Posted on January 13, 2012

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New Super PAC Ad to Air: Adherence To the Oath :60 17:05:44
Breaking: Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, Huntsman will not be on Virginia Ballot 23:29:55
Ron Paul on FOX News w/ Megyn Kelly 01/13/12 17:35:29
Public Policy Poll Third to Confirm Paul SC Surge 17:25:14
Amazing Video: WE ARE WINNING! 23:28:07
BREAKING: Ron Paul Surging in South Carolina - 20%! 17:31:31
When Romney Runs as an Independent, Plus Random Advice and an Introduction 08:55:45
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 1/12/12 00:36:31
Politico: Pro Ron Paul Santa Rita Super PAC Makes BIG ($300K) Ad Buy in SC 00:26:45
Ron Paul on Larry Kudlow / CNBC 1/13/12 17:33:56
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Tech Watch: Completely OffTopic: Hydraulically-powered $45,000 Custom Swiss Watch! 23:57:03
Phone Bankers Needed ASAP in SC! 23:55:06
New Grassroots Video 23:52:57
Use Gingrich's Video For Ron Paul! 23:50:38
Savings vs. Consumption 23:50:36
Former Obama Field Organizer Debunks Ron Paul Newsletters 23:50:02
The People vs. Mitt Romney - The Judge is HOT! 23:48:36
Need help IN this poll! 23:43:42
Reverend Manning Loves RON PAUL! 23:43:09
Has race turned into an Anyone but Paul contest? 23:42:11
Ron Paul and Moneyball 23:42:10
Federal Reserve Cartel 23:38:20
Pimpin' for Paul 23:24:40
PBS PANEL: Ron Paul is impressive 23:20:48
NEW VIDEO The Best Of Doug Wead's Recent Aperarances 23:20:24
No Nystrom - You're The Best! 23:19:12
Too Many Lost 23:02:55
Too many lost 22:56:21
How you call for Ron Paul on the Radio in South Carolina! 22:54:00
PLEASE promote the moneybomb tonight on Coast to Coast Radio "open lines" Friday! 22:49:38
Caught Purple handed! 22:48:18
#WhyImAgainstRonPaul - We Need Your Help on Twitter 22:47:56
The Warfare-Welfare State-Hell on Earth 22:46:08
Stunning: RP's Whole Career in 15 Minutes 22:36:58
Ron Paul in Greenville, Wednesday, get tickets NOW NOW NOW! 22:32:58
EYE opener !... Romney Presidential Eligibility unconfirmed! 22:31:25
VA Ballot rules designed to keep "crackpots" off the ballot 22:25:23
Kelly Clarkson on NPR talks about why she endorsed Ron Paul 22:24:57
Super Brochure- how do you distribute it? 22:14:53
WSJ POLL 22:05:13
rasmussen ? 22:03:38
Ratigan Interviews Fed Economist re: Free America 22:01:41
Great Older Video: Ron Paul 2012 Civil War 21:57:50
Specific issue about the Super Brochure that should be addressed - Important! 21:54:56
Video as this needs to run all the time 21:53:48
We're still LOSING in this poll! 21:53:36
The Potential Power of Ron Paul's Presidential Veto Pen 21:51:58
Jim DeMint on Detroit radio WJR 21:51:49
S-Span: "Paulbots" give the Media wake up Calls; 1/11 21:50:06
Calling all website admins 21:49:26
"Electability" 21:39:14
Anti Ron group in SC 21:38:12
Liz Marlantes On Bret Baier Says Ron Paul Will Perform Better Than Expected In S.C! LMAO 21:29:39
Ron Paul flip flop 21:23:48
Anti Ron Paul Group Plans False Flag Attack In South Carolina 21:16:19
Sister in law's China experience: "CNN is not a credible news source" 21:16:01
Let's all take a minute to give Justin Amash some love 21:15:05
There is still time to register in Nevada! Deadline is Friday, January 20. 21:03:39
SMOKESCREEN? Newsmax et al spread fearmongering about Iran... 21:02:53
