Posted on January 10, 2012

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Paul Campaign To Republican Field: Drop Out, Unite Behind Paul to Defeat Romney 23:07:14
Ron Paul Interview w/ Wolf Blitzer CNN 1/10/12 11:16:13
Super Brochure on the Front Page of the New York Times! 12:49:23
Crowds in NH 10:39:44
Will the Gender Gap Help Ron Paul in S.C. Where Female Turnout will Play a Big Part? 09:43:20
NH Concord Monitor: Paul Makes Sense 02:55:42
Washington Post Video: Ron Paul Party 04:25:57
Ron Paul On Fox's Off The Record: "I'm in this, I'm a contender!"—"You're a rockstar!" 11:09:12
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New Hampshire to America: Ron Paul is Electable 23:58:24
Get PublicPolicyPolling to poll Minnesota! 23:57:53
Best Article on Paul's NH Victory! 23:57:43
Submit your favorite quote of the night! 23:56:14
The big difference between a Ron Paul supporter and the other candidate's supporters 23:52:19
CNN Exit Poll: Most Likely To Defeat Obama 23:52:15
... And The Whole Bunch Can ... 23:48:37
First Romney attack ad needs to go something like this! 23:43:22
MoneyBomb for Tonight's Victory: RP gets $100k in less than 1 hr 23:41:11
Ron Paul's Speech at the Primary Party for Supporters 23:37:23
SC Public Policy Poll: We have a lot of work to do here guys. RP way behind Newt and Santorum 23:33:27
INSPIRATIONAL - Ron Paul's Speech After New Hampshire Primary 23:32:51
Ron Paul's New Hampshire Speech 23:29:45
Iran Sanctions Oil Embargo vs. Treaty of Versailles 23:27:56
Ron Paul's ROCKSTAR Victory Speech! 23:26:31
Wolf Blitzer: Santorum spending $1.5 million on TV ads in South Carolina 23:24:19
Ron Paul January 14th Money Bomb 23:23:55
Critical donation information with the power to sway opinions 23:23:42
Sarah Palin defends Ron Paul's foreign policy! 23:22:19
AWESOME! Ron's New Hampshire Victory Speech: "A Victory for the Cause of Liberty" 23:20:02
Santorum crashes back to earth 23:09:09
Surprised we didn't get Santorum'd with Huntsman. 23:08:31
Paul Claims Victory For The Cause Of Liberty 23:08:19
No Huntsman, Ron Paul wins 21:43:48
Breaking News Urgent - C-Span Has Joined The Conspiracy. Blackout of Ron Paul on C-span Ticker 21:32:14
Does Mitt Have To Even Try? 21:04:12
Fox News says Ron Paul will win 2nd by wide margin. HeHaw! 21:03:38
ABC News calls the election, Ron Paul to place second! 21:02:54
HELP: RevPac petitions supporters - "Demand" Dana Bash (CNN) reassignment re: anti-Paul reporting! 20:56:24
NH Primary 5% reporting - Mitt 36.6% - RP 24.6% 20:38:22
Awesome Ron Paul song 20:35:02
Mitt Romney 35% Ron Paul 27% Huntsman 14% Things are looking good 20:32:16
Who Will You Tune Into For Coverage of the Vote? 20:28:51
NEW VIDEO: Santorum Caught Being Coached During Interview, 1/10/12 20:20:48
Rev Pac calls for removal of Dana Bash 20:18:36
Cuccinelli Now Appealing a Court Decision Allowing Change to VA Primary Ballot 20:18:35
Iowa Delegates 20:12:56
The Judge shares old ad - Shah of Iran & nuclear power plants 20:07:14
How tall is Dr. Paul? 20:05:53
Campaign=Reflection of Dr.Paul: Jesse Benton buys dinner for formerly Homeless R3VOL! 20:04:17
Ben Swann makes a request/appeal on Facebook 20:02:04
They expect to be able to call NH for Romney 19:59:57
