Posted on January 21, 2012

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564 delegates to be split between Paul and Romney 22:00:14
No long faces Ron Paul supporters! 21:33:57
Thank everyone in South Carolina who fought for liberty today! 21:15:22
DeMint Agrees With Ron Paul's Foreign Policy! 16:05:06
Doug Wead on MSNBC w/ Alex Witt 01/21/12 13:28:27
Palin Warned the GOP ! 04:57:29
Boston Globe: Active-duty military, veterans in SC look closer at Ron Paul! Shows picture of Super Brochure 06:02:49
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Congrats Abbeville Co. SC Grassroots! 23:59:01
What If Ron Paul had a foreign policy that started with LESS troop removal? 23:57:39
Romney's big big money will come out and crush Newt. The Wrath of Mittens 23:55:29
Little ray of sunshine for y'all! 23:55:05
SOPA on the run, but watch out for HR 1981 23:51:19
Interesting that RP best showing was the precinct that is first 23:44:58
Only 13% of SC voted.. 23:44:41
Any SF-Marin Aware people out there? 23:43:28
Republican's Big Dilemma: We will only vote for Ron Paul for POTUS and the GOP nominee cannot win POTUS without our votes! 23:35:10
three things needed for a revolution, Time, Space and will , trade space for Time,use time to teach, then we will have the will! 23:34:10
Carol Paul responds to "Compassion": It was an everyday occurrence with him 23:33:50
I am putting up on Ebay, my 2008 Revolution March TShirt(never worn)+1/4 ounce .999 Liberty Coin(100% goes to campaign) 23:33:20
Clearly their is a huge need to reach... 23:31:18
We came 2nd in Abbeville County 23:28:27
Look at these numbers! Very encouraging! 23:27:18
Newt Gingrich: We don't Need No Stinking Constitution 1 of 3 23:27:15
Will Santorum quit? 23:26:29
The Republicans: Just Plain Evil 23:20:14
I felt that we were unfocused recently. 23:17:53
Can someone explain to me how the objection a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama has no base? 23:17:06
WATCH: This is WE/RON PAUL's Race for the White House! 23:16:26
Paul 3rd in all votes cast 23:15:42
How to save America overnight! (and win the foreign policy debate) 23:10:19
Answer me this!? 23:09:40
Will Ron Paul's first win be in Nevada? 23:09:21
Quotes befitting Dr. Ron Paul, our Hero and Champion! 23:07:25
its not over, But we need to live stream Paul on the trail, and thats a must this black out stuff is going to be a bad deal 23:03:19
its not over, But we need to live stream Paul on the trail, and thats a must this black out stuff is going to be a bad deal 23:03:16
Do Not Buy Into the Illusions Being Presented To You 23:02:01
Newt Gingrich: A Crime Against Conservatism [1-Hour Long Expose] 23:00:30
Introducing the Ron Paul Action Figure 22:58:12
Ron Paul Or None At All 22:58:10
"Presidential Preference" VS "Primary" in Florida 22:57:08
Super Pac 22:56:26
Should we have expected any better from a state 22:50:23
If this was football 22:46:38
Top Ten List: What I have learned so far. 22:46:31 22:46:01
with the media black out and with Paul going to other states how are we going to keep up 22:45:53
Newt Gingrich is a Real Nut Case! He will self destruct given enough rope. 22:44:07
Why SC results are great news 22:39:48
How are we gonna win if... 22:37:22
It's time to take off the gloves and go after the IRS to win Dr. Paul the Nomination. 22:37:19
