Posted on January 24, 2012

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Japanese Want U.S. Bases Out of Okinawa! 17:24:13
RT: Ron Paul Starts Campaign to End the TSA 15:53:05
THE WAR: I think I am going to be sick 16:34:49
Yahoo Sports: Ron Paul Stars In Astros Rainbow Uniform At '76 14:29:53
Jon Stewart: The Gingrich Who Stole South Carolina 14:47:36
Ron Paul: Ship Politicians Off To Mars! 10:01:32
Ground report from Ron Paul supporter outside Florida debate 1/23/2012 01:24:34
Official Campaign Money Bomb End the TSA 00:45:02
Video: Ron Paul Highlights in Florida GOP Debate - 1/23/12 11:11:43
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2012 State of the Union Confirms: Obama is a Lunatic 23:56:42
CNN Acquiesces to Newt Gingrich's B*tch Fest 23:54:03
CARTOONS - Obama's State of the Union 23:52:58
Ron Paul - Mitch Daniels! 23:44:15
Video: Sen. Rand Paul delivers State of the Union response 23:37:23
Fox State of the Union Collusion! 23:25:09
Does anyone know what Ron is doing 23:23:52
Obama Doesn't Have a Clue 23:20:52
Remember our relief effort for the Earthquake/ Tsunami victims in Japan on the Daily Paul? 23:19:44
WAR FOR THE WHITE HOUSE! Diebold accidently leaks 2012 election results! 23:17:42
Major GOPAC Donors Got Special Access, Files Show : Politics: Gingrich group offered personal attention 23:17:01
America is a Pacific Power who will Destroy Iran! 23:16:43
Thanks Ron Paul 23:10:34
Indirect Endorsement for Ron Paul 23:06:36
Pelosi: "Newt not going to be president...There is something I know" [video] via Drudge 23:00:52
Will Obama Start WW3 To Win A Second Term? 22:52:45
Obama: State of the Union address NOW. Post your questions on Youtube 22:47:27
Arian Foster is Voting for Ron Paul 22:42:30
Did the prez just say kids will no longer be able to drop out 22:38:54
Challenge Romney on the Navy 22:32:55
excellent Florida Newspaper article on Paul 22:21:29
Texas Sues Department of Justice to Preclear Voter ID Law 22:15:45
Gallup results: Ron Paul surges into the lead among voters 18 to 34 22:12:24
Video: Ron Paul Revolution 2012 Music Video 21:56:03
Iowa Vote Fraud Official - 21:39:56
First row seats in the upper or middle level decks for a Super Bowl Banner Bomb? 21:36:24
Ron Paul was right on Cuba; Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were dumb and dumber 21:31:05
Boston Bruins Goaltender "Tim Thomas rejects invitation to Obama White House" 21:24:12
Who Leads the Attack On Ron Paul's Foreign Policy? 21:23:03
Hit Piece: Petition calls on Ron Paul to end campaign and exit GOP 21:22:16
Another Ron Paul hit piece... 21:13:27
A rebuttal to the Fox News piece on Vets support for Ron Paul 21:12:53
A Few Questions for the Unconscience American Voter 21:07:42
GOP SOTU web page 21:06:53
We Can Make This Happen 21:03:08
Raw video : Santorum gets glitter bombed. 21:02:03
India to pay gold instead of dollars for Iranian oil. Oil and gold markets stunned 20:57:26
Dr. Ron Paul and Michael Jackson Heal the World 20:55:39
Took my country to the dealer the other day. 20:54:18
Judge orders President to appear in court 20:52:07
I'm about to go on the Mark Levin show 20:52:00
Cuba 20:39:42
New Meme: Scumbag Gingrich 20:39:32
The $10.00 Money Bomb 20:37:27
12,000 US Troops Deployed to Secure Oil Fields In Brega Libya 20:29:47
Should RP push "The Constitutionalist" Harder? 20:20:00
Newt Was Rockefeller State Chairman Against Goldwater 20:10:00
Yahoo: Despite Incredulous Paul - The Fed Does Not Print Money 20:05:34
White House Pressured Scientists to Underestimate BP Spill Size (VIDEO) 20:04:23
Ad for Romney? 20:00:21
Book recommendation for Christian DPers 19:52:43
If I'd Written Obama's SOTU Speech last night (UpDated) 19:43:41
The Liberty Movement is EXPLODING! 19:36:50
