Posted on January 16, 2012

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O Dragon Slayers, Where Art Thou? 16:55:10
New Super PAC Ad: Ron vs. Mitt 18:50:47
CNN: Paul, Obama tied in "POSSIBLE November Showdown!" 17:07:40
EXCLUSIVE: Adam Kokesh interviews Aimee Allen! 14:41:05
Establishment to target Tom Davis over RP endorsement! 13:26:44
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 1/16/12: Outrageous Overreach of the EPA 09:17:41
Look what's waiting for Dr. Paul in Florida 01:14:20
Ron Paul & Doug Wead On Geraldo At Large 1/15/12 00:02:37
SC Senator Tom Davis Ron Paul Endorsement Reported by Local Television Station 00:38:35
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Drudge Screen capture: Ron Paul 0% Tav Rate Picture 23:58:39
What is going on in this country? 23:56:06
HILL: Ron Paul booed over proposed 'golden rule' of foreign policy 23:51:17
Wikipedia: sopa and pipa 23:35:42
Ron Paul should challenge Gingrich to a Lincoln Douglas style debate on Foreign Policy 23:33:21
They Can Have President Obama 23:24:09
This sounds a lot more like 2007 then 2012 23:22:37
Would We Drone Beijing China If Bin Laden Was There? 23:20:44
'TAX rate should BE zero' - Drudge Report - Front page, blown up! 23:00:22
The King Of Bain 22:59:24
Dr. Ron Paul: 6 Reasons He Is Electable and Will Win 22:55:13
This is bad... 22:34:41
30 Mins in..Ron Paul Absent in debate 22:27:22
I told you 22:12:59
Why is Dr. Paul last on the far right in the debate? 22:04:27
Tom Davis on Cavuto ! 22:03:00
So Ron Paul won the California Straw Poll and got no coverage (remember Cain 22:00:52
Cut me in, Bail me out 21:55:48
S. Carolina Debate: 3 Working Live Streams on! 21:54:03
Establishment will take him out 21:53:46
Ron Paul voting against MLK day 21:51:51
I Repeat..Has Anyone Seen a Paul attacks Chicken Hawk Newt Segment? 21:49:09
BREAKING: Another South Carolina State Senator Endorses Ron Paul! 21:48:14
Think Ron will do the post-debate Hannity? 21:46:24
*NEW* Footage: Paulites + Occupy 21:44:26
Louisiana to move Caucus from Feb. 25th to April 28th. Campaign, DO SOMETHING! 21:44:13
When 'Neoconservatives' use the term 'Libertarian' They're actually referring to real 'Constitutional Conservatives' 21:43:42
Ron Paul: My foreign policy positions actually attract voters 21:40:43
All Romney..All The Time...ON ALL NETWORKS 21:39:39
Great video on U.S. involvement in Iran. A MUST SEE for critics of RPs foreign policy 21:38:51
Quote of the Libertarian Mind: Ron Paul 2012 21:31:08
The only Man in office now that seems to remember any of this is Ron Paul... 21:15:19
cnn poll, Obama tied with Paul and Romney in November Showdown 21:14:24
Everybody says Ron Paul can't win... 21:07:26
Huntsman is still good for something, his Romney ads! 21:04:23
Nullify the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 20:58:16
$5 Gasoline By Summer? 20:57:38
Nullifying the NDAA - List of Solutions for You and Your Community 20:53:58
Coloradans Call This Treason 20:52:45
Model to Nullify the NDAA using State Legislatures, City Councils, and/or County Commissioners 20:51:20
Attention Customers!: would Ron Paul please come to the front of the store 20:50:54
El Paso County Resolution - A Model for Other Counties Around the Country 20:49:52
Why Ron Paul Understands Suitcase Nukes Better Than Hawks 20:47:17
SC Senator Bryant to endorse Ron Paul 20:45:31
Bet you guys a nickle Ron Paul gets hit with racism charge on MLK day at debate 20:45:22
Hey Ron, tonight@debate = attack!attack!attack! 20:40:58
CNN Ron Paul Revolution 20:40:24
Industrial Hemp Legalization in Kentucky Closer to Reality 20:40:06
