Posted on January 8, 2012

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C-Span: Ron Paul Town Hall in Meredith, NH 13:52:01
Video: Ron Paul on SOPA and NDAA at N.H Airport Hanger Rally 11:01:58
Paul Settles 15 Year Grudge With Gingrich on National TV 04:07:41
Ron Paul Destroys Chicken Hawk Gingrich: "I went." 11:38:28
Ron Paul will get a bump in New Hampshire and nationally with his comment on serving even though he was married and had 2 kids 01:40:20
Ron Paul Highlights in NBC / Facebook NH Debate - 1/8/2012 00:18:24
Super Brochure Meeting of the Minds & Next Steps 00:09:16
Video: Ron Paul Highlights in ABC / WMUR New Hampshire Debate - 1/7/2012 01:51:09
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Newt Gingrich Does The Hanky Panky (funny song) 23:58:17
The Truth About Huntsman! (video) 23:50:34
_Its Time__for__Ron Paul JR-to Come Forward.(PLEASE !) 23:46:41
JOY! 23:40:23
Sorry Guys My oops! 23:38:19
New Public Policy Poll for NH released tonight! Ron Paul 2nd place! 23:36:45
Ron Paul Responds to a 9/11 First Responder 23:36:43
Public Policy Polling NH Poll: Romney 35%, Paul 18%, Huntsman 16%, Gingrich 12%, Santorum 11% 23:35:41
Ru Paul Says He's Not Ron Paul lol 23:35:00
ARG Poll Has An Error, Ron Paul In 2nd Place Ahead of Huntsman -posted by robert9712000 23:34:55
Paul on Separation of Church and State 23:31:34
Romney sentences man with Muscular Dystrophy to death 23:14:42
Ron Paul could win New Hampshire if Anti-War Independents & Democrats back him: New Hampshire sometimes gives Anti-War surprises 23:10:12
Calling Sarah Palin ... its time to do your part to save America 23:04:36
What is going on between Romney and the Paul camp? 23:01:52
Ron Paul for Sec of Treasury? 22:53:06
GOP establishment already knows it can't win without Ron Paul supporters 22:50:45
Rand Paul spoke for Ron on FOX in front of a focus group hosted by Frank Luntz 22:41:25
Rand Paul Owns it on Fox 22:39:39
From the Front-line in NH and frontrow for Adam K. 22:35:40
Foster Gamble endorses Rand Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul 22:35:27
Michael Scheuer media coverage 22:28:47
Merriam-Webster adds ‘Santorum’ to its dictionary 22:23:46
Powerful Adam Kokesh Speech w/Music 22:18:39
Paint a Picture, Dr. Paul of America 22:17:42
Never Surrender! Ron Paul can win! Live free or die trying! 22:06:02
Rand Paul, Gold 22:00:22
Rick Santorum and SierraHPBT 21:53:36
Who is left after New Hampshire and South Carolina? Will the drop out order be Huntsman, Perry, Santorum and Gingrich? 21:51:50
Ron Paul to Hold Rally in Columbia, SC on Jan 11 21:50:37
Boycott Bad Media 21:45:50
Blind liberal activist video cursing Ron Paul 21:43:24
Music Bomb 1/12/12: Money Bomb with a twist! 21:40:30
Thoughts on last night's debate... 21:38:55
Revolution PAC Money Bomb 21:37:08
RP favorability P Poll 21:26:22
New episode of the Simpsons mentions the GOP candidates, parodies Glen Beck 21:19:37
Rick "Santorum" says internet should not be free 21:12:25
Ron Paul's daughter Joy posts great Pic of Ron and Rand when Rand was little. 18:10:30
Dr. Paul in Surgery: First Signs of Progress (satire) 21:06:45
"Imagine" Very powerful video over foreign policy. 21:04:50
Police protecting our safety or violating our liberty. 21:04:00
Is America Really Free, If A Privately-Owned Central Bank Controls Our Currency And Runs Our Economy? 21:03:58
Ron Paul Ad - "Debt Junkies" (Make It Viral!) 20:55:37
