Posted on January 12, 2012

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Daily Paul Radio Interviews Tisha Casida: 'Preventing the NDAA Locally' 18:22:33
Zogby: With High Turnout Ron Paul Could Upend Romney in S. Carolina 18:18:58
Tom Woods: How to Help Ron Paul Among Older Voters - "Operation Grandma" 17:37:58
Video: Jerry Doyle to Bill O'Reilly - You're A Tool. You Can't Dismiss The Ron Paul Revolution 18:19:58
Rand Paul Returns $500K in Office Budget to Treasury 17:47:40
ABC/Yahoo "Photo of the Day" - My daughter for RP! 11:25:41
"Breakfast with Ron Paul" 20:32:19
GOP Strategist on Freedom Watch: "Ron Paul can beat Mitt Romney" 01:42:03
Maddow: CNN Allowing Perry in Debate, Despite Not Meeting ANY of CNN's Own Rules 09:33:00
Jon Stewart to the Rescue. Again! 00:51:59
I am SO PROUD of you! 19:41:26
Ron Paul...Raising the (Chocolate) Bar 10:32:46
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Finally! The answer we may have all been waiting for! 23:57:40
Gingrich's 'Bain bomb' fizzles 23:57:16
The Five Stages of Grief 23:56:52
freedom watch - RON paul 1/12/12 23:54:18
Newt is getting funding to be the Anit-Paul 23:52:36
What the Ron Paul Supporters have Always Known 23:50:55
The best endorsements money can buy? 35 Romney endorsers received money first 23:49:58
Senator Rand Paul on ndaa, sopa, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens 23:41:02
Ron Paul Rally, Greenville, SC, This Saturday! 23:37:42
South Carolina- Influential State Senator Tom Davis Will Announce his Endorsement; Hints at Paul! Could be Huge... 23:34:42
Chris Kyle vs Jesse Ventura 23:34:35
*National Media Blackout Day - Monday, January 16th!* 23:28:46
Proof - Voter Fraud in Iowa 23:26:59
Veterans March On The White House 23:22:39
mitt vs mitt - The story of two men trapped in one body 23:15:01
Conservatives Who Dismiss Ron Paul Destroy the Party's Future 23:11:55
"HR 459?" Signs 23:09:34
In the 2012 NH Democratic Primary, thousands 'wrote in' Ron Paul 23:08:54
The GOP can blame McCain and Graham for this mess, lol that they are in! NDAA 23:05:30
Jack Hunter on Freedom Watch 23:00:35
Romeny revealed 23:00:09
Spectacular video! 22:58:19
Why Haven't More People Signed This? Rev Pac Website: "I'm Voting for Ron Paul" Great Opportunity! 22:52:33
Does the Ron Paul Campaign really want the others to drop out? 22:49:41
Leaked Memo: Santorum was in pocket of big Pharma 22:49:01
Where can i find more info on Jon huntsman 22:38:47
Ron Paul: The True Believer 22:38:41
Complete Ron Paul Blackout on MSNBC/FOX from 5-9 so far 22:37:46
AARP Giving Inaccurate Delegate Count? 22:37:15
Ron Paul supporters vs. Romneys at N.H. sign wave, zombies FOR romney ! 22:35:05
Santorum Nominated Penn State Jerry Sandusky for a “Congressional Angels in Adoption Award,” AFTER Sandusky Was Accused! 22:30:36
Mitt Romney Flip-Flopping Video 22:29:50
Video: "Paul the Phenom" - Ron Paul a frontrunner after New Hampshire 22:28:35
ATTN: Boots on the ground in NH and ME: Material Transplant Effort! 22:27:51
Judge Napolitano. A true patriot . Again on fire tonight. 22:27:32
Mitt Romney Flip-Flopping Video 22:27:14
Debates Summarized in 5 seconds 22:23:43
Bank of America, Big Banks Face Massive Antitrust Credit Card Case 22:19:56
Bolton changes mind on Ron Paul: ‘would seriously consider’ serving administration 22:17:53
Ron Paul NOT to attend Huckabee Forum this Saturday 22:17:53
Ron Paul Poster/Painting 22:17:11
Ron Paul Campaign Attacks GOP Rivals, Prepares to “Surge in South Carolina” 22:16:48
INSIDE: A free copy of our Ron Paul-related app! 22:07:47
Freedom Watch 1/12/2012 Might as well become the Ron Paul hour. 22:05:07
