Posted on January 27, 2012

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"Why Paul Sees An Opening To The Nomination, In Maine" 21:40:01
Ron Paul To CNN's John King: "I don't know how long you want to beat a dead horse!" 21:22:11
Maine Representative Aaron Libby and LL Bean's Linda Bean Endorse Ron Paul for President! 21:15:46
Paul Makes Unannounced Stop To Meet With Maine Governor 19:42:41
'Endorse Liberty' Super PAC to Broadcast 30 Minute Ron Paul TV Special in Florida 17:46:12
VIDEO: Dr. Paul ROCKS Bangor, Waterville, & Lewiston, Maine - 1/27 15:57:57
Couldn't believe my eyes on Redstate this morning 11:26:02
Former GE CEO Jack Welch's Wife Accidentally Reveals All 4 Of Their Sons Support Ron Paul 10:35:40
Colonel Douglas Macgregor: "Ron Paul Best For National Defense" 08:59:14
BREAKING: Nevada GOP Changing The Rules! 06:23:47
Washington State Looking to Follow Constitution and Legalize Gold and Silver 02:22:50
Jon Stewart defends Ron Paul from Newt Gingrich 01:26:03
Via Drudge: "The Ron Paul Media Blackout Is Back On" 10:05:31
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Tony Pashos With Revolution PAC 23:52:47
Have you noticed corrupt politicians are being fetter out of the woodwork? 23:48:27
Ron Paul x 200. Correction x 100,000. 23:44:45
mood music for Ron Paul's vision 23:41:48
Ron Paul Skype Conference With The Adults 23:34:12
Santorum Short on Cash, May Quit Race 23:34:07
Why the bias? 23:28:09
POLITICO: Ron Paul heir to Margaret Thatcher? 23:24:07
Ron Paul wins FL Middle School Straw Poll! 23:18:45
"Ron Paul is Racist" DEBUNKED - Time to Send This Dead Horse to the Glue Factory... 23:18:42
The Newest MSM Word for Dr. Ron Paul 23:17:23
Parsing the Debate 23:05:27
Dr. Paul has a cameo 23:03:03
Georgia Judge Orders Obama off the Ballot 22:57:14
Ron Needs to Articulate a Foreign Policy Plan of Strength 22:54:11
Hot Ron Paul Article and Comments on YahooNews, Top of Page, Dive In! 22:41:26
Ron Paul - Cover Story - February Issue of TAC 22:38:54
Newt Gingrich sorry but Moon base is illegal violates the space treaty of 1967 22:36:12
Police state USA vs Amsterdam experience 22:35:59
. 22:34:44
Ron Paul Locks Up Hudson Middle School Vote 22:33:59
My first post. 22:32:38
Defeating the War Party Once and For All 22:20:12
The Official Counterfeiter 22:04:14
President Obama Mentions An Energy Company In His Big Speech and 22:02:41
Video: Tony Pashos on his support for Ron Paul 22:02:02
Mark Hopp endorsed as Liberty Candidate by ... 22:01:25
Stats: CNN Debate 1-26-2012 21:57:21
Justin Raimondo: Adelson, Gingrich, and the Selling of America 21:55:14
Total Internet Blackout ~ Rand Paul 21:53:16
Looking at this local Pennsylvania poll, They don't care much about Santorum 21:30:22
An INTENSE moment of TRUTH with MAINSTREAM Media 21:27:11
Tribute to Our Troops (Currently on TV in Florida) 21:26:17
Snoop Dogg: "I Hoesntly Believe The Government Put Crack In The Ghettos" 21:25:46
Nevada GOP to release results via Twitter, Google 21:24:57
Ron Paul on CNN w. John King 1/27/12 Video 21:21:21
Breaking: Obama hosts George H.W. & Jeb Bush @W.H. 21:14:12
Report: 1,000 Iranian college students change majors to nuclear physics 21:13:44
Obama Admin. Keeps Stealing Paul's Ideas 21:07:17
GOOGLE NEWS-Top Stories 21:04:19
Ron Paul Shines in Florida; Defends Liberty Against Statist Absurdity 21:03:45
Real Blackout Politics 20:56:00
Blackout the MSM on Your Google News Feed 20:47:20
At lest the smearing isn't this bad anymore 20:42:31
Russell Means on American Apathy 20:39:02
Foreign Policy Independent of All, Under the Influence of None 20:36:59
Ron Paul got no delegates in Iowa? Is that correct. 20:36:01
How We Fund The Enemies Of America 20:35:15