VIDEO: Ron Paul's brother Wayne attends Tyler, Texas 'meet-up' 19:28:50
Just heard a couple great calls on Hannity today ... 19:22:17
What song to play when we win? 19:20:32
Your Help Needed To Get Robin, Adam, and TMOT on The Daily Show! 19:20:20
Gingrich winning over the angry mob 19:19:16
NEW! Ron Paul Just Sent This Email to Supporters BLASTING Obama and the TSA 19:09:33
The Republican Inferno 19:00:54
Former Freddie Mac Execs: Newt WAS a lobbyist 18:58:22
Ron Paul position links I am sharing with conservative, evangelical friends 18:53:22
A suggestion on what Ron can say concerning Iran and war 18:52:24
Uprising is the Answer (VIDEO) 18:49:41
Rush Limbaugh calls Ron Paul an Islamic terrorist on air! 18:26:50
Tsa Moneybomb Ticker Up At Campaign Website 18:25:01
Ron Paul supporters @ Santorum Rally in Stuart, FL 18:21:02
Oliver Stone would vote for Ron Paul over Obama 18:17:18
Limbaugh says Ron Paul "sounds like an Islamic terrorist" 18:09:27
The political impact of the Fed's FOMC statement tomorrow and in October 18:07:30
The "One Question" Republican Debate 18:07:26
A Fine Blog: Why Everyone Should Vote For Ron Paul 18:02:21
Sen. Rand Paul's WashingtonTimes Op Ed: Have the Terrorists Won? 18:00:44
Ron Paul - On Track to Win 17:59:30
Pat Buchanan's latest column 17:48:22
George Soros buying up arms manufacturers 17:47:47
A laugh for Ron Paul supporters: The meaning of Santorum... 17:46:58
Romney Supervised Medical Testing Company Guilty Of Massive Medicare Fraud 17:45:18
The Next False Flag: Obama Sending Obsolete Carrier Into Harm's Way in Hormuz. 17:32:29
Ron Paul ,let it all hang out at the next debate! 17:32:11
Macleans: How Ron Paul shook up the GOP race 17:31:03
Rumor: Mitch Daniels to enter race. What does it mean for Paul campaign? 17:30:47
Gingrich is lying about his balanced budgets 17:25:39
MILITIA the True Definition, Intent and the Limitations that James Madison set upon Standing Armies - Quotes 17:23:13
I sent this letter to all the newspapers in Florida today 17:22:51
Does this Boston Bruin know about Ron Paul? 17:03:33
Ron Paul was right on Cuba; Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were dumb and dumber 16:56:45
Northeast Alabama sign wave? 16:51:28
Great Article on the Importance of Being Informed. 16:47:56
URGENT! PLEASE submit your questions for the next CNN debate in Florida 16:40:50
Video: Rand Paul TSA encounter discussed on Greta van Susteren 16:38:44
Rand, 'Have the terrorists Won?' 16:34:21
Video: Why I'm a fan of Ron Paul 16:33:15
Atlanta Jewish Newspaper Advocates Mossad Assassinating Obama If Iran Gets Nukes 16:30:46
Newts covert stuff is like Jethro on the Beverly HillBillys double NUT NUT 7, it aint so Covert 16:30:25
5 Things You Need to Know About ACTA 16:23:34
Brian Williams Talked as Much as Ron Paul at Last Night's Debate 16:20:09
USDOT: Airlines MUST hide the government's taxes and fees in your fares. 16:09:37 Ron Paul was right on Cuba 16:00:15
Brian Williams was a Disgrace Silencing Ron Paul, Rick Santorum 15:59:30
Why did Fox exclude veterans for Ron Paul from recent segment? 15:54:48
Something to think about: We legitimize the Fed when we talk about the "National debt" 15:52:25
YES! Debate CONVINCES Florida Student to Vote for Ron Paul! 15:51:54
CoFFee, DoNuTs and PEACE! 15:48:01
Epic Newt Gingrich Smackdown 15:42:03
Ron Paul fundraising off Rand’s TSA detainment 15:41:19
We need to be able to like a comment 15:39:52
Just got done voting for the good Dr. in FL 15:37:58
When the Federal Government Expounds on the General Phrases of the Constitution 15:36:03
Ron Paul was right on Cuba; Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were dumb and dumber 15:32:05
What if Ron Paul supporters contact every NFL & UFC 15:30:24
The Honor of Ron Paul 15:23:39
