Posted on January 17, 2012

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Ron Paul Campaign Sues Makers of Video Deriding GOP Ex-Candidate Huntsman 21:56:07
Ron Paul Campaign To Newt, Santorum, Perry: "It's Over" 20:24:56
Packed House Greets Paul in Rock Hill, South Carolina 19:40:52
Video: Ron Paul Supporters on CNN 14:26:24
Fox News: 'Ron Paul didn't just do well, he did the best' 11:29:31
Video: Sen Tom Davis KILLS It on Cavuto! Promises More Sen Endorsements to Come! 13:13:13
Hot Mic: Ron Paul says his foreign policy views have not alienated voters [VIDEO] 07:31:27
The Ron Paul PWNAGE Continues! 05:09:09
Fox News Panel Unanimously Agree: GOP Can't Win in 2012 w/o Ron Paul's Support 09:10:47
Brian Frank (Ron Paul supporter) Interviewed by NBC's Tom Brokaw 02:08:33
Ron Paul Highlights in South Carolina Debate - 1/16/2012 23:41:55
Senator Tom Davis' Endorsement and Ron Paul Speech, Myrtle Beach SC 1/15/2012 00:46:23
South Carolina Battle of Cowpens Money Bomb Raises Over $1.7M 23:19:10
118,694 + Super Brochures En Route to Nevada Voters 23:00:51
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another way of fighting for our liberty 23:57:43
Powerful New Video - This Needs to be Spread! 23:57:36
First Class Flight smear debunked by unlikely source. 23:56:16
Anyone just watch Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC just support RP 23:54:08
OMG! Lawrence O'Donnell just defended Ron Paul 23:53:37
Liberty Killing Cancer Cluster 23:53:22
Attention all DP'ers: Tell us about the Liberty/Freedom candidates in YOUR state (so we can support them) 23:53:06
Today - News Segment on Ron Paul WOLO-TV ABC Columbia, South Carolina 23:47:22
Define American Interests around the world 23:47:10
A small sign we're getting our message out there 23:46:56
This is a must read!Top Five: Why I Support Ron Paul 23:45:06
ATL GA Activist Looking for Help 23:41:34
McCain's 2008 "Romney Opposition Book" 23:38:29
Virginia GOP scraps plans for loyalty oath 23:34:20
Paul supporters in Rock Hill say he’s their man in SC 23:32:43
Today - Local TV Coverage of Ron Paul WLTX CBS19 Columbia, South Carolina 23:31:34
MSNBC NOW! 9:30 PM CDT 23:31:20
Image (or Imagine): President Paul & First Lady Carol inside the Presidential Limo 23:30:00
Paul's candidacy takes on feel of a movement in South Carolina 23:27:02
Ron Paul to interrupt campaign to vote against debt ceiling hike 23:23:24
Bin Laden , in his world of thinking , what would be the greater insult, Death with out an American trial Or An American Trial 23:23:12
Rush Limbaugh exposes himself and Fox news "The Ron Paul influence needs to be reduced" 23:21:06
Bloomberg: Ron Paul Campaign Sues Makers of Video Deriding GOP Ex-Candidate Huntsman 23:20:24
More Proof We Are Headed For Disaster 23:13:36
Do you have a cell phone? 23:12:30
Amazing Ron Paul "Speed" quote collage! Ron Paul Painting! 23:10:16
This article shows Dr. Ron Paul will win South Carolina 23:07:29
If you harmed the Dome of the Rock, An Islamic Holy site, what would happen, and why would you think Islam will Nuke Jerusalem 23:07:16
Ron Paul booed about Golden Rule: What would Jesus say? 23:05:52
what you gotta love about Sarah palins comment 23:03:49
The Collage of Liberty 22:57:20
Media caught blacking out SOPA 22:57:00
Do you have trouble packing Ron Paul 2012 signs in your luggage? 22:56:40
Be Careful Making International "Tax Free" Purchases in the Bullion World 22:53:51
Argument against the Neocon PART II 22:53:36
My Opinion on how RP needs to address his forgien policy 22:49:45
I love Ron Paul's foreign policy ! 22:45:43
Pentagon's Mobile Body Scanners Hit U.S. Streets 22:45:12
Ron Paul Media Bias Blackout at Myrtle Beach Debate. Ron Paul Was Cut Off 22:43:17