What companies produce back-scatter x-ray machines? 21:02:18
The Super Brochures uses the opposite strategy of the campaign 21:00:29
Ron Paul's Song: Old Time Rock N Roll 20:59:03
Vote in this Tea Party Poll and Bump to Front Page! 20:57:15
Ron Paul Campaign Names New ‘LDS for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition Members 20:51:41
Did anyone catch Geraldo on Fox News today saying "RON paul, RON paul!" 20:47:04
Rand Paul blocking tax treaties over fears of government snooping 20:30:25
Now that VA is one-on-one combat - how do we win? 20:29:23
CONSERVATIVE HQ: Who should conservatives unite behind? (support Paul!) 20:28:14
My kind of woman... 20:18:09
RIDE for the Cure (for Apathy) "Pass the baton, not the buck!" 20:17:25
Mitt Romney ruthlessly tells muscular dystrophy victim he cant have medical marijuana 20:10:58
Where is the post debate rally in MB? 20:06:30
Dr. James David Manning says Freedom is Popular! 20:06:08
Presidents Are (S)elected! All In The Family: Obama-Romney-Huntsman-Bush ALL Blood Cousins 20:04:08
Guns and Freedom 19:58:25
Slate says "Mitt Romney Wins Virginia Primary" Really? 19:56:18
The US Government is Bankrupt 19:53:20
Why isn't this argument ever used? 19:51:29
Have we all downloaded Aimee Allen's Ron Paul Revolution? 19:48:20
CNN running out of "ammo" 19:46:15
New Video: Ron Paul on Individualism 19:41:36
Its Official! Virginia will be a two man race- Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney 19:39:53
A word Senator DeMint and I shared on Ron Paul's Birthday 2009 19:37:35
It's MAX OUT time! The MAX OUT MONEYBOMB 19:33:03
Ron Paul Raising The (Chocolate) Bar...DARK Chocolate Bar Coming Soon! This Project Funds Other Grassroots Projects . And... 19:31:40
Charleston, SC headquarters info 19:26:02
Slate: R3VOLution = A Bunch of Smartypants! 19:25:34
I just asked Todd Schnitt of "The Shit Show" about Bain Capital owning Clear Channel. 19:23:07
CNN National Poll: Romney 34%, Gingrich 18%, Paul 15%, Santorum 15%; (Under 50 - Romney 30%, Paul 22%) 19:22:05
Today I sent this letter to all the SC Baptist Ministers whose e-mail addresses I could find. 19:21:47
RED ALERT! Ex-Israeli Intel Officer: “Pearl Harbor” FalseFlag will be a Pretext for War vs.Iran 19:20:41
R.I.P. 19:16:02
SOPA sponsor caught with copyright infringement? 19:13:32
could ron paul receive the evangelical endorsement ? 19:12:13
Every American Needs to Know: Ron Paul Saw It All Coming and Tried to Stop It 19:09:13
What MSM Spin on South Carolina Surge Looks Like- UPDATE: Media blacking out surge? 19:09:11
Anti Paul False Flag in SC? 19:07:09
Where can I get the nicest "End The Fed" T-Shirt? 19:05:14
Imagine the Potential Blowback from a Policy of Assassination 19:04:23
"Insiders": GOP Nominating Contest Will Be Wrapped Up After Florida 19:00:30
Ron Paul Campaign: New 'LDS for Ron Paul' coalition members 18:54:36
Peyton Hillis (Football Player) - Big Supporter 18:52:34
Meghan McCain on Leno Givin' Dr Paul Respect (BOTH of em) 18:49:47
help me understand what a BROKERED convention means 18:47:39
DHS To X-Ray Scan Americans At Border Checkpoints 18:46:48
Rick Santorum Parady- Hilarious! 18:44:25
Gallup: almost half of Democrats say big govt. is "biggest threat to the nation" 18:34:49
Ron Paul National Anthem 18:28:41
RedState Wants You to Vote in this Poll 18:26:04
Rick Santorum on his Support for Planned Parenthood (abortion) 18:03:35
