Posted on January 22, 2012

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Huckabee Interview with Ron Paul 1-22-12 23:10:45
Older Republicans, Older Republicans, Older Republicans... 00:29:35
SC Senator Tom Davis on FOX News 01/22/12 13:13:46
How did you manage to avoid becoming brainwashable when so few do? 19:36:19
February 20th - Veterans For Ron Paul To March On The White House! 08:46:15
After the SC vote, I took a walk in the cold Iowa night 00:28:35
SC Primary Results Thread; Paul's Speech After South Carolina Primary - Video 01:00:00
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#2 Trending on YAHOO right now! 23:58:20
What would the Federal tax rate need to be... 23:53:32
Many Hearts Already Know Heaven 23:52:00
Attn: RP campaign. Florida people love for you to talk about Cuba 23:39:25
The Mainstream Media fulfills "FED-Like" Roll in U.S. Politics... 23:38:28
Grow a Freedom Farm This Summer, a Hedge Against Rising Food Prices. Ron Paul Approved 23:36:04
Federal "Homeland Security" Enforcement on Portland, OR Public Transit 23:33:01
MUST READ: Some Constructive Criticism of Grassroots Mentality 23:26:15
It's very simple: Only Ron Paul can easily beat Barack Obama because the Independents and Anti-war Democrats will vote for Ron! 23:15:53
The Declaration of Liberty 23:12:56
My Analysis on how Ron Paul won SC and Will Win the Republican Nomination! 23:05:40
Substance Over Style: Why Paul Can Win and Gingrich Can’t 23:04:07
Ron Paul Rides the Bull: Why the Revolution Is Inevitable 23:03:53
paul craig roberts article 22:59:59
High Stakes In The 2012 Elections 22:59:14
12,000 US Troops in Libya? 22:55:41
South Carolina's Attorney General detects voter fraud during primaries 22:54:40
American Economy according to Bank of Canada 22:52:49
The People are Beginning to Awaken! 22:49:21
Fox News Still Not Interviewing A Veteran Who Supports Ron Paul (2nd time in 3 days) 22:47:29
On War and Defense: Our Most Important Resource 22:39:23
Ron Paul vs Goldman Sachs 22:27:08
Ron Paul cut off (again) on Fox News while mentioning MSM blackout 22:19:05
(VIDEO) Must see Bill Moyers interviews David Stockton about Crony Capitalism 22:10:41
SC DA - Dead People Voting Again 22:08:04
Colonel Shaffer "Ron Paul the most accurate on Iran" 21:52:31
How do we know if Amazon credit is going to RP campaign? 21:46:08
Who's Living In Your Head Rent Free? 21:34:12
What Ron Paul Needs To Say In Debates 21:33:54
Why Is This Video Not Being Spread? 21:30:56
Where will Ron Paul Be after or before the debate? 21:25:17
Assassinate Obama if he won’t attack Iran for Israel, Jewish monthly suggests 21:24:12
Romney To Release Tax Returns 1/24 21:22:32
The real reason for going to war with Iran 21:20:08
2 Step Plan to Neuter the Newt for good 21:14:23
*Where is the YOUTH Vote?* 21:07:47
Nullifying federal law 21:07:31
South Carolina picked John Edwards in 2004: Relax 21:05:52
Georgia Campaigning! 20:58:06
40,000 Laws passed in 2011: Government is too Damn unwieldy 20:54:49
Santorum on non-existent Iraq WMDs 20:51:09
One thing not talked about enough that i wish Ron Paul would change as president 20:45:32
Re: Thank You Jim DeMint for being ... 20:44:46
Mandatory Vaccinations for the Greater Good of Society 20:42:35
Just received an awesome message from brother. 20:40:05
You might be a Neocon if you... 20:28:43
Media Blackout Petition 20:28:12
Folks i'm thinking we need make more of an effort to ... 20:26:23
New SOPA-like INTERNET Regulation Bill by Lamar Smith H.R. 1981 20:19:01
