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CBS Poll: Ron Paul and Romney Tie Obama - Monday, January 9, 2012 21:31:23
Ron Paul Campaign Statement on Morning Media Incident 23:50:16
Romney campaigner defects to Ron Paul 15:16:42
Panorama picture of huge crowd at Meredith NH on Sunday 19:39:17
Doug Wead on MSNBC 1/9/12 16:23:30
Ron Paul "I went" photo going viral on Internet 15:54:04
Jesse Benton Ends Interview with Belligerent Dana Bash 14:59:56
Tom Woods delivered one hell of a rally speech in New Hampshire (15 min) 14:41:23
Ron Paul Gaining Momentum in New Hampshire 14:21:48
Video: Ron Paul on C-Span 1/9/12 Hollis, NH 11:26:30
New Video: Ron Paul - War Propaganda 18:22:40
Earth to Rick Santorum: Libertarians Founded the United States 16:08:05
The Ron Paul effect: How he is altering Republican primary calculus 08:42:05
Why New Hampshirites are Choosing Ron Paul 04:22:03
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 1/9/12: No More Playing Fast and Loose with the Constitution! 10:10:27
For New Hampshire: NDAA Breaks Through to Major Media. Not American One, the BBC. 07:48:42
Tulsa Ron Paul Headquarters Open House on the Local News 05:23:59
Every Prediction - (left me crying) 21:43:56
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Ron Paul: Ron Paul SC money bomb this Saturday! 23:54:34
Ron Paul 2012: Why Evangelicals Could Get Him Nominated 23:52:25
. 23:47:53
Paul Supporters and OWS lead Newt to Cancel HQ Campaign Stop 23:38:36
Will New Hampshire Vote For The Orwellian Candidate Romney? - A Article To Wake Up Romney Supporters 23:37:05
James@War E-Celeb Discovering Ron Paul in Real time. 23:34:33
Ron Paul interview, in NH 23:34:20
Answering both the 'crazy' charge, and simultaneously the charge that Paul hasn't done anything b/c he hasn't passed legislation 23:33:57
Todd Palin endorses Gingrich 23:33:54
Todd Palin endorses Gingrich 23:32:30
Rachel Maddow: Ron Paul and Supporters Cleared on Huntsman Ad Smear 23:31:23
A) What proof is there that Iranians DO NOT fear nuclear annialation? 23:29:23
Amazing anti-war/anti-racism Ron Paul video featuring a DMX "Changes" 23:28:15
Arkansas Boots on the Ground, gearing up! 23:26:15
Huntsman Fails to make it onto Arizona Primary Ballot 23:23:39
Just in, Ron Paul cleared of all racist charges! 23:19:54
Media Ignores Santorum’s Support For Accused Child Molester Sandusky 23:14:27
Ron Paul's March on Washington 23:09:06
Alert (1/9) ... Ron Paul is actually going to be on the Greta show! 23:02:21
Dixville Notch, baby! 23:01:47
Prepping the Sheeple for Theft No.2: Game, Set, Point! Another 12pt. "Sudden OVERNIGHT Surge." 22:55:42
Evangelicals Looking For A Conservative President Choose Ron Paul Not Fox News Or Rush Limbaugh Candidate 22:54:52
Most accurate polling in NH says Paul climbing, Romney falling 22:53:42
Poll: Vote for Ron Paul in this NH Poll. Lets do this! 22:50:14
Ron Paul, Sinatra style, in Manchester (video) 22:49:00
This old vet has a few choice words to the candidates, except Ron Paul. 22:47:47
Has Anyone Seen A "Ron Paul Attacks Newt Segment" on the MSM 22:45:27
Everyone : Pray for Ron Paul 22:44:48
Rick Santorum on Hannity 1/9/12 22:40:18
I just read a recent news article that Huntsman has moved into 2nd... 22:38:58