Forget the older voters 22:31:02
Hey Gang, It Ain't Over Till It's Over Video ... 22:27:41
These are the States Paul will win - Paul getting same perecentage of vote in SC as Romney did in 2008 22:27:07
Updated: What is worse? If the result are rigged or the people are that stupid. 22:26:37
The Electability Issue 22:26:12
Fox poll: Who should drop out? 22:24:41
February 4th Official Boycott Day For Comcast And Showtime 22:24:33
If you want him to win.. 22:24:10
This is a Marathon, Not a 40 Yard Dash 22:23:22
ES&S Voting Machines = Voter Fraud 22:22:19
. 22:21:52
[video] Ron Paul Interview After SC Voting Results 22:19:56
Should Slaves be allowed to Vote? 22:19:18
How to Change the Conversation: Accept the Opposition's Premises and Use Them to Our Advantage. 22:14:16
Santorum's claim that RP is only 50% on Abortion HURT ! 22:12:34
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Newts 22:12:18
I will be the first to admit I am bitterly disappointed, angry, and full of hate and rage... 22:03:31
If you're feeling cheated by the results tonight... 22:03:27
Hispanics for Ron Paul 21:59:36
Black Box Voting: SC Results "could be incorrect at either end of the pipeline" 21:59:16
Ron Paul Must Frame Debate 21:55:03
Iowa Vote Fraud Official 21:53:15
Computerized Voting Corruption 21:49:55
There is no state like SC left. Go West Young Man Go West 21:49:20
South Carolina Voting Fraud! (video) 21:47:00
Don't you dare to feel disappointed, Liberty is still calling for you. Come on fellow Ron Paul supporters! 21:46:45
OK, Class, Look at the SC Exit Polls and What Do They Tell You? 21:46:45
A Sad Day for America 21:46:43
SC put Lindsey Graham in the Senate. 21:45:43
Primary Vote Counting 21:45:07
Doom and Gloom... 21:43:50
We need a doctor 21:43:33
Dead people voting in SC Primary 21:41:53
Electronic Vote Counting 21:38:07
South Carolina One of Only Six States With No Paper Verification of Votes. 21:37:50
Why I am bullish on Ron Paul 21:34:38
Ron Paul SC Primary Results Up 300% Since 2008 21:33:12
SC primary 21:33:09
Ignore SC, just like the MSM ignored Paul in Iowa and NH 21:32:45
The Good News is the Daily Paul is working really well tonight. 21:31:30
Does it bother anyone else that 21:23:31
SC results page 21:20:13
How are S.C. Delegates elected? 21:15:48
CNN doesn't even show Ron Paul 21:15:29
More manipulation 21:09:57
Are you going to quit on Liberty? 21:09:41
There's simply no way this can happen legitimately 21:09:31
Virginia 21:09:26
Keep your heads up! 21:08:55
These results from SC look a tad bit fishy...diebold issues? 21:08:25
10%-20% Of The Vote In Mordor. Let's Take It And Move On. There's Work To Do... 21:07:25
No paper trail? What other states have voting machines like this? 21:04:00
Ron Paul on CSPAN Post Vote 21:00:34
Voter Fraud Official 20:58:29
Ron Paul Marketplace Fundraiser 20:58:16
Ron Paul supporters explode during his S.C. campaign 20:56:09
Only 4% of the Votes are in, and we have a Winner 20:54:16
Stay on focus despite South Carolina. 20:50:15
These election results from South Carolina smell to the high heavens! I'm not buying it; what about you? 20:48:58
Squidoo - Great Article - Facebook It! 20:47:25
cnn results 20:46:34
Please define: "Our Interests Around The World." 20:38:27
$13 SC mini-Moneybomb 20:38:05