Who should be crying is South Carolina 20:18:03
Subject: Violations of Election Laws Continue in SC 20:17:22
Speaker Newt is Candidate Newt's worst enemy 20:12:40
Joe Rogan - The American War Machine 20:02:52
If Ron Paul becomes POTUS, can we please clean up the election voting fraud across the nation for future generations? 19:59:21
Gingrich Plays SC Electorate Like A Fiddle 19:52:34
The truth about Ron Paul's CNN interview and newsletter questioning 19:48:47
Imagine if you will 19:42:07
Liberty Street 19:40:43
What is wrong with our legal system? 19:38:20
Veterans March on the White House 19:32:23
[VIDEO] Why Senior Citizens should Vote for Ron Paul and Save Social Security 19:27:49
Judge Rules Against Gingrich Perry Santorum & Huntsman Getting On Primary Ballot In Virginia! 19:27:15
Open Letter for all Christians and so-called Christians who support evil. 19:25:08
Write your Senator or Congressman for endorsement! 19:19:35
teach me 19:18:09
The Magic Doctot! 19:14:52
Bill of Rights 19:12:30
Prediction for the Republican presidential primaries 2012 19:07:48
OK now that we have cussed and screamed, lets concentrate on winning 19:03:31
GOP shooting itself in the foot. 19:01:51
Could We See a Hostile Takeover of our Elections to Stop the Vote Fraud? 19:00:39
I LOVE this site! 18:58:56
Regulations destroy small business and help big business says CEO (Stossel) 18:57:20
Newt’s Open Marriage With Conservatives 18:56:16
Best One Liners and Rebuttals for Dr. Paul 18:55:19
How to gain the Senior Support Idea for everyone 18:53:39
Where is Ron Paul today? 18:51:36
The Magic of Ron Paul 18:49:04
Did independents vote? Can we still sue for lying to voters about open primary? 18:44:44
New Strategy for Caucus States: No Rallies or Big Speeches-Just Long Town Hall Q&A's 18:33:05
looking for conversion/ RP educational/ promotional content? 18:32:17
Priceless RP promotional site 18:29:32
Iowa vote fraud official - - THIS NEEDS NATIONAL ATTENTION 18:28:14
Paul Foot Soldiers Take to Airwaves 18:26:46
From assertive to aggressive - Ron Paul's Florida Debate Strategy Change 18:22:23
Hit Them From the Right, Part 1 18:17:25
Hit Them From the Right, Part 1 18:16:32
Hit Them From the Right, Part 1 18:14:25
F-35 or EU Typhoon for UK? 18:13:43
Great article on why Ron Paul did well in SC 18:09:48
Great Ron Paul Song! 18:06:51
Ron Paul's Last Run - Random Thoughts 17:56:29
Pimping for Paul: A Case Study in Media Bias 17:54:56
Ron Paul in Maine? 17:50:26
Ron Paul says he will drop out IF.. 17:44:57
Top GOP candidates won't qualify for Va. primary ballot 17:22:15
Huckabee and O'Reilly Agree: Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum are All the Same 17:19:28
Super Pacs should use this soon! 17:06:45
o 17:03:33
SC Senator Tom Davis on The Growth of the Ron Paul Movement! 01-22-12 Fox News 17:01:57
Mr. T says: 16:58:43
Ron Paul vs Goldman Sachs 16:56:14
Violations of Election Laws Continue in SC 16:56:03
Why I believe Ron should pick Rand as VP and announce now 16:51:14
As far as MSM is concerned, RP is no longer a candidate... 16:48:07
Sad to see that this documentary has only 110K views... 16:46:22
BLOWBACK: 4 French Troops Killed Over US Pee-Pee Video 16:46:09
Kill The FED...Former Banker Speaks Out! 16:44:25
CNN Poll Shows Ron Paul Most Likely Beats Obama In November, Newt Does Not 16:42:56
► E Unum Pluribus! 16:42:55
Keeping it in perspective 16:40:54
How to Convince People on Ron Pauls Foreign Policy 16:40:49