Making Calls for Ron Paul in Hew Hampshire 20:52:09
Did you know that Huntsman supports NDAA and bailouts? 20:50:02
CARTOON - Get OFF the Romney Bandwagon! 20:48:08
USA Today - N.H: The Doctors Are In 20:46:31
Ron Paul battles the Goldman Sachs and K Street candidates 20:43:28
Boston Ron Paul Supporters on Yahoo! News Outside of the ABC Debate 20:41:30
Huge Victory for Ron Paul in New Hampshire Debate 20:37:05
Next: Romney 'The Job Creator' Myth Must Be Exposed. 20:37:01
Who is the heavy-set guy with the crew cut? 20:32:00
A Curious Question about Iran 20:29:46
A Hatred of Democracy was the Real Cause of the Republican War on the South 20:25:38
The REAL reason Romney is being pushed so hard by the MSM... 20:21:20
Old Images from FB! 20:20:48
Be Wary of American Reseach Group (ARG) Polling Fraud! 20:17:27
Ron Paul Cured My Apathy - A heartfelt expression of thoughts on Dr. Paul, through song 20:15:40
Ron Paul: Let It Not Be Said That No One Cared 20:13:41
Bachmann Likely to Retire From Congress 20:09:09
Carol is such a gracious and classy lady! 20:07:42
Artificial Huntsman Surge? 20:07:38
Ron Paul’s Message Rings True In ‘Live Free Or Die’ State 20:05:28
Ron Paul Needs to Be the Next U.S. President 20:02:34
Merriam-Webster adds "santorum" to its dictionary! 19:57:41
What is your say on a 3rd party run? 19:56:36
What Obama Slipped by Us on New Year’s Eve - By Charles Goyette 19:48:42
Ron WINS NH Young Republicans Straw Poll! 19:47:56
Yahoo: Ron Paul a Solid Number Two in New Hampshire 19:47:29
NBC Debate Stats 1/8/12 19:44:53
Ron Paul - War Propaganda 19:42:32
Ron Paul: The Greatest Master of Political Rhetoric Since Reagan 19:36:37
Thoughts about the Campaign so Far. 19:20:49
Re: CBS piece omitting Ron Paul 19:17:22
is Ron Paul having any stops in NH tomorrow? 19:13:23
To answer the question, why is Ron Paul not attacking Mitt Romney? 19:10:08
The Roots of Hate: How the Republican Party Created a Hatred for the South 19:06:33
Revolution chill Music "Unaware" Allen Stone 19:04:05
Exclusive: Doug Wead Interviews Ron Paul: " We Can Win." 18:57:10
Ron Paul got virtually NO lobbyist donations ($ 451), Romney 1st (206K), Perry 2nd 18:56:33
Poll Shows Paul, Huntsman Gaining In NH 18:53:12
Ron Paul wins latest Republican presidential straw poll 18:53:02
Which Candidate is Costing Ron Paul the most votes 18:51:47
Ron Paul got virtually NO lobbyist donations ($ 201), Romney 1st (185K), Perry 2nd 18:48:47
Miami Herald: The RP R3VOLution will NOT be televised in Florida! 18:46:06
NH: Angry mob swarms Rick Santorum 18:38:04
Anarchist clearly UNclear on Dr. Paul 18:37:55
Santorum To Economic Collapse 18:32:27
Any thoughts on equality. Here's what I have so far. 18:29:12
Ron Paul Does his OWN Super "Brochure" in Florida 18:23:51
Did Mitt Romney Endorse Ron Paul Last Night? I Think He Did 18:22:34
Huntsman is a wasted vote. Not on ballot in IL & VA. 18:18:48
America needs a President , with out the wind up key in their back or to debate with out the puppet master's strings 18:17:07
Ad Idea: The Wasted Vote 18:15:44
List of celebrities that support Ron Paul 18:11:22
A poll in need of your response 17:57:08
McCain to Perry: It's too late to go back into Iraq 17:54:50
Peter Schiff: NIA is a Scam - Do not promote their videos! 17:52:02
CNN: Iran is weak and getting weaker 17:51:29
Ron Paul spars with press in NH (uncut video) 17:51:09