why did the people want Sarah Palin Anyways, I mean if you wanted Obama in the white House 22:41:50
Is Ron Paul a Sex Object? 22:41:46
Stephen Colbert Makes It Clear: SC is an Open Primary 22:41:23
Sarah Palin has chosen sides with the Establishment 22:33:03
Ron Paul is not for peace: The argument against the Neocon 22:32:08
Everyone PLEASE forget about Sarah Palin! 22:30:28
Two BIG topics that I have just uncovered. 22:29:11
Ron Paul Campaign Sues Makers of Video Deriding GOP Ex-Candidate Huntsman 22:25:32
Reagan Town 22:22:04
Landslide: 47% of the GOP agrees with Paul's foreign policy; 70% of Democrats do. 22:14:27
Let us take a moment to "review' Levin's new book 22:12:33
Ron should agree with Gingrich 22:08:49
Ron Paul is really running against Obama and Bush 22:07:21
VA AG Fears DC Law May Relocate Rat 'Families' to Virginia 22:07:05
MSNBC just said they found more newsletters! Here we go AGAIN 22:07:04
Who is Crazy? 22:05:59
Believe it or not, the federal government operated for about 150 years without an income tax! 22:05:52
New Obama OMB director a Bain alum 22:05:03
A different narrative on foreign policy 22:04:58
Ben Swann on FB Proves the Liberty Movement is WINNING! 22:04:53
The Ed Show Just Reported On More Ron Paul Newsletters 22:00:24
Nancy Pelosi: GOP knows Mitt Romney can’t win 21:57:03
RP: The Strongest Man in the World 21:55:58
Dirty Harry's Words Of Wisdom To The GOP 21:51:18
Baptist Minister Voddie Baucham Endorses Ron Paul 21:49:06
Max Boot (Council on Foreign Relations) attacks Ron Paul 21:44:05
Quit being Distracted From our Goal 21:17:48
Why doesn't Perry drop out? 21:17:14
Foreign Company Buys U.S. Election Reporting Firm 21:16:43
Anyone Have a Carpool Going to Florida? 21:16:10
The Middle Class Disappears, Rise of the Praetorian Class 21:14:02
What RP should bring to light in the next debate! 21:13:39
Would Mitt ask Ron to be his VP? 21:13:22
FOX NEWS running brand new poll. 21:09:25
Hey, GOP: Your boy, Cheney, gave Nukes to Iran! 21:09:14
Public Policy Polling is asking where they should poll this weekend! 21:09:03
I side 75% with Ron Paul 21:06:23
Influence Gallup to make a poll Paul vs Obama with party affiliation info 21:03:59
DP, I hate SOPA too, but U goin dark is gonna force me to go outside. 20:55:48
Information for defending Dr.Paul's Foreign Policy 20:54:52
Perry draws Turkey rebuke over debate comments 20:53:38
Glenn Beck Compares Ron Paul to Osama bin Laden! 20:50:36
Marxist Levin: "I was Gonna Support Ron Paul, but You Gave my Book One Star!" 20:50:24
Ron Paul speaks to America's values, gets booed 20:48:30
Just Owned My Precinct with SBs 20:38:22
Why are Republican organ grinders against Ron Paul? 20:36:13
Drudge : Paul campaign to everyone else its over ! 20:32:57
DRUDGE: Paul Campaign To Newt, Santorum, Perry: “It's Over” 20:32:26
Obamney! (2 of a Kind) Obama Hires BAIN Alum for Office of Management and Budget 20:27:57
Romney "probably" pays 15% in taxes 20:24:20
hey nasty newt! Andrew Jackson said kill the central bank 20:23:15
Ron Paul: "I Went." Newt Gingrich: "Kill Them." 20:21:11
If Mitt Romney Is So 'Electable,' 20:18:41
Bill Kristol -> sun 20:18:32
Pulitzer Prize-Winner Sues Obama Over NDAA, Says Occupy Wall Street is the Target. 20:15:02
Famed Houston Baptist Pastor Endorses Ron Paul 20:10:30
Michael Moore: Serial Hypocrisy 20:06:41
I'm calling for a Ron Paul 'Fast and Pray-A-Thon'! 20:00:55
Caller stumping Mark Levin on Marijuana debate. 20:00:17
The case of Newt Gingrich and Andrew Jackson 19:55:06
We won't get fooled again! 19:53:50
I've been trying to convince my 80 yr old mother to vote for Paul for years... 19:45:55
Ron Paul is #1 with the Military and #2 with Evangelical Christians (video) 19:42:42
BREAKING: Appeals Court Denies Perry's VA Ballot lawsuit 19:41:55