Tax dollars spent for a bureaucrat to examine porn at the Pentagon- another example that military spending is not sacrosanct 20:39:50
HuffPo PRO Ron Paul Articles? WOW! 20:37:20
Wow this is incredible! 20:37:15
A Prayer for Ron Paul Debate 20:33:45
Should We Be Pre-Emptive Regarding Tonights Debate 20:30:02
There's something in the air, I feel a breakout debate for Dr.Paul coming on. 20:29:58
CNN: Romney and Paul both tie Obama in Nov match-ups 20:29:53
Another Endorsement for Ron Paul: Veteran Fred Reed! 20:20:26
NFL Texans' Running Back Arian Foster Voting For Ron Paul! 20:18:55
levin sucks 20:18:47
Graphic Video: Best Reason I Have Seen To Vote Paul 20:13:13
Ron could run for president in 2016. (No Doubt). 20:13:04
"Defeat Obama": The GOP's "Hope & Change" 20:09:30
Ron Paul Tied with Obama and in Two-Man Race with Romney 20:07:44
Me Vs. Aaron Klein - 01/15/2012 Audio WABC Radio NYC 20:04:02
"We Want Ron Paul" Song soon to be available as Digital Download! 20:03:09
Music Video: "Ron Paul Goes to the Zoo 2012" 19:46:28
Here's a WONDERFUL editorial on HuffPost! 19:45:37
daily news poll 19:45:00
Looks like there won't be many questions for Ron tonight 19:42:12
CNN Poll: Obama tied with Romney & Paul in November Showdowns 19:38:59
Three South Carolina state Senators endorsing Ron Paul tomorrow 19:38:36
Why Huntsman really quit. 19:36:15
Video - Deepak Chopra "I like Ron Paul a lot" 19:32:08
MLK's former assistant wants to end the Fed! 19:31:24
Ron Paul Song Anthem: 'We Want Ron Paul' soon to be available via Digital Download 19:17:50
When Dr. Paul Gets Weary, this is what WE do. 19:16:38
Sen. Tom Davis on Cavuto (Fox News) NOW NOW NOW 19:07:23
Ron Paul and Romney in Statistical Tie with Obama 19:05:30
Ron Paul Goes To The Zoo 2012 18:57:10
LOL We Salute You Mr.Ron Paul Supporter 18:53:21
Sen Tom Davis via Twitter - To discuss Ron Paul endorsement on Fox News @ 6pm est 18:49:55
Are we asking too much of Dr Paul? 18:47:41
Jim DeMint To Star In Ron Paul “Robo Call” 18:45:34
faux news @ 6 18:44:08
Dr. Paul tied with Romney Against Obama! 18:44:05
CNN: Ron Paul 'money bomb' brings in $1.3 million 18:43:55
I sent this Letter to the Editor to ALL the newspapers in South Carolina today. 18:41:44
Tom Davis studies some Austrian Economics! 18:41:20
Super Brochure Survey 18:41:09
Louisiana finally has a caucus date 18:39:50
Fox News Ron Paul losing poll 18:38:25
Debating with an Obama supporter 18:37:51
Ben Swann has been nominated for the Shorty Award in Journalism! Let's help him win by a landslide! 18:36:38
What Constituional quesions would you ask the canidates and the media? 18:34:54
The age issue: Newsmax Editor’s Note: Do You Think Ron Paul Is Too Old To Be President? 18:28:54
Help Ben Swann get a Shorty Award 18:26:46
MLK's Former Assistant Today: "End the Fed" 18:26:45
Cutest Ron Paul fan in the world 18:23:08
Ron Paul Spoke at the Faith and Freedom Convention Today: George Washington Quotes 18:22:59
Professor Paul Schools Newt 18:14:53
Debate Party Greenville SC 18:14:49
How much taxes would be needed to maintain infrastructure 18:13:29
WOW! CNN Now Giving Ron Paul Equal Coverage on Front Page! 18:07:27
Paul tied with obama in CNN poll 18:03:54
Need help in an argument 17:57:08
debate ( get this to ron please) 17:54:45
War on drugs undermines Civil Rights Act 17:54:02
The Goldman Sachs brothers. 17:53:25
CNN Poll: Obama tied with Romney & Paul in November showdowns 17:49:02
S.C. state Sen. Larry Grooms, a Rick Perry supporter, is now urging Perry to drop out 17:40:44