New Hampshire Primary 2012 Shocker: Paul Only 15 Pct Behind Romney 17:50:06
Yahoo: Ron Paul's Iran Stance Informed by History, Religion 17:49:51
Some Signs In Polls That Santorum's Momentum Has Stalled 17:43:41
Nader says NO to VP 17:43:26
I believe it is important to watch this video to help explain why Ron Paul's foreign policy is right 17:39:38
Do You Think Ron Paul Should Campaign in Florida? - Read This 17:38:24
This video will make your Sunday... British call on the threat of Iran... 17:32:53
Jon Huntsman related to Bush & Romney? Now their boy in NH! 17:29:27
Super Brochure Primary Dates (NY) 17:29:19
Can Ron Paul wake up stagnant progressives? 17:28:54
Just watch this cartoon from 1948... 17:28:33
Ron Paul and Getting Things Done in Congress 17:18:53
CNN's Candy Crowley Edits Out Ron Paul's Replies On Her State of the Union Show 17:11:02
Please forget the Super Brochures and donate to official campaign! 16:59:43
Gallup National Poll: Romeny 31%, Santorum 18%, Gingrich 16%, Paul 13%, Perry 6%, Huntsman 1% 16:59:05
Kokesh in NH: On "Neocon Chickenhawk Draft Dodgers" 16:56:43
Is Ron Paul Still Blocked out? Or is it fear? Positive comments from press 16:56:14
You all might get a chuckle out of this 16:51:17
Public Policy Polling now tweeting that Huntsman could pass Paul in NH 16:46:08
watching just RP's segments from Sunday's debate... 16:46:04
Need a Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker? 16:31:29
So when is ron going to pull out the big guns? 16:30:22
There are 30 people running for Pres. on the Ballot in N.H. 16:26:59
Stephanopoulos's Tenth Amendment Riddle 16:19:09
Ron Paul artwork appearing all over Los Angeles 16:16:42
Polls, Polls, Everywhere! 16:13:36
ABC GOP Debate: Ron Paul Goes On The Attack, Steps Back Into The Spotlight 16:13:02
Santorum in his own words! 16:06:45
LA Times: Santorum calls Ron Paul ineffective & _ 16:00:19
Another Ron Paul Victory! (VIDEO) 15:52:46
Chris Matthews Compares Ron Paul To Ross Perot, Sizes Up Paul’s Chances As Third-Party Candidate video 15:51:57
Should Paul Bring Up sopa/pippa/ndaa in Debates? 15:49:30
According to Suffolk, Romney's numbers falling 15:49:13
Romney is Incredibly Boring. 15:49:06
Seeing this in comment sections from a not-for-profit site: 15:47:05
Puppy dogs against Romney 15:45:30
Positive Op-Ed Dr. Paul article on the front of Yahoo! 15:42:08
Press after Nashua speech 15:37:13
We need a new video from Ron Paul 15:31:09
Article Highlights Paul's HUGE Victory in NH Debate 15:27:10
huge victory FOR RON paul IN NH debate - Article 15:26:11
I just had my DP main page taken over ? 15:24:17
Time to Emphasize the VISION 15:23:54
Surprising "tweet" from Rupert Murdoch 15:22:45
Anyone Seen Polling Data From Nevada? We Did Well There Last Time. 15:21:28
Ron Paul needs to really go after Romney 15:20:49
Ron Paul is the Only One Who Can Beat Obama 15:08:28
Town Hall Meeting in Meredith, NH - Today at 3pm 15:01:57
"Some body said they'd take us without firing a shot." 14:59:32
Mainstream Media Digging For A Candidate – Anyone But Paul 14:56:19
Prediction: Ron Paul will be the next President of the United States of America 14:54:40
Radio Ad 14:54:39
Prediction: Ron Paul will be the next President of the United States of America 14:50:50
Miami: Ron Paul's Florida Flier, 6-Page Newsletter Blasts GOP "Counterfeits," Obama 14:43:58
Wealthy Persian-Americans (Iranians) Donating to RP or RevolutionPAC? 14:40:46