Ron Paul leaves presidential campaign trail to vote on raising nation’s debt ceiling 19:38:21
The "Love" Bomb: February 14th: Let's Get Back To Basics 19:25:21
If Mitt Romney Is So 'Electable,' Then Why Didn’t Republicans Nominate Him in 2008? 19:22:31
It's already a two-way race! Paul Versus Obama 19:18:25
Two can play that game 19:14:41
If you want Third Party/Independent candidates, then support 19:13:50
Need a Ron Paul Bumper Sticker? 19:12:47
-VIDEO- Ron Paul campaigns in Spartanburg 1-17-2012 19:11:48
Newt Gingrich Calls For Perry And Santorum To Drop Out To Beat Romney 19:11:18
Ben Swann was nominated for a Shorty Award. He's in the top 10 in Activism. Let's get him to #1 18:57:07
Clock is Ticking, Time to Get to WORK in South Carolina! 18:53:29
RP should ask war romney how many of his 5 sons are going to attack iran 18:51:53
Local News Coverage in SC on Ron Paul? 18:48:33
Ron Paul is the Strongest on defense. 18:45:07
*ATT: Students* Free SRLC Debate Tickets, 1/19 Charleston, SC 18:43:54
OK, I've had it the American people 18:40:58
It is official From Court of Appeals: Perry, Newt, Santorum will NOT be on VA ballot 18:40:18
Jews against Ron Paul ad in South Carolina The most hated video on YT 18:38:54
Canadians joining Wikipedia in protesting against proposed US anti-piracy law 18:38:49
The Telemachus Moment 18:36:35
Federal Reserve Illustration 18:35:50
CBS NEWS: Mitt Romney might not actually have won Iowa 18:32:49
Romney's Response to a Disabled Man Regarding Medical Marijuana 18:32:02
Exposing the utter hypocrisy of Santorum 18:27:49
Military Spending vs Defense Spending 18:27:12
Attention: Mark Levin's Ameritopia is on Amazon 18:26:07
*My Dinner Goes To Dr. Ron Paul* 18:23:10
deja vu...Who were the Sadducees and the Pharisees 18:20:23
Call to Action! Veterans, Active Duty Military, LEO's and Oath Keepers - Ron Paul Honor Corp 18:18:59
Why I’m Suing Barack Obama 18:15:58
How to talk to the "Evangelical Right" about Dr. Paul. 18:15:33
A Foreign Policy for our Children 18:14:42
Snippet of Ron Paul Rally Spartanburg Marriott 01/17/12 18:05:34
ABC/Wash Post National Poll: Romney 36%, Paul 16%, Gingrich 16%, Santorum 13%, Perry 9% 18:04:46
Front page of SC local news (WLTX): Paul interview 18:01:07
March 5th debate at Reagan Library. 18:00:16
Paul to vote on debt ceiling increase - Press Release! 17:57:31
CARTOON - Mitt Romney Takes a Stand? 17:53:51
How About this for an Osama Bin Laden Answer? 17:52:42
Is Fox News Actually FOR Obama? 17:47:29
1st post. Thinking of sending this to local papers. Thoughts? 17:47:10
Death of a Party 17:46:27
Great Grassroots Parade In Florida 17:40:45
I was just on Michael Medved Show - TRYING to defend Ron Paul. 17:33:12
New Monmouth University poll for South Carolina 17:31:53
How the SC debate was "rigged" 17:24:48
read in the paper today 17:24:35
Everyone please stop buying into the MSM's and Neocons game 17:24:32
Updated Throwing my hat in the ring tonight 17:24:30
Super Bowl Ad 17:15:29
Occupy people in Rayburn LIVE broadcast 17:11:38
Please help us! Iowans and New Hampshirite Attention Please! 17:09:04
Bill Kristol wants Ron Paul out of the G.O.P 17:05:34
How have the Debaties changed their positions? 17:05:17
Turkey reacts to Rick Perry's terrorist accusation 17:01:41
Viguerie Endorses Santorum - subscription cancelled 16:59:12
Washington Times: Ron Paul races back to Washington to vote against debt ceiling increase 16:58:57
4:30 PM ET - LIVE on CNN Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting in Rock Hill, SC 16:58:34
Why Ron Paul? Pastor Voddie Baucham Explains. 16:53:28
Make a Persuasive, Comprehensive Argument for Ron Paul by Sharing 1 Link 16:44:06
Dr. Paul, sopa, & ndaa 16:41:51
Romney supports NDAA! 16:41:13
The charter of the Fed expires at midnight 12-31-12 16:29:39