Chris Hayes says Paul has been wrong for the past 25 years on economic policy, then dismisses economist who disagrees. 16:39:21
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Puts War Profiteers out of Business 16:36:20
Indications from Detroit, "Dems for Ron Paul" 16:29:09
List of States that Ron Paul didn't make the Ballot. 16:28:13
An excellent resource... 16:27:22
Please, RP supporters, stop making us look bad. 16:26:44
Project: Take Nevada RIGHT Now! 16:25:17
Testing, Testing 16:25:05
Need Spanish Ads NOW 16:18:40
FOX News (O'Reilly and Huck) Gets Honest 16:11:46
Undecided voters are killing us (with the help of the MSM) 16:11:38
Giving thanks for the many great leaders and voices of wisdom here at DP. 16:11:28
Paul to skip Florida, look for delegates in Nevada, Minnesota 16:10:17
So the Last Will be First: Election Rigging Pattern in America Inc. 16:10:03
Message From Ron Paul: Onward! 16:06:20
Retirement Communities 15:59:48
Do You Honestly Believe The GOP Machinery Will Allow Ron Paul To Win Any Caucus Or Primary State? 15:56:25
SOPA Back Already... Beware of OPEN 15:52:15
Project: Take Florida RIGHT Now! 15:50:43
The Ron Paul "Grillin & Chillin" BBQ Cook-Off FUNdraiser Trinity, Texas March 3 15:46:42
I believe it's time to start winning! I think Ron Paul wins vast majority of upcoming caucus states delegates & takes the lead! 15:45:44
Ron Paul has fire in his belly! - C-SPAN 1998 15:36:57
The Five Minute Speech That Can Win It All 15:36:56
Researchers - Military Comparisons 15:35:21
Who Should Drop Out of Race Poll - Vote Santorum So We Don't Split the Vote 15:34:30
Ron Paul & Mike Maloney Hit It Out Of The Park - Gold, Silver & Debt Based Monetary System 15:30:02
How to easily check the vote? 15:29:38
CNN with Wolf Blizter - Ron Paul On 4th Place Finish in SC 15:27:38
GOP Delegate Tracker 15:27:23
We Can Do What We Can Do, In The End It's Ron Paul That Has To Convince Americans 15:21:24
Justin Amash: Newt Gingrich embodies nearly everything that the Tea Party opposes 15:19:24
There's Something Very Odd About GOP Primary Pre Polling and Vote 15:16:34
Ron Paul The Rockstar! 15:13:40
TYT Ron Paul The Best Candidate for Civil Liberties 15:10:01
Ron Paul vs Neo Con 15:09:57
Blue Republicans more important than ever! 15:09:51
One last post about Newt Gingrich 15:06:45
The Media Fooled People Into Voting for a Guy Who is Not Even on the Ballot in His Home State 15:04:54
Tom Davis: Ron Paul is Trying to Save the GOP by Returning it to its Roots 15:04:53
Which State Do You Think Will Give Ron Paul His First, First Place Win? 15:02:52
Wouldn't it be awesome if all the people that endorsed Ron Paul campaigned for him? 15:00:13
We are Winning! Proof is here. 14:57:44
Literature - Educational Material in foreign langues 14:52:30
Can Ron Paul officially contest the Iowa Caucus results? Demand full disclosure? 14:50:22
SC: Sled Investigates Outrageous Voter Abuse 14:45:58
Can't post right now. I've got to meet my local canvassing group to find more supporters. 14:45:48
Gingrich/Kissinger's Secret Weapon In South Carolina 14:44:54
Fox News Doesn't Interview Veterans Who Support Ron Paul 14:44:32
Spin it to Win it 14:40:39
Why the Insults? Why the Bashing? Because it's Part Of The Healing Process! 14:35:55
WSJ Delegate count differs from CNN's 14:35:25
Great Ron Paul article - brilliant headline 14:34:54
Thank You Jim DeMint, for being a coward. And some other stuff. 14:31:38