A Grassroots Poll 15:17:07
Brandon Smith: How To Avoid Voting For A Globalist Puppet 15:10:09
Kevin Rose tweets about Ron Paul 15:10:03
Another case of misinformation 15:03:00
Delegate Training Link. Everything You Need to Know! 14:59:17
Mass Ron Paul Chain Email Needed 14:55:41
E Street Band's Little Steven: Ron Paul only candidate who understands devaluation of Dollar 14:55:20
End THe TSA Money Bomb Now! 14:49:48
Via Yahoo: Brian Williams a Disgrace for Silencing Paul and Santorum. 14:41:48
awesome rap from mortis noctu and tea mage 14:39:54
Message to DPers/Friends of Liberty 14:39:31
Nevada 14:37:51
Santorum to Rape Victims: Make the best out of a bad situation 14:36:15
LA Times: Tim Thomas tells why he skipped White House visit 14:36:07
Ron Paul Ringtone 14:35:39
Western Oil Firms Big Winners In Iraq 14:32:26
Much of the battle for the hearts and minds is a battle of perception. 14:31:54
A message to Mitt Romney 14:31:54
Russia And China And Nukes And Missiles That Will Knock Out Carriers And Iran 14:28:08
Obama stealing Dr. Paul's positions 14:26:56
Intelligent response needed for anti-Paul article 14:24:49
We need a Recount Money Bomb Now! 14:20:38
Big Leagues - Ron Paul Called up in 1976 14:17:37
Question/Suggestion regarding Groupon Marketing Idea 13:58:44
Awesome Way to Help the Revolution 13:58:27
Tipping the debates in our favor 13:52:24
Moneybomb for a Debate Coach for Ron! 13:51:25
Congressman Tom McClintock on SOPA/PIPA: Freedom and the Internet, Victorious 13:49:29
7.5 Million Watch NBC News Debate... Developing 13:48:33
USS Enterprise False Flag? 13:47:00
"Why Ron Paul Won The Florida GOP Debate" 13:46:14
Richard Branson says it's time to end the war on drugs 13:38:29
The Lemonade and Cookies approach to Ground Game. 13:31:30
Need some advertising ideas for the small town newspaper 13:19:34
▶Daily Caller: Ron Paul fundraising off son’s TSA detainment◀ 13:15:15
Romney/Paul tag team on Gingrich could be effective in getting him out of the race 13:13:30
The debate "I" would like to see... 13:13:00
Rand On TSA 13:13:00
The Best Interview ever with Dr. Ron Paul (Video)! 13:10:54
Ron Paul Baseball Cards - Send Idea To Campaign or REVPAC? 13:10:48
How To Avoid Voting For A Globalist Puppet 13:08:25
The State of Our Union is Dire 13:06:59
Rand Paul on Judge Nap's Freedom Watch last night 13:03:26
Oliver Stone endorses Ron Paul over Obama... 12:57:45
Online Presidential Primary Poll: Florida Trend - Vote for Ron Paul 12:57:27
Tim Thomas 12:56:14
These are the people we really need to be reaching through to, and here's a tactic to accomplish that ... 12:54:37
Filmmaker Oliver Stone would vote for Ron Paul over President Obama 12:46:03
Ron Paul: All-American hero! 12:45:39
As Gingrich’s fate rises, so does Obama’s 12:38:06
Ron Paul supporters "cult like dedication" 12:35:31
Vote UP if YOU are here because You are IN IT to WIN the WH NOW! 12:26:07
After last night.. 12:19:02
Need Help..What did Ron Paul say about Beet Sugar Subsidies Last Night? 12:10:07
Ron Paul Swanson 12:00:23
"The Lying Media" 60-min vid history (there WILL be a test later) 11:57:26
A 3 minute breather: Learn about Switzerland 11:47:43
Run clips from this Reagan speech in TV and Print Ads and Ron Paul WINS! 11:38:49
HUGE advantage for getting new voters: Dr. Paul's Health Plan UPDATED 1-24-12 11:38:49
Florida Early Voting 11:33:46
Newt angry that audience was censored from clapping. Tough luck Newt! 11:30:09
Before They Hated Ron Paul They Hated Goldwater and Reagan 11:30:00
Please read this article and get it to the campaign 11:29:06
Sirota smears Paul in latest column 11:23:22
Video: Ron Paul supporters outside the Tampa GOP debate last night! 11:18:04
March for life and a pile of Santorum posters left in the mud 11:15:05