War on Terror Proponents . . . Promote Terrorist Attack? 16:25:12
Final iowa count may still go to Santorum 16:25:09
Did We @ Daily Paul create the basis for the sopa/pipa blackout? 16:23:34
Anti Ron Paul Movement Imitating Ron Paul Campaign Callers to Kill Votes 16:22:03
So is SOPA Dead? Not Exactly 16:16:26
So how did I do?... 16:15:54
Vote On Jerry Doyle's Poll Of The Day 16:15:51
The Article That Could Cripple Neoconservatism 16:13:03
Wall Street Journal Reports SC Endorsements for Paul 16:12:56
A former Presidents take on Ron Paul's foreign policy 16:10:46
Why Romney is unelectable "video". 16:06:29
ALERT: GuardianUK's Most Fairest MSM Profile on RP, TNR rehashes New Smear 2.0 16:06:03
I'm Over 40 and I LOVE Ron Paul 16:01:25
Paul at Spartanburg Rally 15:58:40
STRONG Endorsement by Tom Davis on Neil Cavuto! 15:53:25
My new Slogan for Mitt's 2012 Campaign 15:46:45
Smoking Gun Documents On Iran “Found” By US-Backed Terror Group 15:46:36
BANNED at for Ron Paul Support 15:44:17
poll: OBAMA 48% -PAUL 46% - CNN Baffled 15:40:31
Fox News Anchor Doesn't seem Happy About Ron Paul Support 15:36:53
I'm Looking For The Satorum Thread 15:32:07
So, What is Ron Paul's End Game? 15:31:20
Ron Paul polls strong against Obama 15:30:25
It's Capitalism That is at stake here 15:29:49 President Johnson (Mormon) Endorses Ron Paul 15:27:15
Myrtle Beach Debate # of times... 15:25:59
Foreign Policy Thread: Post Your Links! 15:23:36
Vote Ron Paul for president 15:23:29
Paul gains major Endorsements that you may not have heard about 15:10:13
Perfect Answer to Osama Bin Laden Question, IMHO 15:07:06
Ron Paul Nevada Team Salutes Newest ‘Veterans for Ron Paul’ 15:06:25
RUSSIA: Attack on Iran is an Attack on Moscow 15:04:53
Ron Paul Ad "He Cares About the Environment" 15:01:47
Any Live Feeds right now for Spartanburg Town Hall?> 15:00:01
Bill Kristol challenges Ron Paul to debate! 14:59:44
I am NOT a Ron Paul sycophant 14:59:08
"I Don't Want Ten More Osama Bin Ladens" 14:55:46
Busting the Romney Myth: He is not "electable" 14:52:13
Attorney On Ron Paul and How States Can Fight NDAA 14:50:24
South Carolina State Senators Lee Bright, Kevin Bryant and Danny Verdin officially endorse Ron Paul for POTUS! 14:49:57
Liberty Painter: 100% going to campaign! 14:49:28
Public Policy Poll; is rigged because . . . 14:45:48
Drudgereport Front Page Poll, please vote 14:43:51
What does the World think of Americans after that debate 14:42:57
Nullify the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 14:40:59
Google and Wikipedia join SOPA protest 14:36:37
Ron Paul Wins South Carolina Debate Despite Fox News Trying To Exclude Him 14:34:42
Mitt "I would just like to ask you to pass this message on to a friend." 14:32:15
234 articles on Ron Paul's travel expenses. Are they scared? 14:30:13
Was Jesus Booed In SC? Debate Reaction On The Robert Scott Bell Show This Morning 14:29:57
How to Succintly Counter Deception Among Christians 14:28:31
A Question I would like for the Ron Paul Campaign to Pose to Mitt Romney in debate 14:26:19
Please make this Video (Golden Rule) 14:22:20
New attack! 14:22:07
Ron and Carol's Anniversary money bomb 14:18:38
Coming Soon: Rigged LOCAL elections 14:17:57
Put America first for CHANGE! 14:13:56
We are in this to WIN the nomination! 14:11:30
Liberty Day Challenge 2012 14:02:39
Ron Paul Receives Key Endorsements from Three South Carolina State Senators 13:59:56
Christians and the Bible, Proverbs 26. *Give peace a chance* 13:59:12
"Rolling in the Deep" Tribute to Ron Paul 13:59:01
Idea for states like Florida 13:58:47
Mittens flip flops in record time 13:52:51
What is the DailyPaul doing to stop SOPA? 13:48:26
Just Called The RNC 13:46:09
Just Called My Senators 13:43:55
Beck hammered Ron Paul with flat out Lies? 13:40:54