Ten commandments on Dr. Paul's Foreign Policy 14:29:42
Ron Paul Loses A LOT of Iowa Delegates 14:27:57
Those Who Sacrifice Family for Security Deserve Neither 14:17:11
Alternative Strategy: DVD with media attacks on Ron Paul and war 14:16:02
Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America - video 14:12:40
How austerity cured a depression 14:08:52
Attn Campaign: & National Defense 14:06:31
Why the Insults? Why the Bashing? 14:03:19
Ron Paul needs to make the case 14:03:02
An open letter to the Corporate Media 13:54:00
The day the Sheeple Spoke 13:53:36
A couple of things… 13:49:38
Economy #1 / gas prices, PAUL = +ECONOMY - need KISS talking points! 13:47:13
Ron Paul vs. Goldman Sachs (VIDEO) 13:45:45
the GOP was destroyed yesterday in SC, (yet they set forth a new movement, youth and Ron Paul) 13:42:58
Ok let's be realistc 13:38:13
Ron Paul Revolution 13:36:47
After Finishing 4th in S.C. Ron Paul Declares: ‘The message of liberty is being received’ 13:36:19
Super Pacs A New Media Weapon VIDEO 13:29:52
Why a National campaign structure helps Paul in the upcoming multi-state campaigns. 13:21:43
Newt's Leadoff Diatribe Against Media In Presidential Debate 13:15:31
Full Page Newspaper Ad? 13:14:16
South Carolina attorney general informs Justice Department of dead voters 13:11:02
Maine 2012 GOP caucus info. - important info for those in that state 12:59:41
Finally Converted a Neo-Con 12:57:53
So How Did Ron Paul Do Last Night In South Carolina? 12:57:33
Wash.Post: "Santorum’s hopes may be dashed" Could Frothy exit before FL? 12:57:08
Monster 12:57:06
Take Virginia Now! 12:36:09
Tied with Obama nationally but being downplayed by GOP, what to do? 12:34:58
7 States To Change History 12:33:36
. 12:27:29
NYU Prof. Nassim Taleb, expert on financial markets, supports Ron Paul! 12:24:13
WOW! Ron Paul & Romney Could Finish "Top Two" in Next FIVE Contents! 12:23:23
The Round Paul Foreign Policy Roundtable 12:18:27
Copy & Send to Christian Family and Friends 12:12:49
BREAKING! Joe Paterno died this morning! That will put a damper on Newts win. 12:11:57
Ron Paul's Path to the Nomination after South Carolina 12:08:25
Is it appropriate to put Ron Paul films on Staples DVDs? 12:06:32
I'm moving out of South Carolina 12:05:38
The Plan for Victory: How South Carolina Fits 12:04:56
Happy 15th Ethics Violation Anniversary Newt - this anniversary lasting longer than his marriages. 12:04:55
Foot Soldiers Are What's Needed! 12:04:02
For the people who had a chance to vote for Ron Paul but didn't 11:59:08
Where are you when you look at 11:50:23
If you want Dr. Paul to start winning and the caucus strategy to work you need to do this now: 11:50:17
Ron Paul is #1 on Yahoo! 11:48:26
Foot Soldiers Are Whats Needed! 11:47:50
Ron Paul '12 = Obama '08 11:46:43
Looking Foward To Nevada, Maine, Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona, Michigan and Washington 11:45:04
Do we have any RP precinct chairs in the house? 11:43:37
Stand By Your Man Rally and Straw poll in Jacksonville Florida 11:40:24
In 2006 Gingrich backed censoring the web 11:39:28
Morning after pill 11:35:54
3.8% tax when you sell your home in 2013-a part of Obama Care 11:35:27
What’s a Neoconservative - and why Ron Paul is not - video 11:32:31
Where Are the Campaign Events for Ron Paul or Surrogates This Week? 11:31:10
Doug Eberhardt: Monitored the media the last 5 years 11:28:27
Why is everyone so upset/down? Nothing has really changed.. 11:28:16
What Romney Does Not Want you to know 11:13:45