LIVE NOW Robert Scott Bell Talking Ron Paul and The Debates on His Radio Show Today 14:38:12
Romney will win after watching the debates 14:37:12
Ron in Durham 1/6 in case you missed. Q+A really nice. 14:35:08
Signs of life. 14:31:31
"Ron Paul Has Been a One-Man Wrecking Crew" - ABC News Video 14:26:41
Let's accept Dr. Paul for who he is 14:21:16
I believe Ron Paul, might be the only American Politician that Acknowledges the African American as a Sovereign citizen 14:12:06
In other words Ron Paul was Right! Pass it on. (USA Today article) 14:06:53
Romney Is Reeling, Ron Is Rising...We Can Win New Hampshire 14:06:43
Press Release: Idaho Straw Poll 14:01:52
Don't give up on Ron Paul 13:54:04
Smear article (need to reply to post) 13:50:31
Bastiat and the absence of plunder 13:48:38
phone from home bomb 1-8-2012 - 1-9-2012 13:41:54
Daily Quote from Dr. Ron Paul 13:40:30
How to handle police encounters in a police state (video) 13:38:40
Dr. Paul needs to articulate his vision in the debates - on the economy 13:35:49
What Santorum, Gingrich and Romney have in common 13:35:41
Ron Paul is a FREE Man 13:23:58
"Not One Conservative Agrees with Ron Paul" says neocon radio host; here's a libertarian radio host's rebuttal 13:13:25
An Idea that would seriously go a long way 13:13:22
Another big Perry OOPs! GOP Establishment has spent a lot 13:11:44
A new Paul Supporter's response to " ACLU: Ron Paul is more progressive than Obama." Enjoy. Please bump if u like! 13:06:34
Doonesbury 1/8/12 Garry Trudeau is not a fan of Newt Gingrich 13:05:29
RON paul gaining AND mitt romney sliding IN NH 13:01:14
How to contact members? 13:00:07
Prediction for New Hampshire. 12:58:47
Bad news - Billionaire Gives Newt $5 Million 12:52:25
IMPORTANT: Keep Donating All is Going As Planned 12:50:16
Should Carol Paul Start Pulling a Rose Kennedy? 12:44:21
Attacks need to be stronger on Romney 12:41:50
MeeT ThE PresS POLL 12:41:10
Why do we go to war? Why do we like war? Answered. 12:40:39
Does this need exposure? 12:36:11
Awesome! Romney & Gingrich Destroy Each Other! 12:35:52
I was just watching MSNBC and heard Lawrence O'Donnel say 12:32:55
Why does the Paul campaign tolerate Debate Unfairness? 12:32:19
Prediction: Huntsman will drop out next, then Perry 12:30:14
Google-"Newt Gingrich Chickenhawk" 12:25:35
CSPAN Live Coverage of Ron Paul and Son Rally Voters Today 3PM ET 12:24:22
Bottom Line : Obama Wins Reelection Because GOP Will Nominate Romney VIA Vote Fraud 12:23:22
Las Vegas Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Gives 5 million to Newt SuperPac 12:20:23
very,very important on how to get Dr. Paul many votes! 12:19:54
A heads-up to everyone 12:08:58
What Would You Like To Say To Santorum? 12:07:08
How to attract older voters 12:05:49
Santorum's 14th Century Policies: The Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades together! 12:01:02
Do You Believe This? Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum Favor Return to Gold Standard 11:59:11
Poll - Don't let Romney win. 11:51:34
Suffolk/7News NH Poll: Ron Paul surges, Mitt Romney dips in New Hampshire, Romney 35%, Paul 20%, Huntsman 11% 11:50:35
Greenwald continues his war with Obamabots! 11:44:36
Is it just me? 11:38:58
Ron Paul Fox News Sunday Interview 01/08/12 11:32:20
Suffolk University poll shows Ron Paul at 20% in New Hampshire 11:31:41
Pensacola News Journal: Vote for Paul 11:22:30