It is official: Тhree more SC senators endorse Ron Paul 13:35:48
Paul and Romney have the best numerology for 2012. 13:33:52
Dr. Paul Supporter Radio Host Eviscerates Repubs, Dems, Limbaugh 13:25:42
The Wave Hits The Chief Neocon ... Bill Kristol gets punked on C-Span 13:25:25
The Guardian (UK): Ron Paul: Maverick Who Could Decide the Future of the Republican Party 13:24:29
RP Needs To Hammer This Home! 13:24:10
So, you think Ron Paul is too old for this fight? May this piece of history RALLY all of us! 13:23:48
Help me make a video plz 13:23:34
WSJ: Ron Paul Gets "SHOT IN THE ARM" 13:14:13
"The Industry" plugs RP in front of 8000 people, Needs your help to reach even more! (video) 13:12:43
Key National Defense Arguments 13:11:11
NEW ABC News/Wash. Post Poll: Romney 36%, PAUL 16%, Gingrich 16%, Santorum 13% 13:10:12
This is How You Vote for Ron Paul in the SC Primary on Saturday Jan 21st! 13:07:54
Who Really Owns the Mainstream Media? 13:07:24
Can we get Whole Foods CEO John Mackey to endorse Ron Paul 13:02:58
TOTAL Ron Paul Blackout, then read the comments 12:55:46 President Jonathan Johnson Endorses Ron Paul for the Presidency 12:52:04
Maybe someone could put this together... 12:51:15
A Medley: CNN interview with young voters in the middle 12:50:25
Politico: GOP Knows Romney Can't Win 12:48:55
Hail Caesar, are we the Republic of America! or the Republic of ROME 12:48:25
Romney Publicly Confesses to the Crime of Treason (VIDEO) 12:48:15
Revolution 12:40:05
Celebrity Endorsement AD...please make it 12:38:58
The strongest man in the world 12:37:03
Things For Some Christians To Ponder About U.S. Foreign Policy 12:34:47
Wikipedia to shut down Wednesday over SOPA 12:33:24
CATO Media: Great Foreign Policy Discussion 12:25:05
Campaign Funding Solution. Coming to a theatre near you! 12:24:57
I no longer support Christian radio - should you join me? 12:23:54
Ron Paul: The Strongest Man in the World? 12:23:39
RP Supporters-Vote MITT in SC 12:20:14
*drudge report to VOTE NOW* third column 12:16:08
VIDEO: Defense of Homeschooling by a Couple of Ron Paul Supporters 12:15:36
NY Times admits RP Blackout 12:11:51
Video: Ron Paul "Not going anywhere...tough as nails!" 12:07:09
Occupy The Federal Reserve - I think Russell Simmons is a RON PAUL supporter :) 12:04:15
"Ron Paul is the STRONGEST Man in the World"! - Article 12:03:12
Mitt Romney 12:00:53
quietly plots ... MSM tries anything 11:58:26
CNN Video: Students explain Ron Paul phenomenon 11:52:08
I saw a man who wasn't there 11:50:13
Santorum Smiling at Golden Rule being booed 11:49:33
Planting seeds... 11:41:58
ATTN SC or Ron Paul Staff Regarding Town Hall Meeting. Urgent! 11:39:19
POLL: Can Ron Paul Be Kingmaker? 11:38:40
The Fox Debate - The Horror The Horror 11:37:58
1,206 of 1,892 people have never heard of SOPA (Have you?) 11:35:16
Who's likely to benefit from future dropouts? 11:35:12
I want my President to sware an oath to the Constitution, not to the Republic Of Rome 11:30:32
I want my President to sware an oath to the Constitution, not to the Republic Of Rome 11:30:30
Voddie Baucham endorsement for Ron Paul! Spread it far and wide in the Christian community! 11:26:28
Dr. Paul is the ONLY one of the candidates FIT to be Commander in Chief! 11:26:00
War Profiteering Media? 11:21:53
Superbowl advertising idea? 11:17:35
Mission Impossible: Is War Good For Business? 11:15:35
Rachel Maddow Apologizes To Ron Paul For Graphic Snafu (VIDEO) 11:15:24
The Bible & Ron Paul 11:15:21
Going Viral 11:13:14
I was on KLBJ AM 590 today 11:09:44
CNN: Ron Paul Right to Distinguish "Military" from "Defense" Spending! [VIDEO] 11:06:48
Debate or a New Advertisement idea for Ron Paul 11:04:52
Press Conference At STate Capitol in Columbia.. Any Live Links? 11:03:04