Monsanto Ownes Or Hired Blackwater (Xe) (Academi) 22:29:51
Who Says Ron Paul Isn't Electible -Think Again 22:28:37
South Carolina Money Bomb - Jan. 14, 2012 22:26:42
Reason article: "First the Media Ignore You, Then They Ruin Your Event" 22:24:51
CS MONITOR: Ron Paul, an independent choice? (great video!) 22:19:42
New Hampshire Election Eve - Do You Believe In Miracles? 22:16:34
MSNBC Maddow: "Now Pumping Hunstman" 22:16:17
A (video) critique of CBS and Jan Crawford's omission of Ron Paul in their report. 22:15:47
Rachel Maddow Just called out Jon Huntsman 22:14:13
Judge Nap is on fire 22:07:58
The Ron Paul Revolution In Downtown Austin, TX - KXAN Reports On Supporters March 22:05:03
Sean Hanity interviews Rick Santorum and plays back debate with Ron Paul 21:59:26
!.!.! Ron Paul "I Went" Photo with Quote and Military Rank !.!.! 21:56:56
Tricky Ricky getting heckled by Ron Paul supporters on CSPAN now 21:55:41
Nice article I thought from Politico... 21:55:32
Deleted 21:51:59
Any political scientists studying media treatment of Ron Paul? 21:47:39
MSNBC Schultz: Pushing a Huntsman Surge LOL 21:40:13
The judge is doing his thing 21:38:32
CNN video: Rand Paul vs Establishment 21:35:52
Phone from home suggestion. 21:35:27
Beef up Security for Dr. Paul PLEASE! 21:29:04
If you rock a Ron Paul bumper sticker... 21:26:37
That Gingrich Anti-Romney Ad Is Going To Do Some Damage 21:23:34
Video Ron Paul 1 on 1 with Bret Baier on Fox news in New Hampshire 21:21:42
First Lady Paul: great video! 21:17:57
Email Howard Stern - Now says RP is CRAZY! 21:16:33
Running Total of the Cost of War Since 2001...Watch Your Dollars Vanish by the Second 21:16:15
Court Order in favor of putting more candidates on Virginia ballot 21:16:06
CBS poll results : Romney and Paul within 1-2 points of Obama 21:09:22
Gingrich cancels evening event at own NH headquarters after protesters show up 21:09:05
NPR has been a day long infommercial for Huntsman 21:06:40
Drudge: Tycoon to Donate $20M to help him protect his lead in Iowa 21:06:25
MSNBC "Suspends" Buchanan 21:06:09
What If 21:04:07
Ron Paul Ends Interview Early With CNN Talking Head Dana Bash As Establishment Media Continues Their Ron Paul Smear Campaign 20:59:58
Ron Paul And Eisenhower Are Right 20:59:25
HUngarian Economic Crisis 20:56:31
On Freedom Watch Tonight 8pm 1/9/2012 20:55:04
Private Poll Results with 323,644 Votes 20:52:57
Maybe a dumb question 20:50:26
Poll: Romney, Paul Tie Obama 20:45:21
Ron Paul and family aggressively mobbed by media at Moe Joe's Diner in NH 20:43:03
Poll: Romney, Paul Tie Obama 20:42:20
Ron Paul 2012: Why Evangelicals Could Get Him Nominated - IBTimes 20:41:38
Kinda Funny Article, I think 20:39:28
Breaking: Santorum Deep in the Sandusky Penn State Scandal 20:37:41
Words from the Great Prophet 20:35:28
Six Ways the New Hampshire Primary Can Be Rigged, And What Can Be Done About It 20:33:12
New Hampshire Anti-War Vote may deliver a win for Ron Paul! Dynamics of GOP race are changing rapidly. 20:31:32
Ron Paul 2012: Why Evangelicals Could Get Him Nominated 20:31:25
RFID Credit Cards, Eco fees and taxes on cow farts? 20:31:10
Americans Might be Surprised How Many Wars the US Has Fought and How Many Lives Lost Since 1776 20:30:13