John McCain praises Obama on Romney Campaign Trail 11:13:21
Ron Paul won NO delegates in IA? 11:05:51
Examiner: Newt tried to prevent Ron Paul's '96 return to Congress 10:52:22
Note to Ron Paul Campaign HQ: "Do-Nothing in Congress" Rebuttal Talking Point 10:51:55
Examiner: CIA head of Bin Laden unit endorses Ron Paul 10:49:42
The Hight Road 10:18:42
Huntsman video False Flag 09:41:15
. 09:39:05
Ron Paul and Hispanics - Campaign strategy, is there one? 09:12:19
Has anybody seen this? 09:04:57
The GOP is in Trouble: Romney Does Not Inspire Voters 09:00:53
Mitt Romney: a draft dodger ? 08:58:59
Why is Ron Paul attacking Newt & Santorum, but Not Romney? 08:58:38
Don't Click Ron Paul Ads 08:37:21
Ron Paul Spells Out Third Party Strategy: Pressure GOP to Change 08:35:18
Awesome Video 08:26:55
A place to see more of the 1/7/2012 debate 08:17:32
NIA endorses Ron Paul and not Mitt Romney 08:16:48
Doug Wead: "Ron Paul is not against war." Do you detect a campaign upgrade here? How to best frame the foreign/military policy? 08:15:42
New secure communication methods (need beta testers) 08:15:30
Facebook is part of the CIA" "Amazing" 08:06:00
Former CIA Agent's Message to America - WATCH NOW 08:00:15
60sec TV Broadcast Version of RevolutionPAC's The Compassion of Dr. Paul AD is OUT! 07:41:05
Consulting Firm: Video Attributed to Paul Supporters Probably Created by Huntsman Operatives 07:19:04
Dear HQ: The $100 Dollar Moneybomb x 200,000 supporters = $20 million! 07:17:37
Santorum and his corruption 06:55:52
NOT VOTING, me. BUT a Paradox. exists... 06:34:56
RON paul IS THE choice OF THE troops! (Veterans & Active Duty march for Ron Paul) 06:22:24
Has Mitt Romney avoided paying U.S. taxes with his offshore bank accounts? 06:00:11
South Carolina: A Christian perspective on Ron Paul and GOP 05:53:54
A Reminder About 2008 Vote Fraud (esp. in NH) 05:47:19
The Secret History Of Western Education 05:29:26
Newt the new-age fruitcake: Gingrich advocates using government to implement radical un-American agenda 05:29:02
Fallujah babies 05:18:39
Holding the flag of the Republic (poem) 05:14:49
GIngrich: The rest of the story 05:09:11
Ron Paul 2012 Have A Brilliant Strategy 04:52:08
Late Night Listen - Foreign Policy Music Remix - 19 For Liberty 04:50:56
NIA scam warning from peter schiff 04:34:30
British Media in NH on Ron Paul 04:34:07
Stephanopoulos Struggles With Fairness During NH Debate 04:27:26
GREAT local article about the campaign. Let's make this viral! 04:17:20
Ron Paul scores in NH: RIP newsletters 04:04:47
Is Diane Sawyer on Medication? 04:03:54
Anti-Santorum Rant 03:58:15
Examiner: "Rick Santorum Exposed‏" 03:52:26
Penny-Bomb Santorum? 03:49:53
ACLU: Ron Paul is more progressive than Obama 03:45:05
Doug Wead = FOXhound extraordinaire? 03:44:53
Huntsman staffers admit they made the smear video for their own candidate 03:40:08
CNN says Gingrich deferment claim is true, mostly 03:33:20
". . . we believe that the weakest candidate is the candidate that the Republicans are not attacking." 03:29:16
Women4RonPaul 2012 Food Drive 03:24:22
And Down Goes Newt! 03:20:22
I'm voting for Ron Paul 8,100+ pledges and counting 03:19:43
Descent Into Madness: How NDAA And Police State Brutality Are Destroying A Generation 03:11:52
Good Article From Unexpected Source 03:10:42
Foster Gamble endorses Ron Paul! 03:09:04
Is Ron Paul In It To Win? - You Bet Your Sweet As He Is 03:07:53