The Permanent War Machine:Military Industrial Complex 22:02:54
Video needed: Collection of pundits saying unelectable, votes don't count, etc. 22:01:10
Important Dates - January 2012 21:57:01
Paul's Got the GOP Now 21:50:33
Bob Barr endorses Newt Gingrich 21:50:07
Billionaires Financing Superpacs 21:49:50
Wow, did you see this article about Iran? 21:42:31
The video that will end Newt ;) 21:42:09
Ron Paul brings people together, even political atheists! 21:40:32
ALERT: Krauthammer says something nice about Dr Paul 21:36:12
. 21:31:51
Nice Article 21:24:57
Video - Ron Paul at debate - EPIC Viral 21:23:55
Washington Post: Ron Paul’s achievement 21:23:34
Why US soldiers left Iraq 21:21:57
FOX Leaves Ron out of SC graphic 21:16:46
Why Low Support With Over 40 Crowd: Many Lack Basic Knowledge About GOP Candidates, Including Republicans ‎ 21:14:34
Paul needs to present a worldwide troop drawdown plan 21:13:48
MSNBC: Is Ron Paul a 'Rhino'? 21:13:43
. 21:10:55
Santorum Supports Assassinating Scientists In Other Countries: "It's a Wonderful Thing" 21:10:40
Ron Paul wins 2nd in NH Democratic Presidential Primary 21:05:18
Nicole ScherZingers Twitter Account Was Hacked To Show Support For Ron Paul 21:00:17
WA POST: Ron Paul's Achievement (Krauthammer) 20:59:31
The poor envy Romney ... in his own mind. 20:58:35
House of Lords flex muscles 20:58:20
(UPDATE) I am Active duty military and need help. I have an excellent opportunity! (UPDATE) 20:58:02
Ron Paul's Delegate-Focused Campaign Strategy Came From Obama '08 20:57:51
Romney donors vs. Paul's donors 20:56:55
RP 3d in 3 largest NH College towns? 20:54:40
Where Is Ron Paul? 20:52:14
Henry Blodget: Admit It, Ron Paul in NH was Impressive! He Won HALF of Youth Vote! 20:47:56
10 reasons why even democrats, liberals and progressives are choosing Ron Paul over Obama 20:47:49
OFF topic - Orange Juice without fungicide - Buy Florida's Natural 20:46:46
Ron Paul Has Won a Lot of Delegates...Oh Dear - MSNBC 20:44:55
Marxist Levin defends political correctness 20:44:53
Funny! According to facebook , Jon Huntsman fans Like Ron Pauls Book! 20:44:35
Why Ron Paul is right about undeclared wars 20:41:40
Santorum’s Communist Clan 20:41:34
Ron Paul & Mormonism 20:40:19
Wow: Krauthammer Praises Ron Paul's Achievement 20:40:18
Not looking good Mr. Romney. 20:36:09
Ron Paul's Road to the White House 20:36:05
"The Best Government Money Can Buy" 20:35:42
"Ron Paul Is The Choice Of The Troops" Rally In D.C. 20:33:28
Straw Poll 20:33:15
Opposition Research 2 20:33:01
Barack Obama's Logo Explained.. 20:32:20
Video: Ron Paul can win. Lew Rockwell and Judge Nap Discuss the Two-Man Race 20:31:04
Pastor Sam Adams endorses Ron Paul from pulpit (over NDAA) 20:29:31
How can we volunteer with the campaign? 20:23:13
Latest attack on Ron Paul from Tampa radio host 20:21:59
It's Official Rick Santorum is Disgusting 20:10:08
Would Ron Paul End Prohibition ? 20:10:06
Senator Rand Paul on ndaa, sopa, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens 20:07:14
Article: "Only" getting youth doesn't matter for Paul? It crushed Huntsman in NH! 20:06:34
CNN's Bash: "take his message and the movement to the republican convention" [Video] 20:02:47
Pinocchio ran into a witch and she "turned him into a Newt" 20:00:20
I Pulled Someone Out Of The Matrix..Need Great Videos to Send them 19:59:11
Super PACs 19:56:39
Poll: Romney has tiny lead over Gingrich in South Carolina 19:54:58
Lawrence O'Donnell calls Dr Paul a Fraud on MSNBC 19:47:03
CNN "Again" omits Dr Paul from available canidates 19:46:53
Ron Paul Supports the Military 19:42:11
Ron Paul: South Carolina’s most ‘googled’ candidate 19:41:16
Santorum and Gingrich Support Terrorists 19:36:33
