Posted on January 29, 2012

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I Am An Individual 21:32:02
Maine GOP town chair says Ron Paul has big lead in caucus 19:14:15
Dr. Paul ROCKS Gorham, Freeport & Alfred, ME! 17:01:09
Pensacola For Ron Paul 2012 Grassroots Televised Sign Wave. 13:05:49
Video: STOP ACTA NOW! ~ Sign The Petition! - The New Threat To The Net 18:15:31
'We Like Ron Paul' - Fox News Focus Group and Fox Five Panel 09:32:37
Best pic of Ron! 09:01:21
Ron Paul in Colorado Tuesday 1/31: Info & Links for: Denver, Ft Collins, CO Springs 22:45:51
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WOW! Ron Paul Still Gets Local TV Coverage in Florida Thanks to SUPPORTERS! 23:56:27
Rapper Snoop Dogg is a fan of Ron Paul! 23:55:42
How the elites fool us into accepting inequality 23:38:38
We want Romney to win florida 23:35:35
Would they cancel the remaining debates? 23:24:25
McCain: "We've Got To Stop The Debates" 23:24:18
Important Question!? 23:21:25
How much does a Super Bowl ad cost? 23:16:58
Democrat for Obama 23:14:01
George Soros: There isn't a bit of Difference Between Romney And Obama 23:09:34
Ron Paul is our Luke Skywalker 23:07:12
. 23:02:15
I think we need to give the main stream media a break... 23:00:26
"Miraculous turnaround" for sick Santorum girl 22:54:22
What kind of country are we leaving to our children? 22:43:30
Romney owns Drudge. We possess the truth! 22:39:14
Iran Nuclear Threat Debunked In Six Minutes 22:20:54
Judge Napolitano - What if it's about them 22:20:04
Have we abandoned the Superbrochure Projects? 22:19:48
Do Not Contribute to Allen West's Ad on Here... 22:17:36
A must watch: Voices of Veterans 22:15:35
Should Evangelicals Take Another Look at Ron Paul? 22:14:37
And if Morgellons disease is not strange enough.. may I introduce spider goats ... and Monsanto's GMO seeds... 22:11:59
Listen up People: America is at the Precipice! 22:06:32
BLACK AMERICANS express hatred for Ron Paul~NOT! 21:49:16
NEVADA CAUCUSES: My Email To Defend Dr. Paul to Friends and Strangers 21:46:47
Debate scribbles fundraising? 21:44:35
'Send Them To The Moon' Ron Paul Money Rocket February 7 21:39:33
VIDEO*Leon Panetta explains the 'legal justification' for assassinating American citizens 21:38:08
blog 21:36:39
"China Will Not Hesitate To Protect Iran Even With A Third World War" 21:31:49
A_G1RL Livestream 21:30:44
I can't wait for this headline: Bush Administration to be tried at The Hague! 21:20:24
Morgellons disease 21:16:59
Freedom Fighter Jim defending Ron Paul at the Georgia Guidestones 21:09:11
ELECTABILITY? If you are not on the ballot you can't be elected!THIRD PARTY? 20:56:26
Paradigm Shift and Pig Blood 20:50:11
Bella Santorum, Liberty and Ron Paul 20:39:35
I Want More Doug Wead! 20:39:25
Former CIA Spy Michael Steele In 11 Minutes - Well Worth Watching 20:39:23
End of the Road Documentary now available! 20:34:47
How Ron Paul Can Skyrocket Donations In 5 Seconds Or Less 20:34:28
If Ron Paul loses in Primary, His supporters stay home in General 20:27:09
Constitutional Sheriffs to Meet in Las Vagas to Discuss Standing Against Federal Tyranny 20:25:33
Ron Paul Fights Tyranny at the Georgia Guidestones! 20:21:23
Ron Paul Wins Arizona State GOP Presidential Straw Poll 85% 20:21:09
Ground Reports from Early Maine Caucuses 20:18:47