Best one-liner to stump warmongers who cry "isolationist" at Ron. 20:25:39
Video - Meet Mrs. Ron Paul 20:21:04
Casino tycoon commits $20 million to pro-Newt Gingrich group 20:20:37
A way to garner more votes for Dr. Paul 20:20:07
Diebold and New Hampshire 20:17:46
Marijuana Policy Project: Grading the Republican Presidential Candidates 20:14:37
Drudge Home Page - Poll: Romney, Paul Tie Obama 20:11:24
Karma: Glenn Beck throws back out on set of show; Taken out on stretcher 20:11:12
Sign The Petition To The GOP 20:10:37
Poll: Romney, Paul Tie Obama 20:06:59
How much is the GOP paying 20:03:43
☻More Ideas to get Ron Paul's message out☻ 20:03:27
Matt Shea has me fired up! 19:59:27
Ron Paul And Eisenhower Are Right 19:59:01
CIA bring terrorist to US says Visa Whistle blower 19:58:49
CNN Coverage of Media Mob and Ridiculous Interview by Dana Bash 19:52:00
-15 Votes Down Should Be Moved to OFF-Topic and not Active Forum Margin Yes or No? 19:51:42
The Military Industrial Complex in Five Minutes 19:44:55
From the Left, for the Left: Good DailyKos article on National Security State (and the GOP candidate who must not be discussed) 19:42:58
First Lady Carol Paul: "He takes care of the Country, I take care of the Kids." 19:41:58
AMAZING forbes article~! 19:37:21
Pic: Vote Ron Paul 19:34:45
Ron Paul Tells CNN’s Bash Voters Should be “Furious” with Establishment Media 19:30:53
Time Warner News: Paul Skipping FL Primary 19:25:23
Ron Paul Supporters Marching In Austin, TX To Be Featured On Local News At 6 PM CST 19:25:09
Imagine If Tim Tebow endorsed Ron Paul 19:24:27
Ron Paul exploding on Google Trends 19:24:13
Having seen the amrican TV for a few days 19:22:11
New Bill Known As Enemy Expatriation Act Would Allow Government To Strip Citizenship Without Conviction 19:21:56
I Hate the Five Prestitutes on Fox! 19:21:19
Brilliant new Ron Paul campaign poster! 19:19:37
Jingles Get The Message Out 19:18:37
How to Table for Ron Paul at the Gun Show 19:11:24
All or nothing Paul strategy just might work. 19:10:12
Awesome: Ron Paul's Vision of a Constitutional America 19:09:10
Listen up troops 19:08:59
Video Fox News Club for Growth: Ron Paul's plan to cut spending is spectacular. The others can't be believed 19:07:40
OUTRAGE! CNN Again Traps Ron Paul with Twisted Questions 19:02:34
Mitt Romney: I'd Vote Ron Paul Over Obama (12-28-11) 19:01:04
Ron Paul and Jesse Benton Tell CNN To Stick It 18:52:04
Watch for NH Vote Fraud! 18:51:12
Ron Paul video explaining economics using lego bricks 18:46:21
CNN Correspondant Dana Bash says she is worried Ron Paul's candidacy will continue. 18:46:14
NH Secretary of State: "Citizen Election Observers Threaten Election Integrity" 18:46:04
Official Ron Paul 2012 Campaign and Money Bomb Thread 18:43:55
Ron Paul Camp Talking Points on Rick Santorum 18:42:14
Military advice for chickenhawk politicians 18:41:55
Dana Bash should not be covering Dr. Paul's campaign 18:41:04
Where can i find Jon Huntsman Videos? 18:38:32
CNN Blitzer - Santorum losing momentum. 18:33:56
Help me explain what's right with privatisation. 18:30:40
Crate Gate 18:20:47
Great blog from the Libertarian Party about Mitt "Big Government" Romney 18:15:45
YES! Read Why This Guy In New Hampshire Just Decided to Vote for Ron Paul! - Yahoo! News 18:14:16