Google Trends for NH 19:54:28
RevolutionPAC calls for Removal of Obviously Biased Dana Bash of CNN 19:54:21
Diebold - Expect this as a Problem in 2012 19:49:18
Town Hall - Amazing 19:43:47
The homes of the GOP contenders 19:43:32
Ben Swann to cover H.R. 3166 and S.O.P.A.! 19:36:43
Why it doesn't matter if Huntsman made the false flag video. 19:35:32
Santorum, Gingrich and Huntsman gunning for Mitt Romney... Why? 19:34:06
Ron Paul adviser: We’re in a two-man race with Mitt (must-see picture) 19:29:11
Understanding the delegate count in Iowa, many don't understand or are confused : Read this 19:23:06
Breaking News on CNN 19:20:09
Drudge Report Presidential Poll! Cast your vote! Paul in lead right NOW! 19:18:53
An "End of America" Warning 19:13:11
Ayn Rand was right - A Fine for Not Using a Biofuel That Doesn’t Exist - NYT 19:10:06
Fox News: Indy Vote Exit Polls Romney 30%, Paul 29% 19:05:02
Not Releasing Exit Poll Numbers Because Ron Is Doing So Well? 19:02:19
World Net Daily on the attack: "Ron Paul's Jeremiah Wright". Here's ammo for counterattack 18:57:24
Reuters/Ipsos National Poll: Romney 30%, Gingrich 20%, Paul 16%, Santroum 13% 18:52:03
CNN New Hampshire Primary Exit Polling Data 18:49:22
Flashback: Ron Paul called the recession in January 2008 18:48:23
Judge says Perry will likely prevail in Virginia ballot challenge 18:41:16
I've been wrong and I'm ashamed that I didn't see it sooner, Mr. Slevin 18:40:47
Delegate to Date (CNN) 18:40:47
HUGE Moneybomb Saturday, January 14, 2012 Be There Or Be Square! 18:39:50
Another convert 18:36:18
Ron Paul plans strong presence in Florida primary 18:33:29
VIDEO: Following Ron Paul Today on Primary Day! 18:28:55
ABC Poll 18:28:02
Ron Paul's Secret Plan to Win America 18:27:17
Texas Delegates 18:27:15
Chris Matthews, "If Ron Paul comes in second blah, blah it doesn't matter" 18:26:53
Make Sure You Go Vote in the DrudgeReport Primary 18:26:38
No, Mitt Romney will not answer your marijuana questions (video) 18:24:12
Need Help: one of Black friends tweeted: Ron Paul is the most compelling candidate, but . . 18:21:49
Dr. Paul is going to have to talk seriously about job growth when heading South 18:18:28
Ron Paul Campaign Announces South Carolina Rally Location 18:08:18
NEW! Ron Paul's Interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer 18:07:56
Intrade Betting markets show dead even fight for second in NH 18:06:48
James 1:25 18:05:37
Ron Paul Walks the Walk 18:01:40
Club for Growth: Ron Paul’s Economic Plan “Spectacular” 18:01:05
2nd Place WINS the Presidency 17:58:27
Did South Carolina ever change their rules to allow the other candidates to be on the ballot? 17:55:24
Kalifornya Politician Sentence...omg 17:55:06
ABC News: "The Independent Effect" 17:49:35
Ron Paul Defends Romney's Business Practices 17:47:44
Don't Underestimate The Paul Newt Smackdown On The Draft 23:26:19
Drudge Primary Now Open 17:46:40
Poll on Drudge Report Jan. 10, 2011 - Please Vote 17:46:18
Former Fed. Res. Economist Voted for Ron Paul; Poll: Who can beat Romney? 17:38:46
Is here and watching 17:36:20
In Ron Paul's words: "No way" Huntsman could beat him tonight... 17:31:31
Indecency on TV: Supreme Court reluctant to ease profanity rules 17:30:18