Ron Paul Interview He Never Wavered 19:35:31
Ron Paul: South Carolina's most 'googled' candidate ‎ 19:25:23
Bain Capital OWNS Clear Channel Media! Hannity, levin, limbaugh 19:24:50
CBS News/TNS Campaign Social Media Tracker, Ron Paul "King of Tweets." 19:21:56
Outrageously Dishonest & Inaccurate Attack Ad on Ron Paul by Gary Bauer... 19:21:18
Bain Buys Ampad, Bankrupts It and Sells it to Muslims Who Practise Sharia Law 19:14:40
Is it wrong of me to put my friends and family on the email list? :) 19:13:11
video: Dana Bash attempts to interview Dr. Paul outside a polling station in NH 19:05:44
Hilarious- be forewarned 19:00:30
Hello CT Ronulans! Let's show some love! 18:59:41
Kelly Clarkson has been tapped to perform at the Superbowl next month... 18:53:17
The CUTEST Ron Paul Fan in the World!! 18:51:04
Conservatives Who Dismiss Ron Paul Destroy the Party's Future 18:49:22
Great OP-ED by Gary Johnson on the Daily Caller! (1-12-2012) 18:42:58
Awoke to MSM and certain Repubs love for RP 18:40:08
Washing Post STILL Spreading Disinfo Smear, Please Contact 18:38:31
Paul, Santorum, Perry problems with Illinois petitions 18:37:04
What my wife learned from a NeoCon today. Updated. 18:27:58
Who Wants to go to Puerto Rico?! 18:26:42
Short informative video detailing history of US intervention in IRAN 18:24:24
Paul wins 2nd in NH GOP AND Democratic Primary 18:22:16
Ron Paul: 30 Years of Consistency [video] 18:18:19
3 out of 5 GOP voters polled want to vote for Ron Paul but just can't... 18:15:51
[Email Bomb] Let's Help "What the fuck has Obama done so far?" Get The Facts Right! 18:13:00
Ron Paul's Path to Victory 18:11:26
Romney owns Rush, Hannity, Levin, and Savage 18:09:47
My Tooth 18:08:38
"I Just Had Multiple 'Paulgasms'!" 18:02:03
Romney is Toast: Watch "When Mitt Romney came to town." You can put a fork in Mitt after America sees this video! Link included: 18:00:10
Operation Grandma: Get Your Grandparents on Board for Ron Paul 17:58:21
Ron Paul Brings Anti-War Theme to Military-Rich SC 17:56:06
Media pimping out Perry; The next fake surge is about to take place 17:51:07
Mitt will not beat Obama with this on his plate... 17:49:18
S.C. Tea Party fave: Paul's anti-war views play well 17:48:49
MINARCHIST: To win, emphasize Ron Paul will beat Obama 17:48:26
Operation Grandma! How to get the older vote | Tom Woods 17:48:18
This is No Accident ! 17:43:10
virus! 17:42:34
Ron Paul: Leave Mitt Romney Alone! 17:42:28
Is Colbert eligible to be on SC ballot and could he hurt us? 17:36:16
South Carolina is an Open Primary! Cross over to @RonPaul! 17:36:00
I was driving by the Myrtle Beach CC today and 12-15 OWS were out front... 17:35:36
Arizona: TODAY is deadline to register Republican 17:33:32
The Constitution Isn't Crazy! - Mother & Daughter on Ron Paul 17:33:18
Great Video about Newt & Ron Paul! 17:33:13
Informative Documentary on Mitt Romney: "When Romney Came to Town"... 17:30:53
Sen. Rand Paul returns a record $500,000 of his office budget to the United States Treasury! 17:26:28
Bain Owns Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, Levin... 17:24:34
The Super Brochures - send $ to campaign instead. 17:22:32 Sirota talks Ron Paul on Current TV 17:22:15
The Next Disingenuous Thing The Media Is Doing 17:08:09
Are the stars aligning for Paul? 17:05:35
Principle First 16:53:23
Best defense of Ron Paul I have read. It's an open birthday letter to Rush Limbaugh! 16:49:46
Mitt Romney, John Sununu, and something to lay on your Mitt-loving parents 16:49:01
Ron Paul’s New Hampshire showing tells us something important , says Gary Johnson 16:46:37
Don Imus and John Stossel discuss Ron Paul 16:46:33