Memo to the News Media: Newt Didn't Want an 'Open Relationship' - He Just Wanted to Cheat 20:18:00
Strong Support for Ron Paul On D.C. (VIRGINIA!) Radio Broadcast 20:15:00
Gingrich's billionaire campaign backer under federal investigation after lawsuit alleges he hushed possible ties to Chinese orga 20:14:15
Congress Woman Outraged as she is Wiretapped...but voted for the Patriot Act 19:58:27
Romney Voters Don't Like Romney 19:52:59
What If Ron Paul Wins 2012? 19:51:01
Tonight on Faux "news"...some serious Obamabashing... 19:41:14
Ron Paul needs to make protecting internet freedom a part of his campaign platform 19:37:48
"Occupy" is now a tool bought and paid for by Obama and the Elite. 19:36:56
MSNBC - Ron Paul has staying power in GOP race 19:36:18
Unlike Gingrich, Romney Says He Would Support Paul If Nominated 19:32:08
Assault on our Liberty. 19:29:01
Wanna stop the GOP Shenanigans? Pull a "Jesse Jackson". 19:20:51
MSNBC - Ron Paul has staying power in GOP race 19:17:02
Ron Paul is wrong (so I thought) 19:11:54
What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length) Climate Control 19:11:30
ACTION NEEDED: Easy Way To Help Tennessee With Media Blackout of Straw Poll Results 19:07:28
Video: IAEA has landed in Iran. What could this mean for the campaign? 18:52:29
Okay, let's go for it; to all the current trolls : you have NO future here, & here's WHY 18:43:52
Any way Newt endorses Ron Paul when Gingrich admits he cannot get enough delegates to win the GOP nomination? 18:39:58
What We Are Really Fighting For 18:28:45
Hit Them From the Right, Part Two: Gay Marriage 18:25:33
A Credible Response to Abortion and other Feminist Objections to Ron Paul 18:19:18
T-Shirt Idea 18:15:04
FULL HOUSE! Ron Paul Packs Them In In Maine! 18:13:22
Obama and Several Bushes At The White House 18:12:01
LV Sun has article about How the Gingrinch Stole the Caucus - leave comments! 18:07:11
Looks Like The GOP Has Enlisted The Crack Smoking Neocons Now To Attack Us 17:59:39
Ron Paul Stands Out From The Rest. 17:52:34
Spot The Difference? 17:48:37
Boy, am I miffed! 17:45:01
Donald Trump blatantly implying he will run 3rd party if Ron Paul wins. 17:42:33
Newt Gingrich isn't all bad... 17:40:14
"No One But Paul" Tshirt 17:37:02
Gingrich back to almost Out of Money! - Blowing his Wad in FL 17:34:43
Local TV Coverage of Ron Paul from Portland, Maine CBS Affiliate 17:26:15
Gingrich Doodles 17:24:37
_ 17:11:55
We're Not All Going To Agree 17:10:38
Mitt Romney's family baptized Ann Romney's atheist father into Mormon church a year AFTER his death 17:04:54
Newspaper Clipping 16:48:15
Fascism and Socialism in the US. 16:45:25
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Paul 16:44:27
Those Crack Investigative Reporters at TheEndRun Got Your Number, Jon Huntsman 16:37:08
Hilarious! (and totally satirical): Why I'm Voting for Newt 16:23:42
Ron Paul: "I don't feel like I'm dating him" 16:20:44
Newt Gingrich- The isolationist. 16:16:59
Will Santorum's campaign be over after Florida? Is he done now? 16:01:45
Ron Paul gets GRAPHIC about the crimes of the TSA ! 16:01:45
Paul Landslides AZ...but loses inital straw poll? 15:52:50
Are some in the MSM treating Dr. Ron Paul with more respect lately? 15:49:28
I was in a discussion recently... 15:42:20
Operation "DON'T BOMB IRAN" 15:37:57
The Ron Paul Fix is in 15:26:35
132 Super-delegates - how to get them on Ron Paul's side 15:20:37