WOW! SC Drudge poll - Paul 28% Romney 24% 17:26:55
NY SUN - "Strangely Austrian" - good stuff 17:26:02
Dr Paul vs Newt - a fact check article on draft rules of the day 17:24:34
GOP Primary Poll Via Drudge Report 17:22:47
Vote Ron Paul on Drudge Report 17:15:51
SLAM: Cafferty tells Gingrich, "Don't give me that cr*p" about supposed no-smear campaign 17:14:33
delegates on cnn live stream 17:13:06
SMART: Paul defends Romney on "firing" smear; attackers "don't have the vaguest idea" on economics 17:04:08
What's Really Going On In IA, NH, And SC? - Anaylsis From 16:59:16
DRUDGE: Paul has *razor-thin lead* over Romney in website poll! (needs NH voters!) 16:57:31
Drudge POLL. NH. Vote Now! 16:54:40
On Drudge: Your Vote for Republican Presidential Candidate 16:50:36
N.C. to Compensate Victims of Sterilization in 20th Century Eugenics Program 16:49:40
NATIONAL: Romney 30%, Gingrich 20%, Paul 16%, Santorum 13% 16:46:12
NEW! "Ron Paul's Strategy to WIN America (Article) 16:40:23
Vote For Ron Paul In Drudge Report's Poll 16:39:53
EXCLUSIVE: Ron Paul Has A Secret Plan To Win America 16:39:07
Vote for Dr. Paul in the Drudge Report Poll 16:36:42
Drudge poll is up 16:36:37
Cspan 2 is talking about what they are going to do with the Internet 16:36:20
drudge poll UP NOW... 16:27:21
Everybody recalls the 2008 New Hampshire voter fraud with the Diebold machines and process. Why should we expect any difference? 16:25:34
Is Ron Paul Getting Too Much Media Attention? 16:25:14
Reuters/Ipsos Poll has Paul at 16% - Nationally! 16:25:12
NH FEED: Paul supporters dominate ground game! 16:24:02
Drudge report has new poll 16:22:29
From South Carolina With Love: Rally for Ron Paul 01/06/12 16:19:09
Vote! - Drudge Primary Poll Now Open - Paul Leads SC, NH and National! 16:17:35
Manifesting President Paul 16:17:10
Play this during the Superbowl and Ron would win the election 16:16:58
1% Precincts reptg. Rmney 36%, RP 2nd at 26.3%, Huntsman 21% 16:09:53
A piece of trivia 15:58:32
Ron Paul Just Defended Romney on CNN! 15:58:25
Outside Gingrich NH Offices, Ron Paul Supporters Party 15:49:07
Ron Paul Getting 26% With 1% in! Anybody else getting this? 15:39:12
For Liberty: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty | DocumentaryWIRE 15:38:09
Yet more misleading poll numbers 15:32:03
9/11 Hijackers Passports were issued by the CIA - US Consulate Whistleblower 15:31:45
Exit Poll Has Ron Paul @ 27% 15:28:07
My Email to Rush Yesterday 15:27:29
Looking like low to moderate turnout... This will help Ron Paul 15:26:54
Fun idea to maximize 'South Carolina $ Bomb' 15:23:56
Why Independent Voters Prefer Ron Paul 15:23:51
Awesome RP Posters 15:15:54
Politico Goes On All Offensives Against Ron Paul On NH Primary Day 15:14:50
Ron Paul spokesperson Bruce Fein interview about founders vs politicians today 15:13:28
Bruce Fein on Fox News 1/10/12 15:12:36
Gallup: Record high 40% of Americans identify as independents in 2011 15:06:29
Iran Propaganda debunked in less than 6 minutes 15:00:21
Fox News Dedicates Entire Hour to Defending Mittens Romney 14:54:26
Is Huntsman The Establishment's Spoiler To Ron Paul As The 'Anyone But Romney' Candidate? 14:51:22