Protest ACTA - defend internet freedom 20:34:51
GO BIG: A Revolutionary Tool For Your Sign Arsenal 20:28:58
A Different Approach 20:26:51
Happy 4-year DPB-day to me! 20:23:50
Video: Ron Paul Responds to Jack Welch In John King Interview 21:28:43
Pizza, Tip & Ron Paul 20:07:48
Did Santorum's response to Cuba sink whatever he had left? 19:59:20
Ron Paul 2012: Candidate Declared 'Mr. Authentic' by Canadian Newspaper 19:52:46
Canadian newspaper declares Ron Paul "Mr. Authentic" 19:48:18
John King: Funny Man - Referring to Ron Paul 19:44:10
Is a Ron Paul Plan B really so bad? 19:39:40
Palestinian-American man's question at the debate in Jacksonville 19:38:41
[VIDEO] Get pumped by a black man supporting Ron Paul in 13 seconds 19:31:53
Ron Paul Song 19:30:49
Ron Paul Bike Race 19:26:13
Cut 1 Trillion the first year. How exactly does that breakdown? Anyone know? 19:25:43
Part of the Ron Paul speech at the Union Street Brick Church in Bangor, ME 19:24:35
An Open Letter To My Future President 19:23:40
Gingrich Staffer admits Gingrich lied 19:22:04
Crossing the Chasm 19:17:30
Rick Santorum supported requiring individuals to buy health insurance. 19:08:49
Extensive Article on the Huntsman False Flag Against Ron Paul 19:03:35
National Demonstration 18:55:55
Should Ron Paul supporters hold the GOP hostage? 18:51:17
The Hill: Paul will defeat Romney in Virginia 18:50:45
NBC News WSJ Poll 1/27/12 18:44:04
TexMessage: Ron Paul lobs campaign ‘bomb’ to abolish the TSA 18:41:03
Mad love for Dr. Paul just now on the Fox The Five show 18:39:06
Ron Paul, Mitt Romney rip moon base proposal; Paul: 'We should send some politicians there' 18:38:47
Federal Reserve Centennial Celebration Dec 2013 18:35:35
Detroit Democrats told to vote for Ron Paul in GOP primary 18:33:11
We need Help in Nevada NOW! Please write letters about the theft of our caucus! 18:30:22
Endorse Liberty to Buy a Half Hour Infomercial Slot for Ron Paul 18:25:42
Rec'd Super Brochure in California! 18:24:45
Ron Paul raises campaign cash to 'end the TSA' 18:23:58
Veterans Appeal To Kelly Clarkson - Video 18:19:13
BREAKING: Twitter Trail Confirms "China Jon" Video as "False Flag", Points to Huntsman Campaign 18:17:44
Ron Paul's Plan for Medicare Reform: Legalize Pot 18:16:38
I love Ron Paul 18:13:48
Ron Paul Newletters Link to full articles for debunking purposes. 18:10:28
Ron Paul Should Stroll In, Says Web Opinion. So Why Does The Web Get it Wrong? 18:09:14
Anniversary Ron Paul ~ Carol Paul Money Bomb 18:05:41
New Ron Paul YouTube Ad By Who? 18:00:41
Would You Consider Supporting a Paul / Romney Ticket? 17:58:53
Reporter's Notebook: The Ron Paul Effect 17:53:55
Thoughts on a world following President Paul 17:53:22
America vs. Jesus (with Ron Paul) 17:50:22
Thoughts for explaining the world after President Paul 17:49:30
Why Has the Traffic slowed, Why are not as many super brochures being ordered? 17:48:42
Paul' stunning predictions about IRAN coming into play now! 17:48:11
Why The Government Is Leading Us To Bankruptcy 17:42:21
Ron Paul letter says he needs 9.3 million, GOLD & SILVER is up now, I am selling and donating $100! YOU!? 17:41:11
How Presidential Candidate Ron Paul's Campaign Could End the Fed 17:41:09
One phrase I just realized the pundits are not saying anymore ... 17:40:32
Tim Thomas quotes Ron Paul on Facebook 17:33:18
TSA mistakes insulin pump for gun, causing LAX security scare 17:32:37
Sarah Palin: Ron Paul “only One” Willing To Cut Government And Debt 17:30:10
The Political Spectrum. Great Youtube Video-Must See 17:25:12
Ron Paul video from SC 17:24:39
How dumb does Newt think kids are 17:23:56
Another Poll 17:22:23