7:26 Bamberg County 8% Reporting ..PAUL 0 votes? 20:36:42
Fox lies again 20:35:13
Fox News Called it: Ron Paul to Finish Last in S.C. 20:32:53
Where do we go from tonight? 20:32:10
There Goes My Carolina Vacation 20:30:18
CONgressmen that got cash to push SOPA and PIPA 20:29:08
3% of Voters 18-25? Screw the Rigged GOP, Go Independent NOW! 20:29:04
I want the GOP to die - who else agrees with me? 20:22:50
CNN Exit poll: Newt 36ish. Romney 28ish. Santorum 18% Paul: 15% 20:17:34
Something strange just happened... 20:15:17
Newt Wins S.C. 20:09:36
MSM already calling a Newt victory 20:08:19
Operation Electability- How ONLY Ron Paul Could Beat Barack Obama 20:00:30
REVPAC Broadcast & Mirror w/out chat here. 19:58:00
Final ARG South Carolina Poll: Gingrich 40%, Romney 26%, Paul 18%, Santorum 13% 19:54:23
Doing what's right, despite emotional blackmail attempts. 19:42:52
Revolution PAC SC Primary Broadcast 19:42:23
Support SOPA ad playing on fox news! 19:42:01
[Video] Why Newt Gingrich Ain't Gonna Win Florida: Thanks Jon Stewart! [Link Fixed] 19:41:02
Robin Koerner on The Daily Show? Grandmas For Ron Paul on The View? Kokesh on Stern? 19:39:37
Exit Poll Blackout 19:38:27
My Wife and I Voted for Ron Paul Today in Florida 19:34:41
Bill O'Reilly, Chickenhawk 'Terminator' 19:29:53
Infants for Ron Paul 19:26:13
Just a quick sample from Oklahoma 19:18:11
MSNBC is reporting that Romney has 18 delegates, Santorum 11, and Paul 6. Is this true? 19:16:31
A quote about fascism! 2 Catholics and 1 Mormon vs 1 Protestant 19:13:38
Dana Bash Is now covering Santorum. 19:12:09
'Supporting the Troops the Libertarian Way' 19:10:54
Iowa vote fraud official 19:09:56
DeMint: Adopt Paul's Foreign Policy! 19:09:22
Divine Intervention? 19:07:06
South Carolina primary exit polls: 2/3rds say debates mattered 19:02:07
South Carolina, Ron Paul, & The Lincoln Myth 19:01:32
VOTE UP! Can we count our own votes? 19:00:53
Ron Paul Being Met With Standing Room Only Throughout South Carolina Before Primary 18:58:46
Ron Paul: The Only Candidate Whose Income... 18:58:37
Revolution PAC Live Webcast of SC Primary, Urging Cable/Network Boycott 18:55:05
South Carolina Senator Wants You To Endorse Ron Paul 18:49:02
Fundraising Idea! What do you think of an auction for web video chats with Dr. Paul? 18:39:57
Recent Polls and Debate Links 18:31:56
The video that will destroy Newt in FL 18:22:29
Absolutely Incredible Takedown of Two Party System (video) 18:16:51
Where is Rand Paul? 18:12:30
Either Fox News Exit Poll is Broke or 18:07:23
New Ron Paul song from Switchfoot: Dark Horses 18:00:59
Some thoughts on the campaign, by a foreigner (long post) 18:00:00
Tom Woods: A Catholic Perspective on Rick Santorum 17:56:57
Obama orders free birth control for all 17:56:03
The SEVEN POINTS of WIN: 17:53:30
About Terrorism 17:51:25
Yard Sale for Liberty? 17:47:10
The Prophecies Of Ron Paul - David Grant on The Jerry Doyle Show 17:45:42
Drudge: Ron Paul Beats All! 1/21 4:30 ET 17:39:18
South Carolina Vote Results Will Be Invalid 17:34:06
Hate MSM? Watch Post-Election analysis on Revolution Pac's website! 17:32:27
Travesty! James Dobson endorses Rick Santorum 17:30:07
Donations just passed $2 million! 1/21/12 17:24:03
Ron Paul on Bill Kristol (Video) 17:23:49
CNN Lies Again Shows RP 5th in Iowa 17:23:47
"Anyone But Ron" Calls? 17:17:32