Bruce Fein on Fox: Ron Paul “Only One Who is Hawkish on Defending Americans” 14:49:00
Where will RP supporters be tonight? Where will RP speak? 14:48:13
New Hampshire Primary Results 14:48:10
Who can beat Romney poll, Huntsman, Paul, Nobody. Get on it ! 14:47:56
Facebook post all need to read 14:46:50
Every Single Day, Every Word You Say, I’ll Be Watching You 14:45:10
Revolution Super PAC Calls for Removal of Dana Bash 14:40:43
From a longtime reader, first-time poster... 14:40:08
Rand defends Mittens , 14:39:47
Defining Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 14:39:32
Forbes article 14:35:57
The REAL Huntsman - Great Video! 14:35:57
Bruce Fein On Fox: Ron Paul "Is The Only One Who Is Hawkish On Defending Americans In America" 14:31:48
“Ron Paul Revolution” Brings Debate To Streets 14:29:39
King of Bain - Newt Hit Piece on Mitt (Ouch!) - Full Documentary Soon 14:25:11
Drudge: Poll: Romney, Paul tie Obama 14:24:56 Many NH voters have reservations about Romney 14:19:40
90% Of Tonight’s N.H. Votes To Be Counted By Diebold Electronic Voting Machines 14:18:53
Stop saying "The Young People" - Please RP! 14:15:44
Yet ANOTHER CBS blackout of Ron Paul coverage - Up to the Minute w/ Betty Nguyen 1/10/'12 14:10:52
This is what its all about 14:10:44
Shock Poll: Americans, 2-1 Fear Obama Reelection 14:07:06
Endorsements 14:06:28
John Bolton: I would seriously consider serving under Ron Paul 14:02:50
Forbes's John Tamny & Michael Caputo praise RP's economic policy 13:59:54
Ron Paul: My Fiscal Message Is Gaining Traction 13:55:34
Racism and Ron Paul 13:55:18
Jon Stewart on the GOP candidates: 'I believe one of you...' 13:53:49
Some humor 13:53:21
media political coverage decoded 13:52:49
Ron Paul, Sinatra Style 13:49:16
Santorum says he would use "strategic attack" against Iran without declaring war 13:48:54
* Was this Mitt Romney's "Dean Scream"? * 13:48:50
Even if Romney wins N.H., the primary battle won’t be over 13:44:21
Vermont Primary: Did Ron Paul get on the ballot? The deadline was yesterday. 13:44:21
Angel Robinson doing her thing in NH 13:44:04
2006 Rick Santorum Ad for Senator 13:41:51
Huntsman FAILS to get on ballot in AZ, IL,VA 13:36:24
Ron Paul Transcends 13:28:05
perhaps a bit of reading might help 13:26:04
Google Trends Last 30 Days New Hampshire only 13:22:50
Ron Paul : A 2012 Revolution (Campaign Motivation) 13:13:38
they'RE every where YOU turn; people WHO will seek TO consume YOU AND YOU'RE freedom 13:09:26
they'RE every where YOU turn; people WHO will seek TO consume YOU AND YOU'RE freedom 13:07:02
Via Twiiter: Judge Napolitano Will Be On "The Daily Show" TONIGHT! 13:01:12
Breaking! RT- Poll Puts Ron Paul Neck and Neck With Obama 13:00:36
Music Videos: Vote for your Favorite Ron Paul song 13:00:24
The MOTHER of all surges has yet to come! 12:59:55
This is Really Encouraging! 12:58:22
Huntsman Fails to Make Ballot in 3 States: Virginia, Illinois and Arizona 12:56:29
Huntsman Supporters Admit Creating Racist Video To Smear Ron Paul? 12:54:54
Michael Nystrom & Moderators: Please Banish Eeyores on Voting Days! 12:48:12
What Happened to Rush? 12:47:19
Progessive American Liberal: "Ron Paul Would be Harmful to Humanity and the Earth " 12:47:05
Santorum Concedes 12:44:58