Petition the Networks! 11:08:36
MEMO to Ron Paul campaign: I implore you... 11:04:33
Hey guys post this all over FB 10:56:08
Ron Paul stars in Astros rainbow uniform at ’76 Congressional ballgame 10:54:00
MVP Boston Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas skips out on White House 10:49:42
Florida school using Children's fingerprint for attendance 10:48:30
Ron Paul moves to 3rd in Florida, Florida newspaper say large Veteran population will help him 10:35:30
Need a Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker? 10:27:54
China Hires at Least Two Supertankers for Iranian Oil 10:26:59
The 10 States Ron Paul is Most Likely to Win in 2012 10:13:08
a note about running third party 10:10:21
tampa bay poll 10:10:13
Should Gingrich Endorse Paul in Virginia? 10:07:12
Voter Fraud! We must deal with this or we are finished 10:03:39
The Fix is in. 10:01:35
Large Earthquakes likely next few days (24 Jan 2012) 10:00:40
Ron Paul: The Fight Has Just Begun 09:50:18
Free at Last! Iceland Gave the International Banksters the Finger! 09:42:43
Fox News: RP's history is more accurate than ... 09:40:37
Breitbart.COM Editor-In-Chief Discusses "Cult-like" Behaivor Of Some Ron Paul Followers 09:27:43
I wonder if he is a Ron Paul Supporter 09:27:31
Third Party Bomb 09:25:52
Behind the scenes at the Florida debate 09:23:08
We are not doing enough, myself included 09:20:16
Corruption (Video) 08:59:30
Ron Paul Talking Action Figure Doll 08:53:42
End the TSA Money Bomb taking place on 08:51:23
THIS is how to answer the 3rd Party question. RP Campaign PLEASE take note. 08:38:48
The Ron Paul Fix Is In... 08:37:48
Joe Rogan; Best Video Ever! 08:37:04
What! Romney not on the roster as a CFR Member!? 08:20:47
India to pay gold for Iran oil, China may follow 08:19:46
NHL Tim Thomas Snubs White House: Concerned about Expanding Federal Gov't 08:16:23
(Pics) Ron Paul Congressional '76 Baseball Game 07:57:15
So I heard you hate Cuba... 07:52:21
Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas-Ron Paul Republican ? Can we get an Endorsement ? 07:46:47
Gingrich and Santorum Voters: See this 07:46:40
Editor Of Atlanta Jewish Times: Israel should consider assasinating Obama 07:31:22
New Drudge Poll 07:29:27
White House sides with TSA in Rand Paul standoff 07:23:03
Newt Gingrich: A Crime Against Conservatism 06:58:05
Soros wants the Occupy movement to turn Violent 06:21:16
Campaign Finance Reform: A Misnomer 06:02:08
False Flag Jan 26th? (The day Obama is in court on eligibility questions) 05:44:06
Ron Paul Video: The Fix Is In! 05:39:50
How about a debate moderated by the Judge and Stossel 05:16:20
Should Ron Paul sue Bill O'Reilly for slander ? 05:09:07
How To Structure an MSM Debate 05:06:15
We Need Ron Paul media sponsor boycott cards and shirts 04:51:24
The Republicans are planning a brokered convention! 04:34:01
Full Length Ron Paul "What If" Speech - The 1st video my husband and I have made :) 04:18:45
Ron Paul defends his candidacy at GOP debate 04:15:13
Gingrich Ethics Violations: What Exactly Were They? 04:13:18
Wow! A sea of RP supporters @ the Tampa debate! 04:03:08
Cartoonist/animator anyone? 03:47:08
George Soros Worried About Survival 03:45:56
Ultimate PROOF SOPA/PIPA bills are clumsy excuses to DESTROY Online Liberty 03:34:06
Individualism Vs Collectivism 03:30:12
Dana Bash does anti-Newt segment: "GOP angst: Gingrich's rise could be their downfall" 03:28:58
Anything Wrong with this Picture? 03:19:17
Romney: If You Believe Gingrich Is An Outsider... 03:19:06
Santorum Vs Paul on the constitution 03:12:49
Florida! 03:11:53
Curtail voter fraud in Pennsylvania - urge these 3 Senators to stop blocking reform 02:54:43
Rick Santorum Endorsed Mitt Romney for President 02:54:35