Oklahoma National Ron Paul County Coordinators needed 11:10:22
SOPA/PIPA Dead! Next Target NDAA Section 1021: Call Supporting H.R. 3785 11:09:20
Ron Paul -vs- Stage Actors 11:06:19
Ron Paul Talking Points #1 11:00:12
Sending Gingrich a Little Money Bomb Blowback 10:59:08
If They only remembered 10:58:38
Narrow Focus of Media 10:56:08
Oklahoma National Ron Paul County Coordinators needed 10:55:12
instead of the Tea party, we are going to have to enforce the libertarian or start a Constitution Party 10:50:25
New Vermin Supreme music video! 10:48:02
we need someone to keep up with Ron On the Trail, Video stream etc. 10:35:46
Are we serious about winning? 10:31:11
Great Idea for Ron Paul 2012 Ad: "Ron Paul vs. the Status Quo" 10:27:34
Anyone catch Fox and Friends this morning? 10:26:52
My South Carolina Experience, I attended the debate, and I went to the rallies. 10:25:58
Is this all a Nightmare? You Vote and Vote but Your Vote is Still Not Counted? 10:16:27
WOW! MUST-SEE "Two Rons Make a Right" 10:14:06
TX delegates! Guideline for Texas primary voters - good repost from 2008 10:06:07
I Just Posted This On Mish Shedlock's Site Who Said It's Over For Ron Paul 10:01:32
Jesse Benton: You should hire the creators of this Channel: 09:54:27
What happened to Iowa's Delagates? 09:44:14
Ron Paul The Only One Taking Issues That Matter But Ignored by MSM Jan 21 09:43:35
Fox News had a reporter at every campaign headquarters except Ron Paul 09:39:10
New Crappy Fox Poll 09:38:18
Rigged elections.Diebold voting machines fraud, and the fight for honest elections. 08:52:10
Iowa Vote Fraud Official 08:34:39
Best candidate for the job, Interviews with Resumes or Old English Parliment Debates? 08:34:26
All Ron Paul supporters come together 08:17:46
Words to Impart Courage...Ron Paul Shakes The World 08:00:49
Max Keiser / Gonzalo Lira Interview 08:00:30
Trillion Dollar Lawsuit 07:26:39
Hello, I Am A Republican And I Would Like My Party Back! 07:24:19
Hail Mary by RP in Florida - End the Cuban embargo 07:17:49
Jesse Ventura - Vice President 2012 07:14:20
The truth about the researchers for Major Talk Shows 06:48:20
Open and Blatant Iowa Voter Fraud! 06:41:46
No candidate is getting 1144 delegates, SC doesn't get it, without balanced budget, economy will not improve. 06:36:01
Iowa caucuses have NO official winner! Did Paul Win? 06:35:35
You Can Do It! From New Zealand! 06:26:28
Thank You Jim DeMint, for being Yeller. And some other stuff. 06:05:49
SC shows continued upward trend compared to IA and NH - Hear me out 05:52:58
CNN: Ron Paul says He's on the Hunt for Convention Delegates! [VIDEO] 05:50:37
Different plan for the CHANT! We have 2 weeks to plan...for a SUPERBOWL CHANT! 05:45:18
Santorum! Stop Playing Games And Get The Hell Out! 05:36:40
How he can win (revised)... 05:07:30
This is how we get the race down to Romney vs Paul 05:06:10
We Did As Expected In South Carolina! 04:44:42
Ron Paul: Hijacked by the Status Quo 04:43:24
They Left Us an Opening: Ready For Something Radical? 04:43:24
GOP Primary/Delegate Spreadsheet 04:39:38
You might be a neo-con... 04:37:32
Stand strong... Lest we forget: 04:36:15
German High Court outlawed electronic voting in 2009, why can' we do the same in US ?  04:31:24
How to become a precinct chair! Vote up! 04:22:53
Thin GOP field 04:18:57
Monday coffee bomb day for RP day 04:17:57
Checks and balances 03:58:05
Official Paul Campaign Statement on South Carolina 03:47:35
