Posted on January 11, 2012

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Neil Cavuto: Why Ron Paul is Obama's Toughest Competitor 19:41:26
INCORRUPTIBLE! Bush/Cheney Strategist: "We Could Never Influence (Buy) Ron Paul" - Video 17:01:15
Judge Napolitano Rocks it on the Daily Show 16:29:03
Rush Limbaugh Ratings Plummeting! 16:09:19
DeMint: SCGOP Should Listen To Ron Paul 13:58:37
Urgent! NH sign pick up today - trucking supplies to South Carolina tomorrow! 13:55:24
Fox News interview...Watch the guy in the background! 13:55:10
Video Update: Ron Paul Rally at Eagle Aviation 12:44:24
Ron Paul on CBS Early Show, Morning Joe and Fox & Friends - 1/11/12 16:44:36
I'm an Air Force Veteran '03-'07 11:41:11
Jesse Benton on Piers Morgan: "Ron Paul dangerous to the establishment, but the safe choice for the American people." 03:26:40
Doug Wead w/Chris Matthews on MSNBC 1-10-12 00:42:48
CNN focus group moving towards Paul 00:18:21
South Carolina Money Bomb January 14th - Pledge / Donate To Win! 00:08:27
NH 2012 Primary Results: Paul Second With 23% - Paul's Victory Speech for Liberty 14:14:37
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Ron Paul received 3.7% of Democrat Write-Ins - pretty amazing 23:59:11
Cavuto: 2012 GOP Candidate's Economic Plan Review & Grades VIDEO 23:56:03
InsiderAdvantage SC Poll: Romney 23% Gingrich 21% Santorum 13.5% Paul 13.3% 23:55:50
Jordan Page listed as Most Popular Artist amongst Ron Paul supporters by the Washington Post 23:53:25
Al Sharpton spewing lies about Ron Paul's voting record 23:49:23
GOTV Idea Comic Book for Ron Paul 23:48:50
Video: "Marijuana Debate - Ron Paul vs Barack Obama" 23:45:41
Let's "blackout" facebook with Dr. Paul! 23:44:02
Video: Ron Paul: Whistle-Stop in Columbia, SC 01/11/12 23:40:14
Three thing Ron Paul has to do to win. 23:39:38
More trash from CNN- "The man who could stop Romney" 23:31:15
How do we attract the Gay vote? The Black Vote? The Female Vote? Liberal, Hispanic, Upper Class, Democrat, the...? 23:27:29
Neil Cavuto "Ron Paul not only a force, he is a Phenomenon!" 23:27:15
Progressive blogosphere is ABUZZ with talk of Paul/Obama; David Sirota at Salon is latest (show your leftist friends) 23:25:48
Let's "blackout" facebook with Ron Paul pictures on super tuesday! 23:23:00
New Hampshire Voting Fraud - PROOF even Dead People Received Ballots 23:20:43
MSM Has A Secret Crush on Ron Paul 23:17:40
Good News: a Real Debate on the Left; Show your support for Paul Supporters on the left 23:17:03
GOP to 'punish' Florida at nominating convention for holding early primary 23:16:04
Glenn Delivers Bedridden Monologue! 23:13:10
When Mitt Romney Came to Town. Another reason to fight for Ron Paul and what we're fighting against. 23:08:20
Wow! Judge Napolitano's Show Today Was Amazing! 22:37:50
I'm voting for Ron Paul map 22:33:24
Where is the Tea Party? 22:32:30
NH write-ins 22:31:50
Ron Paul's campaign and Free Markets 22:30:36
Romney, CEO of Bain Capital, Destroyed South Steel Company 22:30:29
Ron Paul's foreign policy: eliminate 95% of the threat from suicide attackers, keep our troops from harm's way, and save money! 22:30:05
What if Obama starts war with Iran tomorrow? 22:26:10
CNN: NH Exit Poll: Most Likely to Defeat Obama: Paul 88% 22:24:42
Herman Cain to make "unconventional endorsement" 22:24:39
Why not email? Is it a bad idea? 22:23:57
Oath Keepers Excellent Newsletter 22:16:55
Guantánamo Bay: The most expensive prison on earth - cost $800,000 per prisoner PER YEAR 22:10:23
Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel (Rush Limbaugh's network) 22:09:32