FB status bomb! The media is propping up lame duck candidates! 16:45:16
Why isn't Ron Paul attending Huckabee's SC forum? 16:45:14
Why isn't Ron Paul attending Huckabee's SC forum? 16:43:35
For Your Progressive Friends: Green Party of California "Money Bloom" Feb. 4 16:37:49
Jerry Doyle Poll Question Today...Check It Out! 16:36:17
Issues that throw people off Ron Paul on first glance 16:36:13
Gary Johnson op-ed: Ron Paul’s New Hampshire showing tells us something important 16:34:08
When will the gloves come off against Mitt Romney? 16:30:15
Limbaugh's $400M contract dissuaded him from criticizing Romney 16:30:05
SC GOP Ticket Info 16:23:11
Ron Paul @ local library. Why the Founders were so smart: Books! How we can achieve that again. 16:22:16
Why is Ron Paul not participating in Huckabee's Forum 2 Debate in South Carolina this Saturday? 16:21:53
Important! Mitt Romney's website only lists three issues? And nothing about drugs? 16:19:36
poll question TO blow UP! 16:18:50
3 Scenarios That Might Cause Mitt Romney to Endorse Ron Paul 16:16:51
Intrade South Carolina 2012 16:14:50
Bain Capital and Rush, Hannity, Levin 16:09:18
Audio: Doug Wead on The Mike Gallagher Show 1/12/12 16:05:46
Romney the Chickenhawk? 16:01:34
Please Unpin the old Iowa Veterans rally from board 15:57:36
Between John McCain & John Bolton endorsing Romney, Doug Wead is spot on. 15:57:28
TheAtlantic: Okay Progressives, What's Your Alternative to Ron Paul? 15:52:09
EVERYONE Needs to contact Lawrence O'Donnell 15:52:07
A dollar a day for Ron Paul 15:49:35
When Dr Ron Paul wins the nomination 15:46:51
Two good articles about Ron, read, thank & comment! 15:45:05
Christian leader Voddie Baucham Endorses Ron Paul 15:44:30
Ron Paul & Romney Get Jump on Fla. Absentee Voters 15:42:36
Prophetic interview with Dr. Paul and William F. Buckley in 1988 15:41:01
Spread to all Tea Party groups [video] 15:38:45
I continue to see briefslike this thatall say "It's not over yet" 15:37:56
3 Scenarios That Might Cause Ron Paul to Endorse Mitt Romney 15:36:11
Great article that should get lefties thinking: Okay Progressives, What's Your Alternative to Ron Paul? 15:35:24
BANNED from following on Twitter by Public Policy Polling 15:34:35
National Poll : Ron Paul Surges Into Tie For Second Place 15:34:23
Please vote in my local Gaffney, SC newspaper Presidential Poll! 15:34:04
Watch and Share this excellent video 15:33:42
Watch and Share this excellent video help make it viral 15:31:18 15:29:55
Laura Ingraham Interviews Ron Paul, Discuss Investments 15:28:30
Op-ed: Mormons should vote for Ron Paul 15:24:45
Promoting Ron Paul on local talk radio 15:21:58
Ron Paul's Anti-War message in military-rich South Carolina may resonate for a surprise win! 15:21:56
Transcripts Show that The Fed Misjudged Bubble 15:21:26
New FB Page "Bodygaurds for Ron Paul" 15:21:23
Platform on How to Win 15:19:11
The Issue That Can Sink Mitt Romney For Good! 15:18:01
Reality: Ron Paul is running to become the next POTUS by securing the GOP nomination and then beating Obama! 14:57:34
NEW POLL Suggest South Carolina Is "Up For Grabs"! 14:56:09
We Need to Expose The Bohemian Grove "Fire Ritual" Candidate Newt. This is a "Silver Bullet" 14:53:24
TERRIFIC Campaign pics of Dr Paul from Washington Post 14:51:02
Mitt & Staff Belligerant When Cornered by Facts: VIDEO 14:50:24
Military Bible Association president endorses Ron Paul for president 14:44:40
"Everybody That Supports What Our Country Is Founded On Ron Paul Is Our Guy!" Evan Mulch 14:44:19
New presidential poll for techies 14:43:31
Destroying Lincoln's Party 14:31:59
Just a reminder to those who are trying to be delegates. 14:26:25
Flathead County Montana 14:23:52