This is a chance to welcome more supporters 15:16:35
Here is Newt's latest ad against Romney called Blood Money 15:09:02
2012 Arizona Straw Poll Results! 15:08:08
Ron's Song 14:57:35
Is Dr.Paul runnig for the nomination or is he just trying to get his mesage out? 14:45:56
Best Washington Times post on Ron Paul yet 14:43:43
NBC Demands Romney Remove Ad, Brokaw 'Extremely Uncomfortable' 14:40:26
Does Dr. Ron Paul himself visit the Daily Paul? 14:35:38
Uh Oh...GOP Establishment Deadenders Launch a Draft Jeb Bush Movement 14:26:08
Tell the RNC it's Ron Paul or else-Petition 14:17:24
Joe Perry of Aerosmith says: "Ron Paul Rules" 14:16:53
Ron Paul supporters at Gasparilla in Tampa! 14:15:49
John Williams-ShadowStats "Hyperinflation 2012" 14:03:37
Lunartic Colony! Newt vs. Ron saying it! 13:58:00
Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi 13:52:45
Celebrities That Are Against War 13:38:58
RAND PAUL could really do some good here in Tennessee for his dad,.. 13:37:49
Ron Paul Wants To Build More US Military Bases, Obama Wants To Close Them 13:27:58
Newt Gingrich: The Republican Establishment's False Flag Candidate Posing as the Phony Maverick 13:15:25
Bridging the Gap of TP and OWS 13:15:09
Iran agrees to send drone to President Obama 13:09:15
Lindsay "Hypcrite" Graham talks about Golden Rule 13:06:35
HELP,I need some assistance! 13:03:09
Dear GOP, Fact: "... and Ron Paul are the only electable candidates to choose from." 13:02:34
NBC/Wall St. Poll Romney/Newt/Santorum-vs- Obama and Romney -vs- Obama -vs-Paul 3rd Party! 12:43:07
Pres Bush vs Pres Obama: the Similarities are Endless! 12:42:54
Instant Analysis! Ron Paul on CNN's "State of the Union" 12:40:46
Please don't spread misinformation about primary ballot status and delegates 12:35:57
Brevard Times Endorses Ron Paul For GOP Nominee 12:34:58
The Republican party has become Anti- Constitution, (George Bush, its just a GOD dam piece of paper) 12:33:07
Weekend watching: the Gold in Victorio Peak 12:32:38
We Were Told 54 Years Ago 12:23:47
Myrtlebeach4ronpaul is trolling humane threads 12:21:25
Minnesota vote rigged! 12:07:03
I just went on Newt's blog and debated his bloggers- they kicked me out! 12:05:02
New site for new flyers, postcards, etc. 11:58:09
▶Official Campaign Response to Jack Welch [VIDEO] 11:56:52
Has Obama ever said Ron Paul's name? 11:56:06
Many on here have a lack of humanity 11:55:58
I Dare Ron Paul Haters to Hate This One 11:48:29
Wash Times 01/29/12 Ron Paul in it to Win it 11:25:06
Monica Perez 11:23:25
Federal Times: Bipartisan strategy takes shape to close overseas bases 11:08:43
For our Champion 11:06:36
Sharing is Caring 11:01:22
Sharing is Caring 10:59:34
VIDEO:"Not Another One" A Ron Paul song by Billy Ryan 10:58:54
Ron's Song 10:57:53
Local TV Coverage Maine Video - "Presidential hopeful Ron Paul campaigns in Southern Maine" 10:52:24
Obama's New Controls on Education Tuition- 10:49:00
We will need them in November 10:30:14
Florida daily features Ron Paul supporter - excellent! 10:18:54
Weekend Watching: The Report From Iron Mountain 10:03:06
Florida-only online prez poll - vote now! 09:57:10
We Need a Second Party! 09:52:31
LL Bean shuts down comment section on their Facebook page 09:50:19
Why I care about supporting Ron Paul the best I can 09:42:11