Plan A, Plan B 21:56:12
For anyone still trying to turn a Newt fan 21:52:24
URGENT! Action Needed to Kick Santorum off the Illinois Ballot! 21:50:23
Ron Paul the Movie (Not clips - in theatres and raising funds) 21:49:24
Message to get senior vote! 21:48:41
Rick Santorum: Abortion Purist & Hypocrite 21:47:10
Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs 1/11/12 21:46:12
Imagine If Mark Cuban Gave A Billion Dollars To Ron Paul 21:43:15
very powerful video on Romney as a Hedge Fund Manager 21:41:41
CSPAN - Ron Paul callers - LOL 21:39:31
After this election is all over... 21:35:44
What unconstitutional things did Barack Obama do? 21:35:28
I wish we could 21:33:15
Encouraging News From Ole Mississippi 21:32:35
Clarifying Ron Paul and MLK - Ok, U Can Stop Voting Down 21:32:31
VIDEO Fox news the biggest threat to Obama is not Mitt it's Ron Paul 21:32:21
Senator Jim DeMint endorses Ron Paul, almost! 21:30:42
Revolution Pac question 21:29:50
Doug Wead discusses Ron Paul with Andrea Mitchell 21:25:48
Primary speech introduction. 21:23:12
Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano - Lots of GREAT Ron Paul content tonight 1/11/12 21:15:14
President Paul uses New Hampshire as a teaching moment 21:15:02
Campaign talking point ideas 21:14:09
This is CRUCIAL. RP needs to get positive with his ads 21:10:26
GOP primaries a dog and pony show? 21:06:50
Enemy Expatriation Act – A Bad Band-Aid for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 21:03:23
Ron Paul 101 21:02:45
CARTOON - Ron Paul "Flying" to South Carolina! 21:02:13
Can a moderator embed this? "S.C. Victory Lies Ahead" money bomb 20:59:07
Mr. Scheuer's scathing read 20:56:26
Email from campaign - Our Time is Now - South Carolina Money bomb - Jan 14 20:55:57
On Ron Paul, and the fallacy of isolationism... 20:54:03
Romneycare is Obamacare 20:53:33
Drone Strikes Resume In Pakistan 20:52:26
WFXT-BOS: Romney Gains President Carter's GOP Primary Endorsement 20:51:04
Doug Wead is on FIRE today! 20:50:00
HOW many people HAS RON paul pulled OUT OF THE matrix !? 20:44:24
Homeland Security Is Monitoring The Drudge Report (and us?) 20:41:32
Romney Vs. Obama 20:40:36
Zbigniew Brzeziński 20:38:26
Florida Delegation Process Under Fire 20:32:22
Michael Medved ties to the Mormon church 20:25:45
Proof that Huntsman Camp Made the Anti-Huntsman Video? 20:15:53
When You Pray, Coincidences Happen 20:15:39
Paul vs. Romney in Hand Counted Towns 26% vs 32% 20:14:04
Ron Paul on WYFF in Columbia and, oh, Veteran, Brian Frank 20:13:06
I love this picture of Ron Paul 20:03:51
If Obama beats Ron Paul easily why does the left leaning MSM attack Paul daily? 20:00:25
Ron Paul buffs grill CNN's Dana Bash 19:57:25
Liberty, Freedom, and Peace. Then Prosperity. 19:56:28
RNC Throwing Election? GOP to Punish Florida Convention 19:53:18
Vote in these polls 19:46:41
All You Need To Know About The Vice-Presidency & Discussion of Rand 19:44:12
Free Ron Paul Bumper Stickers for Supporters in Certain States 19:43:44
OMG! Voter FRAUD in New Hampshire! Dead people can cast votes?! No ID even asked! 19:42:51
Lionel: What About Ron Paul 19:38:09
Answer to: Ron Paul can't get his bills through Congress... 19:35:35
Japan - Decline 19:34:30
I think I've figured out something. We're missing the boat... 19:28:53
Rally Set for Ron Paul in Marietta (Ga) 19:27:30
No More Victums: Working for Peace, One Child at a Time 19:23:53
Some perspective: 2008 to now... 19:23:34
We Didn't Start the Fire 19:22:52
Dennis Prager: Ron Paul is sickening 19:22:39