Pro-settler Santorum claims Mexico and the West Bank 03:05:56
Paul Campaign Needs Revamping! 03:03:52
UPDATE: Three reasons not to let Willard near the office of vice president. 02:59:29
Did We Declare Economic War on Iran? Connecting the ndaa, Iran, aipac, Netanyahu, opec, China, nato & More! 02:58:36
Does anyone else feel like Romney is way too smug? 02:52:52
Poll: Who won tonight’s debate? (1/7/12) 02:47:08
It is time to unleash the Secret Weapon! 02:47:04
The Media Who Say Ron Paul is "Unelectable"-Propaganda-read! Click Here- 02:43:33
Washington State Rep. Matt Shea - - huge Ron Paul supporter! 02:42:37
Common Sense 7 Day Money Bomb - Growing Support 02:40:09
Nice article on Paul - Gingrich debate about serving - says Paul has fire in belly 02:38:11
Ron Paul Open Chat 02:33:56
Examiner: "Huntsman and media conspire to discredit Ron Paul" 02:32:48
Donation Week! 02:02:52
Can someone contact the Campaign about a donation ticker? 02:01:18
IMPORTANT Message to the Ron Paul Campaign Advisors. 01:59:21
Stephanopoulos struggles with fairness during NH debate 01:57:44
Ride The Wave, its the fastest way to the shore... 01:56:52
IMPORTANT Message to the Ron Paul Campaign Advisors. 01:54:15
Congratulations Dr. Paul! 01:49:41
rofl... championship football game? 01:49:34
Fact Check on tonight's debate! ABC 01:48:51
Huntsman moves to second place in NH ? 01:48:05
Ron Paul to Rick Santorum 01:48:00
Rick Santorum Lie Dispenser 01:45:00
Reality Check: Newsletter Perspective and Ron Paul 01:37:47
GOP Schizophrenic Over 3rd Party Threat 01:36:18
What happens in Vegas... 01:34:35
Stats on ABC Debate 1/7/2012 01:33:48
Constitution's best chance rests with Ron Paul 01:31:09
Lets relax about Rons imperfections 01:26:33
Paul To Gingrich: When I Was Drafted, I Was Married and Had Two Kids, and I Went! 01:23:05
NH Debate transcript 1/7 on 01:22:14
This guy just gave 5 million to Newts super pac today! 01:12:09
Hungary...junk status...IMF? 01:10:17
Dr. Paul OWNED Newt so bad... 01:08:46
Woody ( Rick Santorum) from Toy Story on Contraception with Buzz Lightyear 01:07:59
More of this, please! 01:04:36
Gingrich's Remark About Paul Smearing With Inaccurate Information 01:03:58
Ron Paul Top of Drudge 12:00 AM 01:01:04
santorum parody on SNL tonight NAILED it! 00:56:32
Ron Paul Nation of Supporters Need to Thank the Campaign 00:47:18
Coming up next on Fox News Watch, Sat 1/7 at 11:45 00:46:23
You're a big spender and thats all there is to it ! 00:44:18
Head of CIA Bin Laden Unit Endorses Ron Paul 00:41:25
Who won the debate tonight ? 00:41:00
Small changes Big gains 00:40:36
So Newt Gingrich didn't get Deferments? Uh huh 09:32:27
These Pundits Can't See The Forest Through The Trees 00:30:24
*IMAGE* What my $14k income tax check was spent on 00:30:11
Romney/Paul win in ABC debate US Conservative article 00:29:55
Kelly Clarkson #1 trending now on Yahoo! 00:28:03
Ron Paul: Is he the "Perfect" Conservative Republican Candidate? 00:26:49
Debate Break -3 Minutes, You Might Get a Giggle Over Reality (video) 00:26:25
I guess the secret is out about our delegate strategy 00:22:06
Romney: "Let's Ask Our Constitutionalist" 00:22:01
Hello Media, everytime you don't give Ron Paul airtime, I will give him money. 00:20:59
Exclusive: Another patient wants his story told about the real Dr. Ron Paul 00:17:18
"Free" advertising 00:13:54
Up to 82% on INTRADE! 00:11:06