Santorum admits Paul is better than he is for the office of President 17:21:36
Is America now a Three Party System? Did Ron Paul help create it? 17:20:25
"Sh*t Ron Paul Supports Say" - Liberty Themed Video Meme 17:15:42
Op-ed: Why the founding fathers would support Ron Paul 17:14:37
A Plea to Floridians 17:12:17
Gingrich Campaign: Debate Audience Stacked For Romney 17:02:46
RP! to WIN Virginia says "The Hill" 16:57:26
Louisiana Tech Ground Game Update: My health class favors DR. PAUL! 16:42:02
Is the GOP doomed? 16:36:31
Roger Ebert praises Ron Paul in Tweet. 16:35:20
European Parliament Official In Charge Of ACTA Quits! 16:28:34
Look Again: Dr. Paul Wins National Poll on Florida Debate 16:25:04
Message from my Senator Feinstein about PIPA 16:01:25
YOUR Answer To This Question Will Tell Us All We Need To Know To Win 15:59:54
What is a Jihad? 15:57:43
Mike Church video: Dems and Repubs are all the same-for Big Govt Solutions-ex. Paul 15:55:52
Roger Ebert Gives Ron Paul 2 Thumbs Up! 15:42:28
Ron Paul's Debate Highlights - CNN Debate (1/26/12) 15:38:27
Video Contest Vets March On The White House 15:38:11
Dr. Paul is more right than Dr. Paul knows 15:30:46
Any news from Maine? 15:30:12
Ron Paul On NOW - CNN 15:28:10
U.S. Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren Says with Ron Paul’s Ideas ‘We will have no future’ 15:27:48
Final Drudge Poll (Florida Residents only): Newt Last 15:23:28
Ron, Take the FULL MINUTE 15:09:39
For Those Of You Who Were Here In 2008 15:05:07
Gingrich Campaign: Debate Audience Stacked For Romney 15:04:58
Does a brokered convention hurt us? 14:59:53
Freedom Fighter 14:57:44
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town 14:56:53
Micheal K a true patriot 14:55:56
This has to be said (version 3)... 14:55:15
The action Rand Paul takes on TSA will determine his trust. 14:55:09
Breaking:Video of the "Freedom Train" caught on tape heading South? What is up Barry? 14:49:55
*Newt Gingrich's TN co chair Stacey Campfield Comparing Homosexuality to Bestiality* 14:47:43
OK to sign wave at Romney event? 14:46:02
Ode to DP 14:42:32
It's a 2 man RACE! 14:39:48
The Hypocrisy of the Right 14:32:44
the true Bigots on the stage last Night, Newt and Mitt, and their response to Latinos and Palestinians 14:25:45
J. Doyle & J. Hunter BLAST O'Reilly's slander of Paul as pro-drugs 14:10:12
Ron Paul's "50% NRTL" Rating Explained 14:10:02
I am sure Ron Paul never said this. Terrible slander misquote 14:08:45
Peter Schiff to Jim DeMint: Why don't you endorse Ron Paul? 14:07:42
How To Help Make Veterans For Ron Paul A Nationwide Household Discussion 14:03:10
MI and AZ VOTERS: Monday, 1/30 is the last day to register, in AZ you MUST REGISTER (R) TO VOTE 13:56:00
Who's your Daddy? Follow the money... 13:52:26
Neo-Con Brother is now a Ron Paul Advocate. 13:51:01
Facebook likes... 13:45:49
Ron Paul is the only candidate I would want to sit on a long plane ride with -Roger Ebert Article 13:45:20
Anyone notice the all out attack on Ron Paul this morning by the Washington Post? 13:45:19
"Ron Paul challenges candidates to bike ride" Video 13:42:37
Attention Pennsylvania Ron Paul supporters! 13:25:40
MSM censorship of Ron Paul "worse than Chile under Pinochet" 13:25:11
In the beginning, I saw a very sad Dr. Paul~ 13:24:52
Tell the truth 2012 campaign 13:22:33 : "Ron Paul can’t live without his salads..." 13:21:50
Murray Sabrin: Ron Paul's message is resonating 13:20:47
Video Explaining Why Young People Love Dr. Paul 13:18:29
Military Bases Closing 13:18:08
LA Times - self-piloting drones 13:09:44
Help In Delaware! 13:08:18
Santorum Family Political Leanings 13:04:02
FOCUS BLURRING, Like Jaywalking, is RAMPANT 13:03:12