al sharpton to do hit piece tonight 19:12:05
NOW - 6:10EST! - FoxNews poll - Text sr2 to 36288 to say "No, Romney won't win nomination!" 19:10:43
Super Bowl 19:09:01
Mr. Wead and Dr. Paul - Questions for you to answer, and ask Mitt Romney 19:01:03
Obamney 18:57:15
Ron Paul a frontrunner after New Hampshire (RT America Video) 18:52:30
Santorum’s Communist Clan 18:51:56
OMG! Romney LEADS in delegates! Shouldn't we quit now? 18:49:47
SC Senator Jim DeMint urges Republicans to listen to Ron Paul 18:46:42
HUGE News for Ron Paul: Florida May Allow Proportional Delegates! 18:44:22
Online Poll - Is Paul the Only Alternative to Romney? 18:43:14
CNN Waives Rules, lets Rick Perry debate 18:42:34
Ronvolution-The Song of Ron Paul 18:32:18
@MentionMachine on Washington Post shows Paul as way ahead on Tweets! Keep Tweeting! 18:31:04
Ronvolution-The Song of Ron Paul 18:31:03
VIDEO: NH poll workers shown handing out ballots in dead peoples’ names 18:27:40
Comment on my liberal father's blog post about Ron Paul? 18:25:18
CNN waives rules, lets Rick Perry debate 18:23:29
Idea, Computer whizzes 18:22:45
Phone from Home to South Carolina 18:20:48
CNN apparently doesn't know how to round correctly 18:18:04
Ron Paul continues assault on the media 18:17:40
The Ron Paul People are all over the country 18:16:14
Ron Paul to debate Stephen Colbert for SC Primary (Misleading Title) 18:13:29
Media Unfairly Slams Ron Paul for Not Having Lavish NYC Campaign Headquarters 18:12:59
excommunicated for failing to follow the leadership of the church 18:10:47
ConsevativeHQ: Reagan won with the 'Reagan Democrats', Paul will win with the 'Paul Democrats' 18:06:43
Indiana: FRIDAY is deadline to apply as delegate 18:01:30
NEW poll: What Do You Think of Romney? crush HIM! 17:59:12
Today on Cavuto : "Ron Paul Would Do Even Better Than Perot If He Ran Third Party" 17:58:56
South Carolina is Critical 17:58:06
South Carolina, Where do we stand? 17:56:10
Santoum "Yellow Journalism" Hit Piece 17:55:24
Controlled Right Wing Establishment Attacks Ron Paul on Foreign Policy and Islam 17:54:22
Neil Cavuto just suggested Rand Paul for Romney VP 17:51:50
Easy Flyer to Print Promoting Ron Paul... And the Daily Paul 17:48:32
BREAKING> Dead People Receive Ballots in NH Primary 17:47:55
Study: Ron Paul = Most Conservative Congressman in 65 Year Span 17:45:27
Farrakhan tells the media what suck ups and slaves they are 17:44:54
Nebraska: TODAY is deadline to apply as delegate! 17:42:06
Luke Rudkowski gets Newt Gingrich - Deer in the headlights moment! 17:40:21
Get this message out to SC: Ron Paul is more Conservative than Rick Santorum 17:36:35
WT- Ron Paul's surprising supporters (yes, Palin and Romney too) 17:35:48
Obi-Ron Image 17:31:46
Ron Paul brings anti-war theme to military-rich South Carolina 17:28:53
John McCain Endorses...Obama 17:25:58
[VIDEO] Bruce Fein On The Jerry Doyle Show Talking NH and Ron Paul 17:25:58
Any DP'rs coming to Myrtle Beach? We need help! 17:21:48
Norquist: Romney Needs Ron Paul's Endorsement to Win in 2012 17:17:38
CPAC 2012 - Are we going this year? 17:14:39
Alex Jones negative about Ron Paul's chances every day 17:14:18
Federal Court Blocks Oklahoma Ban on Sharia Law 17:12:16
[Video] Robert Scott Bell Covers NH Results and MSNBC Bias This Morning Towards Ron Paul 17:11:55
What script are you using for calls for Paul? 17:11:52
Woman Accuses Romney Of Demanding She Give Up Baby 17:09:16
Love it - Ron Paul and the Star Wars imperial march song "He's Dangerous" 17:06:26
