:59
CNN: Ron Paul Wins 7 Delegates - Tied for First. 14:58:21
RonPaulFlix censorship? 14:54:22
Homeland security now to issue voter ID! 14:52:49
WARNING from Peter Schiff! 14:52:35
Debate Suggestion: RP, you want to take out Santorum for good? easy. 14:51:58
Encouraging SC poll 14:50:50
RP to diners: Remember China, how we played ping-pong? [Well] it's time to play ping-pong again 14:39:27
Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman: Third Party False-Flag Attack Benefits Mitt Romney 14:38:38
Schiff says NIA is a scam, do not promote video 14:37:17
Mitt Romney, Study the Mormon View of the Constitution! 14:35:48
Douglas Macgregor retired Colonel of the US army 14:34:37
Op-ed says Ron Paul hurt most by militant supporters 14:31:33
Party before principle ? Or principle before party? 14:29:21
Mitt Romney Straps his dog to roof of car and drives to Canada 14:26:49
Listen Up! We can get the bums out of office! petition to recall senators 14:23:47
Romney Took a Bailout *video* 14:21:25
Gerald Celente: I'm a political atheist but I would vote for Ron Paul 14:21:24
schooling cong. paul IN these debates coming UP! 14:20:11
Mitt Romney, Goldman Sachs, MF Global and other bedfellows Ron Paul had no choice 14:18:52
Huntsman was the GOP’s great moderate hope. Now he can’t win liberal voters away from … Ron Paul? 14:14:45
Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 14:13:35
Ron Paul Wallpaper I made 14:13:29
Amazing Video! Ron Paul Predictions From 10 Years Ago 14:12:23
Ron Paul supporters on horseback in NH 14:11:28
Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty - Sgt MacKenzie Many Men Have Gone 14:07:15
Did Anyone Catch Doug Wead MSNBC Interview With Alex Witt This Morning? 14:06:14
Quick Iowa story 14:04:10
Kickin' It!: Ron Paul Rap Song - Go Get 'em! 14:04:05
Super Brochures in Costa Rica 14:02:14
Help get this on the Reddit Frontpage 13:52:21
I removed this post 13:51:59
Mitt Romney and his offshore bank accounts 13:50:19
Ron Paul cured my apathy 13:48:39
Project to Expose the Mainstream Media- Only Way To White House Is To Win War of Credibility 13:44:05
Ron Paul Attacks Debunked 2 13:35:04
Breaking! New Hampshire Battle Plan IS ready! Needed 127 Vote Monitor teams to watch THE vote in 127 NH Towns - 13:35:03
How Many Minutes Will They Let Dr. Paul Speak: 13:29:09
RP has to call romney and gingrich chickenhawks to their face tonight 13:26:31
ORLANDO, FL Ron Paul people-on John Young overpass on I-4 13:22:14
Stay Positive! RP fights for Us Tonight! Hope Anthem by Marc Scibilia link 13:22:12
Is Ron Paul in it to win it? 13:20:01
Galveston, Texas have a great economic solution - says Gingrich, live on C-SPAN 13:17:49
RP has to attack, attack,attack, tonight at the debate 13:17:31
Lead Guitarist for Aerosmith Says Ron Paul Has His Vote 13:16:09
I Have Many Free Ron Paul Bumper Stickers to Give Away 13:15:49
Ron Paul Pre-Debate Sign Wave 13:14:52
How many innocent people have to die before America wakes up?! 13:12:28
Examiner: "CBS doesn't know Ron Paul is running for president?" 13:10:03
The Ron Paul campaign turns a new Page 13:08:15
NDAA Do Congressmen Lie? Dr. Paul Answers *Video* 13:03:59
Facts get in the way: Bill O'Reilly vs Amsterdam, Holland 13:03:11
A Few Moments In Idaho 13:02:08
HR 3166 Enemy Expatriation Act 13:02:01
Paul can easily put the 3rd party nonsense to is how 13:00:38
Jordan Page... Heck Yeah! 12:59:27
A soundtrack to run behind all the media talking heads attacking Dr. Paul. 12:57:52
Washington Times: Ron Paul And Mitt Romney Are In It For The Long Haul 12:54:12
Ron Paul-Unelectable? New Grassroots Video (Share it!) 12:51:53
could WE please stop ALL OF THE negative 12:46:32
Weekend Watching: How To Brainwash A Nation 12:38:28
what we should say about the "End of the day" 12:37:33
Campaign Song/We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister 12:33:47