CNN just did a "pimpin for Paul" piece 18:03:04
(VIDEO) The Best Of Doug Wead: "The Case For President Paul" 17:49:28
Democracy Now: Ron Paul narrows the gap between left and right 17:49:21
We Must Never Forget The Great Georgia Congressman and Dr. Larry McDonald 17:46:40
Help needed for Greenville Rally tomorrow 17:36:08
FLORIDA 17:35:58
Newt Gingrich - Bad Lip Reading - Some much needed comic relief 17:34:57
Tarp Voter, Gresham Barrett endorses BIG Spender Rick Santorum! 17:34:43
Interesting Article on Ron Paul's delegate strategy - Especially Puerto Rico 17:33:58
It's Final: USA Today Judge rejects Perry, GOP hopefuls for Va. ballot 17:33:06
TWO polls released Friday show Ron Paul surging in South Carolina 17:30:15
Deficit Hawk Ron Paul Condemns Obama’s Debt-Ceiling Increase Request 17:19:57
Video about Newt Gingrich campaigning against Ron Paul prior 17:19:15
Judge denies lawsuit, Rick Perry, others remain off Virginia Republican primary ballot 17:17:39
Breaking: Drudge 'flash: judge tosses suit TO GET gingrich, perry ON VA ballot...' 17:07:33
New Political False Flag Attack Planned for SC 17:03:43
BREAKING: Virginia judge rules against GOP candidates 17:03:26
An interview every Ron Paul supporter should watch 17:00:43
Breaking: P.P.P. - Romney leads in SC, Paul gaining 16:57:11
Santorum : Kill Soviet, Iranian and Korean Scientists 16:50:02
Tribute to the 13 Senators Who Voted Against NDAA 16:43:18
What the History of the Bathtub Can Teach Us; by Tom Woods. Share this story. 16:41:48
Video: UK Sports Star Praises RP on Twitter, Calls Obama a Whore. Apologises After Political Outcry. 16:40:23
Latest Public Policy Poll in SC - Romney 29, Gingrich 24, Paul 15 16:37:54
Newt: "Take Out Their Scientists' "All of It Deniable" 16:37:10
Inside the Fed in 2006: A Coming Crisis 16:34:47
False flag: Mossad posed as CIA while recruiting Iranian terrorists 16:30:40
A mnessage from the R3VOLUTION PAC 16:27:32
Ad Request for the Campaign and/or one of the pacs to make "what does the military look like under Paul" ad 16:22:05
oops he did it again 16:20:21
Mencken: "The most dangerous man to any government" 16:19:35
New Santorum TV Ad blurs the truth about his military service 16:18:53
Uh oh. Here's the latest media dirty spin against Ron Paul 16:14:14
BREAKING: Top S.C. Tea Party Senator Tom Davis To Endorse Paul 16:09:33
Exclusive: Top S.C. Tea Party Senator To Endorse Paul 16:04:14
& Bill Gross's Equals start endorsing RONPAUL 16:04:12
Exclusive: Top S.C. Tea Party Senator To Endorse Paul 16:03:47
South Carolina : Ron Paul Surges Past Santorum Into 'Top Tier' 16:02:33
Thank You Daily Paul for Helping Us Reach 100 15:57:46
CNN Dana Bash slip up demonstrates blatant anti-Paul bias 15:57:03
Ron Paul was also second in the Democrat NH primary because of write ins. 15:49:24
Family Research Council meets today to coalesce behind on candidate 15:49:19
CIA's Robert Baer speculates Israel "provoking" Iran to retaliate. 15:48:06
Exclusive: Top S.C. Tea Party Senator To Endorse Paul 15:43:09
Stealth Vote in South Carolina: Current and Ex-military families & friends vote heavily for Ron Paul and he wins! 15:41:50
Countering the myth that Ron Paul "would bring anarchy to America" 15:38:41
Documents show how Fed missed housing bust 15:37:18
Obama to kill Commerce Department! 15:36:43
THE single most accuate article on current U.S. foreign policy 15:33:35