What ever happened to caring about the official tally of votes for Iowa? 17:40:43
RP on CNN now! 17:39:16
Report: False Flag Caught Planned Stunt To Smear Congressman Paul 17:35:51
Ron PAUL Live now on Faith and Freedom Coalition 17:35:02
The Times admits it deep-sixed Ron Paul 17:34:51
For All Those Reagan Loving, Ron Paul Hating Conservatives Who Have Lost Their Way 17:29:48
CNN Poll - Ron Paul 46% Obama 48% w/ 3% sampling error 17:28:19
HOW DO WE GET RON PAUL TO mention this poll? 17:26:16
Ron Paul focuses on delegate math 17:20:53
Ron Paul Can Win South Carolina, the Republican Nomination and the Presidency 17:19:57
Mark Levin on Cavuto 4:18 ET Now 17:19:48
Mark Levin: Ron Paul’s interpretation of the Constitution not always accurate 17:18:26
The Shape Shifting Obstetrician 17:17:44
Ad: "Who's looking out for you?" 17:14:21
CNN Poll: Obama tied with Romney & Paul in November showdowns 17:13:27
BREAKING! Three South Carolina State Senators To Endorse Ron Paul 17:10:33
CNN Poll: Paul tied with Obama in November Showdown 17:07:29
ZeroHedge Michael Krieger - Supporting Ron Paul - Video 17:05:16
Amazing Ron Paul story from 17:04:55
WTF Ron Paul left the tea party event? 16:59:45
I want to scream when alleged supporters make comments like these about Ron Paul! 16:58:52
Mitt Romney Clip/Truth will prevail 16:57:55
CNN to announce new poll numbers at 4pm EST 16:57:48
GAG! - *Right now*: Gingrich attempts to con Tea Party out of fiscal responsibility 16:54:44
The Sweater Vest, Shameless Self Promotion 16:54:25
Breaking: Federal Reserve Forced to Liquidate 16:52:38
SC Senator Tom Davis gives post rally interviews about his endorsement of Dr. Paul 16:50:04
Need help finding Ron Paul video 16:39:33
Ron Paul about to be on CNN website... 16:38:46
Need Clarification about Corporate Taxes & the Constitution 16:35:13
Delegates In California? I'm really confused. 16:33:57
Middle East 16:33:52
GREAT video: Ron Paul and Martin Luther King 16:32:12
Sen. Jim DeMint agrees to let Ron Paul campaign use his voice in new SC Robocall 16:30:13
Three More SC State Senators to Endorse Ron Paul for President! 16:26:29
Let's Phone Bomb Senator JIm Demint's office and ask for an endorsement! Contact Info here 16:25:54
Ron Paul On the Air Live in 10 Minutes.. SC Tea Party Convention 16:22:25
Ron Paul focuses on delegate math 16:19:06
U.S. Media Working With War Profiteering MIC & Politicians to Hype People Up For War 16:18:07
Help with Comments in SC Island Packet! 16:15:57
Deepak Chopra: "I like Ron Paul a lot" (video) 16:10:59
How Much Do Other Congressmen Spend? 16:10:17
DailyCaller: Hate Ron Paul? Blame the Establishment 16:09:12
I want to scream when Ron makes comments like these in the NY Times! 16:03:33
Trio of fiscal, social conservatives to back Paul AT S.C. state house event on Tuesday, 10am EST 16:02:22
Super Pac Endorse Liberty spending millions For Ron Paul 16:01:49
CNN shows TIE between Ron Paul & Romney in SC focus group! Yet insists Romney is way ahead 15:59:04
This Is It - Ron Paul Grassroots Anthem (Video) 15:58:17
Now Phone Banking - Calling South Carolina! 15:58:10
Regarding the Super Brochures, please read! 15:54:25
Ron Paul surges in South Carolina 15:50:13
Updating The “First In The South” Endorsements 15:48:31
Paul Craig Roberts: Ron Paul is America's Last Chance! 15:45:52
An Endorsement that Matters! 15:45:48
In honor of MLK...I borrow his words to send a message to the GOP 15:45:21
Three SC Senate "Fiscal Conservative Rock Stars" to Endorse Ron Paul for President 15:43:58
We Love Sen. Jim DeMint 15:42:17
Head to Head Debate: Romney vs Paul! 15:41:06