Anyone on the ground able to give a report about turnout? 17:15:06
If SOPA eventually passes, how will we work around it? 17:10:02
Beautiful Breasts for Liberty! 17:01:16
Just got done delivering 250 Super Brochure packets in FWB, FL 16:58:58
Rand Paul Foreign Policy Email 16:56:55
Doug Weed On Fox News 1/21/2012 16:54:55
Ron Paul looks beyond South Carolina; launches ads in Minnesota, Nevada 16:45:58
With the rain could Ron Paul win a surprise Second in South Carolina? 16:43:59
Feels like an upset is brewing 18:43:02
Constitution Party head Phillips a fraud, slanders Dr Paul 16:40:16
Prayer/Meditation Bomb 4PM EST (for South Carolina Rain!) 16:36:18
$5000 Campaign Contribution 16:36:10
Doug Wead on FOX News 01/21/12 16:35:45
Twitter predicting solid SC finish 16:34:33
Music Videos: Background Ron Paul song, while you wait for SC Results 16:33:42
Donate a dollar for every percent that Ron Paul receives in SC before Midnight tonight 16:33:34
Poem: 'Twas the night before the election 16:30:18
I just dumped Yahoo after 20 years! 16:28:01
Ron Paul Introduces legislation to de-fang NDAA 16:23:48
Some Ron Paul Statistical Comparisons You Definitely Have Not Seen 16:23:35
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Debated on Stossel 16:22:57
(VIDEO) Yesterday, hundreds of military fighting vehicles and tankers on a train in Central California. WTH? 16:17:46
Shouldn't the MSM be fair and now ask Newt about his electability nationally? 16:16:21
Distract-O-Tron - Mark Fiore 16:09:27
Read this bombshell about Mrs. Santorum! 16:06:58
Donate Today 16:06:54
FBI busts Megaupload then Anonymous hacks Dept of Justice ? 16:06:44
Here's hoping 16:04:15
Media Bias 16:01:53
Ron Paul Introduces Bill To Repeal Unconstitutional Section of NDAA 16:00:08
Live Broadcast from Jillian's in Columbia, South Carolina Begins Tonight @ 7 PM; Ron Paul there at ~8 PM for Election Results 15:57:45
Pulitzer Prize winner's 96-second NDAA cartoon 15:48:49
Florida Early Voting OPEN TODAY - Cast My Ballot for Ron Paul 15:43:12
Simple plea to Republicans: It's the economy stupid... 15:42:02
YEA! A Hard Rain is Falling on South Carolina: Ron Paul's Supporters Always Vote Regardless of the Weather! 15:37:17
Doug Wead's daughter? 15:35:00
Alternative Media Suggestions? 15:29:05
It’s a Rainy primary in SC, much to Ron Paul’s delight ! 15:27:39
Romney Supporters Bussed In - HaHa 15:27:35
They Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet 15:25:19
Newt Gingrich is 90% debate campaign... 15:20:21
Am I the only one thinking this? 15:16:22
It’s a rainy primary in SC, much to Ron Paul’s delight 15:14:48
Gingrich Success Means Tea Party Surrender 15:08:43
Great Intreview On The Prophecies Of Ron Paul - The Jerry Doyle Show 15:05:11
The Propaganda War - MSM lip service to conservatism; a DENIAL of our history 14:56:37
My 24/7 Dr Paul Documentary Channel on Justin.TV [Movies] 14:54:51
World Vote. RP winning Israel 100% 14:47:36
Weather Miracles of The American Revolution. 14:45:02
49er - Giants Game Ron Paul Chant 17:49:14
Check out the local weather in South Carolina today...(Could Help Paul) 14:39:52
Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Debate LIVE Today 14:39:43
Michael Yon, Time to Leave Afghanistan 14:36:29
HuffPo: Canadian Artist, Shares Chat - Best Ron Paul Article EVER Maybe! 14:36:24