Judge Napolitano KILLS IT, Obama/Romney the same, Paul is only viable candidate 14:22:41
'Draft Hillary' Effort Targets S.C., Nevada 14:22:31
I got on Fox 4 DFW News interview about Ron Paul. Watch! 14:18:08
Facebook ads for SC 14:17:40
What should I send to my brother and sister-in-law in SC? 14:15:58
Can Freedom Survive or Is the Fix In? 14:15:58
Protecting American Unipolarity Means International War Against US 14:15:57
ATTENTION GOP: We Are Your Future Get Used To It Or Become Obsolete! 14:13:24
NH Call to Action: Sign pick-up continues for re-use and/or re-painting, for next states! 14:10:52
Neil Cavuto: "Ron Paul is a Phenomenon" 14:09:53
Economic Freedom Falls for 4th Year in a Row in U.S. 14:08:55
Why won't Dr. Paul be attending Huckabee debate in SC 14:04:19
Rand Paul = Vice President? 14:03:32
It was the CIA & State Dept. that Issued the Passports to the 9/11 Terrorist Hijackers 14:02:59
Media Bias? Follow the Money! 13:56:36
MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Is In Such Denial Its Sickly Hilarious 13:56:32
Ron Paul supporters want their candidate to go rogue 13:52:52
Tread carefully - a thought about 'When Mitt Romney came to town" 13:51:59
How Do We Get Tickets to the Florida GOP Debates? 13:49:32
Doesn't the media HAVE to stop ignoring Ron Paul now? 13:46:48
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Explained 13:45:52
Gingrich, Perry, Santourm, Huntsman are unelectable. Why? 13:45:23
Ron Paul Closes In On Top Three In South Carolina 13:43:01
Internet News Show "Democracy Now!" Gives Quality Coverage to Ron Paul After NH Primary 13:40:56
The Kestrel - A Canadian Electric Car Built With Hemp Plastic 13:38:59
Reuters/IPSOS National Poll: Ron Paul Is 2nd 13:38:48
Time to Talk Economy 13:38:18
The Big Speech Ron Paul Ought to Give 13:36:17
credit card points. 13:33:36
What Ron Paul needs now more than ever 13:30:33
online petition 13:28:59
Union Leader lashes out against Paul 13:28:20
Is there a list 13:25:12
Americans Elect - People's Choice? 13:24:46
Endorsements 13:19:17
So my wife and I go out to do some shopping and I sat in the car and tuned into 13:15:09
Was Ron Paul Censored by CNN for discussing the NDAA? 13:13:43
World League 13:13:21
This will win SC - go viral now 13:12:28
What Would an ALIEN Think of the GOP Race? - Wash Post 13:11:46
Sirota talks Ron Paul on Current TV (Video) 13:08:24
The Next War on Washington’s Agenda by Paul Craig Roberts 12:55:55
Amazing evangelical endorsement from the president and founder of the Military Bible Association! 10:33:00
Ron Paul and the Libertarian Revolution - Freedom Watch 12:50:13
Poll on Fox News confirms pre-planned Perry Surge! 12:47:23
Boots on the Ground in Florida... 12:47:14
MSNBC's Lawrence O'donnell: "Ron Paul a Fraud...Huntsman came in 2nd Place" - video 12:45:18
+The Campaign's South Carolina strategy+ 12:44:58
Created My Own Media Report since Unfair and Biased News drove me Crazy 12:44:46
The 5 Video Challenge 12:37:33
What do these four men have in common? 12:37:32
The Ron Paul Game: Let's play along with the media #TheRonPaulGame 12:35:02
Krauthammer, Kristol and Dick Morris Are Finally Acknowledging the Movement 12:31:45
Jon Stewart Exposes Ron Paul Media Bias After New Hampshire Primary 12:29:19
Police Admit Romney Campaign Illegally Hired them to Arrest Citizens at Event 12:18:19
Texas Straw Poll via text starts today 12:16:58
Ron Paul preserves, protects, defends LDS Constitution view 12:11:01
Major South Carolina Newspaper links - let's write the editors 12:03:08
Carolina in my mind 12:02:23
A look inside Ron Paul's New York headquarters shows he cares about his supporters, not corporations! 11:59:22