Romney Video Here Helps RP 15:33:00
Public Policy Polling: Big gainer is Ron Paul 15:27:20
Ron Paul Ties the GOP in knots.. 15:26:37
Public Policy Poll - Only 4% of SC voters think social issues are top concern! Bye bye, Santorum! 15:26:26
U.S. to withdraw 7000 troops from Europe 15:20:45
Should Ron Paul State His View of Religion? 15:19:48
Forbes Highlights GOP Candidates Homes 15:12:21
Organization needed in New York 15:11:30
organization needed IN NY 15:10:22
Ann Coulter: After 8 years of President Paul, the World would Stop being Anti-American 15:07:38
Dana Bash get Blowback 15:07:06
Public Policy Polling is Looking GOOD for Ron Paul! 15:05:48
Update: VA Primary "fix" is coming -Judge does the right thing 15:04:04
Greenville rally tomorrow (Saturday)! 15:02:57
Paul rises in new Public Policy Polling too! 15:00:01
Swiss America ad 14:58:55
arrested at Romney event for? 14:56:54
South Carolina Republican Voters: If you support our troops 14:55:32
Urge your state and municipality to nullify NDAA! - Act Now! 14:51:45
We need to reach Joel C. Rosenberg 14:50:43
A Ron Paul Football Analogy 14:50:05
I Was Just on with NPR - Re: Ron Paul (need your help) 14:48:20
Daily Caller: The Next GOP Candidate To Drop Out? 14:47:20
The Ron Paul New Hampshire Speech Was The Greatest Most Natural I Ever Heard 14:44:23
I helped get two new donors for the money bomb 14:43:46
Newt supports Paul 14:41:25
Please read! Nevada Urgency! 14:39:57
Here are the links to ALL the Ron Paul Santa Rita Superpac SC ads 14:34:23
I don't like 'anonymous' 14:33:12
Today - Ron Paul Interview with Larry Kudlow - FoxNews Business - 7PM 14:27:35
Paul's Foreign Policy makes sense when said by someone else 14:27:14
Anyone here without a Ron Paul bumper sticker on their car? If so, fix that now here: 14:26:27
The Siege starring Denzel Washington - Elites Warning? 14:24:44
Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll 14:22:54
Wrote a School Speech about Ron Paul 14:19:20
Today Ron Paul Interview W / Megyn Kelly Fox News 2:15 - 2:30 pm ET 14:05:14
former S. Carolina governor Mark Sanford praises Ron Paul 14:05:03
Desert Deception: Ron Paul Kept Off Maricopa GOP Online Poll in Arizona 13:54:17
Video- Interesting videos of FEMA Camps and Ntl. Guard Training 13:51:53
Winning the Evangelical Vote 13:49:05
Ron Paul about to be on Fox News to talk about Iran 13:47:32
We the people! are at war with Corporate media, The Marxist and Fascist, IMF to Bain and Hannity and Rush 13:46:38
UPDATE: I was just interviewed by Bloomberg News 13:44:14
2nd Amendment Rights Denied To Users Of Medical Marijuana 13:38:16
We can thank Newt for this! - New Ad Attacking Romney 13:35:36
Santorum got the most money from lobbyist in 2006 13:33:36
Good Idea or Bad Idea? 13:33:17
This Pretty Much Sums It up: Ron Paul is a Righteous Dude 13:32:58
Dr. David Manning shows support and sings "Please Mr. Ron Paul I don't want to go to Guantanamo." 13:23:31 Comes in Bottom of the Ranks! 13:19:43
Why Are Santorum's Numbers Dropping? Evangelical Pandering IS A Big Part Of It 13:18:11
Look for either one of two things to happen in the next debate (That he is participating in) ... 13:17:42
Reason Online: Ron Paul Rising (Excellent Chart for Proof) 13:14:51
US Marines peeing on corpses... 13:12:01
A Faith in Free People: The Story of I, Pencil. 13:09:35