New VIDEO: The Romney Con 12:33:27
STRONG evidence points to Jon Huntsman False Flag... 12:30:43
Reddit Frontpage 12:14:42
4 years and 6 hours 12:14:28
ABC: Romney afraid NH lead "could disappear overnight" 12:07:51
NH Debates and I am PISSED, Really Pissed 11:54:57
Good Luck and Bless Dr. Paul in the Debates 11:51:20
How to Get Senior Citizens * Get Phil Donahue to Interview Ron Paul * 11:41:40
to me. this is a positive sign, polls 11:41:14
CBS Excludes Ron Paul from New Hampshire 2012 Campaign News Coverage Blowback Ensues 11:36:24
Why Ron Paul is Right About Foreign Policy! 11:30:39
Have You "Liked" Ben Swann on Facebook? 11:27:36
Are americans ignorant, lazy cowards? 11:06:02
RP2012 Release: Ron Paul wins GOP straw poll in delegate-rich Idaho 10:58:29
Santorum - Liability Reform Betrayal 10:57:24
Some points to bring up next time you find yourself defending RP's stance on Iran 10:56:47
Happy Birthday Rand Paul Jan. 7th 10:55:20
Ron Paul Town Hall Durham, NH 10:55:02
Mainstream Media Lies: 23 Things That Are Not What They Seem To Be On Television 10:52:00
NEW RON PAUL Grassroots Video 4 New Hampshire 10:50:28
Left or Right or Up or Down? 10:35:04
Sneak Peak of Tonights Debate Questions Asked of the Republican Candidates 10:33:50
Senator Rand Paul to Campaign for his father in run-up to 2012 New Hampshire Primary 10:23:52
Every chance we get, rename the MSM and let them know 10:04:41
Be sure to conceal your gun at the Ron Paul pub crawl 10:01:15
Ron Paul Leads Youth Vote in NH 09:55:27
The trouble with my Uncle, Rick Santorum 09:23:45
2012 What Will It Be 09:22:44
Washington Times: "Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are in it for the long haul 09:09:30
Ron Paul Attacks Santorum as Spendthrift in New Hampshire Swing 08:49:33
The Romney con video 08:42:06
Vote in this poll 08:41:57
“Scalpel Among Butter Knives” 08:41:18
The Cause Ron Paul Should Champion. 08:17:18
Video: Devastating anti-Romney video put out by NIA 07:25:09
Another Jon Huntsman Attack Ad! Only this time it's for real! 07:13:39
Check out the picture at CNN.COM 07:08:10
Only for Daily Paulers...a breath of fresh air. 06:58:00
URGENT: Please Do NOT Unleash Blowback to the Huntsman Campaign over this New Video! 08:52:01
RP Foreign Policy Video- Ron was Right! Super Consistent Foreign Policy Get Viral and overcome the FP Objection 06:45:12
HR 3676, To Ammend the detainee provisions of the NDAA 06:42:13
Romney Con 06:41:08
How Disastrous Was Santorum's Endorsement of Specter? Obama Care! 06:35:54
New evidence Jenny Huntsman may have created China Jon ad 06:27:09
Blue Republicans for Paul 06:21:15
USS Liberty - Could it happen again, in the Strait of Hormuz, perhaps? 06:14:02
New evidence Jenny Huntsman may have authored China Jon ad 06:13:47
Army goes after Ron Paul-supporting soldier 06:11:58
ATTENTION: Official campaign and regular donors. Ideas for you both. 06:07:21
Huntsman Complicit in “False Flag”-Style Dirty Trick Against Paul 05:47:41
"It's The Message, Not The Messenger" 05:30:14
Let the Huntsman thing go... 05:17:35
Why Voluntaryists ought to support Ron Paul 05:06:23
My Article: Did John Huntsman Campaign Create The Racist Chinese Adoption Video Blaming It On Paul Supporters? 04:49:11
Great Talking Points - Powerful Stuff 04:48:44
Posting Videos On Our Facebook Pages 04:35:18
Great talking points to counter media bias! 04:34:06
Click At End To Endorse Ron Paul And Place On Your Facebook Page 04:27:27
Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are in it for the long haul 04:23:20
Exposing Santorum 04:17:59
Lack of Paul Support over 45 Years Old; Why and What to Do? 04:17:06
Santorum and his view against liberty 04:13:48
Ron Paul 'Will stick to my guns' Obama wants less guns? 04:03:22
About to hit 800k likes on FB! 03:58:34