FOX VIDEO: Club for Growth - "Paul's Is Best Economic Plan" 18:13:18
Ron Paul - War Propaganda 18:13:14
Vote For Ron Paul Win A Free Country (part 2) 18:04:35
Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers to March on White House in Support of Ron Paul 18:01:11
Ron Paul: Whistle-Stop in Columbia, SC 01/11/12 17:59:47
Vote For Ron Paul Win A Free Country 17:58:52
Ron Paul Campaign Strategy = Bill Clinton Campaign Strategy (1992)? 17:57:25
Business Insider calls CBS on media Bias - Great video and article 17:44:41
Ron Paul's economic plan called "SPECTACULAR" according to Club for Growth spokesman on Cavuto 17:44:02
I Need HELP Answering A Question 17:42:11
My Liberty cedance remix "America" plz give feedback 17:41:38
Obama bumper sticker and a surprise! 17:34:09
BIZ INSIDER: "Dear RP Supporters," we downplay Paul because "we don't think he has a prayer" 17:31:53
Ron Paul Walks Out On Another CNN Interview ~VIDEO~ 17:31:43
Please VOTE! Do you believe Ron Paul will End the Income Tax? 17:25:46
Jon Huntsman meets Satan while in NH? 17:22:23
songs for Ron Paul 17:20:37
Ron Paul And The Future Of American Foreign Policy - Brilliant 17:19:37
LP Monday Message: "Mitt Romney = Big Government" by One of His Gubernatorial Opponents 17:19:29
Was just watching Neil Cavuto and fox news Ron Paul gets great coverage 17:18:57
Ron Paul shout out in funny ESPN article about Tim Tebow! 17:16:56
Fox News insider poll: Who would you vote for in NH? 17:06:57
Poll: Next candidate to drop out? Ron Paul 40.24%? Vote! 17:04:09
POLL: Who is next candidate to drop out? 17:03:31
RP Public Relations 17:00:45
DHS Officers Armed With Semiautomatics Set Up Unannounced ID Checkpoint at Social Security Office! 17:00:29
Ron Paul supporters at sign waving event in Lynnwood, Wa. interviewed by Space Dog Radio 16:59:53
What is the Paul backup plan? 16:58:42
The Ron Paul Precedent 16:57:35
Is there a location in MA/NH I can pick up/buy Ron Paul signs by tomorrow (1/10/11) 16:55:06
NH Primary Prediction: Romney Loses While Winning 16:54:30
Why Ron Paul Actually Beat Mitt Romney in Iowa 16:54:09
If Ron accepted role as VP on ticket with Romney would you vote Republican? 16:44:22
Nice cartoon 16:42:33
New York Rabbi Praises Ron Paul after Town Hall Meeting in New Hampshire 16:38:50
Emily Converted to Ron Paul 16:38:38
Ha ha ha..Romney Hack Peggy Noonan calls Newt Gingrich an "angry little attack muffin" 16:37:56
Sen. Rand Paul with WNTK's Jim MacKay NH Primary Coverage 01/09/2012 16:37:34
Photoshopping I did today Check it out 16:27:42
Unflipping believable! MSNBC ticker Huntsman tied with Santorum for third, Romney first 16:18:41
Veterans, Active Duty Soldiers To March On White House For Ron Paul 16:13:55
Round and Round for Ron Paul! 16:09:04
Ron Paul's intense following contains seeds of disaster for GOP (+video) 16:07:39
Ron Paul, Ron Paul song and those NeoCon blues make it to yahoo news. Video 15:59:22
Jan. 7 and 8 debate number of times each candidate spoke 15:55:56
Radio Discussion Between Local NH Political Strategist Mike Denehy and a Local Radio Host from Houston 15:53:49
Dana Bash of CNN is Worried About Ron Paul (video) 15:53:40
"Ron Paul [and end the Fed] Must Be Taken Seriously" - ex-IMF chief economist Simon Johnson 15:42:43