Tennessee Republican Assembly Endorses Santorum After Paul Landslide In Straw Poll 09:25:32
Who is to Blame for the Media Monopoly? Videos 09:09:33
Meet Kayla Mae Westbrook, FSU GOP Chair: From "Rabid NeoCon" Romneyite to RP Republican! 08:39:57
Was there someone giving away cases of 07:21:22
A Must Read 06:32:59
A Must Read 06:30:07
Romey Statement about DHS 05:42:02
300 Arrested @ Police Riot - tear gas + flash bang grenades deployed (Many videos) 05:40:54
Engineered consensus using the Delphi technique 04:30:11
Ron Paul: In it to win it 04:14:12
Call to engage Tea Party for Dr. Paul 03:59:58
first annual dp reunion 03:57:36
Excellent Article: Brevard Times Endorses Ron Paul For GOP Nominee 03:50:01
How many websites do you visit daily? 03:36:32
Bankster Herman Cain Endorses Lobbyist Gingrich 03:35:53
Video: Ron Paul 2012 (Victory March) 03:26:29
Paul/Paul 2012 03:22:16
new epic Ron Paul Girl video 03:20:29
Inspecting the numbers : Voter Fraud 03:12:42
Click on All the Romney, Gingrich and Santorum Ads 03:09:35
Liberty brings people together U of M vs OSU 02:57:41
2012 Ron Paul Indiana Operations (Indianapolis Super Bowl Ballot Access & Delegates) 02:57:18
It Never Ends: 2012 Was About Abolishing Economic Slavery In America - It's Not Over 02:53:00
"I love Ron Paul...but" 02:44:34
The two ordained republican nominees may go to the moon 02:20:14
Davy Crockett: Not Yours to Give 02:17:03
Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul 02:14:26
The Most Powerful Vote in Idaho 02:05:55
What Do Moon People Think of Newt's Plan? Look 01:59:35
What arethe chances Paul wins Texas? 01:55:19
Send Some Love to Judge Michael Malihi -RE: Obama Eligibilty Hearing 01:52:46
Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers on Coast to Coast tonight 01:48:10
Red Letter - Should Christians Support the Revolution? 01:42:27
TMOT has a great idea! 01:34:55
Video: Ron Paul supporters CNN Debate 01/26/12 UNF Jacksonville Florida 01:30:45
Video: Ron Paul Supporters at GOP debate, UNF 01:26:43
Proof That Ron Paul Strengthens The Dollar (Video) 01:25:58
Cain endorses Newt 01:25:29
This beautiful young lady touched me tonight, thought you might feel the same. 01:24:43
Need Advice from Active Duty Soldiers 01:20:31
Video: Ron Paul supporters at UNF CNNdebate 01:20:22
Possible Problems In Virginia 01:17:37
Nation's First "Constitutional Carry" Law 01:17:02
Bella Santorum money bomb? 01:12:49
Ron Paul wins Arizona Republican Party Straw Poll 01:11:47
This is What Get's Me About "Tea Party" 01:00:30
Video: Ron Paul supporters at UNF GOP debate 00:53:49
Is there a red pill beyond the red pill (religious content on the origin of the all seeing eye) 00:52:20
Video: Ron Paul Hispanic Voter 00:49:13
Video- Ron Paul: A 2012 Revolution (Latino-Americans) 00:44:47
Video: Young lady - "Ron Paul for President!" 00:38:17
No-bull Excerpts: 2012.01.28 00:37:06
Pat Buchanan - Ron Paul has authenticity 00:35:10
where are the big donors? 00:30:06
Video: Local Media Coverage Ron Paul Visits Maine 00:28:38
Brevard Times Endorses Ron Paul For GOP Nominee 00:24:53
Sarah Palin's latest op-ed. And my response... 00:18:51
Video: Stephanie Foster on Ron Paul & Florida 00:18:34
Georgia Secretary of State backs Eligibility Judge, threatens Obama's attorney 00:12:55
Freeport Maine Event Ron Paul 00:07:15
CIA audio clip exposes our current system and Newt specifically. 00:03:15