Posted on January 14, 2012

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Mitt Romney Fails To Sway Ron Paul Supporter At Huckabee Forum 23:24:03
Ron Paul Wins Texas Straw Vote! 19:54:49
May Palmer, The Queen of Ivory Soul's New Original Song: 'We Want Ron Paul!" 19:53:49
South Carolina State Sen. Tom Davis endorses Ron Paul 19:35:27
Fox News - Jesse Benton interview, 1/14/2012 16:20:17
Ron Paul's Open Door, Interviewed by a 5th Grader! 10:37:10
It's Official: "Exclusive: Top S.C. Tea Party Senator (Tom Davis) To Endorse Paul" 12:50:22
I want to say a few things to you Ron Paul Supporters 01:30:29
Columbia, SC Newspaper: Ron Paul on Rise, Foreign Policy at Issue 00:22:53
Lasers for Ron Paul 00:05:30
My Personal Experience of Canvassing the Neighborhood with the Super Brochure 01:12:10
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Newt Fails Voter's Question On The Federal Reserve & The Founding Fathers At Huckabee Forum 23:58:40
Need moderator's help 23:52:03
We need to help this guy out..I will pitch in if anyone wants to join me 23:40:35
Former Obama Field Organizer Supports Ron Paul 23:39:06
Romney Gives Cash out of Pocket to Needy in Front of Press! CNN Reports as Front Page News! 23:26:07
Israel Super PAC against Ron Paul! 23:21:04
Tom Woods for VP! 23:10:01
Budgeting for Ron Paul Money Bombs 23:03:39
FREE Super Brochures and Bumper Stickers for SC, NV, or ME residents. 22:59:50
I take this back Dick Withington is epic fail Endorses Ron Paul 22:57:14
Obama Promoting Ron Paul Picture! 22:56:35
What Winning Texas Straw Poll Means for Paul 22:54:12
The Next War on Washington's Agenda 22:47:33
SC Republicans Boo Newt Gingrich Over Romney Attacks 22:42:08
Who is Ron Paul? - In 3 minutes 22:38:18
Ron Paul - SC Campaign HQ Phonebanking - Columbia SC! 22:35:54
EPIC suing DHS for monitoring social media sites 22:34:33
Ron Paul wins Texas GOP straw poll 22:29:48
The rEVOLution: Join, Or Die 22:22:01
Ron Paul on government instituted racism 22:13:08
I asked Politifact to clarify this article... 22:12:50
Ron Paul Wins Texas GOP Poll! 22:07:43
Fox News, others reject ads caricaturing Obama, Bernanke (with videos) 22:04:14
Opposing Imperialism Is Not Isolationism - Article by Sheldon Richman, January 12, 2012 22:04:09
Mitt Romney Cuts Deal With SC Gov. Haley and Kicks Out Occupiers and Paul Supporters 22:01:34
Ron Paul is screwing up my dating life 21:56:59
Your Strategy for sign waves? 21:55:28
Need Help ASAP. Looking for a Big Ron Paul Sticker. 21:54:54
Are you aware of this hero? 21:53:57
Ron Paul Wins The Saddle UP Texas Straw Poll 21:42:10
New Poll online for SC 21:40:53
Please Rate my questions for Fox News debate on Monday 21:38:28
Why Voting Will Become Irrelevant if Government Continues to Grow 21:33:14
"Ron Paul Ron Paul" Music to donate by - SC MoneyBomb 21:29:37
Lawyer in 9/11 trial cries foul over correspondence rule, death penalty decision looms Read more: http:/ 21:23:47
Ron Paul's remarkable achievement 21:17:39
Felix Morley, Old Right Author, On Empire 21:16:45
The Amazing Power of Regret to Shape Our Future {and how we can use this for Ron Paul) 21:14:15
John Bolton: Sanctions and assassinations are "half-measures," argues for war 21:04:28
Craigslist trying to stop SOPA 21:00:03
We Pledge NOT to vote for Mitt Romney Website 20:58:37
New, 1-14-2012, Reuters/Ipsos poll 20:56:39
Intelligence Officer: Ron Paul Is Right on Iran 20:51:42