Credit Card Firms: They Don't Just Steal From Cardholders 15:34:14
New Hampshire Primary: Why Ron Paul Is Gunning for Rick Santorum 15:30:48
What If We Could Turn Back the Hands of Time and Make One Simple Change? 15:29:49
Veterans March to Continue @ RNC for Dr. Ron Paul 15:29:04
Veterans Active Duty Soldiers To March On White House For Ron Paul 15:28:12
Mitt Romney: Champion of Big Government 15:26:01
Press Blames Ron Paul For Media Swarm They Created 15:25:29
Here it is again, petition to recall senators from Texas 15:25:06
Iran death sentence for former U.S. Marine-Ron Paul's big chance! 15:17:02
You know what I think about Ron Paul and Big crowds 15:12:05
Our Enemy the MSM 15:10:58
Facebook Friend Bomb TODAY 15:06:49
special report County Sheriffs Push Back Against Feds 15:02:47
Best Ron Paul YouTube Videos... 15:00:56
Rand Paul On C-Span 15:00:30
Viability of National Write-In Effort in 2012 14:59:10
Establishment Media vs We the People (Round One for Ron Paul's Victory) 14:58:16
Rand Paul alludes to his own future Presidential Aspirations 14:55:13
The Ron Paul New Hampshire Raw Milk Advantage 14:54:43
RP in double digits in FL for the first time 14:53:33
Allvoices article: "This Election is Markedly Different" 14:52:31
The power of Ron Paul's movement, right in Obama's backyard: Chicago. 14:50:52
New Hampshire- phone from home NOW! Last Day! 14:49:35
Thanks for the clarification on the super brochures 14:49:05
Ok, this is ridiculous. (Will the deleting mod please stand up) 14:44:19
Ron Paul becoming hero of young voters 14:36:57
Rasmussen Poll: Romney Is Only Republican Who Can Beat Obama 14:36:29
Newly graduated activist journalist compares RP & libertarian thinking to a 6yr old 14:36:28
Woman at 1:30 on Rush just put him in check 14:33:31
Ron Paul Fox News Sunday Interview (1/8/12) 14:32:50
Ron Paul was right on about Iran all along. 14:31:07
A Ron Paul convert questions how to play a role in a future he sees as bleak 14:28:29
"How to define Ron Paul? As as leader" - article by national radio host Jason Lewis 14:23:01
NYT Hit Piece Based on this Morning's MSM Manufactured "Diner Debacle" 14:18:17
March on D.C. - Veterans for Ron Paul - Presidents' Day 14:17:43
Ron Paul This is why I support him 14:16:44
Republic vs Democracy 14:15:32
Press Blames Ron Paul For Over The Top Media Frenzy This Morning 14:10:32
I would like to see in the Debates when speaking of Iran, how are we going to deal with china! 14:09:06
Uh Oh Megan Kelly Fox News- just when you think you know what's going to happen - things changing 14:06:28
Ron Paul Inspires Poetry In New Hampshire 14:06:17
I have been watching the debates, 14:04:49
Caught The End Of Romney On C-Span - His Exit Song: 14:03:49
Video: Rush Limbaugh slams NDAA indefinite detention provisions as "total authoritarianism" 14:03:24
Stupid question; but did the campaign run any anti-war ads in NH 13:59:18
NH Poll today (Monday): Romney 33, Paul 20 NEED TO drudge this! 13:52:41
Suffolk University poll shows Ron Paul within 13 points of Romney. Romney 33%, Paul 20% 13:48:10
Registration Deadlines 13:41:13
Is war good for the economy? 13:39:18
Ron Paul-Two or More Witnesses 13:39:09
Video: Lady irate that the paulparazzi chased Paul away. She gets meeting with Paul! 13:38:25