Give him a chance! 13:08:55
Growing Paul support in Texas! 13:04:01
BREAKING New Rasmussen poll - Ron up 3% tied with Santorum 13:02:07
RP Surge, Everyone Needs to Canvas SC: Tom Woods, Doug Wead, Adam the Man 12:59:42
Romney Will Concur with Council On Foreign Relations Calls for Bombing Iran 12:59:37
New Video.. War Propaganda 12:58:05
Making it simple and clear... 12:57:17
Ron Paul True to his word-Not tied to Defense Indusrty 12:56:55
URGENT: Volunteers needed in South Carolina! 12:56:10
When they find out what Romney did to his dog 12:56:00
Ron Paul Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is 12:53:03
Florida needs Ron Paul 12:52:39
When will the Fed Reserve 12:48:42
Volunteers needed in South Carolina! 12:45:54
Federal judge may force Perry, Huntsman, Gingrich, and Santorum onto ballots! 12:45:30
Did you hear about this ballot challenge? 12:43:08
Ron Paul Most Competitive Against Obama in Latest Poll 12:35:16
We need to expose Romney positions on the NDAA and Patriot Act more 12:35:02
Obama STEALS Paul's idea to reduce agencies 12:30:14
Out to Get Ron Paul – CBS Blowback, FCC Complaints and Jan Crawford’s Facebook Shutdown 14:27:21
South Carolina - *EVENTS* - Get Involved NOW! Here's how. 12:25:23
Good survey idea? 12:17:23
Huffington Post Writer Baffled by Paul's LGBT Support 12:11:26
Great Picture for Ron Paul fans! 12:11:18
URGENT: Let's make the headlines - "Paul surge in SC, campaign raises $4M" 12:10:55
Ron Paul - Chuck Norris - Clint Eastwood - Jesse Ventura - John Wayne - Joe Rogan - ALL AGREE! 12:02:33
CRASH: Santorum collapses in conservative SC! Paul blasts into 3rd place! 12:02:22
Feel Like Writing Some Letters Supporting Dr. Paul 12:01:46
Election 2012: South Carolina Republican Primary (Rasmussen) 11:59:05
ARG SC POLL: Romney 29%, Gingrich 25%, Paul 20% 11:56:26
Is TownHall.Com Selling Our Email Info? 11:56:02
Don't censor my devotion 11:55:35
Quote from The Fountainhead that I found quite applicable 11:52:58
Reaching Voters Via Google AdWords 11:48:36
Is Romney talking to Ron Paul? 11:47:18
Republican Atheist or Mars Worshippers 11:46:26
My first article on Yahoo exposes CBS News bias against Ron Paul 11:37:32
Ron Paul supporters need to being Calling Jim DeMint to get the Endorsement 11:33:29
My first grassroots Ron Paul video 11:30:18
Poll on drudge-linked article 11:20:02
California Dreamin': On "I'm voting RP" map, CA has the most votes in the west! 11:20:02
"...Ron Paul ... never more than marginal hopeful... 11:17:48
"I'm Voting For Ron Paul" Website with map by Rev Pac 11:14:03
Pat Buchanan: Ron Paul won't go 3rd Party 11:10:22
Ron Paul Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is 11:07:20
E-voting machines for sale or disposal 11:06:08
2 Suggestions concerning Huntsman and SC 11:03:11
Must See: Video Explaining How to Balance the Budget 11:01:48
Columbian Cupids for Ron Paul! 10:51:05
Watch out for Lindsay Graham in So. Carolina 10:44:10
Pander Express: LIVE from SC, it's Rick Perry's "Bless-God-I'm-just-like-y'all" tour 10:42:00
Red State starting to exhibit some cracks 10:39:42
Poll your facebook friends. 10:36:45
TIME: Why Ron Paul Is Gambling on Nevada 10:36:27
where is columbia sc headquarters ? 10:28:43
CNN: Ron Paul ties GOP in knots 10:28:07
WaPo: Here's "electable," right here! Great op-ed by Alexandra Petri 10:18:22