best DIY Roadside Ron Paul Sign...ever? 12:42:09
Could Romney Lose in NH - By Fox News! 12:37:08
Preparing for the coming years 12:35:37
Blatant MSM Blackout of Ron Paul on New Hampshire Primary Morning 12:31:08
Judge Nap on DailyShow Tonight! Talking about NH Race 12:30:40
Hash marked (Twitter) terms 12:29:00
Huntsman speach at Exiter Town Hall 12:22:05
Dallas Morning News - I am shocked and encouraged - Front Page 12:18:00
New News article by local TV - The race for 2nd. 12:15:18
How to get RP elected step by step 12:11:48
Mitt Romney: Pump and dump artist 12:04:50
N.C. to Compensate Victims of Sterilization in 20th Century Eugenics Program 12:00:42
Local Boston Area Blog Presidential Poll 11:55:43
Stop paying attention to the Polls 11:55:35
Santorum releases latest ad: Canine Interruptus 11:54:40
RedState: Get Ron Paul Off the Stage -Tom Woods Responds 11:52:29
Ron Paul Changes Lives (Video) 11:51:26
Bedlam in NH! 11:48:34
WND bashes Robert Pape & calls him Paul's "Jeremiah Wright" / Saul Alinsky 11:40:40
Both Jon Huntsman And Barack Obama Agree 11:32:53
Hey Michael? How about only paid DP users get to log in on heavy traffic nights? 11:32:34
Could the Paul campaign sue the people behind the Gary Bauer ad? 11:30:53
A Message to All Candidates: Our Troops Aren't Props 11:25:52
Why do I get the feeling that Ron Paul will get third or fourth 11:25:36
Final Suffolk Poll in NH: released Tues morning 11:23:49
Maddow Covers the Huntsman False Flag 11:16:36
Ron Paul Finds Supporters Among Medical Marijuana Advocates 11:14:45
Visualize: All The World's Gold 11:08:56
Anyone else get a donation solicitation call from campaign today? 11:06:42
Ron Paul was right... AGAIN 11:02:15
BREAKING: Huntsman fails to qualify for Arizona's ballot. 11:00:11
Fox Report on Media Mob 10:58:59
No Salamanders for President,ie: Newts 10:58:41
Soldiers Perspective to Help Ron Pauls Foreign Policy Argument 10:56:07
Just why was Santorum on CREW's '20 most corrupt members of congress' in 2006? 10:43:50
COOL! Mini-Documentary Features Ron Paul Supporters in New Hampshire! 00:43:39
US Sanctions hidden in NDAA bill target Iran's anti-dollar policy 10:41:59
Video: Ron Paul Gaining on Romney in New Hampshire 10:40:37
Campaign Ad Strategy 10:34:21
CFR article: "The Failure of the Euro" - this is astonishing 10:32:28
Looking for idiot Jon Gibson audio from yesterday... 10:29:25
Hostess may file for Chapter 11 again: report 10:26:18
Another Patient of Dr. Paul Comes Forward 10:25:48
FB Likes 855K and Counting {Updated 2.13.12} 10:24:26
Log out of DP tonight?! 10:22:12
CSPAN - Voter just voted for Paul, says his flyer was good 10:20:24
Fox News lying about Ron Paul again 10:11:24
The "Super Congress" will kill you! 10:09:20
Former Obama Organizer MEETS Ron Paul! 10:05:38
UPDATED - Imus to John Stossel: "I'm Warming Up to Ron Paul" 10:05:20
Gallup Lies Again, Says Romney only Acceptable "Conservative" 09:57:22
Austin march in support for Ron Paul 09:56:58
Ron Paul 2012: Why Independent Voters Prefer 'Ron Paul Revolution' 09:49:51
Suffolk University poll - Romney 37%, Paul 18%, Huntsman 16%, Santorum 11% 09:49:21
We are still asking "Are the Good Times Really Over for Good"? 09:49:07
Earmark request - before or after appropriation vote 09:45:17