Why Hasn't Senator Mike Lee endorsed Ron Paul? 17:05:47
Bloomberg Businessweek : "Paul May Win Republican Convention Clout by Gaining Delegates 17:04:51
Where Is Our South Carolina Moneybomb? *Why Isn't This Front Page* 17:03:13
Sen. DeMint urges Republicans to listen to Ron Paul 17:02:07
ALERT! CNN quick vote! 17:01:08
Politico: Ron Paul will Return to S.C. on Sunday 17:00:51
2012 Republican Primaries: Ron Paul Leads Web Searches 16:57:16
it's my opinion that Trump will announce his indy run once its down to Ron 16:56:24
On Paul Dangerous? 16:56:12
Student Loan Racket can get Ron Paul elected 16:55:50
"When Mitt Romney Came To Town" Full Version 16:55:29
"I went" 16:54:54
Marketing the January 14th Money Bomb 16:53:26
NH Primary: Paul’s 2nd Place Triumphant; Romney’s Win Embarrassing 16:46:17
Neema Vedadi Interviews Robin Koerner of Blue Republican 16:42:08
Ever wonder why some people just cant see the TRUTH? Watch.. 16:38:59
NEVADA: TODAY is deadline to register Republican (1/20) 16:38:24
Delayed mail from the Paul campaign? 16:37:33
Jesse Benton: next time Dana Bash goes crazy here is a tip 16:36:52
Ron Paul Rants on Racism, DeWayne Wickham, USA Today- Front Page Material - SENSATIONAL! 16:36:41
Ron Paul: Now the Anti-Romney 16:35:50
John Stossel? 16:34:59
New CBS Poll 16:31:38
Glenn Beck's GBTV new TV show, Independence USA 16:28:37
REASON and Ron Paul 16:26:42
Jim DeMint: GOP needs to embrace Ron Paul 16:24:03
After South Carolina it's Paul vs Romney: then a marathon national debate & discussion begins Ron Paul easily wins! Then POTUS! 16:17:52
VIDEO: Three Takeaways from New Hampshire - Reason TV 16:12:17
Flashback: Romney does not understand when U.S. can go to war 16:11:29
Anybody who thinks Romney is the "electable" candidate is a freakin sell-OUT... 16:09:02
Convention NOT Coronation 16:07:05
Jon Stewart Skewers CNN 16:06:58
Video Local Fox News: "Ron Paul is Romney's biggest threat" 16:06:28
Huntsman is Romney's ace in the pocket- Huntsman's company provides Polyurethane to assist in making Bomb in Iran? 16:06:18
Where Is The MoneyBomb Ticker? 16:03:57
Conservative Activists Scramble to stop Mitt Romney 16:03:16
Did Ron Paul "Win" Iowa - Where it counted? 16:01:25 removing any posts related to RP, constitution, liberty. 15:57:33
Nice article over at ThyBlackMan 15:56:09
Foreign Policy & Vacuum theory 15:53:45
Crazy CNN Reporter Dana Bash Is OBSESSED With Attacking Ron Paul! Montage video 15:49:00
America "How did We miss all the Warnings? 15:45:48
Urgent! VOTE at CNN - Do you want Mitt Romney? 15:44:59
Call SarahPac!Urge Sarah Palin to Endorse Ron! 15:40:49
Folks, Give The Doc A Break If He Decides To Rest Up For A Few Days In SC... 15:39:38
Voter Fraud In NH! 15:38:28
I cannot stop watching this video: Ron Paul: Christian Just War Theory 15:28:50
Foreign Policy & Vacuum theory 15:24:18
Dr. Paul can win the boomer / senior vote addressing this. 15:20:59
Should We All Get Behind Mitt Romney Now? 15:17:27
80 Minute In-Depth Interview With Concord Monitor 15:17:25
Ron Paul: Romney will see the GOP ‘demolished’ by Obama 15:16:15
Whew, we made it over the fence, Now, we go for the door.. 15:11:45
How Revealing! Rush Thinks National Defense Is A Business! 15:10:47
Romney: "Hope to be successful against Ron Paul" 15:07:26
CNN Political Ticker: What's next for Ron Paul 15:07:02
Do Republicans Care About Gun Rights? 15:06:27
Virginia halts ballot printing in response to Rick Perry lawsuit 15:05:39
Vote Fraud "confirmed" in NH before the voting is finished 15:04:17
Grassroots Effort Attention Needed for South Carolina! 15:04:14