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, Ron Paul Scares the Media and Establishment to Death 10:17:04
Joke of the day: Obama to seek smaller government 10:15:56
Example of how Ron Paul Helps the Poor and Middle Class the most! 10:05:23
Zombies allowed to vote in NH primary 10:02:30
Christian Coalition To Back... 09:55:32
WaPo: Ron Paul worries some in GOP as S.C., Florida primaries loom 09:50:28
VOTE! Fox poll has joke candidate Perry ahead of Paul! 09:48:10
ARTICLE: Ron Paul and Paul-ism 09:37:01
Pat Buchanan calls RP a True Believer, Consistent, Cause Candidate 09:36:52
CNN: Ron Paul ties GOP in knots 09:29:23
William Buckley Interview With Dr. Paul - 1988 09:27:18
ARTICLE:"Not only is Paul acting like the GOP frontrunner, he's acting like a man who knows he's going to be elected president." 09:18:53
WSJ needs Ron quotes on housing bubble - now! 09:17:13
SC ARTICLE: Ron Paul takes game to next level, emerges as serious contender for GOP nomination 09:15:11
IB TIMES: Ron Paul Revolution Gathers Force, Media Cannot Shun Him 09:12:44
Ron Paul worries some in GOP as S.C., Florida primaries loom 09:12:22
Louisiana Caucus date delayed for fear of a Paul win 09:11:46
GOP Cribs: Where the candidates live 09:09:38
Ron Paul Controversy New Video - Spread and share 09:05:17
The 'insurgent' Ron Paul: Why he's the 2012 X-factor 08:55:14
CNN is setting up the debate of Private Property RIGHTS 08:55:09
Chuck Baldwin's Warning 08:50:59
Corey Harrison and Chumlee of # 1 show Pawn Stars endorse Ron Paul for President 08:48:43
This Is What A Real Fiscal Conservative Looks Like 08:44:11
Silver Coin Sales May Signal Bear-Market End 08:40:03
Obama Channels Ron Paul: Seeks Power to Merge Federal Agencies 08:37:06
"Don't tell Ron Paul and his supporter they have no chance; they will explode your Twitter account immediately." 08:30:58
The gateway strategy - how get Obama-supporters to vote RP in primaries. 08:30:19
Theft, RICO lawsuit targets MF Global, CME Group, MorganChase 08:26:10
God Bless the Next American Generation 08:22:43
CBS News Article on South Carolina mentions all of Mitt Romney's rivals EXCEPT Ron Paul 08:19:20
Obama Seeks $1.2 Trillion Debt Limit Increase 08:18:38
Ron Paul did best among lower income people in New Hampshire Primary 08:08:20
Documents Show How Fed Missed Housing Bust; Bernanke Expressed Concern, But Geithner Didn't 08:00:01
Demonstrators at White House Demand Obama Keep His Promise to Close Guantanamo 07:56:19
Children 'dumped in streets by Greek parents who can't afford to look after them any more' 07:51:54
Dear Americans, We Are Surrounded 07:50:00
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, Ron Paul Scares the Media and Establishment to Death 07:48:51
States still ‘gun’ for unsuspecting firearm owners 07:41:35
Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents 07:38:29
US seeking to 'close down' Iran central ban 07:34:29
Hear what a few dozen black people think about Ron Paul 07:14:42
In depth Ron Paul positions about: Glass–Steagall and Greenbacks 07:05:42
The Next War on Washington’s Agenda 06:50:18
RP a racist? These videos need to go viral! 06:40:30
Paul New York Campaign in Shambles? Is Someone Dropping the Ball? 06:16:34
Ron Paul’s best leadership trait - Great article by Washington Post 05:54:10
Endorse Liberty Super PAC Runs 12 Minute Long Ron Paul Ads On Youtube! 05:45:57
Ron Paul Exposes GOP Tolerance for Unequal Justice 05:38:42