Apparent Google Glitch Shows New Hampshire Primary Results 09:35:34
NH Paul Supporters! Start a Twitter Feed! DailyPaul - Keep it front page 09:32:10
NY Times: From East and West, Foreclosure Horror Stories 09:30:09
What Time Can We Expect Exit Polls? 09:30:03
Your prediction for New Hampshire results? 09:23:56
Could Ron Paul be the best thing to happen to the Republican Party? - Story and video 09:21:01
Ron needs help in WND Faith poll 09:20:48
Why do these campaigns FAIL to attack Romney? 08:46:12
Gary Johnson: Obama ‘Opposes’ same-sex marriage because of Black voters 08:32:02
Red State Understands Ron Paul's 2012 Strategy 08:12:01
The Ron Paul Power Play 08:09:12
When Mitt Romney Came To Town 08:08:20
VIDEO: "Ron Paul Is Changing the Way People Think" 07:33:48
WaPo Poll... "Who will come in second" 07:13:58
New Book: "A Hayekian Worldview" 07:10:53
meet miss Ron Paul 06:55:18
Is Vermin Supreme on the NH ballot? 06:52:19
Like a Rock Star? 06:50:38
WAR: Ron Paul will stop this BRUTAL Crime! 06:30:06
9000 US troops sent to Israel? 06:23:01
PLAN B: How Ron Paul CANNOT lose in 2012 06:21:45
WND Poll: Does Romney have the nomination sewed up. 06:11:42
Is there a MLK Moneybomb on the 16th?.. Let's blow Santorum out of the water! 06:07:14
Ron Paul appeals to everyone 06:02:54
Huntsman Not on Virginia, Illinois, nor Arizona Ballots 05:48:13
Only Ron Paul Will End The War and Bring the Troops Home 05:27:11
Excitement surrounding Ron Paul is palpable in New Hampshire 05:21:28
Could Ron Paul be the best thing to happen to the Republican Party? 05:03:35
How much television did you watch yesterday? 04:58:07
Ron Paul, Predictions in Due time 04:57:11
Fox News on NH "If Ron Paul is the #2, that's not news". Huntsman #2? "That's big news" 04:57:07
Video: Frank Lutz-Rand Paul- Ron Paul's #1 Priority is National Defense 04:42:40
Southward bound: How do we sway the evangelicals? 04:38:16
Haha "The Neo-Con Blues" - Ron Paul, Sinatra style in New Hampshire 04:22:08
While catching up on Monday's News 04:17:19
Ron Paul needs to praise older voters 04:16:53
VIDEO: Ron Paul Supporters Infiltrate Santorum Interview with Message of Liberty. Awesome! 04:06:14
This Guy Supports Ron Paul- We have officially WON! 04:04:50
Ha! Romney is Unelectable. 04:04:49
WA Rep Matt Shea On Paul's Foreign Policy at the Idaho Straw Poll in Boise 04:03:07
US Secretary of Defense Panetta admits Iran not developing nukes 04:00:01
Public Memorial for the Last Free Man in America 03:58:04
Ron Paul patriot spreads liberty for his candidate, meet Richard Johns AKA Restore_Liberty 03:57:08
How do you copy video from a DVR? 03:56:14
Saturday 14th! South Carolina Money Bomb! 03:54:50
As a GAY man 03:49:25
Is the Money Bomb from the Campaign? 03:48:34
Almost 50% of Americans 16-29 Jobless 03:45:38
Jon Huntsman Says He Too Would Have Signed the NDAA 03:44:25
ROMNEY: Walks away with millions as jobs shut down. 03:38:40
Snoop Dogg arrested for pot at Texas checkpoint 03:37:09
Santorum loves sweater vests! 03:22:27
CNN Just Admitted This Is Quickly Becoming A Two Man Race Between Romney And Protest Candidate Ron Paul. 03:17:50
Jon Huntsman's Little Iranian Missile Problem 03:13:57