Nearly 1/3 of Middle Class suffer Downward Mobility 14:59:30
very electable RON paul 2012 14:58:47
Media Follows Goebbels Advice 14:57:48
Romney = Hillary? 14:54:47
My idea 14:52:32
Washington Post: Ron Paul is the most dangerous man in the Republican party 14:48:02
CONAN: Sexy Ron Paul Drives Teen Girls Wild 14:47:44
NOTICE: We Can Only Go Up From Here 14:47:11
Dead People Could Vote In NH! 14:42:01
From a Reader with Multiple Sclerosis 14:40:57
The Ron Paul Game: Let's play along with the media #TheRonPaulGame 14:40:01
Ron Paul: People Call Me ‘Kooky’ Because They Can’t Defend Themselves Intellectually 14:39:59
X Factor Judge 14:36:22
Romney boasts big money lead as race shifts south 14:34:01
Flip Flops for Romney 14:32:50
Santorum's skeleton closet. His family includes Red Communists living in Italy 14:31:36
Ron Paul, "The most dangerous man in the Republican party." If you do not follow the Constitution, then maybe Ron is just that! 14:29:50
Ron Paul on NECN 1/11/12 14:28:20
New site aims to be Appalachia's version of WikiLeaks 14:27:05
God Bless Dr. Paul 14:27:03
Sen DeMint: GOP can learn from Ron Paul - January 11, 2012 Laura Ingram show-must listen to this 14:26:48
Doug Wead on MSNBC 14:22:36
Dr. Paul is the Anti-Lindsey-Graham Vote! 14:21:32
Why is Romney RP's best opponent? 14:21:19
Good positive commentary on Ron Paul 14:19:22
poem 14:18:26
How to Answer Beck? 14:13:45
Time to herd the sheep... 14:13:26
Super Brochure Yes or No 14:12:58
Freedom Watch: "I think Ron Paul is the man who can consolidate all the avenues of the Republican brand" ~ Juan Williams 14:12:52
Mitt Romney is NOT YET Safe from Ron Paul Threat! - Star Ledger 14:11:41
Debunking Nationalist-Republican myths about Defense Spending 14:10:07
"DeMint Bomb" - Contact Jim DeMint to Get Ron Paul Endorsement 14:06:34
End prohibition, Michigan will once again lead the charge 14:04:00
Romney: Right for the Banksters, WRONG for America 14:03:43
Projected outcome of NH vs. Reported Outcome - Suspiciously on the nose with Romney & Huntsman! 14:02:38
*UPDATED* Need Help with local paper Presidential Poll~ Mitt Romney 30% Santorum 11% Ron Paul 48% *THANK YOU!* 14:01:37
Former Intelligence Officers Urging Obama to Stop Rush to Iran War 14:00:38
A Poem} Its been a while , these eyes have tears of Joy 14:00:17
Can someone explain the delegate totals on Wikipedia 14:00:06
Looks like the good Dr. is pulling in the cash! 13:56:32
Dr. Paul, Mitt Romney comparison: medical marijuana 13:53:42
WP says : Ron Paul is the most dangerous man in the Republican party 13:51:28
RI Attorney talks about Ron Paul and How States can Fight NDAA 13:51:11
Ron Paul’s Plan to Restore America challenges secret trillion dollar Black Budget 13:46:56
New twitter account 13:42:35
Another Iranian scientist turns up dead by bomb 13:36:44
Ron Paul and Mitt Romney Donor Comparison 13:29:43
Kelly Clarkson Keeps Climbing The Album Chart 13:25:29
We're dangerous! 13:23:06
Mike Gallagher Radio show & Senator DeMint 13:21:48
South Carolina Focus: Bring Our Troops Home! 13:18:24
Rush is trying to marginalize Ron Paul 13:17:38
NEW: "I Support Ron Paul" Website Lapel Pin, with Embed Code 13:16:06
Fox Poll...perry winning? They're gonna bring up the results in a few minutes! GET ON IT. 13:14:07
Ron's chance to kill 5 birds with 1 stone! This must be said...PAY attention campaign! 13:12:31
The African American vote- South Carolina and beyond 13:02:23
Florida May Allow Proportional Delegates Says Jesse Benton 12:59:34
How to win in South Carolina 12:57:44