Any one read the Third Wave from Alvin Toffler 14:34:24
Bad weather 14:32:37
Please explain WHY 14:27:29
What are the similarities between Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich? 14:26:46
House Ethics Committee report on Gingrich 14:23:19
Finally! - Some West Monroe activism 14:17:38
Newt superpac gets $5 million from Israel lobby 14:13:48
Is it better to have a two man race with Romney or Gingrich? 14:09:33
The Homes of Romney~Gingrich~Santorum and Dr. Ron Paul Video 14:05:03
Lot of people here compare Ron Paul... 13:48:19
SC Weather Conditions for voting 13:46:47
Media bias on On The Record w/ Greta Van Susteren last night? 13:35:11
Maybe Ron Paul Should Sing, Too. 13:34:29
Early Exit Poll Has Ron Paul In Second With 26% 13:34:03
Smiling because Ron Paul will be our next President 13:33:27
Ron Paul Should Release Five Years Worth Of Tax Returns 13:30:04
My Radio Show 13:16:51
Nice Story on Huffpost 13:12:42
O'Reilly & Huckabee Admit: There's NO DIFFERENCE Between Romney, Gingrich & Santorum [VIDEO] 13:11:46
Cpl Jesse Thorsen tells us to VOTE 13:08:29
Leonard Peltier - How to Garnish the Native American Vote - Whats Ron Paul's Position on Presidential Pardon? 13:05:42
Can someone PLEASE explain this? 13:03:27
Ron Paul on FOX News w/ Neil Cavuto 01/21/12 13:01:55
Friday Morning AP News Propaganda 13:00:50
Occupy MSM! 12:51:35
Drudge: Newt Surging in SC 12:51:19
Need a Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker? 12:46:25
The Next Time Someone Says Ron Paul Is Not Electable 12:44:41
This is what journalism should be 12:42:03
McLovin Santorum: New Internet Meme 12:42:00
Here's the only info I've found on 4th Quarter Fundraising: 12:40:18
Latest ARG SC Poll - Paul in 3rd at 18% 12:38:25
Ron Paul's Granddaughter on Freedom Watch 18:38:15
Article: Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks Himself with Endorsement 12:30:11
$2 million 12:28:50
Military Equipment Filmed 1\19\12 near Santa Cruz, Southbound 12:25:05
Peace? 12:23:50
Ron Paul very close 2nd to Gingrich in SC Straw Poll 12:22:03
Poll from SC. Vote NOW! 12:20:52
Ron Paul Girl misses her Military Man 12:15:42
NEW, 1-21-2012, ARG Poll, In SC, Ron Paul leads among independents and Democrats 12:11:54
Carol Paul on the Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul 12:10:05
Any Boston [area] Supporters w/ a free Couch during February? 12:09:04
[VIDEO] Christians for Ron Paul 12:08:05
Ron Paul can beat Romney and Obama Video 12:03:32
Totally Awesome Pro Ron Paul Video Using Sarcasm 11:59:57
The Remaining 2012 Presidential Primary Debates 11:45:00
"...THEN THEY FIGHT YOU..." 11:38:24
Video and Great Article - Ron Paul Attracts Varied Support in South Carolina Primary 11:38:16
I would vote for Jesus but he is not leading in the Polls 11:37:46
Florence County Republican Party (SC).Admits It! 11:32:52
Presidential "FIRSTS." 11:29:27
New Video: Bill Maher on Ron Paul's Golden Rule vs. Gingrich's Meanness (1/20/12) 11:28:10
Gingrich ad for WAR 11:28:06
Oath swearing before debates ? 11:24:53
Ron Paul now WINNING the Drudge Poll. 11:24:30
Newt Whine Like a Baby Gingrich 11:24:03
FOX Cut Ron Paul OFF During Cavuto Interview on Media Distortion! 18:22:17
Petition to Bolt! 11:21:23
Baltimore Sun 1995: Newt veers from right lane too often 11:20:49