Indiana Pacers Forward David West Tweeted Tonight 02:42:02
How Ron should answer the "Are you running third party " question 02:40:38
Bruins Goalie Turns Down Visit to White House - Cites Constitutitonal Reasons 02:32:59
The real reason Ron Paul isn't winning right now 02:32:31
US Global Military Empire: "All Your Base are Belong to US...A" - a Graphic BreakDown 02:31:58
Bruins goalie doesn't go to White House for champion ceremony 02:28:29
Dr. Paul's Brother Wayne Paul & his local Tyler,TX Meetup Group just interviewed on TV! 02:25:41
Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney head to head +GOP 08/12 02:21:36
Discuss Ron Paul at Obama's State of the Union 02:20:42
Small Victory in Name of Liberty - Supreme Court: GPS Tracking Is Illegal Without Warrant 02:19:16
GOP must evolve 02:18:47
Kansas City Area Meetups 02:15:45
Gold for Oil: India and Iran ditch the US Dollar 02:15:20
UK and Debt - Staggering figures/Abomination 01:56:23
New video contrasting Ron with Mitt and Newt (and Obama) 01:55:53
Is this poll missing anyone running for president? 01:55:16
New Posting Strategy 01:55:12
End The TSA Money Bomb Is Launched 01:53:07
The 10 states Ron Paul most likely to win 01:49:42
Some Inspiration! 01:49:27
END TSA Money bomb going on now! 01:48:18
1994 Mexican Bailout (Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton & Goldman Sachs) 01:46:51
Ron Paul Most-Demanded GOP Presidential Candidate 01:42:35
Obama's Occupy Wall Street Plans 01:40:12
Stats on NBC Debate 1-23-2012 01:38:35
Hotties for Ron Paul! RNC delegate candidate gets key endorsements! 01:38:03
Trojan Horse? Shady La. co-chairs named for Paul campaign 01:37:44
Dr. Paul has brought me to respect all humans since I've been a part of the movement. I am a white Southern male 01:37:01
Have you seen the latest tactic? GOP players behind Gingrich 01:33:53
Diebold accidently leaks 2012 election results! 01:32:16
Campaign Medicare/Social Security Strategy? 01:29:58
Moneybomb! End the TSA ticker. 01:25:30
Do Not Pander Us 01:22:46
Great New Theme Song: "Paging Dr. Paul" 01:15:25
Libertad! The fire of freedom will never burn out in my heart. 01:10:33
This Is What We Are Dealing With! Washington Post Discussion Board, Childish, Really... 01:07:47
End The TSA Moneybomb!? 01:06:45
to heck with Newt being a swinger, he was a Rockefeller State Chairman ..far far far worse 00:59:11
Newt Gingrich: I supported Rockefeller over Goldwater 00:58:49
Les Jours Tristes ("Sad Days") 00:57:08
I think it's time for an Nation wide March. 00:53:11
Pro-Ron Paul super PAC spending $1.4 million in Florida 00:51:01
VIDEO: Newt Gingrich lies in debate about being a Goldwater Republican, he was a Rockefeller chairperson 00:49:35
Gold for oil between India and Iran - unconfirmed 00:48:46
Drudge Poll Vote Now! 00:47:12
Drudge Catches Gingrich 06:47:09
Do You Know What President Paul's America Would Look Like? 00:46:41
Ron Paul Marketplace: Open for Business 00:46:36
Drudge Tampa Poll: Vote Now! 00:43:01
Ron Paul Highlights - NBC Florida Debate 01/23/12 (widescreen version not on front page) 00:41:52
own this poll for debate 00:40:15
Official Campaign site - Hard to access. 00:39:20
Video: Meet the Veterans for Ron Paul Organizing Team 00:38:50
"Snipin" on Stage 00:29:34
Poll: Who’s right in airport dispute, Ron and Rand Paul or the TSA? 00:21:57
love Ron Paul, But have to say this Mitt nailed Newt, you could see it in his face! SC you should be ashamed 00:19:06
Phenomenal Showing of Ron Paul Supporters! 00:18:16
Campaign Reporters - Can we list them? 00:15:05
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran 00:14:14
TSA V. The Pauls 00:13:42
Foreign Policy Answer 00:11:22
WA State for Ron Paul 00:09:25
Welcome To My Hood! Soon To Be America Yo! 09:14:04