What percentage of RP support is actually transferable? 03:46:54
Mad as Hell! 03:46:12
Next Debate Question for Romney 03:37:54
How does the caucus system work? 03:34:52
Newt Moneybomb 03:27:35
Battleground: Nevada: We Need A Moneybomb 03:27:02
Why Ron Paul can still win 03:23:56
Facebook: Boycott The Mainstream Media 03:23:00
Fox News Hires Soros-funded Activist 02:50:31
Lantern of Liberty 02:38:09
Petition 02:32:35
Momentum or lack there of is not real unless it is perceived 02:28:13
Back to Basics - A New Strategy for Victory 02:15:38
7 of the 8 Missing Iowa Precincts Voted Against Romney in 2008 02:12:20
Foreign Policy in brief: talking points for sound-bite voters 02:10:06
Here's Some Good News about South Carolina 02:09:00
Bill Maher Defends SOPA 02:07:20
Ron Paul vs Goldman Sachs 02:06:47
[VIDEO] Newt Gingrich-A Crime Against Conservatism, Full Version [VIDEO] 01:58:24
we are winning! 01:56:57
There's something very odd about GOP primary pre-polling and vote 01:54:06
Poll - Vote NOW 01:50:40
Getting Involved With Verified Voting 01:42:42
Phone from home Persuasion 01:40:52
I need Some Talking Points On Newt And Mitt For Door To Door Tomorrow 01:37:50
George Lucas a Ron Paul supporter? "Most of the fault lies with the media." Hits nerve w/ CBS host - [ VIDEO ] 01:35:19
Kelly finally talks about the record sales from us 01:35:12
Did anyone other than the MSM do Exit Polling? 01:32:58
Ron Paul Turns To Caucuses 01:32:15
My delegate analysis-things will get interesting. 01:29:04
MSM increases TV debates to beat the INTERNET 01:26:04
A movie about Ron Paul 01:23:56
Awesome: Jan Helfeld interviews Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings 01:15:21
The Caucus States Strategy is the Wrong One! 01:11:45
Want a REAL R3VOLution? ALWAYS Volunteer for Jury Duty! 01:11:17
My precinct - Pacolet Town Hall took 2nd place for Ron Paul :) 01:10:59
1 man 1 vote who came up with that stupid idea? 01:06:38
My response to tonight: 01:05:24
As Long As We Promote Ron Paul as "The Guy Who Can Win the Nomination" We Will Lose 01:04:39
Urgent! Attention Iowa! Maine, Nevada, Colorado, and Minnesota need your experience NOW! 01:04:38
Koerner: A free market for marketing freedom 01:04:34
Back In The Day, People Would Have Tarred & Feathered These Neo-cons 01:04:22
Youtube: Despite the SC Fall, Ron Paul Eventually Won 00:58:44
Remember, Mitt's home state and two ultra-religious states does NOT represent America. 00:55:24
What is the Most Inspiring Thing I've ever said to You? 00:54:38
Get Knowledge about Computerized voting !MUST WATCH 00:52:15
[Video] MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Hates Ron Paul, Rachel Maddow Argues with Him & Defends Paul! 00:46:16
Wolf Blitzer tweet - "Advice for Thursday? Suggestions?" 00:43:25
Cnn: Ron Paul Asked If White House Is Happy On Newt's SC Win 00:42:56
Why are his best speeches always AFTER elections? 00:41:24
Troops march on D.C. 00:40:17
Blowback Lesson for the Media 00:34:43
Election Fraud? 00:31:23
Internet Rallying won't work. Get outside to houses and community centers 00:27:35
SC speech tonight 00:26:51
SC Speech video 00:24:49
Does SC really matter? Paul did not really campaign there too much - 00:24:18
NDAA ad idea 00:21:57
An explanation of South Carolina 00:21:57
I googled it and can't find it. 00:21:23
Please tell me you people are not deflated 09:18:11
Why tonight was a WIN for Ron Paul! 00:19:21
Wayne Paul Talks About Voting Fraud in Iowa 00:10:49
The Mystery of the SC Primary 00:03:13