[video] Ron Paul Final Push / Event at Jillian's, Columbia, South Carolina Friday Night 1/20 11:19:57
Virginia's Governor campaigning for Romney in SC? My email to him 11:19:48
Expect a three-way race after this evening 11:14:05
The Ron Paul Party? 11:04:33
Idea For Campaign Commerical 11:00:29
BREAKING: Former Obama Staffer Busted for Stealing Iowa Secretary of State’s 10:59:30
We OWN the airwaves! Let's take them back! 10:58:38
Report from the huge SC Ron Paul Party: 'It's the People's Campaign!' 10:58:17
Green Hornet trashing the FED 10:46:57
Gingrich Goes After Ron Paul Votes with new Gold Commission 10:25:12
Gingrich on Gingrich: "I THINK GRANDIOSE THOUGHTS" 10:24:11
Complete Media blackout since the debate Thursday. 10:23:50
The Problem with FAKE Tea Parties 10:15:32
Tornado watch moving into SC 10:00:46
Weather and Low Turnout will help Ron Paul? 10:00:24
Boycotting cable news and watching the RevPAC webcast tonight? 09:57:18
SC candidate Twitter mentions - Ron Paul leading 09:40:25
The SC Primary is Rigged I Seen it coming did you? 09:26:25
Romney May Skip Florida Debate as Lead Fades 09:20:22
Leaving for Gingrich? I'm not 09:12:52
Insider tip from a mainstream TV news producer 09:08:33
Is This Why They Won’t Prosecute? Top Justice Officials Represented Big Banks, Freddie, Fannie & MERS 09:04:03
Ron Paul: American exceptionalism does not justify overseas intervention 08:52:11
Attention! RP Supporters Around The World - We Need Your Help! 08:47:32
Canadian Artist Exchanges Ideas with Ron Paul 08:46:45
Time to go back to 1976? South Carolina vs. Nevada delegates. 08:44:25
Ron Paul: Why I'm in love with a 76-year-old (Life-changing video) 08:27:58
Victory on SOPA: Lessons Learned 08:21:52
GOP outsider Ron Paul less a factor in SC, looks beyond Florida to caucus-state delegates 08:19:23
Missouri Senate Race Rand Pauls New Best Friend John Brunner 08:11:40
Predict Dr Paul's Percentage of SC Primary 08:10:44
Chuck Norris Endorses Gingrich! Is This for Real? 08:09:22
WashingtonWeek 1/20/12 discuss Ron Paul 07:42:16
Paul-Haters Caught Planning To Dress Up As KKK, Pose As Paul Supporters 07:07:19
My 24/7 Dr Paul Documentary Channel on Justin.TV [Movies] 06:59:36
Bill O'Reilly & Mike Huckabee Admit There's No Difference Between Romney, Gingrich & Santorum 06:45:12
Prayer Bomb & Candlelight Vigil around future Debate buildings? 05:45:55
Afghanistan tragedy for French 05:43:45
WinnipegFreePress: Toronto-based Artist shares chat with Dr. Paul! 05:36:29
Newt Gingrich Criticized Reagan's Approach to The Cold War 05:17:45
BostonGlobe: Why Post-9/11 ACTIVE Combat Veterans support Ron Paul! 05:07:13
It may not be the same balloon as in 2008, but its a Start! 04:56:12
It may not be the same balloon as last year, but its a Start! 04:53:50
Donate $2,500 to Romney and Get Chips and Dip - (Plus pay for drinks too) 04:53:12
Local SC media online poll 04:43:15
Local SC Media kills CNN Misinformation! 04:34:23
Dana Bash makes an interesting point: GOP can't win without Ron Paul supporters 04:32:46
The media distortion tornado is still spinning the Sheeple in South Carolina Polls 04:32:17
MOXnews: Why I support Ron Paul! A Powerful Personal Plea to SC, & America 04:28:51
UGH! Chill Out! 04:11:18
The balanced budgets of the late 1990s are an illusion 04:00:58
Have We been Duped by the Foreign Policy Debate? 03:38:43