VIDEO: Fox News Caught Completely Excluding Ron Paul From Post Debate Coverage 11:00:22
Cain endorsement coming 11:00:01
Ron Paul needs to address Foreign Policy 10:56:03
You Ron Paul supporters are obnoxious! 10:53:35
WND's Farah: Meeting the Ron Paul challenge 10:50:36
Rise of the Praetorian Class 10:50:17
i'm tired of fox news 10:50:14
Can someone clarify the facts on this. 10:49:18
Fox News Analysis: Ron Paul Dominates Debate (Twitter) 10:48:19
Australians for Ron Paul - ABC Australia Audio 10:48:03
Debate stats? 10:45:34
LIVE Video! - Paul press conference at SC State House 10:43:18
More Bombs, Less Foodstamps 10:42:38
Grading Ron Paul on Last Night's Debate 10:42:30
CNN: Paul "standing his ground;" "right to make that distinction" between military and defense spending 10:39:08
The three endorsements for today... 10:38:01
Do all Muslims have to die?, All 2.1 billion of them? To satisfy the GOP so we can feel safe?.. err control you? 10:35:21
look IN your pocket 10:33:26
Students, Unite 10:14:39
RevPac Adherence to the Oath... Did anyone see this played last night. 10:09:48
Nominate Ron Paul for a Shorty Award 10:08:39
Folks - The rubber is meeting the road now. 10:08:34
If Mitt Romney Is So 'Electable,' Then Why Didn’t Republicans Nominate Him in 2008? 10:07:39
POLL: DrudgeReport - Ron's Losing to Gingrich 10:06:26
Gingrich: Constitution is "legal mumbo jumbo" 10:04:21
why they REALLY wanted bailouts...Anyone thought of this? Banking collapse could have benefited us? 10:03:02
Nancy Pelosi slamming Romney, Praising Ron Paul on foreign policy this morning (C-Span) 10:01:07
Everybody, calm down 09:58:02
Nuts need cracking 09:52:56
How Ron Paul Helps You Be a Better Parent 09:52:01
The ONLY Bailout That Works 09:50:11
Gun Owners of America 2012 Presidential Candidate Rating 09:47:33
If Obama gets re-elected, look for the Ron Paul insurgency within the GOP to grow 09:36:11
Ron Paul Quietly Plots Backup Strategy While Seeking the Nomination 09:34:19
English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout 09:33:05
Video: Fox - "Ron Paul didn't just do well, he did the best." 09:26:52
What's going on in Charleston, SC?! Immediate action needed- Time is running out! 09:24:50
"Extremely Dangerous Americans" - Great comedy video! 09:24:28
Ron Paul Wins Twitter Debate 09:22:55
Gingrich Says He May Stay in Race Even if Romney Takes S.C. 09:22:53
I just wish he would have...! 09:21:52
Let's declare WAR on the Mainstream Media! 09:19:57
Keiser Report :Why Media is Ignoring Ron Paul 09:17:01
Michigan suspends voting rights, Detroit is next 09:15:53
Called For: "Attack"-Ad against RP's most Formidable Foe.. 09:10:32
My Aunt's very sad description of the Ron Paul Campaign in South Carolina 09:08:55
RP-SPAN Continues! 09:07:15
Nomi Prins discusses The Fed on Dylan Ratigan Show 08:59:29
Vox Day Pulls NO Punches: 10 Years Later 08:51:11
The Middle Class Disappears 08:46:47
Iranian leaders accusing each other of massive embezzlement 08:44:36
Not one question about the Federal Reserve at last night's debate 08:41:29
I'm not sure if Gingrich could have been any more racist on MLK Day. 08:34:24
Ron Paul Shines in SC Debate, Despite Fox News Antics 08:30:14
Youth missing from last nights debate 08:27:30
CNN / Charleston SC Debate 1/19 08:18:58
Mises vs Keynes 08:15:49
House GOP pushes to Rescind $100 billion IMF, Eurozone Bailout fund 08:08:41
New Ron Paul Music Video "Do you Dare" 08:07:29
Great post debate clip: Fox News Anchor not too Happy about Ron Paul support. 08:04:32
New Ron Paul Music Video "Do you Dare" 08:02:05
Ron Paul Schedule in South Carolina Tues, Jan 17 07:55:29
Poll 07:55:06
Jim DeMint in new South Carolina radio ad for Ron Paul 07:44:15
GODSPEED Campaign! 07:35:15