our campaign song will be thunderstruck by ACDC 03:56:27
Ex-journalist explains why print and TV news have turned into sensationalist bullshit factories. 03:53:41
Gwen Ifill interviews Jon Huntsman- annoys him with references to Paul 03:45:03
Washington Post Fabricates Ron Paul Zero Iowa Delegates Story 03:43:41
blatantly biased CBS News Omits 2nd place Ron Paul from New Hampshire Poll results 03:41:50
Only 2 Candidates Matter 03:34:20
MSM Larry King Moderates: Funny or Die GOP Cyber Debate 03:20:54
2nd Amendment Consideration 03:18:35
Interesting CNBC Video 03:15:34
Good Tip from Afghanistan 03:13:00
Judge Napolitano broadcasts Ron Paul info-mercial- We win! 03:12:09
vote RP photobomb 03:09:35
Two-Man Race between Ron Paul & Mitt Romney according to Washington Times 03:09:08
Ron Paul was not the author (newsletters) and all of the other candidates have been called racist too 03:05:39
Pro Paul website needs help 03:04:57
McCain's wife tweets, "@ronpaul shame on you." 03:04:44
My campaign commercial idea... 03:00:35
"The Government Totally Sucks" I found our campaign song! 02:47:55
Former FED V.P. joins Ron Paul accusing FED of bailing out Europe 02:44:05
"Santorum" pushed a bill requiring an individual mandate like Obama while in congress 02:40:06
Pimco's Bill Gross Endorses Ron Paul 02:35:00
What advice would you give to the campaign? 02:32:28
Economics In One Lesson 02:24:38
They took down "You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy" 01:57:21
Slim Jim PDFs? 01:46:39
Indiana Ballot Requirements Some of Toughest In Country. Where are we? 01:41:47
Ron Paul wins Idaho Straw Poll 01:37:30
Help a Grandmother get her Grandchild Back! 01:33:05
When Does "Support and Defend" the Constitution Become Enforceable? 01:32:57
Would somebody please 01:27:54
Northeast For Ron Paul Coalition 01:26:59
Any word from Jerry Doyle lately? 01:18:43
Ron Paul wins Idaho GOP straw poll 01:17:20
Anyone else seeing 503 Service Unavailable 01:16:45
Breaking News!: Someone On Youtube Made A Mean-Spirited Video! 01:13:37
Michael Scheuer On Judge Napolitano Freedom Watch Destroys Iran War Propaganda 01:10:59
Please donate to campaign if you are not maxed out 01:10:21
Ben Swann of WXIX address Huntsman ad 01:08:04
funny picture of this site 01:00:24
James Williams from RevPAC's Compassion of RP ad interviewed by Judge Nap! 00:58:33
Max Keiser: Code, scan, trade and profit. A new wave of computer enabled insider trading. 00:58:05
Santorum: Trim Social Security now even if painful 00:57:55
Former CIA Chief Michael Scheuer Endorses Ron Paul for President – Jan 6 2012 00:55:26
Keystone Cops Logic - by Charles V. Peña 00:54:36
Psychopaths Caused the Financial Crisis … And They Will Do It Again and Again Unless They Are Removed From Power 00:53:48
Gerald Celente Telling It Like It Is: MF Global, Fascism, and the Culture of Corruption 00:52:16
Ron Paul WINS Idaho's First GOP Straw Poll! 00:48:48
Austrian Economics Advertised On Youtube! 00:44:42
CBS News segment that "takes out" Ron Paul from poll (video) 00:40:38
Call me what you want 00:34:27
ATTENTION ! National Inflation Association ARE FrAuD$! PuMp AND DuMpeE$, $caM Artist$ ! 00:34:20
The Nation: Ron Paul Versus Rick Santorum for the GOP’s Soul 00:28:18
A Shout Out to All Stump Speeches (Video) 00:25:58
Confirmed! Iowa GOP Rigged Caucus Vote Count 00:24:45
Contra Ron Paul and "blowback" 00:20:43 Features Our Ron Paul Sign Video 00:19:02
Ben Swann agrees Huntsman ad is "false flag". Reality Check coming? 00:16:39
Waking up Drunken Youths to the Message of Ron Paul and Liberty! [VIDEO] 00:12:47
The Ron Paul Effect (POSITIVE article) 00:11:50
Ron Paul gets 10-point bounce into New Hampshire 00:11:47
Debate preparation. 00:08:35
Fox The Judge: "The Story Behind Ron Paul's Compassion Ad" - Video 00:03:47
Who Won the Day? Ron Paul 00:03:30
At a red light in Boise... 18:52:33