CNN Just Reported That National Debt Now Equals GDP/Economy 13:36:22
Voter getting turned off at Moe and Joes 13:35:06
If we bomb Iran, it's basically the end of America as we know it 13:33:27
John Adams and Constitution? 13:32:01
Ventura, Navy Seal 'Punch Hoax' May Be Retribution For Supporting Ron Paul 13:30:44
Tom Woods on Ron Paul in New Hampshire 13:29:35
Ron Paul Campaign coming to Myrtle Beach this week 13:28:24
Welcome to Charleston for RON PAUL 13:27:50
CBS Blatantly Excludes Ron Paul From Coverage 13:26:41
+2 For Paul in California 13:22:10
'Media Circus' Prevents Ron Paul From Talking With Voters In New Hampshire 13:21:13
American DEBATE Tour! - Education Revolution! 13:20:03
Is Walter Jones on board in NC? 13:16:20
Yahoo! readers still unsure about Romney as frontrunner 13:15:20
New Video to Convert Neocons: Revolution PAC or experts needed 13:12:36
Flashback: New Hampshire 2008 13:10:21
01/09/12: You predict NH results 13:09:32
Watched The Politifact Segment After Dr. Paul's Speech On C-SPAN 13:07:49
Will Diebold Voting Machines Cheat Ron Paul Out of 2nd Place in New Hampshire? 13:01:40
Nobody Is Showing Ron Paul's Slam Of Newt! 13:01:30
Jim Rogers: Predictions for 2012, We've got to cut spending dramatically. 12:54:28
US War Machine Getting Downsized? 12:53:59
MSNBC - Distorting Delegate Distribution? 12:50:08
They Will Stop At Nothing 12:45:56
Huntsman is engaging in war-rhetoric with regards to Iran. 12:45:47
1793 uncir. copper penny sells for a measly $1.38 MILLION! A record. 12:35:47
NDAA Only Covered by Foreign Media: How Sad 12:35:05
Loving Our Enemies 12:34:17
Iran not helping 12:32:31
Pat Buchanan is off MSNBC: liberal PC Police don't like his new book and this video: 12:23:30
Pennsylvania GOP leaders believe Rick Santorum is unfit for the presidency 12:14:47
File a contest letter in Florida to prevent winner take all 12:13:54
Can Dr. Paul Make the Case for Non-Intervention Better? 12:12:50
Ideal results in New Hampshire Primary? 12:12:14
BREAKING via Drudge: Media Going Nuts Over Paul! 12:10:05
BREAKING! Media Mob Interrupts Ron Paul's Breakfast Appearance this Morning! 12:05:53
Pensacola (FL) News Journal Sunday Front Page: Senior GOP Candidate Ron Paul has Youthful Following 12:03:47
Voters See Ron Paul & Mitt Romney as Least Conservative of GOP Candidates 11:54:53
Did you notice all of the people behind the stage 11:52:54
Stupid Ron Paul vs. Jon Huntsman Poll on The Ticket 11:44:15
WND: Ron Paul is right (large upper right corner) 11:42:38
I don't like being called a Useful Idiot! 11:36:30
Easiest way to stop Huntsman - Mention the fact that He worked for Obama while other Republicans were trying to stop Obama 11:35:10
Dirt on Santorum - caught in a huge lie 11:34:56
Yahoo!: Ron Paul Only Peaceful Candidate in Race 11:31:50
Drone Kill-Culture: Powerful Video Supports Ron Paul Non-Interventionism 11:24:11
Rick Santorum becomes millionaire six years after Senate loss 11:19:35
Can Ron Paul Truly change Washington if Elected President? 11:18:28
READ The Truth on Why Ron Paul is Gunning for Rick Santorum and NOT Romney! 11:17:18
New Poll shows Paul Tied with Romney in New Hampshire? 11:16:12
MTV Interview and feature article with RON PAUL supporters! 11:12:17