Rick Santorum Tired and broke heads home to do taxes almost down to 3 now 12:59:00
Ben Swann Weekend Friend Bomb 12:56:50
Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary 12:54:38
Santorum winning the vote. 12:43:27
Paul right for marriage 12:40:54
GOP Facebook Page 12:38:53
Liberty Supporter's Experience Spreading the Message 12:37:39
"I Agree with Ron Paul" - Newt/Mitt (IT'S A TRAP!) 12:36:48
Ron Paul Trounces Santorum on Foreign Policy in CNN Debate (video) 12:31:04
Who Is He? Nobody Knows ! 12:31:00
Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary 12:29:38
Democracy Now: Ron Paul narrows the gap between left and right 12:28:48
we have the power, Ron Paul supporters! its called the youth! the future and we will change this country 12:28:41
Followers? 12:25:56
Washington Post bringing the newsletters again today. 12:25:23
NJ / Jon Stewart media bias poll video 12:23:50
Last Night's Display before the debate on CNN was awesome 01/26/2012 12:20:35
RP and the NHLiberty 'candidate' video 12:19:33
Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary 12:19:23
14% in Florida & 14% in Michigan 12:19:23
The State of the Union - A Free Translation 12:16:32
Gonzalo Lira on the Edge with Max Keiser 12:15:38
Washington Times debate article - "Ron Paul throughout the night was at his best" 12:14:24
The "Daily Caller" Features the Video of Romney Supporter Admitting Being Paid to Support Romney 12:13:24
Google optimization for Ron Paul News 12:07:10
GOP Must RESPECT Ron Paul and His Supporters - Jack Welch (Full Article & Video) 12:05:16
NY Times & Cato: "What Ron Paul talks about" 12:00:13
Not only was my letter to the editor published... 11:58:48
Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary 11:52:06
Adelson and Newt should be listed as a Homeland security issue 11:43:23
I do not like Glenn Beck... 11:40:36
Astonishing! Liberal Icon Phil Donahue Admires Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Against America as being a Warrior Nation! - video 11:38:31
Neutralizing Ron 11:29:04
Obama's Misstatements on the Union 11:21:48
State of the Union:Ten Economic Graphs 11:19:38
Ron Paul is Right! ( Just ask the other candidates!) 11:06:11
Cuba Has Discovered 9 Billion Barrels of Oil in the Straits of Fla. 11:05:20
Hey Sarah Palin, Just Get it Over With and ENDORSE Ron Paul! (Video) 11:04:17
RP Debates 10:49:17
Ladies, Get With The Program 10:45:36
Adelsons - Gingrich - Netanyahu - Glenn Beck *Must Read* (it's long, though) article 10:41:30
Ron Paul on Education. Clarify please. 10:32:52
Ron Paul Trounces Santorum on Foreign Policy in CNN Debate 10:32:30
Dems urged to vote Paul in MI primary 10:17:31
demographics 10:17:04
Florida Tea Party CONFOOSED? 10:12:51
Gingrich Praise For Romneycare (2006) 10:10:43
Tired and broke, Santorum heads home to do taxes 10:07:46
Rand Paul TSA Detention - Video Released 10:02:04
SHOCKING: Obama, guess who they are voting for now. (debt generation) 09:53:41
Barry Manilow Interview - "I Agree With Just About Everything He Says" 09:50:34
Interview with a Romney Spokesman - One of the Best Interviews Ever 09:23:39
Plan a HUGE outdoor speech in FLA! 09:18:24
Jack Welch calling for RP to exit race on CNN 09:16:00
Phil Donahue on the foreign policy of a warrior nation 09:12:44
Ahmadinejad Says Iran Is Ready to Renew Talks on Nuclear Program 08:55:53
Newt in recent debates 08:45:36
All Patriots get in here! 08:44:36
A wonderful debate by Dr. Paul tonight! 08:16:06
Ask Obama 07:56:43
Vote fraud 07:48:25
The Impression that I get... 07:44:47
The European Union signs up to ACTA . Internet Censorship has become a Reality 07:31:04
. 06:49:39
CNN GOP Debate Advertiser List and sample letter 06:46:31