10 Reasons Democrats Are Choosing Paul Over Obama 11:58:26
Rick Perry: "I've had roadkill that tasted better than that." (ew.) 11:57:51
The State Column: Ron Paul Surges five points in Latest National Poll 11:51:08
A Brokered Convention for Mitt Romney, and why it Won’t Happen 11:50:47
"Why Ron Paul Has An Edge Over Mitt Romney" - Int Bus Times 11:48:59
Ron Paul is not racist get the facts straight! This nonsense must STOP! 11:48:17
New Talking Points to stop Ron Paul - He wants to speak at the GOP convention 11:41:01
Poll: Ron Paul ties Rick Santorum for third in South Carolina 11:40:51
Coalitions vs Compromise, I don't think people get it. 11:39:51
WashPost: Is Ron Paul Right? 11:38:17
Does RP's "We the People Act" put rights at risk? 11:35:09
Has Governor Perry been questioned about the Texas FDA? 11:34:25
Paul refuses to participate in "immoral" pension system 11:27:43
Debt Slavery 11:25:31
Talking Points 11:19:22
Florida GOP Pol Jan, 11 : Romney 41%, Gingrich 19%, Santorum 15%, Paul 9% 11:18:31
He hasn't given up for 30 Years.. Ron Paul 2012. Video . Take a look. 11:16:40
Wanting to deny acts of violence. 11:12:23
MSNBC's Daily Rundown Deleted My Tweet; Banned my account 11:05:32
*Carol Paul Money Bomb* 10:53:54
Great Pic of Newt with Chief Political Advisor (humor) 10:53:09
Drudge Report being monitored by Homeland Security 10:45:58
God bless you Newt, you crazy little bastard you! 10:44:04
Curmudgeonly conservatism coming back in SC! 10:42:47
When Mitt Romney came to town! 10:31:59
Kelly Clarkson singing National Anthem at Superbowl! 10:29:33
How do you fix a Muslim hater? 10:22:05
SC Newspaper Poll Go Vote 10:21:01
Potential Treachery we need to watch out for 10:19:59
Glenn Beck Says ‘Solid’ Ron Paul Could Be Candidate, Just Needs To Escape ‘Crazy’ Supporters 10:16:08
10 reasons why even democrats, liberals and progressives are choosing Ron Paul over Obama 10:15:34
Doonesbury comic strip on Newt's scandals 10:06:25
Finally convinced my family to vote Ron Paul. 10:05:17
Atlas Shrugged DOCUMENTARY in Theaters Soon! 10:01:17
Who supports your candidate? - great ad! 09:47:03
Obama or Ron the only choice they have 09:29:20
1 on 1 Debate: Romney & Paul? 09:26:18
Mitt Romney Pretends He's Clueless About NDAA , Then War Mongers 09:25:00
Ron Paul finished second in NH Democratic primary also 09:19:32
Ron Paul #2 in NH Democratic Primary! 09:17:56
Yikes! "Homeland Security Is Monitoring The Drudge Report, The New York Times" 09:15:53
Emily Converted from Mitt Romney to Ron Paul embed 09:03:21
Here RP challenges misuse of word "Conservative". He should follow through more: Conserve = USE LESS 08:38:20
Need More Volunteers for Grassroots Video Project 08:34:45
Ron is "unelectable" right now because: 08:23:34
Must watch! Please pass on to campaign! Cheap way to get on TV. 08:20:12
How to get SC voters and the entire nation on our side! Pay attention campaign! 08:17:22
When Mitt Romney Came To Town (Full Version) 08:15:25
Sen. DeMint: 'I really don't want Ron Paul to drop out...yet' 08:13:46
IBT: Ron Paul 2012: Why He has an Edge over Romney 07:57:15
Ron Paul: How Badly does GOP Need his Voters? 07:35:06
A Better Obi-Ron Paul Picture 07:25:42
CNN: Ron Paul Rises: Dark Horse Seeks #1 Challenger Status (video) 07:24:30
CPAC 2012 Who's Going? 07:07:31
Delegates may give Ron Paul Clout 06:57:39
Jim DeMint just said an UNBELIEVABLE thing... 06:48:54
Ron Paul vs Goldman Sachs 06:37:25
atlas shrugged documentary 06:34:58
Video: Jon Huntsman in his own words supporting N D A A & T A R P Bailout 06:26:26
Are Drones Watching You? 06:09:17
NDAA Protests End In Ironic Swarm Of Arrests 06:03:20