My response to Christian Leadership and the booing of the Golden Rule 07:34:36
Did Ron Paul really say we had No Income Tax till 1913? 07:33:07
NOTE: Ron Paul's attack deflection at last night's, Jan.16 Fox Debate 07:33:00
Housing: The one Bailout America could really use 07:25:37
Use the golden rule to convert evangelicals. 07:15:21
Mitt Romney Desperate to hide truth - Debate will take place 07:14:46
Someone spamming Drudge poll, please vote 07:09:59
THE HILL: Ron Paul could be Santorum’s stumbling block in South Carolina primary 07:03:27
Stephen Colbert is about to win SC 07:02:29
ABC NEWS: Ron Paul Quietly Plots Backup Strategy While Seeking the Nomination 06:58:38
Please Take A Moment To Watch This. 06:55:22
This article is a bit of a roller coaster 06:53:56
Arian Foster Supports Ron Paul. High quality video 06:28:59
Rachel Maddow's "honest mistake" 06:13:51
I'll Sign Up for Ron Paul's Administration Term - Services, any branch. 06:13:42
Ron Paul supporters threaten Atlanta family over Facebook comments 06:02:21
From Baby Steps to Strides 05:23:59
Hypocrisy and Dissonance: Chickenhawks and the Pro-Family Sham 05:22:08
WaPo front page - Hey, weren't there more? 05:11:11
Ron Paul, after the debate I only have one thing to say to you: 05:09:17
I thought South Carolina was a major Christian state 05:08:54
A question regarding your defense in USA 04:56:54
There's another guy in America named "Ron Paul"? 04:55:32
Wake Up Call! The Media is only "friendly" to keep you at bay. 04:53:34
Great CNN Video: You Say You Want A Revolution... Youth For Ron Paul! 04:48:20
Video:Good OL' Daily Paul makes the news 04:44:21
University Forces Student to Take Down RP Sign 04:41:36
Video: Cavuto interview with Tom Davis On Ron Paul endorsement. 04:36:51
Response to the "Left of Obama" questions 04:34:33
Who would Jesus vote for in 2012?: That question has now been answered 04:29:35
Mitt Romney Freudian Slip? 04:28:15
New hit piece calling Ron racist from TNR 04:23:58
Presidential Contenders Homes, in $'s and Sense 04:19:59
RP got 89 SECONDS in a previous debate and is almost WINNING NOW... 04:00:27
Ron Paul Landslide Win on Twitter Poll for Fox Debate! - Fox unhappy about results 03:49:48
Debate poll that doesn't include Ron Paul! Please leave your comments at least! 03:47:42
Help Me Achieve My Vision! Ron Paul National Anthem 03:36:42
Facebook Pimping User Data to Politico 03:35:24
Fox News SC Debate Stats 1-16-2012 03:26:15
Best part of tonight's debate 03:24:17
CBS NEWS: Romney contradicts past comments on abortion (with video) 03:22:15
Tom Brokaw Interviews Passionate Lady About Why She Supports Ron Paul Greenville SC 03:18:17
Bad debate performance? The numbers show we dominated! 03:16:16
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 01/16/12 03:14:18
2 face Santorum on abortion: "its ok for my wife but not anybody else" 03:08:20
HEY! Stop and think for a moment. 03:06:18
Can You Guys Proofread my Essay 03:04:10
Newt sealed his fate, with the food stamp comments and Ron will rise because of the boos 02:53:22
How to correct the SC open primary lies in 20 minutes! 02:51:26
How to Win 02:44:12
Republican Establishment 02:44:06
Are Surges Intended To Give Romney The Delegates At A Brokered Convention 02:43:00
Question 02:40:55
Concerned about Ron Paul policy towards Dept. of Energy 02:40:51
Helping Others Understand Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 02:40:34
DeMint's Book: "Now Or Never" Ironic 02:38:19
Tom Brokaw "Is There Anyone Here Supporting Anyone Else" at Repbulican Debate Viewing Greenville 02:37:45
Catch-up Action!: Vote for Ron Paul in the Fox post-debate poll! 02:34:11
Romney and my state election office 02:19:03
I think Ron Paul did awesome tonight, 3 points of proof. to change your mind if u don't 02:18:47