For Tonight's Debate - Pray for a Miracle 15:38:14
Newt Gingrich, natural woman - S.E. Cupp editorial 15:38:09
Americans for Prosperity spends $6M linking Obama to Solyndra in ad 15:31:03
Call, Text, EMail Right Now! 15:30:16
Glenn Greenwald: "Who are the victims of civil liberties assaults and Endless War?" 15:29:23
URGENT: DeMint *on the fence*! Tell him he can still support eventual nominee but should say, "Paul would be best to cut debt!" 15:28:28
tonight's debate! important! 15:25:53
Why Are All These Candidates Still in the GOP Race? 15:25:07
WE ARE THE real TEA party 15:24:53
Sen.Jim DeMint's NOT-Endorsement 'Endorsement' of Dr. Paul! About to do a RoboCall! 15:24:47
Ron to talk to SC teaparty gathering - looks like it will be live streamed at CNN 15:21:57
NY Times admits it deep-sixed Ron Paul 15:17:02
Ron Paul Parade by South Florida Grassroots (Massive Exposure) 15:14:57
Tom Woods Responds to Gary Bauer's Anti-Ron Paul Position 15:11:49
Auctioning off Kelly Clarkson CD signed by Ron Paul 15:10:59
Actress Julie Newmar endorses Ron Paul for president! 15:10:57
Which Republican Candidate Would Dr. King Have Lunch With 15:05:37
Student needs help to help RP 15:04:19
The Times Admits it Deep-Sixed Ron Paul 15:03:45
FL POLL: Romney 42%, Gingrich 25%, Santorum 9%, Paul 8% 15:00:46
Live Chat w/Adam Kokesh tonight 8:30 pm EST 14:57:44
Sitting in Airport in Springfield,MO and wearing Ron Paul t-shirt. All kinds of positive feedback 14:56:53
Shariah in America’s courts Koranic law: Coming to a city near you 14:55:40
Huntsman Calls It Quits, Drops Out, Endorses Romney (Predictably) 14:53:29
Jim DeMint To Appear In Ron Paul “Robo Call” 14:52:57
Ron Paul's 1-1-1 Plan 14:49:23
Does Your Vote Really Count! 14:48:41
Milton Friedman 14:45:07
Activists say pro-Santorum vote was rigged 14:43:35
Foreign Policy 14:43:02
Don't be fooled Daily Paulers The Real Threat to Internet Freedom is Not SOPA. 14:42:36
Each picture is worth a thousand words. Let's get Jon Stewart to do a story on this! 14:39:07
Hate Ron Paul? Blame the establishment 14:34:56
Jan.16 @ 4:30 pm EST - RP will be live on CNN at SC Faith and Freedom Coalition 14:29:45
Pinocchio for President? 14:29:42
The Times admits it deep-sixed Ron Paul 14:29:34
Ask Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC) for Ron endorsement! 14:29:14
Dr. Ron Paul- 6 reasons he is electable and will win 14:29:11
AD "Big Dogs" comes to SC! 14:26:44
Please give us reports from South Carolinians on the Endorsement 14:26:36
When was the last time you heard the Pledge of Allegiance on TV? 14:22:08
Romney=Michael Chertoff/Newt=CIA/BAE 14:19:59
* Fox News engages in illegal Voter Supression * Attention: Attorneys for Ron Paul 14:14:34 Rick Santorum Lies About Ron Paul 14:08:07
SC State Senator Tom Davis who endorsed Ron yesterday needs our support against push back 14:07:23
Richard Viguerie: CHQ Republican Presidential Straw Poll - Ron Paul 56% 14:02:54
Media Bias New York Times? Admits it deep-sixed Ron Paul 14:01:30
The Times admits it deep-sixed Ron Paul 13:59:55
Shocker! (Not) Jeb Bush to endorse Mitt Romney before the Florida primary 13:59:08
Great Poster, Good for a Laugh 13:59:02
NY Times Editor admits to silencing news about Ron Paul 13:56:52
Mitt Romney picks George W.Bush lawyers as judicial advisors 13:56:15
The Times admits it deep-sixed Ron Paul 13:52:30
Video: Political expert, Mallory, sits down with S.C. New's 2 talks about endorsements 13:43:36
One of President Paul's main issue is the Federal Reserve... 13:38:48
Full HD video of Myrtle Beach Rally with complete speeches from Senator Davis and Dr. Paul 13:29:59