'Ron Paul was also on stage' - NBC's complete coverage of Ron Paul's performance in their post debate report. 06:39:55
Ron Paul Would Ignite the Debate If He Said This 06:29:44
Stepping up our game 06:23:07
Detroit Democrats told to vote Ron Paul in the GOP primary 06:03:56
Former Guns n Roses Skins Technician Gets the Message 05:11:56
CNN's Erin Burnett "This is a Ron Paul crowd here tonight" Short 51 sec Clip Viral Video 05:06:44
Nevada Dirty Tricks: Special Caucus Scheduled to Accomodate Newt's Billionaire Buddy 04:51:51
Obama admits learning on the job from his mistakes 04:50:37
Zbigniew Brzesinski on Charlie Rose, sounds EXACTLY LIKE RON PAUL! 04:33:53
Bread and Circuses and can we Agree? 04:20:59
Israel 'There is no evidence Iran is building a nuclear bomb' 04:13:02
FOIA: Obama Administration Purposely Misled Public about Gulf Oil Spill Estimates 04:12:00
What does 850k British pounds buy for 50 MEPs? 04:09:53
*NONE* 04:05:55
Carol and Ron Anniversary Money Bomb? 04:05:52
It needs to be said! Super brochures are hurting us... 03:43:48
An Open Letter To The Paul Campaign: 03:37:12
Joe Plummer Your The Bomb Diggity 03:36:46
Did Santorum call for an American Union? 03:35:09
The Daily Campus - University of Connecticut: "Why Paul’s anti-war stance is refreshing to GOP race" 03:31:07
Paul's Fla. support anchored in Bay area 03:27:21
Ron Paul Supporters Clash With Fans of Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Outside GOP Debate 03:21:05
"...go looking for a terrorist under our beds!" 03:18:37
Fool Me Once... 03:18:33
Remember the Cain days? 03:18:24
If You Thought SOPA Was Bad, Just Wait Until You Meet ACTA 03:10:46
Debates: Ron Paul's two man race, CNN got the names wrong! 03:08:20
Delegate Math 03:02:25
Promote: 03:00:59
Promote: RonPaulBoat. com 02:32:37
Why history will remember Ron Paul.(I, TRUTH) 02:26:39
The best for. pol. answer Dr. Paul can give 02:21:12
Florida residents (and everyone else): Beware of psychopathic Attorney General Pam Bondi 02:20:53
Romney, Jar Jar Binks, the NDAA and the Constitution - Portrait of a "Useful Idiot" 02:16:30
The Fed's 100th Birthday is Coming Up 02:09:44
LA Times: Ron Paul calls for diplomatic relations with Cuba; "Paul might be right" 01:58:15
Ron Paul Jacksonville Debate Sign Wave 01:52:00
Just thinking... 01:48:53
True Or Not!? Illuminati Throwing Up Recruitment Videos For 2012! (NWO Training) 01:45:42
National Debt Ticker on The DP 01:44:43
former Fed Vice Chair interviewed by Ron Paul supporter on Russia Today 01:42:57
Moon Base and NASA 01:28:20
RP! Deliver the KNOCKOUT at the end of the debate! 01:26:56
Flashback to 1988: My favorite 1min of RP 01:15:42
Romney: "Now, there's a guy up there with a Ron Paul sign" 01:11:10
WSJ/NBC Poll question bias plus some good news 01:10:36
The I Agree Count 01:08:09
Jacksonville 1/26 Debate Summary 01:05:47
Tax question... 01:04:40
Hey Rick Santorum, thousands of children were bombed to death overseas, how many of those lives did your wife's book save? 01:00:25
The Ron Paul Story 00:58:13 00:57:42
The photo of Newt that explains it all. 00:51:57
Ron Paul, you are running your campaign on public supported funds, no lobbyists, say it every debate! 00:41:58
Fox News: The Ron Paul Effect 00:35:48
Help Us Get Supplies to Georgia 00:34:24
Need Inspiration for Creative Activism at my College Campus... 00:30:10
Tea Party Patriots Presidential Survey:Ron Paul First To Respond 00:29:03
Romney's Mormonism is a bigger deal than you may think 00:18:44
The Time Has Come 00:17:41
Ron Paul: Send politicians, not astronauts, to the moon [VIDEO] 00:12:39
We Need Wead 00:07:25
How do the lessor of the evils rate? 00:05:22
A Look Back at Our FUTURE FIRST LADY! 00:02:44