S.C. Reality Check: Not Good [VIDEO] 03:37:04
How many minutes did Ron Paul get in the CNN debate to defend the constitution? 03:30:17
Santorum investing in outsourcing firms 03:22:36
Gingrich Condemned How Reagan Ended the Cold War 03:16:32
Anyone else? 03:06:08
How Ron Paul Wins Every State 03:00:27
1/21 - Augusta Chronicle - Young Crowd Greets Ron Paul in Warrenville, SC 02:56:51
I Love Messing with Mainstream Media 02:43:33
Be the sweet voice of angels (poem) 02:41:26
Chuck Norris endorses gun grabbing, wife swapping, more debt, global warming, etc. 02:35:29
Freedom Watch: Ron Paul's Family Values 02:33:36
1/21 - TWS - James Kirchick Attacking Ron Paul and Supporters with Outright Lies. 02:33:27
Need clarification on "the war on drugs" 02:29:05
A Shout out to the Nuge! Endorse Ron Paul! 02:15:45
Who would of Reagan endorsed? 02:13:42
How to Boost the 18-29 Youth Vote for Paul, GUARANTEED 02:03:15
BREAKING: Former Obama Staffer Busted for Stealing Iowa Secretary of State’s Identity 01:56:07
Canvassing Mill Hill Style 01:50:27
Romney to add 100,000 military troops 01:47:23
Time Warner Companies (like CNN) and a Free Market Lesson. Did you know Time Warner owns DC Comics too? 01:45:30
Newt Gingrich, Sarkis Soghanalian, and a buried FBI Bribery Investigation 01:41:55
tanks on a train 01:40:54
Clips from Greenville, SC with Ron Paul 01/20/12 01:30:56
ONLY 3K behind Newt on CURRENT Drudge poll! VOTE! (update: First Place!) 01:25:45
Ron Paul TV Network 01:19:11
Ron Paul 2012 application on Facebook 01:16:47
How To Win The Christian Vote 01:15:38
The Great Internet Wars Have Begun! 01:06:06
Poll on DrudgeReport right now @ 11:05pm CST 01:04:40
VIDEO: Thrive 01:01:56
Drudge Report Poll 01:01:48
Military vote gravitates toward Dr. Paul like moths to a candle! 01:00:48
So frustrated with the BBC! 00:58:18
New PPP poll has Ron Paul in 4th place with 14% 00:58:04
RevPAC Live Webcasting SC Primary, Urging Cable/Network Boycott 00:52:30
Anyone else still waiting for Yes/No on Vegas Vacation? 00:51:38
Secret War Video Files: US Troops Create a Hatred of America while Spreading "democracy" by Slaughtering Iraqi Civilians 00:42:40
Super PAC to provide live SC primary coverage, calls for Cable/Network boycott 00:40:57
Tomorrow, Saturday, I'm attending the Democrat's Caucus in Storey County, Nevada 00:36:50
MLK Day and Affirmative Action by Cosmotarian Beltway Thinktank Stooge 00:26:31
The Steps to Returning to a Gold Standard? 00:20:39
Crucial: Vote Fraud is Certain; Record the Vote in South Carolina, from the author of Rigged. 00:18:02
Can Paul Slay Leviathan? 00:14:23
Santorum Declares he's Perfect - Effectively Ends Campaign 1/19/2012 00:13:49
Ron Paul’s Family Values, Ron Paul’s granddaughter, Laura Paul Fite, explains her grandfather’s views on family values 00:13:45
JUST IN! Paul caught using a mitt to wipe santorum on a newt 00:13:44 00:09:09
Did anyone hear the Steve Forbes interview on the Peter Schiff show today? 00:08:20
Ron Paul: War with Iran has already been decided by the Financial Elite 00:07:42
Did anyone hear RP say on Hannity's air that we will not win SC and not win the nomination? 00:05:45
How RON PAUL Would Fix the Economy Don't Bailout Banks No Corporate Welfare 00:03:35
Phone-From-Home Calling South Carolina TODAY! 11:18:11