VIDEO: Sen. Tom Davis is ‘one to watch’ 20:50:53
Breaking: Secret Meeting in Houston- 150 Conservative Leaders choose Santorum to rally behind 20:50:32
The Films That Converted Me to Dr Paul [w/links to each] 20:49:21
Article: Ron Paul's misunderstood views on drugs and prostitution 20:47:56
CNN Compares Candidate's Houses... 20:43:47
RISE UP and take the power back South Carolina! A rally Cry for Ron Paul! 20:38:53
Everyone realizes who owns Clearchannel, right? 20:33:47
Romney & Gingrich Working Together To Help Obama? 20:23:19
Commercial- "America's Navy: A GLOBAL force for good" 20:22:03
You have not seen this video 20:19:38
Ignoring Ron Paul. Historians Will Pay Attention To Him - CBS 20:16:24
Ron Paul FIRST in Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll! 20:12:01
breaking alert! judge dismisses obama'S motion - Eligibility trial will be held in Georgia! 20:11:12
This Song Should Be Our Official Song 20:03:24
Bizarre Mystery Illness Strikes Group of N.Y. Teens 19:59:05
Iranian Nuclear Scientists Assasinated 19:58:58
Ron Paul Wins Tx Saddle Up Straw Poll! 19:48:32
Televangelist Launches Fierce Attack on Joel Osteen and Frank Graham, Says Mormonism Isn't Christianity 19:47:21
Santorum trying to make people think he served 19:33:45
. 19:28:59
CNN posts the "best of" Paul-supporters' comments on their articles 19:25:41
Ron Paul Battle Anthem 19:24:57
Jim DeMint or Sarah Palin? If You Could Choose One... 19:23:54
The Contender, The Constitutionalist [VIDEO] 19:18:41
Cowpens Battlefield Revolutionary War South Carolina videos from today 14JAN12 19:17:28
Anyone writing Letters to the Editor for Ron in SC newspapers this wknd? 19:15:31
Concerns over opium production 19:06:59
Oath Keepers' Stewart Rhodes on NDAA and Ron Paul in NH 19:04:01
Blacks for Ron Paul - This article needs your comments! 19:01:46
Yahoo - Consistent Ron Paul Earns My Vote in South Carolina 18:55:06
Obama = Romney 18:49:17
Larry Kudlow on 770 WABC this morning 18:46:14
Ron Paul Judge Napolitano ticket 18:42:52
Liberty Broadsides - Posters Designed with Liberty in Mind 18:33:10
The TSA Is Now Stealing Your Money 18:32:15
Tonights Debate 18:29:49
Ron Paul more winnable? 18:24:50
SC Republicans Loudly Boo Newt Gingrich 18:11:48
Ron Paul Wins The 2012 Presidential Election 18:10:14
We owe Dr. Paul a BIG THANK-YOU 18:06:48
BOYCOTT the Huckabee Forum 17:40:42
‘LDS for Ron Paul’ Welcomes Endorsement of Utah Republican Liberty Caucus Chair 17:36:43
Reagan Surgeon General Koop Endorses Ron Paul 100% Pro-life 17:33:44
Graffiti, South Carolina-style 17:27:30
Get your "It's Time for Ron Paul" Clock! 17:19:52
Reuters | Iran: We have evidence U.S. killed nuclear scientist in Tehran 17:16:45
I know this has been brought up before Mailings from Ron Paul 17:16:30
Rio Plus 20 and Our Common Future the Brundtland Report 17:10:06
peter schiff NEW video 01/14/2012 16:55:46
Cheap Banners On Sale Ends Today 16:53:43
Huckabee Presidential Forum - Tonight 8pm ET 16:39:09
Support our Troops by supporting Ron Paul 16:28:24
Libertarian Ron Paul is dilemma for Republicans 16:24:27
Another must-see Paul video! 16:20:01
Too Far Gone: Social Conservatives Back Santorum 16:17:06
The Hill : What Does Ron Paul Want? 16:08:23
Book Bomb! Buy a Copy of "The Revolution: A Manifesto" and Have it Mailed to Bill Maher 16:05:46
Exposing Romney Video "When Mitt Romney Came to town" 16:05:33
Ron Paul bumper sticker in the frozen north- 15:51:05
Remember Seamus 15:38:33