Is Ron Paul Still Blacked Out? Is it Just Fear? 11:10:43
AWESOME Strategy idea to help Dr. Paul! 11:04:31
Mrs. Paul, Granddaughters, and RP interview from 2008 re-released on 10:57:40
Run Facebook Ads Against Huntsman! 10:55:39
Santorum Slammed by We Are Change 10:51:49
Beck: "Founders would punch RP in the face over security" 10:48:58
Ron Paul live on CSPAN 10:30am TODAY from NH 10:48:22
Article that Ron states about Santorum. List of most corrupt members of Congress 10:45:05
"Ron Paul is Right About Everything" - Fox News Video 10:40:09
Paul is most electable candidate 10:39:27
a New Political Party! 10:30:34
Stop Huntsman! Call! 10:23:42
A Special Request for a Special Ron Paul Supporter 10:17:08
Rand Paul live on CSPAN 9:15 AM EST 10:07:26
CBS fools voters in latest poll. 09:58:20
Response to POLITICO Article! 13:57:10
Rand Paul: Ron could Win N.H. with Independents 09:53:42
Why Michael Farris is Wrong about Ron Paul on Homeschooling 09:46:57
The Media is doing it again.. "Huntsman last minute surge in NH" 09:41:53
Hit job against Romney/Bain coming Wednesday 09:28:42
CNN causes nausea 09:24:32
How Ron Paul Wins in New Hampshire 09:16:25
Last Suffolk - Romney 33 - Paul 20 09:07:58
Newt vs. the Contract with America 09:05:24
Ron Paul becoming Hero of Young Voters 08:53:48
Letters of Marque and Reprisal 08:46:03
Banksters - William Black tells the real truth 08:45:15
Public Policy Polling: Romney at 35 percent, Paul and Huntsman nearly tied 08:31:26
Another Great KT Article. Rush, Beck, Hannity Bias Against Dr. Paul Helps Obama 08:30:01
Final day before NH primary 08:15:41
Get Golden State (Bombs) to Top 10 on Amazon Movers & Shakers 07:59:25
Woe Canada (Free Press) 07:50:49
Florida Message Ideas 07:24:16
CBS: Youth vote key to N.H. primary win 07:12:04
CBS: Paul looks ahead to S.C., calls it "nice test" 07:05:56
CNN: Paul looking forward to South Carolina, caucus states 06:59:13
Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read 06:53:27
1.5% For Liberty 06:32:30
Huge lies EXPOSED: “Every Muslim wants to die for Allah and kill as many Americans as possible." Kind of like, "just for lulz" 06:28:22
WARNING: NH Secretary of State: "Citizen Election Observers Threaten Election Integrity" 06:26:32
(video) CSPAN US Russia Relations after conflict with Georgia 06:04:27
Ron Paul's surprising supporters (yes, Palin and Romney too) 05:57:40
Awaken or Convert Your Friends to Ron Paul in Less Than Ten Minutes! 05:27:33
James Williams Interview With Judge Nap (Subject Of "Compassion" Ad) 05:23:45
Wars for Profits: A No-Nonsense Guide to Why the USA targets Iran 05:23:27
East Tennessee supporters say Ron Paul has a chance 05:20:24
(video) Jackie and Dunlap watched the NH debate (humor) 05:08:20
A warning from the past 04:46:38
Some Background on Huntsman - OpRes Talking Points 04:39:50
GunsAmerica endorsement 04:38:03
Ron Paul: 'We could get that passed.' 04:34:09
CAMPAIGN? Regarding the question of Dr. Pau'ls bill support... 04:32:32
A good article by zerohedge 04:24:55
Michael Berry: Super Presidential, Ron Paul's Tweet to Hunstman, Santorum, Rush - and drop dead hilarity 04:20:07
Rick Santorum Ads In The Daily Paul? 04:08:07
New Hampshire: Ron Paul Primary DAY Volunteering Needed Jan. 10th 04:02:54