Ron Paul stands against left and right 05:31:26
"I Heard About Ron Paul When I Was 6 Years Old, He 's A Very Good Man" 05:31:17
Video: Ron Paul Wipes The Floor w MSNBC 05:30:32
Ron Paul’s achievement by Charles Krauthammer 05:24:41
The video that will end Newt Gingrich's campaign and career... 05:24:35
Extraordinary exchange shows Ron Paul's empathy toward gays. 05:21:07
delete 04:28:55
More About Iran 04:20:01
Dr. Paul is a clean boat in a sea of garbage 04:05:01
"Mr. Republican" - Robert Taft 04:03:01
South Carolina Antebellum: The Paul And The Anti-Paul. 03:54:30
Afghanistan to finalize oil deal with... 03:53:11
The New Ron Paul Report - The Racism of the war on drugs. 03:44:34
I choose the State over the Individual... 03:31:57
Video: CNN reporter Dana Bash gets "Snowballed" by Ron Paul supporters 03:31:11
What a the government took from a young man.. 03:30:41
Some humour for our Brit/Oz/NZ/INTL friends/RonPaul supporters 03:30:10
Is Ron Paul going after Mitt Romney? Campaign leaders please answer! 03:28:12
The Temptation of Bernanke: How Historical Memory Feeds Fed Power 03:02:00
BuzzFeed: The Next Ron Paul 02:58:18
Ron Paul's genius, "Get feds out of education - earn tax credits" See what my CFO said! 02:52:58
Military wife's article: "Ron Paul stands against left and right" 02:45:07
I love all y'all 02:41:48
Elect the Dangerously Incorruptible Ron Paul President 2012! 02:39:21
Ron Paul On Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano 1/12/2012 - HD 02:29:30
Mathematically, Paul Beats Obama So Far 02:29:12
the History Channel 02:16:52
real GUN control: Florida Senior Citizen Shoots, Kills Burglar 02:14:45
666 Noose: Paul is a problemo...? 02:05:57
Krauthammer on Ron Paul Campaign 01:57:36
ARTICLE - Ron Paul: Israel's Best Friend 01:50:39
Belgium for Ron Paul 01:43:36
Wapo's Gerson: Gingrich can claim to be the last viable Southerner in the race 01:30:32
Jim DeMint goes for the FED's jugular - says good things about Ron Paul! 01:27:17
How badly could Stephen Colbert hurt us in SC? 01:24:35
"ATTENTION: Help Stop Santorum By Simply Liking This Youtube Video" 01:23:01
Libertarianism: A Political Awakening (Article from Libertarian Party UK, Mentions Ron Paul) 01:20:12
Military complex 01:19:17
What's Wrong with The Ron Paul Super Brochure? 01:13:30
Who are we-Roll Call brothers and sisters! 01:11:11
Massive voter fraud caught on tape - Wow 01:04:12
Tonight's TX Senatorial Contenders...Change the Debate?! 01:01:27
Financial Elite Start Turning On Each Other 00:59:13
Help elect Ron Paul - Make this Viral! Factual Evidence that Romney is a liar - all tax payers need to know this! 00:53:11
Peer2Paul is back online after a DoS attack forced a hosting switch. 00:45:54
Sen Jim DeMint on CNN Discussing Ron Paul! 00:41:20
"Libertarian" Bob Barr Endorses Gingrich - My Open Letter to him! 00:40:55
Would like to have a photo of campaign staff with names 00:36:10
Tear down the Icons! 00:30:59
The Endorsements 00:18:43
Winning over the older folks with specifics on Military 00:13:36
Jon Stewart Rips into Newt Gingrich's Long History of 'Bigoted' Remarks (CLIP) 07:12:24
Mitt Robbedme 00:07:20
Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul on Medical Marijuana 03:03:07
Guys, Arian Foster, Houston Texans RB is a Ron Paul fan 00:03:03
5 people with megaphones could win sc 00:00:26