Howard Stern calls Ron Paul a nutjob, says he needs to be locked up. Time to blow up his email! 13:26:22
Rev. Manning: Ron Paul Is The Most Electable Candidate 13:26:15
heading to Forida to vote in early primary 13:19:41
ALERT : Fox News continues the lie! 13:16:12
Newt Gingrich Sides With Bill Clinton Over Conservatives In 1995 $40 Billion Mexican Bailout 13:14:38
RT: Huntsman drops out...Ron surgesAWESOME picture 13:14:30
(New Supporter) SC Debate Awareness Plan 13:12:14
James David Manning is a Stop Ron Paul group member! 13:10:08
Effective Ron Paul Ecard 13:04:35
Why I'm Suing Barack Obama - Chris Hedges 13:03:30
Billionaire investor endorses Ron Paul 12:58:38
Nevada Strategy is Emerging as the Key focus of Ron Paul Campaign: Here's the Details 12:53:37
South Carolina Ground Force 12:50:43
Ron Paul should address the truth, We are Broke! so you should ask ?, Do I want to be poor with my rights or poor with out them 12:44:06
How to elect Ron Paul, whether the ignorant masses like it or not 12:40:19
FNC Fascist News Channel 12:38:14
So how do I answer this one? 12:37:23
Gun RIghts... Where does your candidate stand? 12:37:16
Elizabeth Warren Steals Page from Our Playbook-Money Bomb Raises over $100,000 12:36:39
NBC'S Tom Brokaw to be present *tonight* at the Debate Party in Greenville SC! Come OUT! 12:36:16
Why We Need Dr. Paul 12:34:02
Ron Paul Poll Latest, 2nd in South Carolina: Consequential Boost 12:33:46
Santorum charity for the poor spent most of its money on management, political friends 12:30:05
Funny but not funny 12:29:14
Carl Cameron Completely Ignores Paul 12:25:05
Call to South Carolina Supporters, Represent your County and stop at every Household! 12:13:34
Did anyone sign this contract? 12:03:28
Trust, Character, Knowledge, Experience, and Wisdom 11:56:40
Closing The Sale 11:55:45
Keep your Head Up We're In this for the Long Haul 11:53:50
Huffington Post; Ron Paul; 6 Reasons He Is Electable and Will Win 11:53:23
ALERT: Santorum Death Rattle - Press Conference Today 11:49:46
Nuts and Bolts 11:46:09
Paul’s philosophies make him the best one 11:38:25
If this is all they can dig up on Dr Paul! 11:38:11
Tonights debate : NDAA, SOPA, Enemy Expatriation Act 11:35:02
Too much time wasted on negative media 11:32:34
Google This! 11:29:43
A legal way to get around the UCMJ restrictions on endorsements while in uniform. 11:28:08
Keep This Resource in Mind When You're Researching 11:27:52
Worst Hit Piece on the Good Doctor Yet - From Canada? 11:22:48
Buchanan interview 11:18:04
Romney- political stunt 11:16:33
The State SC Newspaper shows how irrelevant it has become. Endorses Huntsman just in time for him to drop out 11:10:04
Converting govt agencies to non-profits 11:07:33
Dr Paul being targeted for Airline Ticket Expense, LMAO! 11:06:44
POLITICO: Ron Paul returns to South Carolina after four-day absence 11:01:23
Video of people affected by Romney's business decisions 11:01:22
Opposing the FUD in SC 10:59:21
Why doesn't Senator Tom Davis have a wikipedia page? 10:59:12
Please get this info to Ron Paul's staff 10:55:58
What their homes tell us about the candidates 10:53:43
18 St. Louis Schools Place Monitoring Devices on Students 10:50:23
Dana Bash gets manhandled by cop while following Dr. Paul 10:49:54
Dailypaulers, r3VOLutionaries, the campaign, this song is for you! 10:43:01
Video - Fox NEws : Ron Paul moving up will get more endorsements 10:42:49
RT: U.S. Media Working with Military Industrial Complex 10:36:11
Excerpt from George Washington's Farewell Address - Ron Paul's foreign policy is that of our founding father 10:34:35