American sentenced to death in Iran for "spying for the CIA" 04:02:24
A Great Article on the Drug War 04:01:33
CAMPAIGN? Santorum voted to double the size of the Dept. of Ed... 04:01:17
Possible new idea 03:53:02
Ron Paul vs The War Propaganda 03:52:07
Google News is Disappointing 03:50:33
Public policy poll - Jan 8/2012 03:41:17
Video: Ron Paul on Israel 03:30:43
March for Peace 03:14:23
North Dakotans, Your District Elections Start this week! 03:13:05
New video from 03:02:23
I triple dog dare you: Opportunity to write, make money and tell the world about Ron Paul! 03:00:06
Ron Paul Will Not Contest Florida 02:51:38
Grab Sanford's Endorsement?! 02:49:24
Update from the front line! Help needed in NH! 00:40:51
What's With the Media Saying There's a New GOP Nomination Process? 02:36:12
It's time to go after Obama with one or two TV ads 02:29:04
Jon Huntsman Say's He Would Have Signed The NDAA 02:23:39
Santorum wins 1st place in worst persons (Sandusky?) 02:22:34
Check out the RevPAC videos! 02:17:10
What worries you most about a President Romney? 02:17:06
Top $ Contributors 2012 - Ron Paul Commander in Chief 02:14:45
What If The GOP Nominee Agrees To... 02:08:16
Show this to all of your Mormon friends! 02:07:52
Show this to all of your Mormon friends! 02:06:50
Ron Paul needs to make a direct appeal to the American People 02:00:06
Ron Paul Sign Bomb Rochester NY Jan 8, 2012 01:44:40
"I do the same thing over and over again" Ron Paul when asked what is his strategy to win. 01:44:04
Donate for airtime for RP ads- with TICKER 01:38:58
"Let's do a bicycle ride!" Ron Paul responds to reporter asking about his health 08:31:31
Ron Paul Final New Hampshire Campaign Schedule 01:23:02
Ron Paul - War Propaganda 01:15:44
Santorum: Internet Freedom Should Be Curtailed 01:13:36
Fascism is already In America - ndaa, sopa, Economic Martial Law, Bank Holidays, WWI in 2012 01:07:09
Ron Paul slowed it down when he talked in the debates, simply beautiful 01:01:58
Armed & Dangerous! 01:01:10
A few points of interest 00:59:28
Secede from The Globalist Union - Vote Ron Paul, 2012! 00:59:24
is the constitution the Holy Grail of America, restoring life and light to its soul 00:54:35
IB Times: Paul Debate Quote Highlights (great article!) 00:51:37
Paul has Two Busy Days! YEAH! 00:48:35
Top Leaders of the Religious and Social Right have been Invited to Gather at the Brenham, TX, Ranch of Paul and Nancy Pressler 00:44:45
Elise Jordan, former NSC staffer, stands up for Dr. Paul on "Up with Chris Hayes" 00:43:40
anybody see simpsons tonight? 00:43:40
The new meme is that Ron Paul is running to INFLUENCE not WIN. 00:43:17
*Please Read*- Regarding IA, NH, SC, and Fl Delegates 00:41:25
Ron Paul "Bright, Avuncular" in Person; "Completely Different from the Status Quo" 00:38:33
Possible new source of support? 00:33:58
Mitt Romney avoids U.S tax by using Offshore bank accounts 00:29:24
Is the NY Times Ignoring Ron Paul Deliberately? 00:29:05
Ron Paul - Overwhelming Support 00:26:35
What is truth 00:18:56
Dixville Notch NH is the place of the first voting in the primary elections for the USA! 00:16:39
President Paul and Vice President Rand Paul? 00:07:03
For our Troops..For our Families..Ron Paul 00:02:20