Jorge de la Cruz (New Ron Paul Supporter) Talks to Travinyle1 about why he supports Ron Paul 02:16:31
TWITTER goes nuclear for Ron Paul 02:16:11
Ron was GREAT in the debate 02:15:47
A poll for tonight's debate? where? 02:13:24
Twitter 02:11:53
Ron Paul being booed is business as usual 02:11:10
Was Killing Bin Laden Worth Adding $4 Trillion To Our National Debt? 02:11:02
RP...strong ON military defense! 02:08:03
Vote in Post-Debate Drudge Report Poll NOW 02:07:29
Video - Rand Paul endorses Mark Neumann for US Senate - 82 line item reductions - $2 Trillion 02:07:13
Drudge Report Myrtle Beach Debate Poll 02:04:53
Helping Others Understand Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 02:02:25
[video] Pro Choice Senator Santorum Voted to Subsidize Abortion, Planned Parenthood 01:57:54
Mitt Romney is not Natural Born, so how do we file suit to prevent him on our ballet? 01:57:49
Ron Paul won the debate, and set his course for the white house, he showed the world he is Human 01:57:41
Good news about fundraising 01:56:34
Yes, Ron Paul is Childlike 09:55:39
Headed to RP Vegas Vacation - Need to study up. DP'ers can you help w/ links? 01:52:04
Fox News Polls - Please Vote! 01:51:44
Ron Paul is trailing in this poll 01:45:24
Rachel Maddow Segment tonight 01:45:04
Fox News Interview Ron Paul from August *one of my favs* 01:42:24
The debate was GREAT! 01:38:53
New Ron Paul radio ad features DeMint 01:38:42
MULTIPLE US Generals, CIA intellgence agents ALL Endorse Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 01:38:24
Drudge Poll - Please Vote! 01:36:45
A Reminder: What We Stand For 01:33:09
South Carolina GOP Debates Parts 1 - 7 01:32:48
Michigan's Emergency Manager Law? This where we are headed! 01:32:28
Attn: South Carolina Campaign Stops for January 17, 2012 01:30:26
In the debate, did anyone else notice... 01:29:51
Vid: Awesome to the third power-RP Dominates Fox's Twitter Survey of the debate 01:29:19
the crowd and Graham, they can hang it up after SC 01:29:09
Romney's Bribe: The Pharmaceutical Companies and Mitt Romney: Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding 01:28:18
Polls...courtesy of Romney Central 01:27:40
Fluoride in Drinking Water 01:25:37
IB Times Poll 01:22:07
Exposing The Fake Christians: Time To Call Em Like We See Em 01:21:30
Imagine No Ron Paul On The Stage Tonight 01:21:00
Should he Wear his Doctors Coat? 01:20:25
WTG Austin TX Ron Paul Revolution- Making News in Perry country! 01:18:02
Fast Report From Nevada 01:17:51
NRA BILL + Bill that Santorum supported 01:16:58
Dangers of Socialism 01:16:32
I'm no political strategist...but why is this so out of the question? 01:11:56
Ron Paul wins post SC Fox News debate Twitter poll! 01:10:37
Dangers of Socialism 01:08:45
Romney-Jindal Ticket (La govn. will likely collect VP spot for moving caucus from Jan to April) 01:08:24
Dr. Paul: You're too much of a gentleman 00:57:11
The Dirty Deeds of Newt Gingrich: Political Appointee from Hell (K. Khaleel) 00:53:49
Missed Debate Opportunity 00:53:31
Jesus (and almost Ron Paul) shed a tear tonight... 00:52:53
emails from huntsman video question 00:52:42
A few short vid clips I took tonight outside the debate and at the viewing party 00:52:16
Missouri for Ron Paul - great tool available 00:49:58
Are Ron Paul Supporters the only ones with common sense.. 00:49:47
liberty bomb 00:48:58
*URGENT* How to win ALL Primaries... *Wake UP* the people! 00:47:29
ATTENTION Doug Wead! Attention Jesse Benton! RED Alert! 00:45:26
If anyone feels discouraged... 00:39:42
Mitt Romney just handed us the final Romney v. Paul fight tonight. 00:38:58
Ron Paul needs to get aggressive on explaining foreign policy 00:38:00
Who won tonight's debate poll on drudge 00:34:37
Check Out These Donation Comparisons 00:34:03