To DC Elitist Gloria Borger, People Earning $30k-$50k/year = College Students! 12:52:47
A few thoughts on citizenship 12:52:34
Please put crowd behind Ron Paul! Marketing! 12:48:26
Evangelical Talking Points 12:45:53
Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart (Video) 12:39:48
Media does NOT support the Constituti​on or Americans... 12:38:10
Need Help with local paper Presidential Poll~ Ron Paul 16% Mitt Romney 72% 12:36:15
We will do very well in South Carolina! Must Read! 12:35:26
Anti-Romney or Anti-Obama? Where to go with the ads? 12:34:55
Ron Paul in the General Election 12:34:54
Florida Congressional Redistricting Goes Array-"Allen West is Screwed" 12:31:28
Time to Take On Obama 12:29:50
TIED For 2nd National Poll! 17% 12:29:48
To win in the Sun Belt, Ron Paul has to establish himself as a solid conservative. 12:28:46
I've been wrong and I'm ashamed that I didn't see it sooner, Mr. Slevin 12:21:41
Revolution SuperPAC Targets CNN's Dana Bash 12:11:37
ScreenShot: Media BIAS - Washington Times Lie 12:08:39
CNN NH Exit Polls: Ron Paul 88% likely to beat Obama 12:08:39
Paul & Romney Voter Growth (or not so much) 12:07:56
NeoCon (Gateway Pundit) Post lies about Ron Paul win 12:02:19
Independents & Youth Votes 12:02:19
It appeared as though the media presstitutes looked pretty worried last night 11:59:35
ABC Surveys GOP Homes: Santorum's $2M Estate "Most Modest" - Paul's Is Only $325K! 11:58:38
For Fun Jimmy Kimmel on Ron 11:56:39
Can somebody explain the current delegate counts? 11:55:32
Ron Paul blimp sighting in SC 11:54:02
Neocon Chief Bill Kristol is Worried That So Many People Voted for Ron Paul 11:52:08
AWESOME uplifting article! You going to South Carolina? 11:52:00
Advertisement sure to get us more support from seniors! 11:49:49
Let's Settle This, Once And For All... 11:48:57
(update) Article pulled, Blowback works! - Wash Times flat out lies and says Ron Pauls team created the anti Huntsman ad! 11:45:38
Call To ACTION! False Article on Washington Times! 11:38:21
Newt Gingrich on Motivation for Adultery and Draft ! 11:32:23
More proof Israel can defend itself - Iranian nuke expert assassinated 11:32:08
Mitt Romney: "Ron Paul is a very serious candidate" 11:30:50
Electability should be THE focus for SC and beyond 11:24:45
Romney: "Ron Paul is a very serious candidate" 11:24:30
Ron Paul to N.H. crowd: ‘We are dangerous to the status quo’ 11:23:54
Video Help 11:23:26
CS Monitor - Paul A Force In This Race 11:23:03
Today's NPR hit piece: "Ron Paul's Peak Moment" 11:18:02
In the Field: Young Ron Paul supporters say they want a revolution [VIDEO] 11:11:03
Pro-RP post on Neocon Blog needs Comments and Votes 11:07:42
CNN Dana Bash so worried of Ron Paul's SUCCESS 11:05:48
The AP is reporting Ron Paul has ZERO delegates from Iowa, Are they trying to end the primary? 11:03:04
Doug Wead Interview On Fox Day After Ron Paul 2nd Place Finish 11:01:19
Will Sarah Palin endorse Ron Paul? 11:00:12
The AP is reporting Ron Paul has ZERO delegates from Iowa, Are they trying to end the primary? 10:58:23
Newt spills the beans. Ron gains votes. 10:39:33
*VERY* positive coverage on NPR — Ron as Luke Skywalker! 10:38:31
Why is the Dept. of Homeland Security monitoring journalists writing and tweets? 10:35:53
The Most Electable 10:34:51
Check out the thread on this site, I think they need a dose of RP reallity! 10:30:41
A Call to Arms for President Paul 10:28:52
Get the Man a bus 10:22:56
what's really going on in syria 10:20:21
very few words 10:12:47
Teleprompters? 10:02:43