The Ron Paul phenomenon: why the oldest candidate attracts the most young voters 15:33:23
Daily Show - it's just brilliant! 15:29:00
Ron Paul Rightly Defended Romney Against Unfair Attacks And I Agree 15:27:59
Fox Shut Out of Canada Because of a Law Against Lying During Newscasts 15:20:21
SXSW Ron Paul "Rock the Revolution" Show 15:16:33
South Carolina 15:10:12
Paul Can Beat Obama 15:06:57
Huckabee forum 14:54:53
Be the Greeter at your local Republican events/meetings 14:52:50
Dana Bash gets "snowballed" 14:43:41
Rachel Maddow Explains Why The Romney ‘Leaving Dog On Top Of Car’ Story Has ‘Legs’ 14:43:41
Watch this Clip 14:38:46
US admits, Central Bank of IRAN real target 14:38:03
It's Official: I'm MAXED OUT! The MAX OUT moneybomb 14:36:18
►BLR Bad Lip Reading vids Romney/Newt/RP 14:30:53
We can still get the bums out of office 14:30:13
IB Times - Ron Paul 2012: Haters Discuss K K K Smear Campaign Against Him 14:29:30
Poll in my city 14:28:57
The Best Ron Paul Ad Yet! 14:22:00
What did Ronald Reagan really say about Ron Paul? 14:19:49
On Ron Paul and Electability 14:19:36
Freedom to Fascism 14:17:50
South Carolina Optician For Ron Paul 14:17:48
What states are we strong in? 14:16:54
Governor Luis Fortuño for Vice President? [VIDEO] 14:12:28
Excellent, balanced article: "Let's Not Anoint Mitt Romney Just Yet" 14:04:29
The War for Gold, Silver, and Liberty 13:58:39
January 18th Internet Strike 13:58:36
Hunter & Official 2012 Site Like today's WaPo "Passion" article - I do too! 13:58:18
Constitution Man #1: Will Ron Paul Take South Carolina? 13:51:09
SC money bomb rate 13:50:03
Defending Paul Against Racist Charges - How am I doin? 13:45:06
Foreign Aid - The Natives Are Restless 13:43:39
*Facebook Poll* 13:43:37
Best VP for Ron Paul would be Rand Paul 13:42:13
Caucus States: Please use the Super Brochure For Canvassing your Precinct 13:39:40
Jack Hunter on Daily Caller: Jim DeMint's Libertarian Lesson 13:39:13 live stream lecture right now! ( circle in Huston) 13:31:16
The GOP majority asked for the 20 bucks i owe them. 13:26:49
CNN Video: "Pimpin' for Paul" - Hit piece? 13:26:48
Need DP input on John Dennis 13:26:21
it sounds like Larry Kudlow 13:23:54
Jay Ambrose - his article Slamming the Good Doctor 13:22:47
Tea Party SC Poll 13:19:07
Paul/Kucinich 13:08:20
Eric Cantor Iran War-Hype 13:00:01
So good I thought RevPac was behind it... (video) 12:49:21
The Hill article on Dr Paul... Good article, GREAT comments 12:44:27
Occupy the Federal Reserve! 12:41:26
Small Government vs. Mitt Romney | THE plain truth by Judge Napolitano 1/13/12 12:38:52
Mitt Romney Fundraising With A Solyndra Lobbyist 12:38:18
Bill Would Strip Citizenship From (so-called) "Terrorists" 12:38:10
Greenvile News: Paul's message finds audience (Daily Paul Mention) 12:30:26
Who Manages Finances Better, Mitt Romney or Ron Paul? Look No Further Than 2008 Campaign 12:26:51
Video: Need DP Feedback- On Iran Assassinations (Gingrich, Santorum, Paul) 12:22:28
Constitution Man #1: Will Ron Paul Take South Carolina? 12:21:32
Romney vs. Obama! need help with ad idea... 12:19:08
"My Lunch Goes For Liberty" 20$ Money Blast 12:18:56
Sheriffs Standing with the people against the Feds 12:18:17
Santorum is becoming desparate ... 12:10:47
Neocon & Fox News TV Analyst/Elder, Charles Krauthammer Writes Semi-Positive Opinion Piece on RP 12:08:21
Donating HALF my website chipin to Money Bomb! (attn: out of country, maxed out contributors) 12:01:55