Linkin Park-No More Sorrow (perfect rEVOLution song) 10:30:53
Missing from Sunday's Fox Forum? 10:25:35
Ron Paul Surges in South Carolina: Republican Race Turns Competitive [Great Photo of Ron Paul] 10:12:05
DeMint's un-endorsement: says likes all candidates equally 10:11:54
Let's keep our eyes on the ball, this is what wins Ron Paul South Carolina - don't forget it and use it often 10:11:20
I was wrong. NOT defending Dr. Paul's Foreign Policy has been a BRILLIANT strategy. 10:10:38
New Article: 10 Years Later! 10:08:11
Evangelicals Looking For A Conservative President Choose Ron Paul Not Fox News Or Rush Limbaugh Candidate 09:59:46
John Huntsman to drop out of Presidential race 09:53:19
Huntsman OUT! 09:49:59
Great Article - Six Reasons [Ron Paul] is Electable and Will Win! 09:44:25
How to raise 100 million needed to beat Obama? “Buy Dr. Paul one coffee every week for 30 weeks.“ 09:07:07
Poetic Justice. US: Republican Sponsor Of Bill To Require Drug Testing For Georgia Welfare Recipients Arrested For DUI 08:30:15
Victory for Internet Freedom: Obama Announces Opposition to SOPA, Congress Shelves Bill 08:27:49
Pat Buchanan Says Ron Paul is Authentic 08:23:31
The As*Ho*ecciated Press slanders Ron Paul 08:21:34
Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Down! 08:19:46
First they came for Ron Paul 08:16:12
Ron Paul is Not going to go away 08:11:19
Fox Debate in SC 08:03:01
Santorum charity for the poor spent most of its money on management, political friends 07:27:35
Amazing Ron Paul "Speed" quote collage! 07:27:21
Ron Paul Needs To Clean Up His Home, Get Some New Lawn Chairs - MSNBC 07:10:02
Focusing on Nomination, Paul Plots a Backup Plan 06:52:51
Where will Ron Paul be speaking today? 06:43:51
a graphic to bring a smile about SC 06:35:05
If corporations are people, then Mitt Romney is Mitt the Ripper. - Colbert Super PAC Ad 05:52:23
Orlando Sentinel Hit Piece - Dr. Paul's Flight Expenses 05:26:25
Neoconservatives are Socialists? Did we just figure this out? 05:23:01
AP's New SMEAR: RP travels 1st Class! Without citing that he returns $141k/yr to Treasury! 05:19:52
Iran & the Primaries 05:18:06
MONSANTO Food Monopolization & Genetically Modified Seeds 05:01:10
[To Entertain] Connecting some economic dots thru a French joke? 04:59:06
Jon Huntsman to quit Republican presidential race 04:58:52
February 14th MoneyBomb: Repeal the Valentine’s Day Massacre Of Liberty 04:56:36
I like RON paul - Except his Foreign Policy I like Jesus - Except on Loving your Neighbor 04:54:53
The Top 10 Reasons Why Dr. Ron Paul Is the Only Rational Choice 04:48:47
Don’t Ever Expect to See the Graphic Again - Dvorak Blog 04:42:51
Shouldn't There be Alot More New Members Due To The Super Brochure? 04:16:22
Strong endorsement by WND columnist 04:14:17
Tom Davis is an OUTSTANDING Advocate for Dr. Paul 03:54:09
Israel/Benjamin Netanyahu agrees with Ron Paul 03:53:05
Lee Atwater endorses Ron Paul: 03:49:19
Please thank Senator Davis for his endorsement 03:40:25
80% DROP in moneybomb rate since day 1! 03:38:24
LEVIN: Couldn't vote for Paul as GOP nominee; Paul "not always accurate" about constitution 03:28:14
Biggest South Carolina endorsement treated to near blackout coverage - Examiner 03:16:45
Ron Paul: CENSORED by FOX in 2008 03:13:59
Ron Paul Vs. Romney & Santorum.. Foreign policy 03:12:03
South Carolina Primary Details 03:05:32
Ron Paul Superstar in Myrtle Beach, SC: Video 03:03:37
*VIDEO* Sen Tom Davis endorsement AND Ron Paul speech 1/15/2012 02:57:43