EMP threat 09:51:09
Must see video on the creation of Israel by the son of one of Israel's first generals. 09:50:14
"What are Blacks to do About Ron Paul?" - Nice Article! 09:40:21
The time is ripe! 09:32:11
Secretary of Defense Admits Iran Not Trying to Develop Nuclear Weapons 09:31:34
RP Nukes The Debate: "Abolish American Debt Slavery 2013" 09:23:08
Mitt Romney’s Ceiling 09:18:41
SouthCarolina Tea Partiers Wish Romney Would Just Go Away : NPR 09:14:26
Col. Hannibal Smith 09:12:15
I Can't wait to hear what Rush will say today 09:09:38
Ron Paul's Dangerous 2nd Place Finish in New Hampshire 09:09:04
Anti-Romney Ad Ideas 09:08:48
South Carolina Tea Party Leader Says She Doesn’t Know Anyone ‘That Does Not Despise Mitt Romney’ 09:06:51
National Talk Show Host Robert Scott Bell Endorses Tisha Casida for Congress 09:03:27
How can we work on getting a Tim Tebow Endorsement for Dr. Paul? 09:00:18
Morning 08:57:02
An attack on Ron Paul is an attack on liberty. 08:55:48
Ron Paul plans strong presence in Florida primary 08:40:16
Fox News Exit Poll in NH gives Ron Paul Hope as he Appeals to Diverse Groups 08:29:09
Romney/Huntsman Still The Most Treacherous Rothschild Candidate 08:28:00
Pres. Cand. Proposals to Cut Spending Graph Looks good for Paul 08:24:30
Letter to the Editor campaign for Florida! 08:21:27
"It's The Corruption Stupid!" 08:16:39
How is Stephen Colbert allowed to run in SC? 07:52:47
Great video - Ron Paul pub crawl 07:42:26
Is the official Theme song for the campaign 07:26:42
Ron Paul On msnbc Morning Joe Live 1/11 *They Retweeted Me" 07:24:38
Ron Paul coming up on Morning Joe 07:23:52
No Doubt! Should Endorse Ron Paul? 06:32:48
Focus on what Ron Paul Actually can do as president 06:31:22
I think Newt will endorse Santorum @ 9AM...Hello brokered convention. 06:20:21
Video: New Hampshire Ron Paul Rally @ Jillian's Sponsored By Revolution PAC 06:14:55
Are We Raising More Money? 06:09:46
iPatriot poll 05:53:27
Rapper WALE supports Dr. Paul ! 05:51:12
Please Retweet these Endorsement Tweets 05:47:08
Stars for Ron Paul 05:27:30
Will Ron Paul get the Surge in South Carolina? 05:23:42
Delegate distribution...uhm...huh? 05:21:59
Sheeple DNA Samples for Misdemeanors?! 05:17:47
Can We Get Stephen Colbert? 04:53:51
FORBES.COM: "Paul on the other hand, has a fighting chance to dethrone Romney. " 04:45:38
New Hampshire Exit Polls vs. Primary Results 04:39:16
Next time when I'm in a group I will spontaneously yell... 04:34:17
Crazy CNN Reporter Is OBSESSED With Attacking Ron Paul 04:28:09
55,000 thank you to NH 04:23:51
Perfect Quote from Robert McNamara that sums it all up for the RP campaign 04:23:51
January 10-17 Thomas Paine ‘Common Sense’ Money Bomb for Ron Paul 04:03:58
Ok, I was NH4JonHuntsman. 03:59:18
UK Telegraph: After placing second in New Hampshire, Ron Paul proves just how 'dangerous' he can be 03:51:59
CNN got PWNED! Hilarious video 03:51:25
DP'ers Original Acoustic Punk Rock Song: An Anthem for a New America 03:50:02
Delegate count After Two States 03:48:40
Was there a last minute 6% vote stuff for Romney? 03:46:12
Yes, Jon Huntsman was a member of the CFR 03:38:54
Does SC have Paper Ballot Voting? 03:38:16
Who said these things? 03:32:12
Ron Paul's NH Speech vs. Romney's 03:30:52
Paul, Romney do best vs. Obama 03:13:57
URGENT: The Paul campaign needs to set its sights on Romney 03:06:56
Juliette Lewis Tweet for #PRESIDENTPAUL 03:03:30
Daily Show Link January 10th, 2012 03:03:12
Speculating About Undecided Voters In New Hampshire 03:01:43
Ari Fleischer Slips & ADMITS Ron Paul Is Best to Beat Obama on CNN! 03:00:14