India, China and Israel ranked among the world's worst for nuclear security 06:00:13
My First post and email after 5 yrs of lurking this site 05:47:52
Establishment republicans are shallow LEMMINGS 05:30:34
OUTRAGEOUS: Video Shows NH poll workers handing out ballots in dead peoples’ names 05:24:05
2008 RP prediction happening now: Converting Obama's Lot! 05:13:42
Ron Vs Mitt Video explains why the Fed needs to be looked at for those that don't understand (there are millions who don't it) 05:06:30
Jon Stewart debates Jim DeMint 04:58:17
About Ron Paul. Kinda long...but not for republicans who are serious but on the fence... 04:54:37
"Paul hopes to ride momentum to GOP convention" (Dana Bash) 04:49:24
I call it the "Um..." moment 04:47:56
Mitt's Change Plan for Senate.. (80's version).. Obummer v. Mitt (Willard) Romney 04:42:34
Did Decriminalization Work? Or should the War on Drugs continue? 04:39:49
Gingrich: Pious Baloney? Wife is "Thatcher," gaffe is "Pearl Harbor," SC fight is "Armageddon" 04:27:16
Strong arm of the law: Video shows shocking moment cop sucker punches woman with special needs on bus 04:16:32
Note to Campaign: Mothers Against Debt - Do NOT ignore them! 04:09:44
U.S. Marines Allegedly Urinate on Taliban Corpses 04:09:10
Paul getting killed in this poll 04:03:23 Ron Paul Is More Conservative Than Rick Santorum (and MOST conservative in congress since 1937, says '04 study) 03:50:11
The Ron Paul Brochure / Ipad Double Whammy 03:47:56
Telling Obama how it is 03:31:27
A message to all Christians [video] 03:29:23
Ron Paul: How badly does GOP need his voters? 03:20:24
Finance Industry starts to report on "When Mitt Romney Came to Town" background 03:13:11
Maryland Farmer creates Sustainable Food, Energyand Money 03:10:56
Breaking: Poll Shows Gingrich Surging in South Carolina..Newsmax 03:09:15
*NEW Ben Swann on Delegates 03:07:38
Colbert Leads Huntsman in SC - Promises 'Special Announcement' 02:59:35
POLLS Show Paul Beats Gingrich With Republicans! 02:56:14
Possible Rigged IOWA Caucus Votes 02:56:04
Reality Check: The truth behind the Republican delegate numbers 02:55:05
New anti-Paul ad: Winner of longest string of lies ever told in 1 minute 02:52:45
No Joke: John Bolton Says He Would Serve Under Ron Paul. Link Below... 02:50:40
10 Reasons Why Democrats, Liberals, And Progressives Are Choosing Ron Paul Over Obama 02:43:41
Rick Santorum:"Yeah, Ron Paul is putting his sights on me...Saying things that are inaccurate and saying that I’m not pro-life" 02:42:11
Colbert on the MSM's take on Romney's trajectory: "It's like an arranged marriage." 02:35:06
SHOCK: DeMint admits, "Don't agree" with RP foreign pol; "we're going to end up where he is because we don't have any money!" 02:27:47
Romney attack strategy 02:27:40
Open Phones for Ron Paul Supporters 02:24:40
Gitmo protesters: Obama has ‘betrayed our trust’ 02:22:05
DeMINT: 4-stop media circuit to appease Paulites? 02:21:14
Breakfast with Ron Paul (Video) 02:18:27
Sen. DeMint: ‘I really don’t want Ron Paul to drop out’ 02:17:14
Foreign Policy Blowback: How Tensions With Iran Could Increase Ron Paul's Support 02:11:43
Time to picket the media outlets 02:11:14
Front lines on the front range of the Rockies. My first GOP meeting 02:01:03
If Twitter Had Its Own Primary, Ron Paul Would Be Winning - TechCrunch 01:56:28
Romney = Obama; Another Tool To Awake Your Friends, Family, And/Or Co Workers 01:52:57
Peter James 2008 Ron Paul endorsed candidate filed for Maryland's 6th Congressional District 01:51:01
Ron Paul Q&A Parties 01:49:11
Santorum's Communist Roots 01:46:22
GOP Strategist on Freedom Watch: "Ron Paul can beat Romney" 00:39:41
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