FOX News is Falsely Reporting that South Carolina is a Closed Primary State 02:46:36
Soviet Central Bank Head/Viktor Gerashchenko, 1989-1991... 02:37:42
On the Federal Reserve 02:36:54
Yoda Paul Meme 02:26:24
Ron Paul - Who is Representing You? -South Carolina AD- 02:23:57
Ron Paul - Electability 02:17:10
Liberals & Conservatives: Their Blind Spot (Cognitive Dissonance) 02:12:36
Huntsman: "Romney would be a status quo," Jan. 4, 2012 in Manchester, NH 02:05:52
Vote for Ron Paul or this could happen to our Bill of Rights.. [VIDEO] 02:04:05
SGTreport and Bob Chapman interview about Ron Paul 02:03:51
A little bit of history repeating... 02:02:05
Video: South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis Endorses Ron Paul 02:01:22
South Carolina Surge: Ron Paul Sign Wave - Spartanburg, SC 01/14/12 and more! 01:59:37
Does anyone else legitimately fear for Ron Paul's life (and his VP if elected)? 01:54:17
Central and Western New York State Sister City Sign Mob/Bomb Challenge 01:51:50
In all seriousness, can he do what he says he'll do if elected? 01:48:20
CIA Accidentally Overthrows Costa Rica! (Onion News) 01:47:11
Fox news poll - should we go to war? Vote now! 01:46:04
The Best Thing I Have Ever Seen! "Ron Paul Is The Most Electable Candidate" 01:44:37
Putting The 'Tangle' In Geo. Washington's Cautionary "Entangling Alliances" Speech... 01:44:29
The Onion: BEST Debate Moments 01:43:00
How to obtain the African American Vote 01:42:59
Ron Paul insulted by media, in SPANISH... LOL Unbelievable 01:39:42
Santorum to Romney: Get Your Super PAC Pals to Pull False Ad on Met 01:32:37
I might not be the first to say this but all I have to say is Ron Paul / Tom Davis Ticket 2012! 01:22:41
Radio Interview: Kelly Clarkson on Ron Paul Endorsement 01:16:31
CNN: Paul Scores Sought After Endorsement in South Carolina 01:15:40
Ron Paul's big South Carolina endorsement reported on CNN, ABC 01:12:39
Two Federal Reserve Candidates V. Ron Paul 01:08:44
NJ Mayor: $1,000 to turn in your gun owning neighbors 01:08:15
The Wounded Warrior Project 01:07:36
Vegas Vacation with Ron Paul 01:02:53
Illegal Ron Paul campaign tactic 01:00:43
Tom Davis endorses Ron Paul in Myrtle Beach, SC *video* 00:58:29
Help Revolution Pac, Run Adherence to the Oath Ad! 00:58:03
Tom Davis Endorsement Near Blackout? 00:58:00
Tom Davis Endorsement Video 00:53:38
Dana Bash's husband, John King, moderating SC debate? 00:51:13
it's not the man, it's the message 00:49:22
OPINION: Insider Advantage is *junk poll* (*one-half* day sampling period!) 00:48:27
Defense contractors and congressmen - cozy relationship 00:47:55
Tomorrow's Debate 00:41:48
Commercials in Spanish 00:40:08
REPORT: Results of my interviews with Bible-belt churchgoers in Greenville, SC 00:39:38
Ron Paul, America’s Last Chance 00:32:40
Bain Capitol was just a corporate raider 00:31:03
Ron Paul Revolution - I Hung My Head (Johnny Cash) 00:30:37
Miami Herald: Paul returns to SC, picks up key endorsement 00:27:14
Insider Advantage SC Poll: Romney 32%, Gingrich 21%, Paul 14%, Santorum 13% 00:27:11
the real anti-romney message 00:26:03
Two Weeks Ago Huntsman told ABC's Berman: He Did Not Trust Romney 00:23:33
-Video- Jon Huntsman Drops Out Of Presidential Race! 00:14:37
Shout out to the DailyPaul and for the Constitution 00:13:01
Smelling a Rat: Bain Capital *LITERALLY* Owner of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Levin... 00:08:35
Ron Paul Results 2008/2012 00:06:43
Ron Paul Interview/Segment on Geraldo at Large (1/15/12) 00:02:10
Huntsman Out! Plans to Endorse Romney! 00:01:26
We are not going to hold your hand, Kotecki 09:17:10