Paul May Win Republican Convention Clout by Gaining Delegates 02:59:33
A much deserved thanks to Jesse Benton! 02:51:14
Need an Ad showing Candidate Net Worth Pre election/post and now 02:45:19
Brave Paul Supporter on CNN - 1:59 : "If I don't get Ron Paul I'm going Obama." 02:43:42
18% of the Democratic voters in NH 02:38:07
Foreign policy summit 02:37:37
Article covering NH Primary (Please add comments) 02:36:31
The last 3 Presidents finished second in New Hampshire. 02:35:17
See how your state did last election (2008) here 02:26:38
Learning to love "Ron Paul Can't Win" 02:25:47
Check out this guys paintings 02:23:21
Please view & share: Ron Paul + Ross Perot = The 45th President of the United States 02:16:43
ALERT: Ron Paul on CNN 1:15am ET 02:15:27
Is this Ron Paul's signature? 02:12:15
0-0-0 The Ron Paul Tax Plan lmao 02:06:05
from north Georgia 02:06:04
Romney and MSM Exchange Congrats 02:01:29
Was the Star Wars Imperial March theme really played?! 01:49:18
If the Daily Paul is my worldview... 01:40:42
How The Campaign Might Appeal to SC Militico's 01:39:36
Some great numbers from NH to feel -very- good about! 01:34:46
How we can beat Romney 01:27:55
BREAKING: Florida May Allow Proportional Delegates 01:21:37
Brit Hume says RP has the same chance as RuPaul, blocks other candidates from overtaking Romney 01:20:12
Huntsman Drunk 01:16:37
On to South Carolina – A Message from Ron Paul 01:16:34
Ron Paul - 76. "The Spirit of 76". 01:12:32
"Dum Spiro Spero" - While I breathe, I hope 01:11:41
RJ Harris: George Washington's Foreign Policy and Ron Paul 01:09:05
Jesse Benton on CNN NOW! 12:05am 01:07:01
might be a bit out of touch... 01:06:41
Need a "Dangerous" ad from the Campaign ! 01:01:20
NY TIMES: "[Paul's] strong second ... was the more telling outcome " 06:57:02
What Does Ron Paul, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, & Bill Clinton All Have In Common? 00:50:29
Jon Stewart's secret crush. 00:48:42
What We Should Do on Wednesday, Now That NH Is Over 00:46:49
We Restore America ward by ward, precinct by precinct 00:42:38
A Single Word Changed our Country 00:39:41
Ron's NH victories town by town: Move here! 00:36:44
NH Projection: Rick Perry edges out Vermin Supreme 00:36:22
GOP Nomination Contest Over With Romney Winning in New Hampshire 00:33:50
NH Primary (Derry, NH) 00:33:05
Thank You Ron Paul Patriots in NEW Hampshire ! Awsome JOB guys! 00:32:23
Make the next primary a Multimedia Experience. Inform voters with video,sound, and passion. 00:30:50
From the Telegraph: Jon Huntsman fails to convert late surge in support 00:30:04
Electability 00:29:27
The Judge speaks highly of Ron Paul on The Daily Show 1/10/12 00:28:39
During her talk about NH election tonight - Sarah Palin "First Dude went Rogue" in regards to Newt endorsement 00:26:49
Ron Paul Triples 2008 New Hampshire Total 00:25:30
OMG...I've seen many instances tonight where things aren't going 00:17:08
Exit poll: Ron Paul wins poor, young and independent voters in NH 00:16:31
The road to a Brokered Convention 00:16:28
Make the next primary a Multimedia Experience. Inform voters with video,sound, and passion. 00:13:51
They did it - pushed Mitt to 40%. 00:13:38
We've come a long way, baby. 00:12:22
"Never Let It Be Said That We Did Nothing"...Its On To South Carolina With A Full Head of Steam.. I Love You Guys! 00:11:21
New Hampshire 2012 primary: polls vs results 00:07:19
10 bucks 00:06:26
Here is What We've Won Tonight... 00:02:21
New Hampshire Voters Reflect on Primary Day 00:01:36