How Rich are the Presidential Candidates 12:00:41
Here's the SCRIPT! 11:57:46
...STAND with Dr. Paul! 11:43:11
Moneybomb Article! Send to Drudge to get it on his page! 11:39:19
Judicial Watch Questionnaire for all the Cand. Get this to Paul if you know how. 11:37:53
Ron Paul 2012: Why Evangelicals Should Support Him 11:35:28
I'm glad to see Paul support growing 11:34:12
IB TIMES - Ron Paul 2012: Why Evangelicals Should Support Him 11:30:32
I would Like To hear people's opinion on this? 11:28:41
Laser Projectors? Wow! 11:22:10
Colonel Shaeffer "Ron Paul's Policy is the Most Accurate" 11:10:20
Would Israel Benefit from a Paul Presidency 11:05:56
Simple strategy to win South Carolina (and the nomination) 10:57:25
Blacks for Obama? Don’t Assume That Anymore. A young African-American who once canvassed for Obama is now firmly in the camp of 10:38:12
Campaign: Volunteers needed in South Carolina! 10:37:30
The Real Gingrich [VIDEO] 10:34:36
CNN Radio Host Dana Loesch states she would urinate on dead taliban too 10:24:34
Why is the campaign concealing the true results of their fundraising efforts? 10:23:15
Texas Straw Poll ends today! 10:17:30
Mark Steyn: The Ron Paul Faction 10:16:40
Romney will be Doctor Paul's next victim 10:14:42
Jews for Ron Paul 10:12:11
Another metric for gauging military support? 09:55:10
Bill Maher Defends Ron Paul: ‘[He Is] In My Heart On Foreign Affairs, Not Barack Obama’ - Video 09:54:43
What is Wrong With Americans? How Do We Wake Them Up? 09:54:36
The Hill Asks: What does Ron Paul want? 09:17:02
One picture on why you must donate for the South Carolina Battle of Cowpens Money Bomb January 14 - 17 09:09:40
This should be the new national anthem ... "Play by the Rules" Ron Paul 2012! 09:00:04
What Were Ron Paul and Mitt Romney Like As Kids? 08:51:49
We Need Reverend John Killian to Rally the Evangelicals For Ron Paul 08:50:24
I Love Ron Paul Prank (GENIUS) 08:24:05
Evil Kkk Facebook plot against Ron Paul 08:13:18 07:40:44
Lying Santorum 07:27:44
Everybody help bump these reddit posts today! 07:21:39
The Bible & Ron Paul - 13 Part video series on YouTube. Share this! 07:20:12
Jews4RonPaul: Judd Weiss, LA Libertarian Blogger profiled in Wash.Times 07:10:58
Yahoo News: Israel used “false flag” operation to recruit anti-Iran militants, posing as CIA operatives! 06:26:15
The beauty of the “Banquet of Lady Liberty” 06:14:51
RP should go positive, not negative in SC 05:48:37
Craigslist Warning: "Stop Sopa & Pipa" - Mentions Ron Paul 05:39:46
Is The Citizens United Decision Good Or Bad For Us? 05:23:52
Constitution Man Needs $100 Million to beat Obama! - BEST motivational money-bomb messages here! 04:55:38
I see what is happening... 04:44:49
Would Israel benefit from a Ron Paul presidency? (Original Video) 04:44:09
Anyone been to Craigslist lately? 04:38:09
Paul-Haters Caught Planning Dirty Deception in SC 04:33:37
Ron Paul - Predictions in Due Time (Original) 04:31:06
PBS: Shields and Brooks on Romney Taking Heat, Ron Paul's Vision, Obama's Fundraising 04:27:01
craigslist and sopa- awesome! 04:24:02
Here it is, another dramatic drivel about how silly we all are. 04:18:47
my email to jim demint 03:59:40
straw poll text vote IN texas (just got this on 03:59:25
Austin Police Spokesman Says No Video Evidence Of Antonio Buehler Spitting On Officer Pat Oborski 03:50:57
VIDEO: Houston Texans RB Arian Foster Supports Ron Paul 03:43:11