Palm Beach County, Florida - Straw Poll - Join Us! 1/10/12! 03:08:32
"Ron Paul is wrong about Israel, but I'm voting for him anyway!" 03:00:35
Amazing Video of someone who just woke up! 02:57:56
Did anyone catch this banner on the Daily Paul site? Santorum Money Bomb? LOL! 02:52:27
A Prayer for Victory 02:51:53
Forbes article: "Ron Paul and Eisenhower are right." 02:49:38
I Sit Here with Tears in My Eyes... 02:45:22
Ron Paul's Legislative Flowchart 02:32:50
Ron Paul's supporters are the best! 02:27:48
More Deceptive Headlines... 02:17:49
Ron Paul's Moment of Racial Clarity 02:13:22
Paul Volunteers Work Phones For Last-Minute Votes 02:10:02
Ron Paul is the choice of the troops! Veterans & Active Duty March on the White House 02:09:59
Powerful Image 02:04:35
! IDEA ! Profile Pictures 02:02:20
Romney: 5, Paul: 4 - Hart's Location, NH; voting just after Dixville Notch 02:00:28
Rupert Murdoch tweets in support of Paul 02:00:11
RON paul'S final pitch 01:57:10
CBS Poll: Independents Prefer Ron Paul Vs Obama 01:56:22
Cafes & Restaurants For Ron Paul 01:56:07
Ron Paul Mania In New Hampshire 01:55:48
New Attack: Meet Ron Paul's Jeremiah Wright 01:54:28
Ron Paul writes new article on USA TODAY: "Stop the Fed from distorting the market" 01:50:06
urgent! from greg evenson 01:42:40
Why Independents are choosing Ron Paul 01:40:56
Can Ron Paul Truly change Washington if Elected President? 01:37:26
Have you Googled Ron Paul lately? 01:24:20
Cars that run on compressed air (with video) 01:19:39
Maddow exposes true author of Huntsman ad? 01:19:02
Art Money bomb- Update 01:17:19
Hart's Location, New Hampshire official results 01:17:00
Dixville Notch speaks 01:12:59
Ron Paul right again: Electric Car Subsidies Transferring Wealth From the Poor to the Rich? 01:12:42
The Huntsman "surge" continues 01:09:35
Freedom Watch - John Bolton likes everything about Ron Paul, except for his... 01:08:48
Reality Gap: Romney=Millionaire acting like Billionaire, Huntsman=Billionaire acting like AstroTurf-polished BlueCollar 01:05:54
How Soon Will Daily Paul Crash as NH Votes? 01:04:21
russia today: Homeland Security monitors journalists 00:59:24
Michael Barry Audio: Rand Paul Says Rick Santorum Is Not A Conservative 00:58:56
Ron Paul fans blast music in Manchester, NH. 00:57:46
Ron Paul Supporter Assaulted by Newt Security 00:56:17
I just wanted to say 2 quick things... 00:54:01
RON paul'S south carolina money bomb - saturday JAN 14TH! 00:50:00
Romney "I like being able to fire people who provide services to me." 00:49:22
MSM Propaganda RON PAUL won't win 00:45:32
Ron Paul walks off CNN interview, again 00:43:34
Gubernatorial endorsements 00:43:20
Washington Post: Meet Mrs. Paul (VIDEO) 00:37:44
The Judge is about to talk RP foreign policy 00:35:17
Craigslist Ad ~ posted in New Hampshire Ad/Editor Bomb! 00:30:50
When Mitt Romney Came to Town 00:25:46
Great pro-RP article on American Thinker blog 00:24:26
Trump dumps Paul: insists he can't beat Obama...the day a poll reveals he can 00:22:19
Hot off Press. New Poll shows Paul beating Obama with independents 00:21:24
Frank Sinatra's Ron Paul song 00:20:31
Message From Ron Paul: South Carolina Moneybomb January 14th! 00:17:36
Ron Paul on Vermont Ballot 00:08:57
. 00:08:55