MAX OUT! Post SC Money Bomb Info on Facebook Pages of deep pocketed celebrities who endorse Ron Paul 03:42:06
Santorum supports RBA - lmao 03:36:48
Video: Conservatives Who Dismiss Ron Paul Destroy the Party's Future 03:34:53
BreitbartTV Reporter Trolls Ron Paul Supporters @ Rick Santorum Event 03:30:25
Pledging $1,000 for Ron Paul Campaign, Who will match me? 03:30:01
Video: Ron Paul on strategy, New Hampshire to South Carolina 03:28:04
Ron Paul Newspaper Poll 03:20:41
Florida's Primary Election Rules May Keep Ron Paul From Campaigning Heavily 03:15:38
Opium Prices up 133 % 03:06:53
Ron Paul ONLY candidate to turn in his Gun rights survey - Others refused! 03:04:05
In the choice between Liberty and Tyranny, there can be no compromise... 02:57:03
Time For Prayer 02:42:57
some candidates kicked off ballot a possibility in Illinois 02:42:36
The answer for south carolina 02:41:40
OMG! Does anyone here believe in Reincarnation? check this OUT! 02:29:40
Go After Obama 02:19:15
Wow! Just realised that It's My 4 Year Daily Paul Birthday! 02:15:01
RevPAC - Urgent: $350K by Monday to Win! 02:09:30
Ronald Reagan: A Time for Choosing 02:05:18
Florida voting starts Monday 02:00:42
Mitt Romney vs We The People - A Ron Paul Campaign Uploaded Video 01:59:01
Santorum Support Waning - Billionaire Steps In 01:52:06
One follower's experience in New Hampshire 01:44:26
Attn Texans: You can text your vote in today's Straw Poll 01:39:45
IB TIMES - Ron Paul 2012: A Rising Phenomenon (great scholarly interview!) 01:36:34
Should Dr. Paul skip the Florida Primary altogether 01:35:27
IB TIMES - Ron Paul 2012: Voters Explain How He Won Them Over 01:31:40
Mitt Romney And Bain: Fair? (When Mitt Romney Came to Town) 01:30:27
IB TIMES: "Ron Paul going to repeat or even better his performance in IA and NH" 01:28:01
Arian Foster supports Ron Paul 01:27:12
Let's finish Nevada! 01:23:41
SC: Butterfly needs help with local newspaper - Purty Please! 01:22:14
Is racism the reason some people prefer Romney to Obama 01:19:54
RT: "Paul the Phenom", RP frontrunner - interview with Matt Welch/Reason 01:19:50
Israel Mosad pretends to be CIA, gets America blamed 01:19:18
Following the Constitution is "unorthodox" 01:13:48
I'm thinking we can win South Carolina - Dr. Paul go all in NOW! 01:12:09
Obama scared of Ron Paul? 01:11:57
Scottish sports star warned after calling Obama a Wall Street whore - while praising Ron Paul! 01:04:01
Please Stop with the Pastor Manning Videos! God D#mm, we just got out of a mess 00:57:45
Exposing the slimy Newt. 00:55:51
Weekend moneybomb absolutely CRITICAL! *Please spread* 00:54:12
Paul picks up major evangelical endorsement ! 00:49:25
Will Newt Attack Ron for Speaking Austrian? 00:43:13
QUICK! Someone! 00:41:07
If you're looking for more information about SOPA-derived initiatives' specifics... 00:38:55
Ron Paul wins support of the military while Obama cashes in on war-profiteers 00:32:19
Greenville,SC- TOM brokaw NBC news will BE AT bailey'S debate party ON monday! 00:30:33
Judge Napolitano On RevPac's Request To Remove Dana Bash 00:27:45
Make Christmas Light Signs. They look AWESOME! 00:26:19
Ron Paul Needs Help in South Carolina, Saturday! 00:25:42
Real Israeli false flag operations. 00:24:15
Help Me Find My Interview 00:22:48
How do you delete your account? 00:17:48
Rhode Island Liberty Coalition: NDAA Nullification Model Legislation 00:17:41 00:15:02
It's Working! People Love the Super Brochure 13:12:54